Albertsons makes first US commercial 100% electric refrigerated grocery delivery with a Class 8 truck; Volvo Trucks and AEM

Green Car Congress

company-wide fleet, and will be serving Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions stores in Southern California. The inaugural delivery took place on 28 May at a LEED-certified Albertsons store in Irvine, California.

EFG Companies launches MAP Electric Vehicle Protection for EV customers; 11 years, 150k miles

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This new exclusionary vehicle service contract is designed to meet the unique needs of electric vehicle owners and help dealers diversify their revenue streams through both the F&I office and the service drive. As electric vehicles gain market share, dealers are concerned with profit potential per unit and service drive retention on vehicles with thousands of fewer parts than traditional combustion engine vehicles.

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Ford introduces F-150 Lightning Pro electric pickup targeted at commercial customers

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F-150 Lightning Pro targets reducing scheduled maintenance costs by 40% over eight years and 100,000 miles—with potential for further operational cost savings through lower fuel costs. It also features a rugged, water-tight space strong enough to store 400 pounds of cement bags.

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Two e-Bikes to Consider for the Post-Pandemic Commute

Cars That Think

This fantasy was dismantled when I stepped foot in my local bike dealer's store. While the G4 and Como SL don't look anything alike, they share a crucial trait that all electric bikes should embrace: a clean, low-maintenance drive system.

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Lightning Hybrids secures order for 35 hydraulic hybrid systems from Kiessling Transit

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Hydraulic pumps and a lightweight accumulator store braking energy and use the stored energy to power the wheels. The application of this technology will result in improved emissions, less fuel use, longer brake life, better low-end torque, and lower maintenance and operational costs. Kiessling Transit purchased a pilot vehicle equipped with the hybrid system through Lightning Hybrids’ Boston-based dealer, National Fleet Hybrids, in 2013.

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Kiessling Transit orders 32 more Lightning Hybrids hydraulic hybrid buses

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Hydraulic pumps and a lightweight accumulator brake the vehicle, store the energy, and then use that stored energy to provide power to the wheels. In addition to these emissions reductions, the Kiessling fleet will see decreased fuel use, longer brake life, better low-end torque, and lower maintenance and operational costs. Lightning Hybrids’ hydraulic hybrid Energy Recovery System (ERS) is sold through a network of dealers and upfitters.

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Top electric vehicles battery manufacturers in India

Electric Vehicles India

The more energy can be stored in the battery, the lighter the battery pack lighter will be the electric car. Exide offers complete solutions in areas of equipment selection, battery sizing, optimum room layout, installation, operation and maintenance.

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Nikola Motor unveils prototype Class 8 fuel cell range-extended electric truck, plans for H2 fueling network

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The LowLube technology reduces customer maintenance time and costs. The lease is $5,000 - $7,000 per month and includes unlimited miles, unlimited fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance for the first 1,000,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. The hydrogen is stored at Nikola stations in liquid form, and then dispensed into vehicles as compressed or liquid hydrogen. as its exclusive nationwide distribution and maintenance provider.

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Two e-Bikes to Consider for the Post-Pandemic Commute

Cars That Think

This fantasy was dismantled when I stepped foot in my local bike dealer's store. While the G4 and Como SL don't look anything alike, they share a crucial trait that all electric bikes should embrace: a clean, low-maintenance drive system.


Visiting PURE EV factory | Startup Showcase | ETryst electric motorcycle first look

Plug In India

Some Dealer Stories We started the trip by doing some customer stories. Also talked to one of the 6 dealers in Hyderabad - the young Vinay Reddy of B-Drive Motors. There are training programs for dealers sales and service executives. Let the dealer make some extra money on that.

Road Test: 2021 Lexus NX 300h F Sport Black Line Special Edition

Clean Fleet Report

The four-wheel power-assisted disc anti-lock brakes are part of the regenerative charging system that converts kinetic energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery when applying the brakes or coasting. Two Free Scheduled Services – Per Maintenance Schedule.

Lexus 63

Hyundai reveals IONIQ 5 EV for North America

Green Car Congress

IONIQ 5 will initially be sold in Hyundai stores in the 10 zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) states plus Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona followed by a broader rollout in 2022.

Azure Dynamics announces sales of 29 Transit Connect Electrics

Green Car Congress

Azure Dynamics has agreements with more than 150 Ford commercial truck dealerships in markets across North America, 90 of which support sales and service activities for Transit Connect Electric and in six countries throughout Europe representing 13 dealerships with 57 store locations. Property service and maintenance company through Ardea located in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2 units).

