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Chipping away at the ICE

Electric Auto Association

Neither of them taught me that the two were connected to each other. Now there are more than 40 locations that have applied for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality VEMP Level 2 grants , and I know of a few more that are still discussing plans in committee.

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Feds Offer Free Chargers

Revenge of the Electric Car

A new Federal Grant will enable many electric vehicle early adopters to get their chargers for free. (A Nine United States regions will receive 4,600 free chargers for public and private use through the ChargePoint America program, funded in part by $15 million in stimulus funds administered by the Energy Department. But some city dwellers are in luck, because a federal grant will allow them to get the charger for free.

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Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

Biofuel projects are going to have trouble getting financing from Wall Street this year because all of them have questions about the long term pricing of petroleum; most of them have concerns about the pricing stability of their feedstocks; and many of the cellulosic projects have concerns about the conversion technologies. On 8 July, the US Treasury provided guidance on the grants while timing is still unclear on when the first block of loan guarantees will be awarded.

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California Goes To Hell In A Handbasket But Greenius Says AB 811 is Our Route To Green Heaven

Creative Greenius

The treasure chest was cleverly disguised in the form of Federal stimulus money from the ARRA, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As the Greenius learned in early June, when I was at the EcoMotion Palm Desert AB 811 conference, programs like the Greenius’ favorite, AB 811, were tailor-made to score great big bagfuls of bucks from this stimulus. So is the $500 million in Green Jobs funding that’s also part of the ARRA stimulus package.

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