Lunaz to begin production of electric classic Range Rovers; prices begin at £245,000 excluding local taxes

Green Car Congress

Prices for classic electric Range Rovers by Lunaz start at £245,000 (US$329,000) excluding local taxes. New air conditioning and electronic heating systems are installed and the accelerator is converted to a throttle-by-wire system.

2020 245

C2CNT process converts flue gas from natural gas power plant into carbon nanotubes

Green Car Congress

Direct, high yield, low energy, carbon negative transformation of carbon dioxide into the strongest material known, carbon nanotubes, is of importance as it incentivizes its consumption into a useful, stable product, to bypass the need for carbon levies or taxes and lower release of this global warming gas into the environment.

2019 286

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UC Davis report proposes mileage fee for EVs, maintaining fuel tax for ICEs to support road repairs

Green Car Congress

A research report submitted to the California Legislature this week by the University of California, Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies proposes switching EVs to a mileage-based road-funding fee (road user charge, RUC) while continuing to have gasoline-powered cars pay gasoline taxes. Since electric vehicles use no gasoline, EV drivers pay no gasoline tax. As more people drive EVs, gas-tax revenue for road repairs is dwindling.

2019 229

PNNL/INL team assesses costs and GHG LCA for converting biomass to drop-in fuels via fast pyrolysis and upgrading

Green Car Congress

They found that for all eleven feedstocks, the largest cost contribution to MFSP is capital-related costs, which is approximately 30%–40% of the minimum fuel selling price (MFSP) and includes capital depreciation, income tax, and return on investment.

2019 188

How to Take Advantage of EV Charging Infrastructure Tax Credits

EV Connect

Both state and federal governments are encouraging businesses and individuals to start making the switch to EVs, and they are putting up the funds to make it happen — in the form of generous, aggressive EV charging infrastructure tax credits.

Study finds that linking increased transportation tax to environmental or other specific benefits increases Americans support for higher transportation taxes

Green Car Congress

A national phone survey by the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) found that a majority of Americans would support higher taxes for. The survey results show that very low support levels for a one-time gas-tax increase or a new mileage tax can be raised by modifying how the tax is structured and the way it is described. Linking a transportation tax to environmental benefits can strongly increase support.

2011 190

DOE awards $98M in tax credits to automakers and suppliers for clean technology manufacturing

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $150 million in clean energy tax credits to 12 businesses to build US capabilities in clean energy manufacturing; $98 million of that goes to five automakers and suppliers towards investments in domestic manufacturing equipment. The awards are made through the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit program (48C Program). million 48C Tax Credit, Delphi Automotive Systems plans to invest $35.3

U Chicago, MIT study suggests ongoing use of fossil fuels absent new carbon taxes

Green Car Congress

A paper by a team from the University of Chicago and MIT suggests that technology-driven cost reductions in fossil fuels will lead to the continued use of fossil fuels—oil, gas, and coal—unless governments pass new taxes on carbon emissions. We need both a policy like a carbon tax and to put more R&D money into renewables.

2016 150

Hasner’s Florida State Electric Car Tax Break Gets Boost

Revenge of the Electric Car

Josh Hafenbrack posts this informative entry covering the status of Hasner’s Florida State electric car tax break on the Read more of the article: Hasner’s electric car tax break gets boost. Hasner’s electric car tax break gets boost. An effort led by House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton, to give a sales tax exemption to consumers who buy battery-powered, electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids picked up a unanimous endorsement today.

Tesla 'Best Overall' Vehicle, 2016 Toyota Mirai Factory, Georgia Electric-Car Tax Credit Threat: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, the Tesla Model S once again nabs Consumer Reports'' "Best Overall" vehicle honor, the 2016 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car gets built in small batches in Japan, and a bill to kill Georgia''s electric-car tax credit rises from the dead. This converted Renault Kangoo Z.E.

2015 119

New road tax rates start today as fuel duty rises

Green Cars News

It’s a bad day if you are not already converted to driving greener cars; today an extra 1 penny per litre fuel duty goes on the price of petrol and diesel just as the Government introduces new road tax rates. Tags: Green credentials cost diesel duty first year fuel green petrol Reform road tax showroom ved

Tax 40

Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery Company Approved to Receive $6.8M in Loans and Tax Credits from the State of Oregon and City of Portland

Green Car Congress

ReVolt Technology, LLC, a company that is developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries ( earlier post ), has been approved to receive a package of loans and tax credits from Oregon and Portland authorities totaling approximately $6.8 Charging of metal-air cells converts hydroxyl ions to oxygen in the air electrode, releasing electrons.

