Danish Parker project developing universal definition for EV integration with electric grid for V2G services

Green Car Congress

Nissan, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe, NUVVE, Frederiksberg Forsyning, Enel, Insero and DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Electrical Engineering (PowerLabDK) are partnering in the Danish project Parker to develop a universal definition for grid integration for electric vehicles. Furthermore, the project will produce a Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIV) certificate that demonstrates the ability of electric vehicles to support such parameters.

2017 81

Parker Project demonstrates cross-brand V2G in Denmark; more tests of grid services slated

Green Car Congress

The Parker Project has used a fleet of four vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe and Nissan to demonstrate that vehicles from different car brands can contribute to supporting the electricity grid with vehicle to grid (V2G) services.

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Vouchers are Becoming the Clean Vehicle Incentive of Choice for Fleets

Green Car Congress

Incentive programs for new vehicle technologies are often put in place to support faster adoption by commercial fleets. California created HVIP to accelerate the adoption of commercial hybrid vehicle technologies in the state, and reduce fuel use and emissions by local fleets.

2018 96

DOE Awarding $620M for Smart Grid Demonstration and Energy Storage Projects

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy is awarding $620 million for projects around the country to demonstrate advanced Smart Grid technologies and integrated systems. These 32 demonstration projects, which include large-scale energy storage, smart meters, distribution and transmission system monitoring devices, plug-in vehicles, and a range of other smart technologies, will act as models for deploying integrated Smart Grid systems on a broader scale. NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation (MA).

2009 91

California ISO releases five-year strategic plan; grid integration of renewable power, support for electric vehicle charging

Green Car Congress

The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO), California’s non-profit grid operator, released its new five-year (2012-2016) strategic plan. Between now and 2020, wind and solar generation will quadruple within the ISO transmission grid at the same time electric vehicle charging increases significantly. Ensure continued reliability during grid transformation. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Power Generation Smart charging Smart Grid

2012 84

Electrification Coalition releases Fleet Electrification Roadmap; suggests fleet adoption could put a cumulative 200,000 PHEVs and EVs on the road by 2015

Green Car Congress

The analysis in the EC roadmap concludes that fleet adoption of grid-electric vehicles (PHEVs and EVs) could lead to a cumulative 200,000 units on the road by 2015. The Electrification Coalition (EC) has released the Fleet Electrification Roadmap, an analysis of the business case for electric-drive technology adoption among the more than 16 million commercial, corporate, and government fleet vehicles in the United States. Fleet Electrification Roadmap.

2010 81

EPRI-NRDC report finds widespread vehicle electrification and a cleaner grid could lead to substantial cuts in GHG by 2050

Green Car Congress

Use of electric vehicles would achieve greater reductions in GHG emissions, corresponding to the rate that the electric grid becomes cleaner, through greater reliance on renewables and low- and non-emitting generation. Both project grid emissions decreasing over time, in part because of existing and potential regulations and plausible economic conditions. As transportation is electrified, a comprehensive grid model uses the incremental load growth to estimate power sector emissions.

2015 84

FedEx Express doubles and diversifies all-electric fleet with 24 new units; adding more than 4,000 new, fuel-efficient vehicles in total

Green Car Congress

As part of that, within the next two months FedEx Express will place 24 new all-electric vehicles into service, expanding to three new cities and more than doubling its fleet to 43 all-electric vehicles while growing the diversity of suppliers it uses for electric vehicles. At the same time, FedEx Express will be adding more hybrid-electrics, using composite vehicles and upgrading more than a tenth of its conventional vehicle fleet to more energy-efficient vehicles.

2011 100

REV Technologies Inc. is chosen by SAIC to supply vehicle-to-grid technologies for TARDEC project

Green Car Congress

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has selected REV Technologies Inc. to provide EV conversion technology and integrated vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-site (V2S) networking solutions under the Aloha Micro Grid program for the U.S. The REV vehicles act as dynamic energy storage devices on the power grid, together acting as an extension of the power plant whenever they are plugged in.

2011 71

First fleet of 100 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell electric vans covers 650,000 km in customer use; more model variants planned

Green Car Congress

The areas of application are diverse: courier, express and package service providers (KEP, in German: Kurier-, Express- und Paketdienstleister); plant transportation in large corporations; service vehicles for plant maintenance, customer service, and assembly and internal transport within companies.

