Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

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But it was the positive economic situation across the continent that boosted results, JATO said, as midsize markets such as the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden all posted increases, and smaller markets like Hungary, Greece, Romania, Croatia and Lithuania similarly posted significant increases. The diesel crisis certainly affected the speed of growth in the market, but consumers are overcoming this by turning to more attractive gasoline and AFV solutions.

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Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

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The market share of diesel vehicles fell to 39.5% This growth can be attributed to key markets such as Germany, Spain and France, as well as five other markets (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Estonia and Luxembourg), which posted double digit growth. Diesel continues to decline and its market share fell to 39.5%, with volume falling by a significant 12.8 This was largely caused by falling demand in Germany and the UK, where diesel vehicle registrations decreased by 19.2%

2018 174

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DLR-led NEMESIS 2+ project develops compact direct steam reformer for diesel/biodiesel to H2

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The European NEMESIS 2+ consortium has and successfully tested a pre-commercial on-site system for the production of hydrogen from diesel and biodiesel. The NEMESIS2+ hydrogen generation system consists of a desulfurization module for liquid feedstock (diesel/biodiesel) followed by a reformer module, where catalytic conversion is accomplished by steam reforming with subsequent water-gas-shift reaction. Biodiesel Catalysts Diesel Hydrogen Production

2015 209

Refineries in the Americas produce a greater share of gasoline per barrel of crude oil than refineries in other world regions

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Conversely, in Europe, diesel accounted for 40% of the petroleum refined versus about 30% for the Americas and Asia Oceania. When processing petroleum, refineries can produce products in varying amounts to meet regional demands.

2020 343

JRC: Traffic measures could effectively reduce NO2 concentrations by 40% in European cities

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A closer look on the road transport sector shows that NO 2 in cities mainly originates from the emissions of diesel vehicles. The map below shows that, except in Greece, diesel-fueled vehicles are responsible for the bulk of road transport NO x emissions across all EU countries.

2019 265

ACEA study finds 100-fold increase in zero-emission trucks needed in EU fleet in 10 years to meet goals

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Almost 98% of all these trucks run on diesel, according to the 2021 Vehicles in Use report. Diesel-powered light commercial vehicles are dominant in all EU countries except for Greece. Almost 90% of the EU van fleet runs on diesel, just 0.3%

EU-Funded Project Targets Sustainable Production of Ethyl Levulinate from Biomass as Diesel Miscibile Biofuel

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An EU-funded research project is seeking to develop new technologies that will enable the sustainable production of diesel miscible biofuels (DMB) from cellulosic biomass wastes in Europe and Latin America. Ethyl levulinate (EL) is a novel diesel miscible biofuel (DMB) produced by esterifying ethanol with levulinic acid. EL has an oxygen content of 33%; a blend of 20% EL, 70% petroleum diesel and 1% co-additive has a 6.9% Tags: Biomass Diesel Fuels

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Advent Technologies announces availability of next-generation HT-PEM MEAs

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Since our IPO only a year ago, our goal has been to reduce the total cost of ownership of fuel cells to the point that we can replace diesel generators and combustion engines. A Patras, Greece-based team is working in recently upgraded facilities to produce the necessary monomers, polymers, and ionomers for the MEAs. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in California, Greece, Denmark, Germany, and the Philippines.

New cars sold in Europe in 2011 were 3.3% more fuel efficient than those sold in 2010; increasing diesel uptake

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In addition, the long-term reduction of emissions has been influenced by an increasing uptake of diesel cars, an ongoing trend which continued in 2011. of the vehicles registered in 2011 in Europe were diesel vehicles, an increase from 51.3% Between 2010 and 2011 the number of new car registrations increased in many Member States, notably Latvia (71%), Lithuania (68%) and Estonia (66%) , but fell in others, including Greece (-31 %), Portugal (-31%) and Spain (-17 %).

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T&E study finds cruise ships emitting 10x more SOx in Europe port cities than all Europe’s 260M cars

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Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Norway are the most exposed countries to cruise ship air pollution in Europe. Diesel cars have been the focus of the air pollution crisis in Europe’s cities, but along the coasts of countries such as Norway, Denmark, Greece, Croatia and Malta a handful of cruise ships are responsible for more NO x than the majority of their domestic car fleets, T&E said.