Dealer brings 'forbidden fruit' used electric cars to Boulder, Colorado

Green Car Reports

Think Subarus in the Northeast or the Rocky Mountains, convertibles in Florida, and pickup trucks in Texas. incentives Used Cars tax credit plug-in cars state lawsSome markets are stronger than others for certain types of cars. Used-car dealers carefully watch auctions to find cars in less demand elsewhere that they can sell locally for more money. Now, a used-car dealer in Boulder, Colorado, has made.

2016 89

Calls to convert Pontiac into green brand

Green Cars News

The blogger concludes that while Pontiac is unviable in its present form; that can all be changed with an intelligent action plan orientated towards producing high performance clean energy vehicles that will be eligible for the best incentives in term of both government spending and tax credits. With the American automotive industry continuing to spiral, General Motors has taken the decision to simply close down its Pontiac division.

2009 32

The Further Adventures of The Solangelist

Creative Greenius

Even with the extension of the solar tax credit which came as an unexpected bonus along with the $700 billion bailout and the big increase in how much you can claim, I still think dipping into my cash reserve to the tune of $29 grand for the up front cost of my solar system would be loony tunes at the moment - and with the economy putting us into this Not So Great Depression I’m not really interested in adding that much in debt in order to pay for my panels.

2008 150

2016 Chevy Spark Video, 2016 Lexus RX Hybrid, GA Kills Electric-Car Incentive: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have the 2016 Chevrolet Spark and 2016 Lexus RX 450h from the 2015 New York Auto Show, and news that Georgia will kill its electric-car tax incentive. Georgetown, Texas, wants to convert to 100-percent renewable energy, and not because of climate change. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Check out the redesigned 2016 Smart Fortwo. Today in Car News

2015 110

Researchers develop titanium and copper heterostructured photocatalyst for conversion of CO2 into CH4

Green Car Congress

Their cost-effective synthesis procedure, coupled with the high stability of the photocatalyst, provides an economically feasible way to convert waste carbon dioxide and water into useful hydrocarbon fuels using sunlight.

2020 282

Audi presents latest SQ5 TDI diesel; 48V MHEV & electric compressor

Green Car Congress

The 48-volt mild hybrid system (MHEV) integrates a belt alternator starter (BAS), a lithium-ion battery that provides buffer storage, and a 48/12-volt voltage converter. Two SCR catalytic converters interact: the exhaust gas aftertreatment.

2020 245

2020 Audi A8 TFSI e plug-in hybrid carries starting price of $94,000

Green Car Congress

Audi anticipates that customers purchasing the 2020 Audi A8 TFSI e will be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $6,795. Audi is pricing its 2020 A8 TFSI e plug-in hybrid with a MSRP of $94,000 in the US.

2020 287

Advocating electric in the heartland

Electric Auto Association

T Not always a win On another front, the Mid-America chapter was on the losing side in a challenge to a tax leveled on electric and hybrid vehicle (EV) owners in Kansas. “It’s It’s theoretically supposed to make up for loss of gas tax revenue, but it’s just not fair,” said Schwanke. “I

JATO warns of widening disparity between WLTP correlated NEDC values and existing NEDC data

Green Car Congress

JATO Dynamics’ latest findings on the impact of WLTP on the automotive market indicate that re-homologation to the WLTP test cycle is having a more significant impact than previously thought on NEDC-correlated values obtained under WLTP, which are calculated using co2mpas (the model developed to convert WLTP CO 2 measurements to an NEDC equivalent). This could result in significant financial penalties for automotive manufacturers in EU member states where CO 2 drives taxes.

2018 174

Audi introduces new CNG A3 Sportback

Green Car Congress

The cylinder head, injection system, turbocharger and catalytic converter were modified accordingly for the CNG engine. The Audi A3 Sportback 30 g-tron is also a leader when it comes to economy, in part because of the favorable tax rate on natural gas and biomethane in Germany until 2026.

2020 389

Proud of its roots

Electric Auto Association

Instead, his collection of electric vehicles (EVs) has included a converted Yamaha motorcycle, a converted 1971 AMC Hornet, and several electric scooters. David O’Neill on his ‘Silent Knight Electric Motrocycle,’ a converted Yamaha Big Bear.

