Cautious welcome for scrappage extension

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Since the announcement that the car scrappage scheme in the UK will be extended (see article ) a host of important industry names have been having their say on the plans, with a cautious but generally positive welcome for the proposals. Indeed there has been wide support from the majority of vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, which has taken 4,200 scrappage orders to date, over 2,000 of which have been for its Volvo C30 Sports Coupe.

Industry experts have their say on scrappage plans

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Alistair Darling’s 2009 Budget, which announced the introduction of a £2,000 scrappage incentive scheme in the UK, has been met with mixed reviews from industry experts. “The introduction of a vehicle scrappage scheme as announced in the Budget will boost the new car market, encourage consumers to get back into car showrooms, and reduce the likelihood of employee downsizing in this sector,&# he said. What do you think of the scrappage scheme?


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Will the scrappage extension do any good? The Green Piece

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The UK’s car scrappage scheme may have been dubbed a resounding success by the majority of car manufacturers and consumers alike, but it hasn’t won plaudits from all corners. That was the damning verdict of Andrew Davis, director of the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) as he deemed the extension to be “environmentally short-sighted” (see article ). There are ominous questions looming too, as to what the motor industry will do when the scrappage scheme ends.

Study: Cash-for-Clunkers Programs Should Use Fuel Economy Rather Than Age to Maximize GHG Reductions

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A study by researchers at UC Davis suggests that a properly designed vehicle scrappage (i.e., An earlier, separate study by UC Davis transportation economist Christopher Knittel concluded that the US scrappage program paid nearly 10 times the projected price of carbon credits per ton in the best-case scenario to reduce GHG emissions. Vehicle scrappage schemes have been implemented in a number of countries in Europe and the US.

US cash for clunkers scheme ends

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The US car scrappage scheme know as the ‘cash for clunkers’ plan will end next week after the funds ran out. The scheme has not been without controversy though; one UC Davis transportation economist Christopher Knittel criticized the scheme as a costly way to reduce carbon emissions. Tags: Green credentials car scrappage Cars cash for clunkers

UMTRI study finds US and China could turnover more than 90% of LDV fleet to alternative powertrains by 2050 under very aggressive penetration scenarios

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The analysis of fleet turnover was based on the following steps: Establish a light-duty vehicle growth rate for each country; Establish a scrappage rate for each country; Establish a vehicle-in-use estimate for years 2010 to 2050 for each country; Establish a vehicle sales estimate for years 2010 to 2050 for each country; Establish three levels or models of penetration of alternative powertrains/fuels into each country’s fleet for the years 2010 to 2050.

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Has the cash for clunkers scheme failed? The Green Piece

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The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS for short, or ‘cash for clunkers’ as it is more commonly known) was the US’s answer to the scrappage schemes in Germany and the UK which appeared to have revitalised their respective automotive sectors. However, its overall merits are open for debate after a study by UC Davis transportation economist Christopher Knittel questioned the implied costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.