Tips: How to Make Money from Your Old Car

Clean Fleet Report

Each car has a lifespan before turning into junk, even with the best of maintenance servicing. You don’t need a complete vehicle overhaul as a simple DIY quick fix and cleaning can transform a cheap piece into a priceless collector item.

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Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi to provide financial assistance for EV charging infrastructure in Japan

Green Car Congress

Maintenance costs. All expenses, including the communication fees for chargers, maintenance contract, and insurance. All expenses, including the communication expense for chargers, maintenance contract, and insurance. Large-scale shopping malls, DIY stores, etc. Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Honda Motor Co.,

2013 221

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Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

Get Electric Vehicle

Manufacturing Infrastructure Software Development Training and Skill Development Retrofitting Fleet operation Dealership and Franchise Maintenance and Repair. DIY Guru is an example for electric vehicle training and skillset development institute. 8 Maintenance and Repair.

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Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Net-Gain : Awesome DC drive motors Piktronik : battery chargers,PM DC drive controllers, sensorless AC drive controllers, DC/DC converters Prestolite :Motors and chargers PowerDesigners : Charge controllers, equalizers,and battery monitors Russco :battery chargers SRE Controls : electricvehicles components Solartech :Can-Pulse battery maintenance system Watermaster :Battery watering system. RileyEnterprises : Electric and hybrid DIY plans.