China’s Kaidi to build €1B BTL biofuel refinery in Finland

Green Car Congress

Kaidi’s technology is based on: Plasma gasification that converts organic matter into synthetic gas. The Fischer-Tropsch process—a collection of chemical reactions that converts syngas into liquid hydrocarbons. Based on the current tax scheme, the plant is estimated to bring in more than €200 million in annual tax revenues. China-based Kaidi plans to build a €1-billion (US$1.1-billion) biofuel refinery in Kemi.

Top 5 Electric Vehicle Start-Ups in India

Get Electric Vehicle

Startups have this innate potential to take up an idea and converting it into a viable business plan then scaling it into a massive success. The finance minister announced a tax break for people who purchase electric vehicles in an attempt to increase their popularity.

India 52

Norweign Drivers switch to Electric Cars

EV Report

As a result, buyers are using the perks which they get to convert to cash. 25 per cent consumption tax that is charged on most consumer goods are extra charged with purchase tax. Above – Electric Car at Norway.

2020 52

Obama rolls out EV strategy

Plugs and Cars

In addition, Obama is looking to convert the federal tax credit into a rebate available at the time of sale. At EnerDel's Indiana battery plant today, VP Biden outlined the administration's EV strategy. The Obama administration is calling for raising the number of plug-ins that qualify for federal incentives from 200,000 to 500,000 cars per manufacturer. More here. Source: Detroit News ]. Joe Biden barack obama enerdel battery electric car

Obama 100

Alaska state senators propose $475M in incentives for xTL plants

Green Car Congress

Alaska state senator Lesil McGuire has introduced a bill ( Senate Bill 109 ) that would grant $475 million in state investment tax credits toward development of plants converting natural gas-, coal- or biomass-to-liquids products (GTL, CTL or BTL = xTL) on the state’s North Slope. The $475 million credit against state corporate income tax liability would be for each plant built in Alaska, although the credit cannot exceed 60 of the total cost of the facility.

Alaska 175

Petition Time

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

There is a petition going to get the federal government to give us converters the same tax incentives that production vehicles are receiving. This would really help justify the cost needed. Please check out the following link and add your signature to the list.

Tax 47

Toyota 2017 Mirai fuel cell vehicle remains $57,500; 312-mile electric range

Green Car Congress

Mirai customers also may qualify for an $8,000 federal tax credit and $5,000 potential California rebate along with access to the California HOV carpool lane. Costs above exclude official fees, taxes and dealer charges. Toyota announced the pricing for the 2017 model year Mirai fuel cell vehicle. MY17 MSRP remains $57,500 plus an $865 destination fee.

2016 190

Nissan releasing new Fuga Hybrid in Japan

Green Car Congress

The Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system connects the high-response electric motor&mash;the HM 34 motor with maximum power output of 50 kW(68 PS) and maximum torque of 270 N·m (199 lb-ft)—and the 3.5-liter VQ35HR V6 engine directly to the transmission, without the use of a traditional torque converter. Nissan Motor Co., is launching the new Nissan Fuga Hybrid luxury sedan in Japan; the vehicle goes on sale 2 November at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan.

Japan 200

State of Hawaii to fund BioTork cellulosic biofuels project

Green Car Congress

The State of Hawaii recently passed legislation to assist in funding a project that converts crops, crop residues, dedicated energy crops, and agricultural waste into biofuels and value-added co-products. Some of these funds have been committed through the states barrel tax allocations, which target energy and food security initiatives. BioTork develops microbial strains capable of converting low-value abundant biomass streams into high bio-based chemical commodities.

Hawaii 196

Global Bioenergies receives ?1M payment after improvements in bio-isobutene process

Green Car Congress

Recovering the government R&D tax credit on the short term will bring our (unaudited) cash position to more than €11 million. Global Bioenergies was founded in 2008 to develop a process converting renewable resources (sugar, crops, agricultural and forestry waste) into isobutene, one of the main petroleum derivatives. When implanted into a host micro-organism, it can convert sugars into isobutene in a several-stage process.

