How do you service a hydrogen fuel-cell car at a dealer?

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Reliability data shows that some of them won't visit a dealer service department except for. dealers California hydrogen natural gas dealerships service hydrogen fuel cell Honda Civic Natural GasOver the past century, gasoline-powered vehicles have gotten simultaneously more complex and more reliable. Service intervals have lengthened, drivers no longer check a car's fluids daily or weekly, and many new-car owners will never once open the hood.

Honda Dealer In NJ Is First In U.S. To Use No Net Electricity

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Rossi Honda of Vineland, New Jersey, claims to be the first U.S. car dealer to have become "Electric-Grid Neutral," meaning it uses no net electricity from its local utility. To unplug itself from the grid, Rossi Honda installed solar panels in 2012

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New Honda 'Green Dealer Guide' Spells Out Energy Efficiency For Dealership Buildings

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Honda has taken a particularly active approach, launching a "green dealer" program to provide technical assistance to dealers looking to reduce energy consumption. As global attention increasingly focuses on all facets of sustainability, more attention is being paid to the infrastructure that manufactures and sells cars and trucks.

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Nissan CEO On Electric-Car Perks, Honda 'Green Dealer Guide,' Chrysler Turbo V-6: Today's Car News

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Today we''ve got Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn promoting electric cars, Honda promoting more efficient dealerships, and Chrysler possibly boosting the efficiency of its Pentastar V-6 engine. Honda''s new "Green Dealer Guide All this and more on Green Car Reports. Check out Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn''s four reasons why electric cars win.

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Seattle Honda Dealer Adopts Tesla & Apple Sales Elements, Learns Lessons

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Tesla Motors'' direct online sales model has led to state-by-state battles with franchised dealers and their lobbyists. While Tesla works to sell its electric cars in as many states as possible, dealers decry direct sales as a threat to healthy competition and a danger to consumers. sales dealers Tesla Motors Dealership Seattle state laws

Second Honda dealership achieves grid-neutral status

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Honda has made some efforts in that direction with its "green dealer" program. Environmental dealers dealerships ConnecticutIf you're planning on buying a green car, have you ever wondered if you'll be making the purchase at a green dealership? As cars get more efficient, the carbon emissions related to the infrastructure for manufacturing and selling them should be considered as well. DON'T.

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Honda to begin leasing Clarity fuel cell vehicle in California by year end; targeting <$500/month

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Auto Show, Honda said that it will begin retail leasing of the new 5-passenger, hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan ( earlier post ) to customers in select California markets before the end of 2016. Honda expects limited volumes in the early stages of production.

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Honda Insight Hybrid Production To End

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The Honda Insight hybrid is no more. That''s the confirmation from Honda itself, as slow sales prompt the Japanese automaker to end production of its flagship hybrid.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Gets Huge Sales Incentive

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Dealers are now apparently looking for way to purge substantial inventories of the Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe, leading to suspicions that the model may be starting to enter its death throes. Honda announced its July incentives this week, but the CR-Z turns out to receive a major discount that goes unadvertised.

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Honda launches new environmental leadership award “Green Dealer” program for Honda and Acura dealers in US

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American Honda Motor Co, Inc. has established a “Green Dealer” program for its independently-owned Honda and Acura automobile dealers in the United States. The Honda Environmental Leadership Award and Acura Environmental Leadership Award will be given to dealers who quantifiably reduce their environmental impact, beginning with a minimum 10% reduction in total energy use at their dealerships. Headquarter Honda (Clermont, FL). Honda - Silver Level.

Honda launches Green Dealer program

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Japanese carmaker Honda is attempting to extend its environmental credentials beyond the low emissions of its vehicles, by making its dealership network greener too. It has launched the “Green Dealer” programme (logo, pictured) for independently owned Acura and Honda dealers in the USA with the Honda Environmental Leadership Award and Acura Environmental Leadership Award to [.]. Green cars Honda Latest news Acura green cars green dealers

Plug-In Hybrid Mitsubishi, 2015 Honda Fit Delay, Tesla Owner Visits BMW Dealer: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: We drive the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, next year''s Chevy Impala replaces its mild hybrid with a start-stop system, and a Tesla owner visits a BMW dealer to drive an i3 electric car. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid seeks to exploit the niche of plug-in

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Honda’s latest hybrid model goes on sale

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Honda (UK) has announced the pricing and specification for its new CR-Z hybrid coupe, which customers can order through the Honda dealer network from this Friday, 5 March. Tags: Honda coupe cr-z geneva motor show hybrid new The CR-Z is the world’s first production sports hybrid coupe; a slick looking car that should prove exciting to drive while retaining the benefits of advanced, low emission [.].

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Honda discontinuing Civic Hybrid, Civic natural gas model, Accord plug-in hybrid; new BEV, PHEV models coming

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Due in part to Honda’s ability to advance fuel economy through conventional engine technology, the Civic lineup will no longer include a hybrid or a natural gas model, according to John Mendel, Executive Vice President, Automobile Division American Honda Motor Co., Mendel also said said that Honda will not offer a plug-in version of Accord going forward as the company looks toward the scheduled launch of a new dedicated plug-in model.