2012 104

Hertz adds smart fortwo EVs to rental fleet, partners with Starwood Hotels on Hertz Global EV program

Green Car Congress

The Hertz Corporation and smart USA, a subsidiary of Penske Automotive Group, Inc., Announced in September, Hertz Global EV is championing an electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle mobility ecosystem, incorporating transportation options and a charging station grid for ease of use. As part of its Global EV strategy, Hertz is forming partnerships with manufacturers, charging station providers, municipalities, NGOs, corporations and other stakeholders.

2010 81

Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Electric cars and a smart electric grid have a bright future, according to panelists at a roundtable discussion on the subject that I attended last Friday in Boston. “I Electrifying the entire vehicle fleet would provide more than three times the U.S.’s

2009 53

Blue Bird electric school buses in pre-production, deliveries this year; Type C & D configurations

Green Car Congress

—Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. million miles in a commercial fleet setting of city buses deployed in rural and city routes. Vehicle-to-Grid capability is coming in 2019, supported by a US Department of Energy (DOE) development grant.

2018 129

Siemens Building 100-Unit Electric Car Fleet for Employee Use and Testing

Green Car Congress

Siemens is building up a fleet of 100 electric vehicles for use and testing by employees. Siemens expects there will be more than one million electric cars on the road worldwide in the foreseeable future, when they will form part of a smart grid. Siemens EV. Click to enlarge.

2010 102

Better Place, China Southern Grid sign strategic agreement on battery switching; Guangzhou accord to encourage production of EVs with switchable batteries

Green Car Congress

Better Place and China Southern Power Grid Co. It also calls for the city to promote electric-car adoption in fleet segments including public-sector vehicles and private-sector fleets such as taxis. China Southern Grid is an important partner in a huge market that is moving quickly toward the mass-market development of electric cars and is embracing battery switch as the primary means of range extension. —China Southern Grid Chairman Zhao Jianguo.

2011 98

THINK delivers 17 EVs to utility fleet customers and employees in Indiana

Green Car Congress

THINK has delivered 17 THINK CIty electric cars to utility fleet customers and employees in Indiana. received 10 electric THINK City cars, and the remainder were delivered to Indianapolis Power & Light for company fleet use. Electric utilities and their employees are a natural extension of our fleet strategy. The THINK City model is an all-electric, zero-emission car designed in Scandinavia for fleet applications and urban commuters.

Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology is a bi-directional electric grid interface that allows a plug-in to take energy from the grid or put it back on the grid. The Smart Grid Consortium, established in December 2007 by Xcel Energy, will select a community of approximately 100,000 residents to become a Smart Grid City using V2G. Smart Grid City will use a realtime high-speed two-way communication throughout the distribution grid.

2009 28

Burns & McDonnell develops bi-directional fast chargers for SPIDERS program

Green Car Congress

A team of Burns & McDonnell engineers, along with subcontractor Coritech Services, has developed a system of bidirectional, fast-charging stations for a fleet of plug-in electric vehicles at Fort Carson, Colo. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Power Generation Smart charging Smart Grid V2X

2013 99

New electric truck company Chanje emerges from stealth; first model out this year

Green Car Congress

Chanje is a privately held US-registered corporation with technology and investment from its co-founding partner, Hong-Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles Limited. Chanje will subsequently work with large fleet customers to provide renewable energy and charging capabilities as a turnkey service.

2017 101

US Hybrid awarded contract to deliver plug-in fuel cell shuttle bus to Hawaii County Mass Transit Agency

Green Car Congress

Onboard batteries are recharged by regenerative braking as well as grid charging. Fleets Fuel Cells Hybrids Hydrogen Plug-ins The hydrogen shuttle bus. Click to enlarge.

2014 122

Initial results from first phase of road trials for 40-ft BYD electric bus in Canada

Green Car Congress

BYD’s bus itself has on-board chargers so that only 60 kW of grid AC power was delivered at night to the bus through a power interface. AVT was formed by Québec’s nine transit corporations for the evaluating of advanced, zero-emissions public transit technologies.

