Eaton launches eMobility business; to invest $500M in new technologies

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Power management company Eaton is addressing increasing demand for high-voltage electrified vehicle technologies with the creation of its new eMobility business. eMobility was formed by combining products, expertise and global manufacturing capabilities from Eaton’s Electrical and Vehicle businesses. Eaton also has high-voltage, fast-acting fuses in nearly 50% of global electrified cars, and power electronics on a leading European battery-electric vehicle platform.

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VW, Eaton Show New CCS Electric-Car Charging Station

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Volkswagen Group of America and Eaton have together unveiled a new single-port Combined Charging System (CCS). The CCS meets the approved standard for charging from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and combines one-phase AC charging, three-phase AC charging, DC home charging and DC fast charging at public stations.

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Eaton to supply EV charging stations to federal EV Pilot Program

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Eaton Corporation announced a collaborative agreement to supply federal departments and agencies with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and related installation and services equipment, through a US General Services Administration (GSA) contract awarded to Autoflex, Inc. Eaton has more than 3,000 charging stations already shipped or installed in North America.

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Eaton enhances commercial vehicle hybrid electric system to improve fuel efficiency, performance and system payback

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Eaton Corporation has introduced a number of enhancements to increase the fuel economy, performance and payback of its hybrid electric power system for commercial vehicles ( earlier post ) including a new high-capacity battery; a new single-phase 115-volt AC Auxiliary Power Generator (APG); a higher capacity clutch to expand applications up to 860 lb-ft (1,093 N·m) of torque; and a new remanufactured battery for aftermarket purchase. In 2010, Eaton selected Compact Power Inc.

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Eaton to work with Greater Washington Regional Clean Cities Coalition on EV charging network project

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Eaton Corporation will collaborate with the Greater Washington Regional Clean Cities Coalition ( GWRCCC ) on a one-year project funded by a US Department of Energy (DOE) grant to create an EV charging network for the Washington, D.C. Eaton will work with GWRCCC on project planning and will provide EV charging equipment and engineering services.

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Eaton, Takaoka Electric Manufacturing Company Collaborate on Electric Vehicle Charging

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Eaton Corporation will collaborate with Takaoka Electric Manufacturing Company, Ltd. to develop and launch DC Quick Chargers for electric vehicles. The collaboration will enable Eaton to provide a complete line of charging stations across residential, commercial and industrial applications in North America. electric vehicle (EV) battery packs.

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Eaton and Murphy Oil USA Team Up to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network

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Eaton Corporation and Murphy Oil USA, Inc., After an initial test phase at a location in Tennessee, Eaton and Murphy Oil USA will evaluate ways to expand the program and utilize the combined capabilities of their organizations to help make charging stations widely available. The demonstration project will ultimately include Murphy Oil USA’s installation and use of Eaton’s DC Quick Chargers.

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Eaton Advances Integrated Solar-Assisted Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Collaboration with Tennessee Valley Authority and EPRI

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Eaton Corporation is collaborating with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on a prototype integrated solar-assisted electric vehicle charging station to be erected at EPRI’s research laboratory in Knoxville, Tenn. Eaton recently announced that it will collaborate with Takaoka Electric Manufacturing Company, Ltd. to develop and launch DC Quick Chargers, a key component in the charging of electric vehicle battery packs.


Volkswagen Group talks EV charging standards, electrification strategy

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One of approximately twenty VW Golf blue e-motion prototypes under test in the United States, with Eaton’s 50kW DC Quick Charger, at Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Laboratory, near San Francisco. The gathering marked the introduction of Eaton’s DC quick charger ( link ), one of which is now installed at ERL. public DC charging of up to 86 kW. Jack Rosebro.

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Greenlots’ SKY to manage BC Hydro’s EV fast charger network

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BC Hydro (BCH) has selected Greenlots’ SKY network management solution to manage a provincial network of DC Fast Chargers (DCFC), announced in January 2013. The initial rollout in British Columbia includes 13 DCFC supplied by electrical power equipment manufacturers ABB and Eaton. To date, 13 communities in British Columbia have agreed to serve as site hosts and charging station operators for the DC Fast Chargers.

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Air Force tests all plug-in vehicle fleet in California; part of large DoD V2G project

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Charging station types include: The Princeton Power System V2G DC charging station (Nissan LEAF using CHAdeMO). Coritech DC (V2G using SAE Combo). Eaton AC (non-V2G).

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Lightning Systems introduces new Class 6 electric powertrain; first 50 ordered by Zeem for Chevrolet 6500XD

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The new Lightning Electric LEV100 model will offer peak motor power of 295 horsepower with a 2-speed Eaton automatic transmission, providing 1821 lb-ft (2,469 N·m) in first gear and a 65-mph governed top speed.