2018 163

Attis Industries to acquire corn ethanol plant, grain malting operation from Sunoco; partnership with Novozymes

Green Car Congress

Under this program, the Malt House will receive some tax-exempt status and contribute to the $4 billion per year craft brewery business in the state of New York. Under this relationship, Novozymes has committed to supplying the enzymes required by Attis to convert its pulp into sugar at all of its planned biorefineries. Attis has successfully converted the pulp extracted from its patented biomass processing into high yields of sugar using Novozymes’ proprietary enzyme cocktails.

2019 178

BC government unveils climate plan

Green Car Congress

British Columbia continues to have the highest and most comprehensive carbon tax in North America. In 2013, the province’s froze the revenue-neutral carbon tax at $30 per tonne for five years, to allow other jurisdictions time to catch up with comparable carbon pricing mechanisms. BC supports the adoption of the province’s $30/tonne carbon tax as the benchmark price across the country. The government said that revenue neutrality remains the core principle of the carbon tax.

2016 150

Startup commercializing thermo-acoustic Stirling technology for combined heat and power for homes

Green Car Congress

is developing the Thermo Acoustic Power Stick (TAPS)—a micro-combined heat and power (µ-CHP) system for home use that converts gas into electricity and provides for domestic water and space heating. In a 2011 analysis of a Stirling-cycle power converter for domestic CHP, Buckmaster and Newman at Case Western Reserve noted that: …Stirling engines promise attractive efficiency, simplicity and reliability. Startup Nirvana Energy Systems, Inc.,

2013 218

National Academies report finds US interstate highways need major overhaul; calls for 20-year blueprint for action

Green Car Congress

All dollar figures are converted 2016 values. The report calls for a 20-year “blueprint for action,” which includes creating an “Interstate Highway System Renewal and Modernization Program,” increasing the federal fuel tax to help pay for it, and allowing tolls and per-mile-charges on more interstate routes. Furthermore, technological advances are offering new opportunities, but they may also undermine a principal source of income for the interstates, namely the tax on fuel.

2018 214

VW Joke, Kia EV6 Details – EV Week in Review: March 23-30

EV Adoption

Converting this to estimated EPA range suggests range of roughly 282 miles. Extend the 30C ITC tax credit for eight more years from the December 31, 2021 expiration date, which means the 30C ITC would apply to refueling property that is placed in service by December 31, 2029.

Kia 52

Gulf Oil adds LNG-powered trucks to its transportation fleet

Green Car Congress

We intend to convert more of our fleet and to supply and distribute LNG to our customers. For example, fleets that have more than 10 vehicles that use at least 20,000 gallons per year in a ‘return-to-base operation’ can expect to lock in an after-tax internal rate of return in the 20 to 35 percent range. Gulf Oil LP, a national branded supplier of motor fuels throughout the United States and its territories, has deployed 34 transport trucks that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

2012 200

Altech-Eco Receives Final EPA Certifications for Dedicated and Bi-Fuel 2010 Ford Focus CNG/Gasoline Conversion Systems

Green Car Congress

Altech-Eco’s EPA approved Dedicated 2010 CNG Ford Focus conversion system converts the Focus to run exclusively on CNG, and the system includes a manufacturer rated CNG cylinder with fuel storage capacity of 8.6 Households or companies can receive a $4,000 Federal Income Tax Credit by purchasing and converting a vehicle with Altech-Eco’s conversion system.

2010 204

EV Charging: A Look at the International Landscape

EV Connect

With the Joe Biden administration’s commencement, the U.S. is full steam ahead on renewable energy across the board.

AMP Electric Vehicles and Momentum Dynamics form JV to deploy wirelessly charged electric paratransit vehicles; 2 vehicles slated for BARTA

Green Car Congress

Another advantage of converting existing fleet vehicles to electric drive by using the AMP model is that it allows private, municipal and state or federal vehicle managers to recycle older vehicles. AMP recently released two all-electric demonstration models: the AMP MLe, based on the Mercedes ML 350, and the AMP GCE, based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, both qualifying for the federal tax credit for EVs.

2012 235

Chevy Volt gets a Low Emissions Package for California; HOV lanes access

Green Car Congress

The additional oxygen helps the catalytic converter remove even more pollutants. This incentive is in addition to the federal government’s $7,500 tax credit. A new Low Emissions Package that qualifies the 2012 Chevrolet Volt to access California’s High Occupancy Vehicle traffic lanes will be standard on all models sold in the Golden State early next year. Earlier post.).

2011 204