How much would 100 percent renewable energy really cost?

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global warming renewable energyDemocratic presidential candidates talked hardly at all in the debates late last month about the Green New Deal, a proposal in Congress, to, among other things convert America's electric power completely to renewable sources. Americans have shown broad support for such a transition. What's been left unaddressed—and which many candidates.

2019 87

Japan team evaluates battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy

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The results from this study suggested a cost of hydrogen as low as ¥17 to ¥27/Nm 3 (US$0.16 - $0.25) using a combination of technologies and the achievement of ambitious individual cost targets for batteries, PV, and electrolyzers.

2019 164

U.S. household energy costs hit 50-year low

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renewable-energy capacity will undoubtedly have a positive environmental impact. But the reduction in carbon emissions renewable-energy advocates aim to achieve does not exclude potential benefits to consumers. Because as renewable-energy generating capacity has expanded significantly over the last decade, household. emissions energy infrastructure renewable energy energy fossil fuelsSubstantial growth in U.S.

2017 70

What is the cost of usable energy for driving and heating our homes?

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This analysis compares the costs of usable energy when we buy gasoline and electricity for driving and natural gas for keeping warm. Combustion of a gallon of gasoline (that includes ethanol) releases 120,333 Btu of energy. Energy Information Administration).

2019 78

USABC awards $4.8M to Zenlabs Energy to develop low-cost, fast-charge EV batteries

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in Fremont, California for development of low-cost, fast-charge (LC/FC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs). The contract award, which includes a 50% cost share, funds a 30-month project that began last month.

2019 97

U.S. regulator rejects coal, nuclear bailout, says renewable energy may double by 2020

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry pursued a plan that, in essence, would prop up the financially challenged U.S. His proposal, submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last fall, provided financial subsidies to electric-generation plants that kept 90 days of fuel onsite. Department of Energy DOE electric utilities electricity costs regulation renewable energy solar energy wind energy Donald TrumpFor much of last year, U.S.

2018 67

All renewable energy types to be cost-competitive by 2020: report

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Renewable-energy generation costs are falling like photons onto a solar panel. By 2020, it's expected all types of renewable-energy generation will be able to compete with fossil fuels on cost. DON'T MISS: Two-thirds of world's new energy capacity in 2016. electric utilities renewable energy solar wind energyThat's right: saving our environment will actually save electric utilities some money, too.

2018 64

DOE researchers develop energy-efficient, cost-effective process to extract rare earth elements from scrapped magnets

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We have developed an energy-efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly process to recover high-value critical materials. It’s an improvement over traditional processes, which require facilities with a large footprint, high capital and operating costs and a large amount of waste generated. ORNL is a founding team member of CMI, a DOE Energy Innovation Hub led by DOE’s Ames Laboratory and managed by the Advanced Manufacturing Office.

2019 78

Offshore wind energy in U.K. far ahead of lower-cost target

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The price of energy generated by offshore wind farms has been falling steadily, and ahead of schedule too. Costs have fallen 32 percent since 2012, bringing them below a target of £100 per megawatt-hour previously set by the U.K. Europe UK renewable energy wind energyThe winds of change are blowing harder in the U.K. government and utilities. DON'T MISS: When lauding renewables.

Wind 74

Hydrogen cost could equal 50-cent gasoline, with renewable energy: study

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hydrogen energy infrastructure hydrogen fuel cell renewable energyHydrogen fuel-cell cars face an uphill battle toward mass adoption. Both cars and fueling infrastructure need to be made widely available before large numbers of consumers can seriously consider switching from gasoline to hydrogen. But under certain circumstances, hydrogen could prove very attractive to consumers for one simple reason. DON'T MISS.

2016 64

Minnesota Energy Coop Offers Renewable Power To Electric-Car Owners, At No Extra Cost

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Now a Minnesota energy cooperative is offering all-renewable. Minnesota electric utilities plug-in cars renewable energy wind energyMany electric-car owners start to think more seriously about the source of their electricity when they plug their cars in to recharge. And at least in California, data show that owners of plug-in electric cars have far higher interest in photovoltaic solar panels than drivers at large.

Fraunhofer researchers develop new low-cost dry-film electrode production process

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Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden have developed a new battery cell production process that coats the electrodes of the energy storage cells with a dry film instead of liquid chemicals.

2019 143

Solar Energy - A Way To Cut Down On High Energy Costs

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Solar energy , the renewable energy source which has been in news for the last several years has made quiet inroads into many homes, factories, businesses, into our cars and appliances and much more. But, yet it is a rather misunderstood energy. It was expensive to commercially exploit solar energy few decades ago. What options do you have to cut the sky-rocketing energy bills due to the high oil and gas prices? Another option is adopting solar energy.

2011 109

LeMond Composites licenses ORNL low-cost carbon fiber manufacturing process; transportation, renewable energy, & infrastructure

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LeMond Composites, founded by three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond, has licensed a low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber manufacturing process developed at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

UC Davis ITS report finds state transition to ZEVs will ultimately be cost-effective

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Although the transition will need to be rapid, and near-term costs and other barriers must be overcome, the report finds that reaching very low greenhouse gas emissions from road vehicles (cars and trucks) by 2050 appears feasible and ultimately cost-effective.

