California Energy Commission approves plans to invest nearly $500M in electricity R&D and alternative fuels

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One will fund clean energy research that benefits electricity ratepayers. Another is an annual clean transportation investment plan that is designed to spark innovation in projects that will help transform California’s fleet to meet greenhouse gas and clean air goals. The clean energy research plan is a $388-million investment funded by the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC). EPIC is funded by electricity ratepayers of Pacific Gas and Electric Co.,

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California makes first investments in $100M energy research & development program; also biogas and H2

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The California Energy Commission approved its first $10 million to fund Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) research and development (R&D) projects during its monthly business meeting today. EPIC is a multi-year, research investment program focused on electricity-related innovations, finding new energy solutions and bringing clean energy ideas to the marketplace. Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

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California Energy Commission awards $750K to Electricore to study standardization of plug-in vehicle batteries

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750,000 to research value-based design options for the standardization of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) batteries. This project includes $150,000 in match funding from San Diego Gas & Electric. The stored, compressed air will be used to generate electricity on an “on demand” basis to meet the facility’s needs, including periods of high demand or grid outages. The California Energy Commission has awarded Electricore, Inc.

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EPRI, 8 automakers and 15 utilities to create an open grid integration platform for plug-in electric vehicles

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The Electric Power Research Institute, 8 automakers and 15 utilities are working to develop and to demonstrate an open platform that would integrate plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) with smart grid technologies enabling utilities to support PEV charging regardless of location. The formal collaboration between the automakers, utilities and Electric Power Research Institute began in fall 2012. —Dan Bowermaster, EPRI manager of Electric Transportation.

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NREL and partners to investigate secondary uses for electric drive vehicle batteries

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The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will partner with an industry-academia team led by the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) to investigate secondary applications for aged battery packs from electric drive vehicles. The cost of Li-ion batteries currently affects the affordability of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (PHEV/EV) for consumers. Batteries Electric (Battery) Plug-ins

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California Energy Commission Approves $800K in four regional grants to prepare for electric vehicles

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The California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) approved four regional planning grants to prepare for electric vehicles. These areas of the state are expected to experience heavy electric vehicle use within the next ten years. The CEC proposed awarding nine grants this year under this particular program (Solicitation PON-10-602, Regional Plans to Support Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness.)

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Latest status report finds California fuel providers continue pacing ahead of requirements of Low Carbon Fuel Standard; sufficient credits to meet full 2013 obligation

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Electricity generated 1% of the net credits. The share of electricity grew from negligible levels in 2011 to reach about 2% by the final quarter of 2012. (By Of the credits, 78% were generated from ethanol from corn, other grains and sugarcane; 12% from natural gas and bio-based gases, such as liquid and compressed natural gas; 9% from biodiesel and renewable diesel; and 1% from electricity. Continued LCFS compliance will require continued reductions in CIs.

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California utilities submit projects to CPUC to expand EV infrastructure, adoption and awareness

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Three investor-owned California utilities—Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)—have submitted applications to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) outlining programs and investments aimed at achieving multiple electric transportation and emission-reduction goals set by the governor and state agencies.

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Toyota Unveils Dedicated Hybrid Concept, Plan for Prius Family; Expands Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Program in the US

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The FT-CH is a concept that would address Toyota’s stated strategy to offer a wider variety of conventional hybrid choices to its customers, as it begins to introduce plug-in hybrids (PHVs) and battery electrics (BEVs) in model year 2012, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCHVs) in 2015 in global markets. By far, the single most successful example of this has been the gas-electric hybrid. The FT-CH concept. Click to enlarge.

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Campaign Begins

Plug In Partners

January 24, 2006—Declaring the country’s economy, environmental health and national security at risk, a grassroots coalition of cities including Austin, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle as well as electric utilities and national policy organizations today kicked off a nationwide campaign to urge automakers to accelerate development of plug-in hybrid vehicles. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), half the cars in the U.S.

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Where Plug-In Hybrid Conversions (mostly Priuses) Are

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Vehicles converted by Professor Andy Frank and his team at the UC Davis Hybrid Center are listed at our History of PHEVs page , with further info at Ryan Fulcher of Seattle Electric Auto Association, April 2006 CalCars and Maker Faire team ("PriusBlue" EAA-PHEV method later modified by Manzanita Micro as "PiPrius" testbed) King County, WA Contact Ryan Fulcher at webguy2007(at)eaa-phev(dot)org. York University , Prius, Hymotion, November 2007 (Toronto, ON, Canada).

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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GM has announced plans for public sales in 2010, and almost every carmaker now says it will sell PHEVs or highway-speed battery electric vehicles (BEVs) sometime after 2010. Shifted earlier focus to all-electric Focus in 2011 with Magna. General Motors Chevy Volt series PHEV, which it calls "extended range electric vehicle" (EREV), part of "E-Flex" multi-fuel platform. Focusing on all-electric, Nissan-Renault partnership with Better Place for EVs.

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