Honda Insight Hybrid Production To End

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The Honda Insight hybrid is no more. That''s the confirmation from Honda itself, as slow sales prompt the Japanese automaker to end production of its flagship hybrid. According to Bloomberg, Honda informed dealers back in November that Insight production would stop this month, and asked them to stop taking orders on the model.

Honda Insight Hybrid: The Least-Wanted Car In America?

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Automakers and their dealers know that when a vehicle is updated, redesigned, or discontinued, the last lagging examples of the old model may sit on lots for months, perhaps even years. So it appears to be with the Honda Insight, the subcompact mild hybrid hatchback that the company discontinued after the 2014 model year. DON''T MISS: Honda Ends 3. Green Honda Integrated Motor Assist New car sales mild hybrid sales subcompact

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New Honda Insight 10th-Best Selling Car in Japan in February, Edges Out Prius

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Honda’s Insight hybrid was Japan’s 10 th -best-selling new car in February, excluding minicars, according to figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Honda received more than 15,000 orders for the Insight, which was launched that month. Nevertheless, the Insight made No. Nikkei.

One in 10 new cars sold is… a Toyota Prius

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The vehicle maintained its top spot in Japan new passenger car sales for the seventh month in a row, posting 26,815 units according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. According to the Nikkei , Honda’s Insight Hybrid came in fifth in the overall rankings for the month with 9,413 units sold – combined with the Prius, the two hybrids accounted for 13.5

2009 42

Insight tops Japanese best-sellers list

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Having already surpassed the Toyota Prius during its first month of sales in the UK, Honda’s Insight is now ranked as the best selling car among all new vehicle registrations in Japan in April marking the first time a hybrid model has been the top seller during any monthly sales period. According to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, 10,481 units of the Honda Insight were sold marking the continuation of growing success for Honda on home turf.

Prius tops the sales charts again

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It is the fifth successive month for Prius to be the number one selling new car in Japan according to official data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. The runners-up in the sales chart included the Honda Fit, which finished second with 17,241 units; followed by the Toyota Vitz at 12,731 units; and the Honda Insight Hybrid at 10,289 units sold.

Prius 37

Hybrid Sales Still Climbing: 8 Percent Of U.S. Sales By 2020?

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There was a point, when Toyota Prius and Honda Insights were rolling off dealer lots in their mere hundreds nationwide, that hybrids were easy to dismiss. Now, as sales leap 32 percent in the first two months of this year and market share sits around 4 percent, the humble hybrid has become a real player--and it's set to grow even further by the

Prius Top-Seller Again in Japan in July; Up Almost 4x Year-on-Year

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Toyota’s Prius was the top-seller in Japan in July, with 27,712 units sold—almost quadruple the 7,058 units sold in July 2008, according to data from the Japan Automotive Dealers Association. The Honda Fit is still the volume leader from January-July, with 82,592 units total. The Fit was a distant second to Prius in July, with 17,003 units sold, followed by the Toyota Vitz (12,366 units) and the Honda Insight (10,210 units).

2009 92

Prius Top-Selling Car in Japan for Second Month in a Row with 22,292 Units

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times June 2008 results of 6,231 units— according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA). Honda’s hybrid Insight came in fourth in June with 8,782 units, behind the Honda Fit and the Toyota Vitz. In April, the Honda Insight had been the top-seller—the first hybrid to be such—with 10,481 units. In May, the Insight dropped to third place with 8,183 units, behind the Prius and the Honda Fit, with 8,859 units.

2009 73

Prius Top Selling Car in Japan in May

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Toyota’s new Prius was Japan’s top-selling vehicle in May, according to new car sales rankings —excluding minicars with displacements of less than 660 cc—released by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA). In April, the Honda Insight had been the top-seller—the first hybrid to be such—with 10,481 units. In May, the Insight dropped to third place with 8,183 units, behind the Prius and the Honda Fit, with 8,859 units.

2009 65

1.0L EcoBoost Fiesta receives EPA rating of 45 mpg highway

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EcoBoost-powered Fiesta sub-compact, arriving at dealers later this year, at 45 mpg (5.2 As an example, the 2014 Honda Insight achieves 44 mpg highway, while the 2014 Volkswagen Golf diesel with a manual transmission delivers 42 mpg highway. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated Ford’s 2014 1.0L l/100 km) highway. Earlier post.) The fuel economy rating outperforms some competitors’ diesels and hybrids on the highway driving cycle.