2019 90

DOE: all-electric vehicles have the lowest estimated average annual fuel cost of all light-duty vehicles

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The estimated annual fuel costs for model year (MY) 2019 all-electric light-duty vehicles are the lowest of all the different vehicle technologies, ranging from a low of $500 to a high of $900 per year, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). Department of Energy and U.S.

2019 78

Renewable Energy Doing So Well That Subsidies Could End: Energy Secretary Moniz

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Government subsidies have been an important lifeline for renewable energy, helping to make different technologies viable even when costs are not in their favor. emissions energy policy Department of Energy renewable energy solar wind energyBut at what point will the industry be competitive enough with fossil fuels that subsidies will no longer be necessary? It's possible that will happen sooner, rather than later. DON'T.

2015 87

NREL team shows wafer cost of gallium oxide can be >3× lower compared to SiC; 2x lower cost for power electronics

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A team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has shown by modeling that the wafer cost of an emerging Ga 2 O 3 wide bandgap semiconductor can be more than 3-times lower compared to SiC. quads of energy savings, sufficient to power a third of all homes in the USA.

2019 102

Will Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Save Money? Cost Calculator Helps You Decide

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Tesla's Powerwall home batteries comprise a high-profile entry by the electric-car maker into a new segment of the energy industry that's expected to grow rapidly. Energy storage potentially allows homes and businesses to make greater use of renewable sources like solar and wind, and gives them a degree of flexibility in power rates. Batteries electric utilities plug-in cars electricity costs Tesla Powerwall

2015 86

Energy Dept grid report downplayed renewables, stressed coal, fossil fuels

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The Trump administration hasn't been coy about trying to champion traditional fossil fuels while downplaying the importance and falling costs of renewable energy. Earlier this year, Department of Energy secretary Rick Perry, previously governor of fossil-fuel producer Texas, called for a 60-day review of the United States' energy grid. Politics energy policy Department of Energy DOE renewable energy fossil fuels

2017 72

ICL team assesses relative costs of carbon mitigation for 12 H2 production paths; trade-off between cost and level of decarbonization

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A team at Imperial College London has examined the relative costs of carbon mitigation from a lifecycle perspective for 12 different hydrogen production techniques using fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable sources.

2018 108

Cost-effective, energy-efficient approach for large-scale synthesis of silicon electrode materials for LIBs

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Researchers in China have developed an approach for the cost-effective, energy-efficient, large scale synthesis of functional silicon electrode materials for Li-ion batteries (LIBs).

2015 102

PNNL/INL team assesses costs and GHG LCA for converting biomass to drop-in fuels via fast pyrolysis and upgrading

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They found that for all eleven feedstocks, the largest cost contribution to MFSP is capital-related costs, which is approximately 30%–40% of the minimum fuel selling price (MFSP) and includes capital depreciation, income tax, and return on investment.

2019 97

Cal Energy Commission awards $3.75M to early-stage clean energy projects; 9 battery projects

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The California Energy Commission awarded $3.75 million to 25 early-stage, innovative projects as part of a portfolio of research investments intended to help achieve the state’s climate and clean energy goals. The Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge program, which drives clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship, funds the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED)Initiative.

2019 86

New wind and solar power costs less than keeping old coal running

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But that's what's happening with renewable energy now, according to a new report published by Energy Innovation. For most of their history, the knock on renewable wind and solar power is that they cost more than fossil fuels. From an environmental standpoint, it's rare that buying something new can have a lower impact that keeping whatever's old. global warming

2019 87

Small Islands Are Biggest Beneficiaries Of Renewable Energy

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When it comes to sites where renewable energy can have the biggest impact, it's best to look offshore. Islands are often cut off from mainland grid infrastructure, which drives up energy costs for the people who live there. energy infrastructure renewable energy energy wind energy Rhode IslandThat creates a powerful incentive for switching to renewable sources, and often means there's little if any local competition.

DOE awards Magna a grant to develop and ‘auto qualify’ advanced motor; 1/2 the cost, 8x power density

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Magna has been awarded a grant by the US Department of Energy to develop and ‘auto-qualify’ advanced electric motor technologies for next-generation vehicle propulsion systems.

2019 78

DOE analysis finds ongoing decrease in direct fuel cell vehicle costs

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A new analysis of the cost of current (2017) direct hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by a team from the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory and Strategic Analysis found the lowest estimated system cost to date for high annual production rates.

2018 117

Novelis creates first aluminum sheet battery enclosure solution; flat-rolled, cost-effective design

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As a result, it matches the best energy density in the industry by enabling more than 160 watt-hours per kilogram, an extremely efficient design for OEMs and Tier 1 battery pack manufacturers. Novelis Inc.

