An Easy EV Conversion Kit For People

Open Source Civic EV Kit

After spending the past year and a half converting a Porsche 914 to an electric vehicle, I decided to expand my horizons by designing an open-source electric vehicle (EV) conversion kit for a commonly used car. While people can purchase neighborhood electric vehicles today for about $10K, they only have a top speed of 35 miles an hour or so, essentially glorified golf-carts.

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Proud of its roots

Electric Auto Association

Most of us just did our own conversions. But there are others of us who still have an interest in the conversion aspect and the more technical end of things.” I cut the frame and extended it, and then a guy from the DEVC donated a golf cart motor,” he explained. “I

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DOE to Award Up to $300M in Stimulus Bill Funding for Projects to Expand Use of Alt-Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Light-duty Neighborhood electric vehicles (if replacing full-size on-road vehicles). Marine applications and locomotives are not eligible under this FOA, nor are prototype or novelty vehicles, golf carts, snowmobiles and other off-road recreational or sport vehicles. The DOE funds are to be used to pay for the incremental cost to purchase new OEM vehicles or the retrofit, conversion or repowering of new and/or used conventional vehicles.

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