2014 125

Blue Bird unveils two new electric school buses at the 2017 STN Expo; partners Adomani and EDI

Green Car Congress

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology is also under development for this bus, which allows the bus to deliver electricity back into the grid, allowing contractors and school districts to “sell back” energy to power companies. —Phil Horlock, President and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. Electric (Battery) Fleets

2017 65

USDOT awarding $55M to support purchase of Low-No buses; electric buses and infrastructure

Green Car Congress

Transitioning the fleet to all electric will eliminate emissions from diesel buses and emissions from shipping diesel fuel by barge 900 miles from Seattle. The City of Fairfield will receive funding to purchase all-electric, zero-emission Proterra 35' Catalyst E2 buses and supporting charging infrastructure as part of their Alternative Fuels and Fleet Replacement policy, which focuses on transitioning to an all-electric fleet. Delaware Transit Corporation.

2017 70

DOE announces $139M in funding for 55 projects to advance innovative vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

Enovix Corporation. e-Mosaic: Electrification Mosaic Platform for Grid- Informed Smart Charging Management. Exelon Corporation. Utility Managed Smart Charging for Consumer and Grid Benefits. Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (Wabtec Corporation). Artificial Intelligence-Engine for Optimizing Integrated Service in Mixed Fleet Transit Operations. AOI 13: Alternative Fuel Proof-of-Concept in New Communities and Fleets.

2020 73

Dominion Energy sets new goal of net zero emissions by 2050 for both power generation, natural gas operations

Green Car Congress

JUST Capital, a nonprofit that promotes corporate responsibility, has also ranked Dominion among to US corporate citizens. The company is moving to extend licenses for its zero-carbon nuclear generation fleet, promoting customer energy efficiency programs, and investing in wind and solar power, lower-carbon natural gas, and carbon-beneficial RNG. Allowing these fleets to access RNG will drive down their carbon footprint even further.

2020 74

Mitsubishi Electric’s new energy-management technology optimizes EVs as storage batteries; tests in China

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a technology for efficiently managing photovoltaic (PV) and other power-generation systems and also the charging/discharging of electric vehicles (EVs) parked on company campuses.

2018 105

New Alliance Including Eaton, IBM, AECOM, and Beiqi Foton to Advance EVs in China

Green Car Congress

Eaton Corporation announced the formation of an alliance to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in cities across China. NESTIA will place special focus on deployment of clean energy vehicles in taxi, bus, refuse and sanitation fleets, along with the accompanying charging infrastructure. Tags: China Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

Eaton 74

AFC Energy launches alkaline fuel cell H-Power EV charger system

Green Car Congress

The self-contained charging system overcomes issues associated with poor grid coverage to provide rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging anywhere it is needed. UK-based AFC Energy launched its H-Power electric vehicle (EV) charger based on alkaline hydrogen fuel cell technology.

2019 98

Largest ultra-fast EV charging station goes live in Beijing; supporting electric buses out of Xiaoying Terminal

Green Car Congress

China State Grid has built and opened the largest ultra-fast EV charging station in the Chaoyang district of Beijing. State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is the largest electric utility in the world.

2015 119

Tata Takes On Air

Plug In Partners

If a driver doesn't have access to a compressor station, they will be able to plug into the electrical grid and use the car's built-in compressor to refill the tank in about 4 hours. They join Canadian companies Veridian Corporation and Feel Good Cars as Plug-In Partners.

2007 130

Toyota, too, Says No

Plugs and Cars

Were plug-in hybrids and electric cars added to the automakers' fleet mix they could achieve astounding CAFE standards. Such grid-connected options, which would lower automobiles' role in global warming, pollution and petroleum dependence, may be inevitable, but the automakers' self-interest remains postponing that day. "Automakers get it this time, calling for up to a 40% increase to 35 mpg by 2022, the first increase since 1985.

2007 100

US DOT Awards $100M in Recovery Act Funds to 43 Transit Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Green Car Congress

Laredo Bus Facility Solar Canopies: Provide shade structures with integrated, grid tied photovoltaic cells to be erected on the bus storage lot at the Laredo Bus Maintenance Facility. Grid sourced electrical energy used to recharge the bus batteries will be augmented with solar energy collected with panels procured and installed under this project. Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, Indiana: $2,180,000. Delaware Transit Corporation, Delaware: $1,500,000.