Valence Signs Multi-Year Li-ion Supply Agreement with Bénéteau Group for Hybrid Vessels

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New hybrid-electric sea-going vessels yield low to zero-emissions, reduce fuel consumption and require less maintenance than traditional diesel marine propulsion systems. The ZF Marine hybrid drive system creates kinetic energy when reversing the propeller while under sail, thereby storing this regenerative energy back into the batteries. The Bénéteau Group has 22 production sites and 450 dealers in more than 50 countries. Valence Technology, Inc.

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Road Trip: 2021 Volkswagen ID4

Clean Fleet Report

The all-new, electric 2021 Volkswagen ID4, after a few years of teasing, is now at your local dealer. For additional storage space, the rear floor in the cargo area can be dropped, and below it is a well for storing, among other things, the charging cord.

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SAIC-GM-Wuling launches its first EV; Buick Regal hybrid available in China

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Users can listen to Kaola FM and NetEase Cloud Music online, and access 4S store service information quickly and accurately. Customers receive five years of free basic OnStar service, including Remote Access, Advanced Diagnostics and Dealer Maintenance Notifications. In China, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially launched the Baojun E100, the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle. Available in two variants, it is priced as low as RMB 35,800 (US$5,290) after national and local subsidies.

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Volkswagen intends sales of 150K e-cars by 2020; 100K ID, ID SUV; >1M in 2025; more on MEB

Green Car Congress

The power electronics convert the direct current (DC) stored in the battery into alternating current (AC). The battery housing is closed at the top with a cover that is easy to remove in the event that maintenance is required. It goes without saying that Volkswagen is contributing to the expansion of the charging infrastructure: All 4,000 authorized Volkswagen dealers in Europe will be equipped with on-site charging stations.

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Hyundai to offer Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle to LA-area retail customers in spring 2014; Honda, Toyota show latest FCV concepts targeting 2015 launch

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai announced plans to offer its next-generation Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle for the US market for $499 per month, including unlimited free hydrogen refueling and At Your Service Valet Maintenance at no extra cost. Availability begins in Spring 2014 at several Southern California Hyundai dealers. The energy is stored in a 24 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, jointly developed with LG Chemical. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Click to enlarge.

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CODA Launches Direct to Consumer Sales of CODA EV

Green Car Congress

Initial flagship locations are planned in Santa Monica and the San Francisco Bay Area, with additional satellite stores located in high-traffic shopping centers throughout the state. The locations will focus on consumer education and test drives while a direct-to-consumer delivery model will eliminate the additional costs associated with a more standard dealer model.

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Volkswagen MY2016: high-end driver assistance moves throughout the lineup; next-gen MIB II infotainment system

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The first 2016 models featuring the new infotainment system will start landing in dealer showrooms late July 2015. Diagnostics and maintenance information is also available through Car-Net. When it’s time for scheduled service, Car-Net Security & Service not only notifies the customer, but provides a simple way to schedule a dealer visit. It can even identify the closest dealer.

2015 184

National Academies issues interim report on overcoming barriers to PEV deployment

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The interim report considers PEV manufacturers, dealers and customers; the charging infrastructure; and the electric grid. Findings and possible Federal roles for overcoming the barriers include: Manufacturers, dealers and customers. Lack of familiarity with the vehicles and their operation and maintenance creates a substantial barrier to widespread PEV deployment.

2013 255

Toyota FCV Mirai launches in LA; initial TFCS specs; $57,500 or $499 lease; leaning on Prius analogy

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Two tanks with a three-layer structure made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and other materials are used to store hydrogen at 70 MPa (approximately 700 bars or 10,000 psi). Our dealers were apprehensive but trusted our vision and instincts. Mirai. Click to enlarge.

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Net-Gain : Awesome DC drive motors Piktronik : battery chargers,PM DC drive controllers, sensorless AC drive controllers, DC/DC converters Prestolite :Motors and chargers PowerDesigners : Charge controllers, equalizers,and battery monitors Russco :battery chargers SRE Controls : electricvehicles components Solartech :Can-Pulse battery maintenance system Watermaster :Battery watering system.

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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Establishing dealer network. DaimlerChrysler has presented plug-in hybrids in commercial vans that have enough room to store the batteries, but the technology is not quite ripe for cars."Plug-in That has to be looked at." ( Reuters ) 3/28/07 "Batteries are not yet an economic or efficient way of storing power.we About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Carmakers Say.

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