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Polk: 35% of hybrid owners buying hybrids again

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In the case of Honda hybrid owners, more than 52% of them stayed with the Honda brand, while just under 20% of this same owner group bought another hybrid vehicle from any brand. As an example, the Honda Civic is the second most cross-shopped vehicle among both Toyota Prius and Honda Insight shoppers. The practice is solely focused on helping manufacturers and dealers in retaining their owners through Polk’s diagnostic, predictive and advisory services.

2012 85

Car Giveaways. Who Likes ‘em Green?

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It would seem that with all the “Luck of the Irish&# sales promotions from local car dealers, we’d hear someone announce a hybrid vehicle contest for Saint Paddy’s. Seems that none of the auto manufacturers or car dealers are taking advantage of the 3/17/09 green party. Want to win a new car or sport utility? Seems everyone would like a free car, but they are so hard to find.

2009 51

Toyota Prices the 2010 Prius for the US Starting at $21,000

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announced manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) today for the all-new 2010 Prius midsize hybrid ( earlier post ), scheduled to go on sale beginning in late May at Toyota dealers nationwide. The MSRPs for the Honda Insight, which Toyota considers a prime competitor for the new Prius, range from $19,800-$23,100. Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc.,

2009 65

September Auto Sales Plunge in Aftermath of Cash for Clunkers; SAAR at 9.2M units, LDV Sales Down 41% from August, Hybrid Sales Down 48%

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Honda. American Honda Motor Co., Honda hybrid sales dropped 6% year-on-year to 1,898 units. to 152 units, but the new Honda Insight posted 1,746 units. General Motors dealers in the United States delivered 155,679 light duty vehicles in September, down 45% year-on-year. Reported hybrid sales by month. Click to enlarge.

Prius tops the sales chart again

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The vehicle sold 27,712 units - that’s almost four times the 7,058 units it sold in the same month last year, according to data from the Japan Automotive Dealers Association. Its nearest competitor is the Honda Fit, which is still the overall volume leader for January-July with 82,592 units sold. However, its sales were way behind the Prius in July with 17,003 units sold - followed by the Toyota Vitz at 12,336 units and the Honda Insight at 10,210 units.

Prius 39

Prius tops the charts in Japan

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times the number it sold in June 2008 at 6,231 units - according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Honda’s Hybrid Insight finished fourth in the charts with 8,782 units, falling just behind the Honda Fit and the Toyota Vitz. In April, the Insight was the top selling car in Japan making it the first hybrid car to top the charts, with 10,481 units sold.

Prius number one in Japan again

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For the fourth successive month, the Toyota Prius topped the charts according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Coming in at second – though only selling around half as many vehicles as the Prius – was the Honda Fit with 10,927 units sold – six per cent of the national total. The Toyota Vitz took third place with 8,145 units sold, followed by the Honda Insight which moved 7,900 vehicles during the month.

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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Toyota has had a battery recycling program since 1998 and even offers dealers a $200 bounty to ensure batteries arent just thrown away (described at end of linked document). Honda Insight, Civic and Accord use an entirely different design: the electric motor never runs without the gasoline engine running at the same time. We wont know how dealers will respond to service requests until we start driving converted cars.

MAEAA Web Links

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Honda Civic :Mike Chanceys conversion. Honda EV+ :Life with the new Honda EV. Xantrex: (formerly CruisngEquipment) Makers of the famous E-meter, now known as the Link 10 ZAPI: controllers and chargers {Returnto top of page} EV Battery Manufacturers C&DTechnologies: (formerly Dynasty Johnson Controls) Concorde: (Specs on a dealer website) Discover: Douglas: Exide HawkerEnergy Optima Trojan :Homepage, also nice battery maintenance tips at [link] U.S.

Hybrid sales continue downward trend

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Combined reported US hybrid sales from Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan and Toyota fell by 45.5 General Motors - GM dealers in the US delivered 173,007 vehicles, down 34 per cent compared to the prior year. Honda - With vehicle sales of 101,029, American Honda Motor Company suffered a decline of 25.3 Its hybrid sales marked the first full month of sales for the Honda Insight and so grew by 25.5

Cash for Clunkers Buoys US Auto Sales; Hybrid Sales Up 31.8% for Monthly New Vehicle Share of 3.55%

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GM dealers delivered 189,443 total vehicles in July, a 19.4% Honda. American Honda Motor Co., Nevertheless, July was Honda’s highest volume month so far this year. Total sales of the fuel-efficient Honda Civic increased 3.1% The new Honda Insight hybrid posted 2,295 units. Honda CR-V, a best-seller in the crossover utility vehicle segment, increased sales by 9.9% Monthly new vehicle market share for hybrids. Click to enlarge.