Roev’s electric ute plans explained: Conversions now, manufacturing its own vehicle by 2026

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But the newcomer is a lot more than just another electric car brand. Read more: EV ute overload: The electric pick-up trucks coming soon. “We Already the company has been working on EV conversions of iconic vehicles, including the army-issue Land Rover Perentie and the Volkswagen Kombi.

Groupe Renault creating first European factory dedicated to the circular economy of mobility in Flins

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The performance of the ReFactory will also relate to the ability to generate closed-loop supply flows with controlled costs (reuse, recycling for repair), and to develop new value-added skills (retrofitting, dismantling, fleet maintenance, preparation of batteries for the second life, etc.)

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Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

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We have been talking about electric vehicles for a while. You shall find the importance of electric vehicles , advantages, disadvantages, other technical aspects, electric vehicle reviews, project ideas, and more here on this blog. Electric Vehicle Related Business Opportunities.


PNNL study outlines requirements for grid storage, reviews four electrochemical energy storage systems: vanadium redox flow, Na-beta, Li-ion and lead-carbon

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Classification of potential electrical storage for stationary applications. There appears to be general agreement on the needs of electrical energy storage (EES) for the electrical grid, given the current trend toward increasing penetration of renewable energy, demands to improve power reliability and quality, along with implementation of smart grids, according to a new report by researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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