Peugeot Applying New 1.6L Diesel With ECCS in 308 CC

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The Peugeot 308 CC will be the first model in the Peugeot range to benefit from a new 1.6 It also has a very wide operating range with high levels of torque available at all times, ensuring good driveability and reduced fuel consumption on a day to day basis: 135 N·m (100 lb-ft) from 1,000 rpm, 242 N·m (178 lb-ft) at 1,500 rpm, 270 N·m from 1,750 to 2,000 and 224 N·m (165 lb-ft) at 3,500 rpm.

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Electric Car Corporation Plc Launches the Citroën C1 ev’ie Electric Vehicle

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UK-based Electric Car Corporation Plc ( ECC ) has officially launched an all-electric version of the Citroën C1, the C1 ev’ie. The 4-seater electric car offers a range of 60-70 miles when fully charged and a top speed of around 60 mph. ECC expects to produce around 500 C1 ev’ies over the next 12 months, rising to between 2,000 and 4,000 units in 2010, dependant upon demand and government support.

C1 76

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Pierburg introduces air conditioning components specifically for EVs

Green Car Congress

Pierburg GmbH has developed an electric a/c compressor (eCC) that incorporates the supplier’s many years of experience in the field of mechatronic components. By using a heat pump to heat the driver’s cab, the energy flow from the high-voltage storage unit can be reduced as required, thus increasing the vehicle’s travel range.

2019 71

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Browse the news archive Electric car company announces first all-electric production car 27/4/09 The Electric Car Corporation (ECC) has announced its first all-electric four-seater production car. It is capable of 60mph and has a 60-70 mile range when fully charged. Fifty percent of the car is to be built here in the UK, and ECC is expecting to produce around 500 units over the next 12 months. The C1 evie is available directly from ECC.

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The UK’s first 4 seater ‘all electric’ production car

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The Electric Car Corporation Plc (ECC) today announced the launch of the UK’s first 4 seater, ‘all electric’ production car. Called the Citroën C1 ‘ev’ie’, this is the first all electric, 4 seater car, to offer the purchaser the comfort, performance and a full range of standard safety features expected from a petrol car. It is priced at £16,850 and is available directly from ECC ( ).

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New Ricardo 48V electric motor aims to boost power and cut costs of hybrids; up to 50% increase in power density; ECOCHAMPS

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The ECOCHAMPS project—which was recently completed—focused on the hybridization requirements of a range of vehicles from ‘C’ and ‘B’ class passenger cars, to light delivery trucks, city buses, and long haul heavy-duty trucks. Results of this work are expected to be published and presented at the IEEE ECCE at Portland, Oregon in September 2018.

2018 80

TI and Continental collaborate on first 65 nm safety ARM Cortex microcontroller for advanced automotive safety applications

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Modular approach with a wide range of functions: The MK 100 family can be scaled to suit varying functionalities (e.g., Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) and Continental are collaborating on the first 65 nm ARM Cortex safety microcontrollers with Flash technology in volume production. The Continental processor for advanced control in electronic braking systems (PACE) is the foundation for the Continental MK 100 family of electronic stability control (ESC) systems.

2013 78

ORNL Researchers Modify Plug-in Hybrid Electric Traction Drive Power Electronics to Function as On-Board Charger; Mobile Power Generation and V2G Support as Well

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The two motors need not be rated at the same power level, and the approach can be applied to a range of motor/power electronics capabilities. IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE 2009), pp. The approach for hybrids using multiple inverters and motors (left) and a single inverter and motor (right). Additional components are shown in red. Each INV/CONV functions as a switch leg while splitting the current among the 6 switches. Source: Su. Click to enlarge.

2010 84

Renesas introduces new microcontrollers for sensor fusion, gateway and chassis system applications

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With the new safety MCUs, we hope to provide our customers with new added value by extending our lineup of vehicle safety MCUs to cover a wide range of vehicle segment, and at the same time building an ecosystem with a large number of partners to create a platform that will support the realization of safer and more secure vehicles. Error check and correct (ECC) functionality detects and corrects data errors affecting memory, such as flash memory, and the internal buses.

2014 74

NVIDIA introduces new Tesla P100 GPU accelerator for deep learning, HPC applications; NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning supercomputer

Green Car Congress

The Tesla P100 GPU accelerator delivers a new level of performance for a range of HPC (high performance computing) and deep learning applications, including the AMBER molecular dynamics code, which runs faster on a single server node with Tesla P100 GPUs than on 48 dual-socket CPU server nodes. ECC protection for increased reliability.

2016 60

Freescale introduces new automotive microcontrollers; streamlining body electronics networks and reducing vehicle weight

Green Car Congress

Built-in safety functions such as self-testing and end-to-end error correction coding (ECC), comprehensive auto safety software including AUTOSAR OS and MCAL drivers and extensive safety documentation help target the use of the device for ASIL B. The S12 MagniV portfolio enables body electronics platform design scalability across multiple applications, with CAN and LIN connectivity options, flash memory from 8 KB to 192 KB and a range of package options between 32 and 64 pins.

2013 74

Peugeots Diesel 3008 Hybrid4

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It uses the latest generation ECCS (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) combustion chamber design, a variable-geometry low-inertia turbocharger, a high-pressure injection pump allowing a maximum pressure of 2000 bar in the common rail and solenoid injectors with eight apertures. This operates in a voltage range of between 150 and 270 volts. Peugeot’s 3008 Hybrid4. Click to enlarge.

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Peugeot Introducing Lower Power Variant of New 1.6 HDi FAP Diesel; Series of Euro5 Engines Arrive This Year

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liter HDi FAP 68 kW (92 bhp) in Peugeot ranges. liter HDi FAP Euro 5 engines that appeared in 2009, Peugeot is applying its Extreme Combustion Chamber System (ECCS) technology here. Peugeot’s Euro 5 engine line up now includes: 207 range : 1.6 Following the introduction of the new 1.6-liter 82 kW (112 bhp) engine earlier this year on the 308 CC ( earlier post ), Peugeot will introduce in the second quarter of 2010 a lower-powered variant: the 1.6

2010 73

BMW Research, EURECOM and Technische Universität München collaborating on connected vehicle research

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In the meantime, a diverse range of digital standards and radio frequencies have become established in each market. Such hardware accelerated cryptography is for example used for operations used in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Research project PROTON-PLATA (SDR) platform embedded in the trunk of the BMW X5 Research Prototype. Click to enlarge.

2012 88

Peugeot Shows Two HYbrid4 Concepts, New BB1 EV Concept at Frankfurt

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The HYbrid4 system will be deployed into the production vehicle range beginning in 2011, with the 3008 HYbrid4. It features a new generation ECCS (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) combustion chamber; a variable-geometry low-inertia turbocharger; and a high-pressure pump with a maximum pressure of 2000 bar combined with a common rail and solenoid injectors with 8 apertures. This operates over a voltage range of between 150 and 270 volts.

2009 76

Citron Introduces New 3.0L Diesel

Green Car Congress

The maximum torque of 450 Nm is constant from 1,600 to 3 600 rpm—a range that corresponds with the primary use of the vehicle. The ECCS technology (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) ( earlier post ) applied in the 2.2 Torque curve for the HDi 240. Click to enlarge. Citroën has introduced the new 3.0-liter diesel V6 DPFS HDi 240 engine for the C5 and C6.

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