2019 108

Topsoe to build demonstration plant to produce cost-competitive CO2-neutral methanol from biogas and green electricity

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Haldor Topsoe will build a 10 kg/hour methanol plant to demonstrate the company’s electrified and extremely compact eSMR Methanol technology for cost-competitive production of sustainable methanol from biogas.

2019 92

Study finds shifts to renewable energy can drive up energy poverty

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Efforts to shift away from fossil fuels and replace oil and coal with renewable energy sources can help reduce carbon emissions but do so at the expense of increased inequality, according to a new study by researchers at Portland State University (PSU) and Vanderbilt University. Their findings, published recently in the journal Energy Research & Social Science , support previous claims by researchers who argue that renewable energy consumption may be indirectly driving energy poverty.

2019 98

Proterra launches Energy Fleet Solutions

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Proterra launched Proterra Energy fleet solutions , a full suite of options that enable turnkey delivery of a complete energy ecosystem for heavy-duty electric fleets, including design, build, financing, operations, maintenance and energy optimization. With this comprehensive solution, operators of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fleets such as transit bus, school bus, truck and others can lower upfront cost, reduce risk, and simplify the transition to electric vehicles.

2019 75

eMotorWerks and LO3 Energy partner on local energy trading platform between EVs and renewable microgrid projects

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An initial project will connect the JuiceNet EV charging platform to one of LO3’s transactive energy marketplaces, activating local renewable energy to be traded between the microgrid and electric vehicle owners.

2018 119

Siemens presents three-point plan for implementing cost-efficient energy transition in Germany

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Siemens suggests abandoning a fixed target for renewable energies and concentrating on the CO 2 reduction goal. Germany has embarked on a large-scale Energiewende (energy transition)—a policy-driven shift away from nuclear and fossil energy to a renewable energy economy.

2013 108

Lux: lower-cost flow batteries likely to create $190M energy storage market in 2020

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Lower costs redox flow batteries will likely carve out a 360 MWh market for stationary energy storage in 2020, worth $190 million, according to Lux Research. In the optimistic case, significant project cost reduction could yield a $380-million opportunity or 760 MWh of flow battery systems in 2020. Within the stationary energy storage market, four flow battery chemistries, led by vanadium-based systems, are gaining commercial traction.

2014 85

Lightning Systems converting 35-foot diesel buses to battery-electrics in Boulder; cost-effective electrification

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Upon the success of the first vehicle, additional HOP service buses may be converted, providing an efficient and cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire fleet with new electric buses.

2018 136

Natron Energy awarded $3M by California Energy Commission to pair energy storage with EV fast charging

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Natron Energy, a developer of new battery cell technology based on Prussian Blue analogue electrodes and a sodium-ion electrolyte, has ( earlier post ), has been awarded a $3-million grant by the California Energy Commission (CEC) for “Advanced Energy Storage for Electric Vehicle Charging Support.” Natron will utilize the funds to manufacture and install a high powered, long cycle life energy storage system at an EV Fast Charging station.

2019 65

Researchers discover lower-cost, energy-efficient way to produce alane for hydrogen storage

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Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, in collaboration with partners from Iowa State University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Pittsburgh, have discovered a less-expensive, more energy-efficient way to produce alane—aluminum trihydride (AlH 3 )—a high-capacity hydrogen source that had widely been considered to be a technological dead-end for use in automotive vehicles.

2016 78

Kyocera to validate 24M process for low-capital, cost-effective Li-ion battery manufacturing

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The use of thick electrodes significantly reduces inactive materials content—copper, aluminum and separator—yielding substantial cost savings. Moreover, using electrolyte as the processing solvent results in the elimination of numerous capital- and energy-intensive steps such as drying, solvent recovery, calendaring and electrolyte filling.

2019 79

Energy Department Launches 'eGallon' To Explain Electric-Car Cost, Efficiency

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Department of Energy has simplified the process with its new eGallon calculator, showing potential electric vehicle drivers It isn''t easy to compare gasoline and electric vehicles. Sure, you can look at EPA stickers, sit in them and appreciate the way they drive, but comparing like-for-like on an economic basis is requires some thought. The U.S.

2013 76

Berkeley Lab working with Alphabet Energy to develop a low-cost thermoelectric system

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With a $2-million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC), Berkeley Lab is partnering with Alphabet Energy to create a cost-effective thermoelectric waste heat recovery system to reduce both energy use in the industrial sector and electricity-related carbon emissions. million megawatt-hours per year in energy while also increasing electrical reliability.

2017 60

Porous material polymerizes carbon dioxide at natural gas wellheads; less costly and energy-intensive approach

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Scientists in the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour have developed materials that offer a lower cost, less energy-intensive way to separate carbon dioxide from natural gas at wellheads. That’s a terrible waste of energy.

2014 98

Cummins invests in Loop Energy; fuel cell range extenders for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

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Loop Energy, a provider of fuel cell electric range extenders for medium- and heavy-duty transport applications, announced a cash investment from Cummins Inc. Loop Energy will also supply Cummins with range extender systems for incorporation into demonstration trucks.

2019 135