2019 285

EEA: Fuel efficiency improvements of new cars in Europe slowed in 2016

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For the second successive year, the share of diesel vehicle sales declined and in 2016 fell below 50% of new sales—the lowest share of new sales since 2009 according to the official statistics. While the overall share of diesel vehicle sales fell, absolute sales still increased by more than 192,300 vehicles compared to 2016, according to provisional data. However, diesel cars still remain the most sold vehicle type in the EU representing 49.4%

2017 163

ACEA: data show EU market for electric cars highly fragmented; need for inclusive measures

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In countries with a GDP per capita below €17,000 (US$20,000) the market share remains close to zero—including the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as crisis-torn Greece. Nobody looks at Greece for instance, where only 32 electrically-chargeable cars were sold last year. Greece.

2017 150

Wilmington Trust selected as trustee for $2.7B Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust

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The $2.7-billion trust, established as part of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions settlement, will be used to implement approved air pollution mitigation initiatives in US states and federally-recognized Native American nations. The company also served as trustee for the Greece debt restructuring program. Wilmington Trust, N.A. has been appointed trustee for the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust.

2017 150

ARB fines 12 ocean-going shippers $476,750 for violating low-sulfur fuel regulation

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The California Air Resources Board has fined 12 shipping companies a combined $476,750 for failure to switch from high-sulfur diesel “bunker” fuel to cleaner, low-sulfur marine distillate fuel upon entering Regulated California Waters, as required by state law. Byzantine Maritime Corporation (Greece) - $27,750 Vessel name: Ermione.

2014 218

EEA: no improvements on average CO2 emissions from new cars registered in 2017 in Europe

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Diesel cars made up 45% of the new registrations. Compared to 2016, the registrations of diesel cars decreased in all EU Member States except in Italy (+0.6 The biggest decrease of diesel cars was registered in Greece and Luxemburg (- 19 and – 17 percentage points). The countries with the highest proportions of diesel sales included Ireland (65 %) and Portugal (61 %), Italy (56 %). g CO 2 /km ) and diesel cars (117.9

2018 183

New cars in Europe in 2013 collectively met 2015 CO2 target two years ahead of the deadline

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grams; for diesel, 127.16 The main drivers of efficiency have been technological improvements and higher sales of diesel cars, which typically have lower CO 2 emissions levels than gasoline equivalents. However, the preference for diesel seems to be falling, making up just over half the cars sold in 2013. The efficiency gap between new gasoline and diesel vehicles has been decreasing in recent years. 2015 target: 130 g CO 2 /km. 2020 target: 95 g CO 2 /km.

2014 204

Athens Orders 108 Mercedes-Benz Econic Natural Gas Refuse Trucks

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The city of Athens, Greece is buying 108 Mercedes-Benz Econic natural gas vehicles for use in refuse collection. The natural gas drive system produces up to 90% fewer particulate emissions than an advanced diesel vehicle, making a substantial contribution to improving air quality. Due to its high octane rating, combustion of natural gas is quieter than gasoline or diesel. As a result, these vehicles are quieter than conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles.

2009 150

EEA: average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans in Europe increased again in 2019

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Diesel vehicles constituted 31% (32% including HEV) of new registrations, marking a decrease of 4 percentage points from 2018, and 23 percentage points from 2011 when diesel cars peaked with a 55% share of new registrations. On average, the CO 2 emissions of diesel cars (127.0 The mass increase was observed for all vehicle segments (small, medium, large regular cars, and SUVs) and for both gasoline and diesel cars.

2020 188

Ecometrica analysis pegs average UK EV emissions at 75 gCO2/km; varies by country

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Davis also calculated average emissions for France, Greece, the US, Canada and China. Electric car emissions by country charted against modern diesel and gasoline cars. The average emissions for an electric vehicle in the UK are 75 gCO 2 /km, when CO 2 emissions at the power station are taken into account, according to an analysis by Gary Davis, Operations Director and chief greenhouse gas (GHG) analyst at Edinburgh-based carbon accounting firm Ecometrica.

