New micro hybrid cars could cut CO2 emissions

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A new generation of low voltage micro-hybrid technologies in vehicles could allow existing engine technology and transmission combinations to be downsized and support significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The micro-hybrid technologies include an electric supercharger, a belt-integrated starter/generator and a carbon-enhanced advanced VRLA UltraBattery.

CPT/AVL Study: New Generation of Micro-Hybrid Technologies Can Enable More than 25% Reduction in Fuel Consumption at Lower Cost Than Full Hybrid Drive Systems

Green Car Congress

Reductions in fuel consumption and CO 2 from base 2.0-liter ELC-Hybrid to downsized 1.4L VTES + SpeedStart. CPT and AVL’s most recent work assesses the potential of a VTES equipped downsized ELC-Hybrid vehicle in combination with the CPT SpeedStart Integrated Starter Generator ( earlier post ) and the UltraBattery. Click to enlarge.

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