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Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: A DIY build-your-own electric car kit!


So instead, this week I think it’s time to let our creative side out to explore just what is possible when we remove the shackles of fully completed vehicular design, and instead embark on our own custom electric car creations using China’s very own electric car skateboard platform. appeared first on Electrek.

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The best electric skateboard conversion kits

Green Authority

However, if you love skateboarding and thought of how to convert a skateboard to electric, there are DIY electric skateboard conversion kits available in the market today. Also read: The best electric skateboards for kids. Things to remember when buying skateboard conversion kits. Maxfind M5 Drive Kit.

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Creative Greenius is EV Driven

Creative Greenius

"Revenge of the Electric Car" director, Chris Payne, in his new Tesla. For instance, when you go to Chris Payne’s fantastic Revenge of the Electric Car page, check out left side for the topics it digs into, like: Electric Cars (no surprise), Tesla , Mini E , Volt. Electric Car Blog.

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Don’t stop the EV music

Electric Auto Association

“From the beginning of his work to make vehicles electric, Jack believed the way to do it was to encourage individuals to convert their own vehicles to electric and show them to others,” said GEVA President Wayne Garver. His goal was to get 100,000 or more DIY conversion projects going,” agreed GEVA member Daniel Howard.

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Announcing EV Driven

Revenge of the Electric Car

EV Driven aggregates the latest content from all these electric car blogs: * Creative Greenius. * DIY Electric Car. Electric Car Blog. Electric Cars are for Girls. Green Car Congress. Open Source Civic EV Kit. Plugs and Cars. Revenge of the Electric Car.

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Picking Your Dream Car for Conversion

DIY Electric Car

A few things to keep in mind before you take that plunge are simple things like; If you have always wanted a certain type of car but it was always just out of your reach you can normally find one that has a blown motor or needs a lot of mechanical work in order to get to pass testing for a reasonable price. s your dream car.

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Being a Pro Eco Recycler

DIY Electric Car

When I told people at work that I was building a electric car I received 20 Deka Unigy 45 ah deep cycle batteries (retail $3000) for free as they were swapping out old ups batteries from a back up system. Have fun and wear safety shoes and always have a first aid kits. Be excited and let them live through your project.

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