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid: At Some NY And CA Dealers Now

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Honda's two-motor Accord Plug-In Hybrid is now on sale at select New York and Californian Honda dealers. Choice in the plug-in hybrid market is growing all the time, and the Accord offers buyers an alternative to the Ford Fusion Energi--not to mention more established plug-ins like the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-In. The 115 MPGe

Honda hybrids, Prius Prime buyers misled, PG&E electric-car rebate: Today's Car News

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Today, Toyota Prius Prime buyers complain of uncooperative dealers, Honda announces a new dedicated hybrid model for 2018, and California utility Pacific Gas & Electric offers rebates for electric-car use. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Find out why Faraday Future's luxury electric car is called the FF 91. China plans to invest $360. Today in Car News

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Honda establishes Marine Science Foundation

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Inspired by the Japanese concept of sato-umi —the convergence of land and sea where human and marine life can harmoniously coexist—Honda has established the Honda Marine Science Foundation , a new initiative to address marine ecosystem restoration and the impact of humans and climate change on oceans and intertidal areas. In 2015, Honda began researching the oceanic and aquatic impacts of a rapidly changing climate, ocean acidification and rising sea levels.

Plug-in hybrid Fusion, 2018 Honda Fit, Clarity Electric price, Tesla vs dealers in NY: Today's Car News

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Today, rumors about an all-new electric car, why trucks can be cars even if their owners don't know what they are, a frustrating Ford experience (but not because of the car), and lease pricing on the all-electric Honda Clarity. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Over the weekend, we ran down our top green-car stories from last week. Today in Car News

Honda cuts US lease price for Fit EV to $259/mo

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In the US, Honda has cut the lease price for the Fit EV in the US to $259 a month beginning 1 June, down from $389 a month. Further, the network of qualified Fit EV Honda dealers in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut will expand from 36 to more than 200 by the end of June. Fit EV customers also can take advantage of Honda’s partnership with SolarCity to install solar power with no upfront cost.

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New Honda 2012 Civic Natural Gas goes on sale 18 October at Honda dealers in 35 states, up from 4

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2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas. To support growing consumer interest in alternative-fuel vehicles, American Honda is expanding its network of US dealers which are qualified to sell and service the Civic Natural Gas to retail customers—expanding sales to 200 dealers in 35 states.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq, Honda Accord Hybrid Hiatus, Intercity Fast Charging: Today's Car News

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Today, we have some details on the Prius-fighting 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, the Honda Accord Hybrid goes on hiatus, and the case for intercity fast charging for electric cars. A Tesla representative will testify at a Federal Trade Commission hearing on auto-dealer franchise laws. The Honda Accord Hybrid is.

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Honda begins installation of solar power generation systems at automobile dealership locations in Japan

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Honda Motor Co., has installed a 9 kW-capacity solar power generation system at the Adachi Odai location of the Honda Cars Tokyo Chuo dealer network. The installation is the kick-off of a project to install Honda Soltec solar power generation systems with a total capacity of 1 MW at Honda automobile dealership locations in Japan by 31 March 2014. Honda has been installing solar power generation systems at Honda operations in Japan.

Insight tops Japanese best-sellers list

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Having already surpassed the Toyota Prius during its first month of sales in the UK, Honda’s Insight is now ranked as the best selling car among all new vehicle registrations in Japan in April marking the first time a hybrid model has been the top seller during any monthly sales period. According to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, 10,481 units of the Honda Insight were sold marking the continuation of growing success for Honda on home turf.

Honda develops process to reuse rare earth metals extracted from old NiMH batteries for new NiMH batteries for hybrid vehicles

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Honda’s process for recycling NiMH batteries. Honda Motor Co., Honda has been extracting an oxide containing rare earth metals from used nickel-metal hydride batteries at the plant of Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Now, by applying molten salt electrolysis to this oxide, Honda has succeeded in extracting metallized rare earth that can be used directly as negative-electrode materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries. The new portion of the process is outlined in red.

Prius tops the sales charts again

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It is the fifth successive month for Prius to be the number one selling new car in Japan according to official data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. The runners-up in the sales chart included the Honda Fit, which finished second with 17,241 units; followed by the Toyota Vitz at 12,731 units; and the Honda Insight Hybrid at 10,289 units sold.

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Honda launches 2017 Accord Hybrid; 2nd generation two-motor hybrid powertrain

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Honda has launched the 2017 Accord Hybrid ( earlier post ) at its dealers in the US. Honda Sensing comprises: Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). Honda LaneWatch. The 2017 Accord Hybrid includes the Honda LaneWatch display.

Honda adds 2014 Civic Hybrid and Natural Gas to US 2014 Civic lineup

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Honda is adding the 2014 Civic Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas models to its 2014 Civic lineup in the US. The 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid has an improved EPA rating of 44/47/45 mpg city/highway/combined (5.3/5.0/5.2 The 2014 Civic Natural Gas will be available at Honda dealers in 37 states on February 15 with an MSRP starting at $26,6402 and a EPA ratings of 27/38/31 mpg (8.7/6.2/7.6 Both models are assembled at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana located in Greensburg, IN.

