Florida Governor Rick Scott rejects proposed Federal high-speed rail project

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billion in federal funds to DC. Keep in mind that Amtrak’s Acela train in Washington, D.C., Florida Governor Rick Scott has informed US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood of the state’s decision to reject President Obama’s Tampa to Orlando high-speed rail project. The Governor said the decision to reject the project comes down to three main economic realities: Capital cost overruns from the project could put Florida taxpayers on the hook for an additional $3 billion.

ITOCHU Takes Equity Stake in THINK; Expanded Partnership for THINK EV and Drive System in Asia

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THINK’s G4 EV drive controller is a fourth-generation system, underpinning the THINK City EV with a power electronics system comprising the charger, DC-DC converter, inverter and vehicle control module. THINK says that business-to-business agreements for the controller are underway in Asia, Europe and South America.

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Audi A1 e-tron: Extended Range Electric Vehicle for City Driving

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The Audi A1 e-tron was designed specifically for use in the metropolitan areas of Europe and North America and in the rapidly growing megacities of Asia and South America. The A1 e-tron. Click to enlarge.