Toyota inviting royalty-free use of ~5,680 hydrogen fuel cell patents

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The list includes approximately 1,970 patents related to fuel cell stacks, 290 associated with high-pressure hydrogen tanks, 3,350 related to fuel cell system software control and 70 patents related to hydrogen production and supply. Patents for hydrogen production and supply will remain open for an unlimited duration. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Storage Vehicle Manufacturers

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California Energy Commission selects 16 hydrogen station projects for up to $33.4M in funding

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The California Energy Commission (CEC) has selected 15 new main hydrogen retail station projects for up to $31.7 Among the program requirements are that each station dispense a minimum of at least 33% renewable hydrogen (per kilogram). The CEC released a Grant Solicitation and Application Package entitled “Light Duty Vehicle Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure” (GFO-15-605) under the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) in 2016.

2017 150

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FTA awarding $130M in Low-No grants for zero-emission and low-emission transit buses and facilities

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These include hydrogen fuel cells, battery electric engines, and related infrastructure investments such as charging stations. Connecticut Department of Transportation. The Connecticut Department of Transportation will receive funds to purchase new electric buses to support the CTfastrak Bus Rapid Transit Service. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada will receive funds to purchase new hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, and related support infrastructure.

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USDOT awarding $55M to support purchase of Low-No buses; electric buses and infrastructure

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million for hydrogen fuel cell buses. Eligible projects included those that replace, rehabilitate, lease, and purchase buses and related equipment as well as projects to purchase, rehabilitate, construct or lease bus-related facilities, such as buildings for bus storage and maintenance. Connecticut Department of Transportation. CUMTD will produce hydrogen on-site partially from renewable sources. Electric (Battery) Fleets Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2017 175

Toyota FCV Mirai launches in LA; initial TFCS specs; $57,500 or $499 lease; leaning on Prius analogy

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The hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle re-fuels in 3–5 minutes, travels up to 300 miles (482 km) on a full tank, and will be available to customers in California beginning in fall 2015. Additional markets will follow, tracking the expansion of a convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Our fuel cell vehicle runs on hydrogen that can be made from virtually anything, even garbage.” High-pressure Hydrogen Tanks. Total hydrogen storage mass is about 5 kg.

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US DOT Awards $100M in Recovery Act Funds to 43 Transit Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Laredo Bus Facility Solar Canopies: Provide shade structures with integrated, grid tied photovoltaic cells to be erected on the bus storage lot at the Laredo Bus Maintenance Facility. Connecticut Department of Transportation, Connecticut: $7,000,000. Stationary Fuel Cells and Hybrid Transit Buses Incremental Costs: The purchase of diesel-electric hybrid transit buses and stationary fuel cells for use in the statewide bus system in Connecticut.

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DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs

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Promote and demonstrate plug‐in electric vehicles through showcases in a variety of venues throughout New England: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. Create training and guidance materials for garage facility upgrades and building modifications for facilities that service natural gas, propane, and hydrogen vehicles.

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