Hybrid Sales Still Climbing: 8 Percent Of U.S. Sales By 2020?

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There was a point, when Toyota Prius and Honda Insights were rolling off dealer lots in their mere hundreds nationwide, that hybrids were easy to dismiss. Now, as sales leap 32 percent in the first two months of this year and market share sits around 4 percent, the humble hybrid has become a real player--and it's set to grow even further by the

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2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid starts at $34,290 with 47-mile range

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The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid will start at a recommended price of $34,290 including delivery, making it the least expensive plug-in hybrid sedan on the market this year. Honda says it will go on sale December 1, and it will be offered at all Honda dealers in the U.S. Plug-In Hybrids Pricing plug-in cars Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Honda Kills CNG Home FuelMaker

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Honda has pulled the plug on its wholly owned subsidiary Fuelmaker, which made the device for home CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicle refueling, calling a loan, and throwing Fuelmaker into receivership. All Fuelmaker operations were suspended without notice to dealers, clients or suppliers. Wasn't Honda the big promoter of CNG? Tags: honda Edwin Black hydrogen cng

The Hybrid Supercars You Can't Afford Even If You Want Them

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You'd go to your local Toyota or Honda dealer, and buy a Prius or a Civic Hybrid/Insight (delete as appropriate). Buying a hybrid used to be so simple. Now, everything is going hybrid--and that includes luxury cars and supercars. You won't find us complaining: if manufacturers are making some of their most exciting cars greener--yet still faster

A trip to my local Honda dealer

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

It's nothing hard, but a few tricks that your average guy would think the car was broke when it didn't turn over :) Long story short, Honda didn't get much work done that morning. I still hadn't aligned the car after the conversion and I knew the weight changed plenty so it needed to get done. I finally made an appointment and took it in yesterday. My biggest concern was having somebody drive it, so I made sure to explain to the guy I was checking in with what needed to be done.

Virginia Scraps Hybrid Tax, Tesla In China, Green Honda Dealer: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: CEO Elon Musk says China may become Tesla Motors'' biggest market, Virginia scraps its hybrid-vehicle tax, and a New Jersey Honda dealer achieves electric-grid neutrality. All this and more on Green Car Reports. With Model S electric cars priced at $121,000, China could be the biggest market for Tesla, Elon Musk says

Southern California customers take delivery of new 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan

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Customer deliveries of Honda’s third-generation fuel cell vehicle, the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell ( earlier post ), began on Monday at select Honda dealerships across Southern California. Retail leasing of the Clarity Fuel Cell is now available through Honda’s expanded network of 12 approved dealerships located in select California markets, including six dealerships in Southern California, five in the Bay Area, and one in Sacramento.

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid rated at 47 miles of range

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While there will be three distinct powertrains offered in the Honda Clarity mid-size sedan, most U.S. That's the plug-in hybrid, which will go on sale "later this year" as the sole Clarity to be offered at all Honda dealers. Now the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid's electric range has been. shoppers will only ever see one of them on sale. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars

Honda begins taking orders for NSX hybrid supercar in Japan; starting at US$236,000

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Honda Motor Co., Honda is targeting sales of 100 units in the first year. However, Honda completes everything—from body construction to final assembly—in-house so that it can deliver the all-new, extremely high-precision and high-quality NSX to its customers.

Production begins of Honda Natural Gas vehicle

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The all-new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas model has started mass production at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana. As the company attempts to increase production of the alternative fuel Civic in an effort to support an expanded network of certified Civic Natural Gas dealers across the US, production is expected to ramp up during the 2012 [.]. Green cars Honda Latest news Honda Manufacturing Indiana Honda Natural Gas Honda Natural Gas vehicle

Honda launches new “Green Path” initiatives for manufacturing and operations; new $210M paint line at Marysville with new 4C2B process

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Honda has announced several initiatives under its new “Green Path” approach to reducing the total life-cycle environmental impact of its products and operations in North America. Source: Honda North America. Credit: Honda North America. Source: Honda.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation enter strategic cooperation, focused on new energy vehicles

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According to the agreement, Dongfeng will support NEVS on the construction of new energy vehicles production and R&D in Tianjin and the formation of NEVS’ sales and service with support from Dongfeng’s dealer network. Dongfeng Motor, with several JVs in China including Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Nissan, Infinity, Honda and Kia, is one of the world’s largest automobile companies, with an annual output of more than 3.83

Honda FCV Concept to make North American debut at 2015 NAIAS in Detroit

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The Honda FCV Concept ( earlier post ) will make its North American debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. The Honda FCV Concept made its world debut in Japan on 17 November, followed by an announcement that Honda will provide FirstElement Fuel with $13.8 As the next progression in Honda’s dynamic FCV styling, the Honda FCV Concept features a low and wide aerodynamic body with clean character lines.