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First electric bus customers for new UQM PowerPhase DT heavy-duty drivetrain pilot program

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These customers will work in close collaboration with UQM, and suppliers Pi Innovo and Eaton, to develop heavy-duty commercial and transit all-electric vehicles, enabling them to rapidly deploy vehicles to market. PowerPhase DT uses UQM’s current PowerPhase HD220/HD250 motor and inverter system, Eaton’s two-speed transmission and Pi Innovo’s transmission control unit, creating a fully electric drivetrain system.

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UPS Deploys 200 More Hybrid Delivery Trucks

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The 200 new hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) join roughly 20,000 low-emission and alternative-fuel vehicles already in use and have been deployed in Austin, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., The HEV fleet features two different size vehicles from Workhorse Custom Chassis and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation and a hybrid power system from Eaton Corporation.

New Flyer to start development of first 60' fuel cell hybrid bus in North America; introduces 40' battery-electric bus

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New Flyer’s Xcelsior Electric is a 40'' battery electric bus powered by a 100-300 kWh battery pack (scaled to customer need) that can be charged at stops via an Eaton pantograph-based system. The Siemens Electric Drive System converts three-phase alternating current (AC) power to drive the traction motor by using direct current (DC) power from the batteries. DC power is converted to AC power and is supplied to each of these major systems separately. New Flyer Industries Inc.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Sprout at Plug-in 2010

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Eaton’s quick charger. Eaton. Eaton Corporation displayed its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and Eaton-branded Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (iMiEV) car. Eaton’s quick charger can recharge the iMiEV to 80% of battery capacity in 25 minutes.

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ARPA-E awards $30M to 21 projects advance new class of high-performance power converters

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Smart, Compact, Efficient 500kW DC Fast Charger Cree Fayetteville (operating as Wolfspeed, A Cree Company) and its project team will build a DC fast charger for electric vehicles using a solid-state transformer based on silicon carbide (SiC). If successful, the team will construct a 500 kW building block for a DC fast charger that is at least four times the power density of todays installed units. Eaton Corporation. Single DC Source Based Cascaded Multi-level Inverter.

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Wal-Mart Testing Two Different Hybrid Systems and Three Alt Fuels on Class 8 Trucks

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will test two hybrid systems—one developed by ArvinMeritor and one developed by Eaton and Peterbilt—in Class 8 trucks. Peterbilt/Eaton Hybrid Assist. The Eaton heavy-duty hybrid system with idle reduction features an automated manual transmission with a parallel-type direct hybrid system, incorporating a 44 kW electric motor/generator located between the output of an automated clutch and the input to Eaton’s Fuller UltraShift transmission.

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Pike Research ranks ChargePoint, DBT as top EV charging equipment supply companies

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The 14 electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturers in this Pike Pulse report all offer Level 2 units to residential and commercial customers, with many also offering Level 1 equipment and DC charging. excluding companies that only provide DC fast chargers; and.

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Battery-electric Mitsubishi i EPA-rated at 112 MPGe combined, 62 mile real-world range; solar-powered CHAdeMO-compliant charging station

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The DC Quick Charger used for the Cypress charging station is manufactured by the Eaton Corporation, and is the first-of-its-kind CHAdeMO Quick Charger certified for US sale and public utility. Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., MMNA) said that its battery-electric Mitsubishi i has earned an EPA-rated 126 MPGe in city driving and 99 MPGe out on the highway (112 MPGe combined). EPA pegged the “real-world” driving range at 62 miles.

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Kenworth Receives Largest Hybrid Tractor and Truck Order Yet

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San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, DC. Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Kenworth T370 hybrids are equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine, rated up to 280 hp (209 kW) and up to 660 lb-ft (895 Nm) of torque, and the Eaton diesel-electric hybrid power system. Coca-Cola Enterprises has ordered 150 Kenworth T370 diesel-electric tractors and 35 Kenworth T370 hybrid trucks, all of which will be on the road this year.

President Obama Announces 48 Projects to Receive $2.4B in Grants for Next-Generation of Batteries and Electric Vehicles; To be Combined with $2.4B in Industry Cost-Share

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Production of DC bus capacitors including soft wound film and stacked film capacitors necessary for electric drive system power electronics. Outfitting of a high-volume manufacturing facility to build DC Bus Capacitors for the electric drive vehicle industry. Educational programs for: Graduate, Undergraduate and Secondary Students; General Public • Partnering with: Argonne National Laboratory; AVL; GM; Eaton; Horiba; MathWorks; Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories; Woodward.

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