2009 87

DOE awards nearly $7M to 4 projects to reduce costs of electric vehicle chargers by 50% over next 3 years

Green Car Congress

This research will also promote smart charging capabilities that can help ensure electric vehicles enhance, rather than strain, existing electrical grid capacity. The other two selected projects will focus on chargers used at commercial and public locations to charge large numbers of vehicles, including commercial fleets of delivery vehicles. Delta Products Corporation. Siemens Corporate Research. Eaton Corporation.

2011 76

Accedian, New Context, and Savari partner on next-generation smart infrastructure

Green Car Congress

The adoption of climate-friendly Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiatives will both foster and promote economic security and prosperity.

2020 68

ABB opens new plant for battery systems for mobility applications in Baden

Green Car Congress

Energy storage systems offer transport operators many options to retrofit their vehicle fleets for a more sustainable mobility. ABB has many years of experience in energy storage systems for a wide variety of applications such as in power grids or solar systems. Baden was selected as the production location for different reasons including its proximity to the ABB Center of Excellence for Traction Converters in Turgi and to the ABB Corporate Research Center in Dättwil.

2019 69

WiTricity acquires Qualcomm Halo; unifying technology platforms for wireless EV charging

Green Car Congress

Additionally, electrified autonomous vehicle (AV) fleets will require wireless charging since there will be no human drivers present to plug in. This is an exciting day for WiTricity, for automakers, for prospective EV buyers, and ultimately for any company deploying fleets of autonomous vehicles. Earlier this year, Honda and WiTricity demonstrated their wireless vehicle-to-grid charging model at CES in Las Vegas, leveraging WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging system.

2019 92

16 more US employers and 2 stakeholder groups join DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced 16 major US employers and two stakeholder groups have joined the Workplace Charging Challenge ( earlier post ), while another 3 US corporations have joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership. National Clean Fleets Partnership. The National Clean Fleets Partnership, first announced by President Obama in 2011, aims to speed the deployment of clean, energy-efficient vehicles and the infrastructure to support their widespread use.

2013 71

Hertz and Renault partner to bring EVs to European rental markets

Green Car Congress

The Hertz Corporation has signed a Letter of Intent to add Renault’s range of electric vehicles (EV) to the fleets of Hertz and car sharing club Connect by Hertz across Europe. Hertz plans to add 500 units of the Renault range to its fleet over the next two years across Europe. As part of this strategy, Hertz is forming partnerships with manufacturers, charging station providers, municipalities, NGOs, corporations and other stakeholders.

2011 71

CMU study finds that coal retirement is needed for EVs to reduce air pollution

Green Car Congress

In the study’s future 2018 grid scenarios that account for predicted coal plant retirements, PEVs would produce air emissions damages comparable to or slightly lower than HEVs.

2016 98

Hertz participating in Plugless Power’s pilot program for wireless EV charging

Green Car Congress

In partnership with Plugless Power, The Hertz Corporation and Hertz Global EV are trialing the first wireless charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) in the car rental industry. Installation at Hertz’s corporate headquarters will be completed in February 2012. Plugless Power is a Level 2 (240V at 30A, 3.3 kW rated power output) inductive charging system, with a transfer efficiency of 90%. Earlier post.).

2012 83

CMU county-level study shows plug-ins have larger or smaller lifecycle GHG than gasoline ICE depending on regional factors

Green Car Congress

The team from Carnegie Mellon University led by Dr. Jeremy Michalek accounted for regional differences in emissions due to marginal grid mix; ambient temperature; patterns of vehicle miles traveled (VMT); and driving conditions (city versus highway).

2016 78

PG&E showcased extended-range electric truck from via motors at national Plug-In Day event

Green Car Congress

Ultimately, the trucks could act as backup power sources to shorten planned or unplanned outages and boost the electric grid when needed. PG&E’s transportation fleet includes 3,100 alternative-fuel and high-efficiency vehicles, including compressed natural gas, bio-diesel, electric and hybrid units. Last year, PG&E tested two eREV trucks as part of the utility’s overall electric utility fleet.

GE and Better Place Partner to Accelerate EV Infrastructure Deployment; Integrating GE WattStation with Better Place Services

Green Car Congress

The partnership combines GE’s global scale, broad technology portfolio, smart grid expertise, and its new WattStation Level 2 electric vehicle charger ( earlier post ) with Better Place’s EV services and infrastructure solution. GE’s WattStation. Click to enlarge.

2010 102