2011 190

Rolls-Royce wins $6.5M contract to supply LNG propulsion package for fish food carrier; Bergen gas engine

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Alternative “dual fuel” engines use a small amount of diesel for ignition. The B and C Series engines emit around 22% (including methane slip) less CO 2 per unit of power than a diesel engine and NO x emissions are reduced by 90%. BioMar has 11 factories producing fish food, in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Costa Rica. Rolls-Royce has signed a US$6.5-million contract with Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.

2016 150

JATO: global vehicle sales fall by 39% in March; electrified vehicles up to 17.4% new registration market share in Europe

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Markets were significantly hit in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal, where the combined volume fell from 634,600 units in March 2019 to 161,800 units last month. All OEMs discontinued smaller diesel engines which was particularly difficult for the industry as high levels of sales came from diesel—Maruti Suzuki shifted to gasoline and CNG when 20% of their sales previously came from diesel engines.

2020 224

Ford Car Buying Trends 2015 shows increasing demand for semi-autonomous driving technologies in Europe

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The overwhelming majority (98%) still chose gasoline and diesel models.Gasoline was the fuel of choice for 56% of European drivers and nowhere was that more the case than in Russia, where customers chose 96% gasoline-powered cars, followed by the Netherlands (87%) and the Czech Republic (83%). In the past year, more customers in Ireland went for diesel-powered cars (70%) than anywhere else, followed by Turkey and Romania (both 65%).

2015 188

Study finds engines emit exhaust nanoparticles even when not fueled during engine braking

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The study by researchers in Finland and Greece, published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology , suggests that both the characteristics of these particles and the mechanism by which they form seem to differ significantly from those of soot and nucleation particles. Exhaust particle size distributions measured by ELPI (color map) and particle concentration measured by CPC (white line) during individual engine braking conditions (speed change from 32 km/h to 0 km/h).

2014 262

Reports highlight ongoing advances in vehicle technology, consumer demand for fuel efficiency in US and Europe

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In Europe, a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) found that the average car sold in the EU in 2012 was 9% more fuel-efficient than the average three years before, due to improved technology and an increase in the share of diesel cars. Registrations of new cars fell furthest in 2012 in Greece (-41%), Portugal (-38%) and Cyprus (-25%), while at the other end of the scale new cars increased by more than 12% in in Estonia and Hungary.

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EV Radar: April 2022


And now we can look forward to the day electric medium and heavy-duty trucks to become cheaper than diesel counterparts. Greece. EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

Pike Research updates xEV forecasts; projects Ford to lead US PEV market, followed by GM

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The economic malaise in Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and other Western European countries is expected to largely end. Based on past petroleum fuel pricing, diesel prices are forecast to grow at about 4.5% Pike Research has published an update to its earlier forecasts on xEVs: hybrid (HEVs); plug-in hybrid (PHEVs); and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

2012 228

New Car Registrations in UK fall 30.9% in January; Industry Urges UK Government to Provide Scrappage Incentives to Boost Demand

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In January, diesel penetration rose 0.7 percentage points to match its second highest level ever (45.6%), but diesel volumes still fell by 29.7%. Greece*. 1,500 to purchase a car which is at least Euro 4 engine specification and emits less than 140 g/km for gasoline and 130 g/km for diesel. The new car market in the UK continued to decline sharply at the start of 2009, with volumes down by 30.9%

2009 150

Euro Auto Production Down 35% in First Quarter 2009; Second Half Production May be Down 25%; Small Cars Hit New Record Share

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These trends were accompanied by a drop of diesel cars market penetration to 46.1%, and that of 4x4s to 8.4%. in Greece, 11.8% The small car segment has increased its share. Source: ACEA. Click to enlarge. In the first quarter of 2009, automotive production in Europe fell by 35% to 3.4 million vehicles, according to the latest Economic Report from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

2009 150

Canoo Pickup, Kia EV6, Honda and Mini EV Plans: EV Week in Review – Mar 9-15

EV Adoption

Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta also signed up. Another crazy week in the world of EVs, with lots of announcements on the automaker and battery front.

Athens orders natural gas refuse trucks

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The city of Athens, in Greece, is buying 108 Mercedes Benz Econic natural gas vehicles which will be used in refuse collection across the city. The natural gas drive system produces up to 90 per cent fewer particulate emissions than an advanced diesel engine, meaning there is a substantial contribution to improving air quality. Here at we like to feature the best of the green car news from around the world.