Commsignia connects bicycles to V2X ecosystem with Spoke

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Spoke is building on Commsignia’s more than a decade worth of experience in V2X to connect its users to the digital road safety ecosystem with proven technologies. As bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and other mobility device ridership grows, so are the safety concerns. The highly optimized V2X software stack and safety application suite designed by Commsignia fits light vehicles and provides secure direct communication between road users and the infrastructure.

Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle. The Italian manufacturer Benelli’s China-based sister company QJMotor has a number of new products in its portfolio and now the company has showcased the QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle at an event in China.


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Tarform Luna Cafe Racer electric motorcycle unveiled  

Electric Vehicles India

Tarform Luna Cafe Racer electric motorcycle unveiled . A Brooklyn, USA based electric mobility startup Tarform Motorcycles has recently unveiled a new electric motorcycle cafe racer version of Luna named ‘Racer Edition.’

Autotalks launches bike-to-vehicle (B2V) technology to prevent motorcycle accidents

Green Car Congress

Israel-based Autotalks, a provider of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, is launching its bike-to-vehicle (B2V) solution, a technology for the prevention of motorcycle accidents. Bosch announced on 23 May that it is carrying out a development B2V study that incorporates Autotalks’ B2V technology alongside Ducati’s motorcycles and Cohda Wireless’ software stack. Light-weight and small size are critical for motorcycle integration.

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Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle makes European debut in Milan; more specs and details

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Due for release in 2019 and being shown at the event as a production-ready motorcycle, LiveWire was first confirmed during the announcement of the company’s “More Roads to Harley-Davidson.” ( Earlier post.) As part this accelerated plan, Harley-Davidson intends to be the world leader in the electrification of motorcycles. Harley-Davidson expects to deliver a full portfolio of electric motorcycles by 2022.

KYMCO’s Ionex swappable EV batteries to share power between electric motorcycles and streetlights


Once employed, the system would see connected streetlights and traffic lights in smart cities tied into the brand’s swappable EV battery stations. The post KYMCO’s Ionex swappable EV batteries to share power between electric motorcycles and streetlights appeared first on Electrek.

BMW Motorrad unveils its VISION NEXT 100 concept; electric and connected, augmented reality visor

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The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 embodies the BMW Group’s vision of biking in a connected world—an analogue experience in a digital age. Motorcycling is about escaping from the everyday: the moment you straddle your bike, you are absolutely free. The black frame triangle of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is a deliberate reference to the first ever BMW motorcycle, the R32, made in 1923. Connected vehicles Driver Assistance Systems Electric (Battery

BMW showcasing urban mobility connectivity applications at ITS World Congress

Green Car Congress

Traffic light assistant. The research project “traffic light assistant” involves the traffic lights communicating with vehicles. The lights transmit information about their switching sequences. The system can also warn drivers if they are about to go through a red traffic light. The traffic light assistant evaluates the data received in the vehicle. BMW Motorrad became established at an early stage as a trendsetter in the area of motorcycle safety.

Cohda, BMW and Honda in V2V motorcycle study as part of DOT Safety Pilot Model Deployment

Green Car Congress

As part of the US Safety Pilot Model Deployment of connected vehicle technologies ( earlier post ), the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) will launch a motorcycle study to determine how cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles interact using V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communications technology. UMTRI has partnered with two motorcycle manufacturers: Honda and BMW. Australia-based Cohda Wireless is providing the V2V connected vehicle equipment.

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DOT to award $42M to New York, Wyoming and Tampa to pilot connected vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

As part of the Department of Transportation (USDOT) national Connected Vehicle Pilot. Additionally, roadside units will be equipped with connected vehicle technology along the FDR Drive between 50 th Street and 90 th Street. These connected vehicles will yield unprecedented levels of anonymous data that will be the basis for a multitude of innovative applications that will lead to smart vehicles, smart infrastructure, and ultimately smart cities. Connected vehicles V2X

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Best smart helmets – keep your head safe while you ride!

Green Authority

There is obviously a high demand for protective headgear for motorcycle owners , bicycle users and more, but it’s 2018 and we won’t settle with the bare minimum. Motorcycle helmets. Any motorcycle rider will recognize Sena. Electric Motorcycles Affiliate Helmets

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Visiting PURE EV factory | Startup Showcase | ETryst electric motorcycle first look

Plug In India

And then there was a suggestion of connectivity. ETryst Electric Motorcycle The high point of the visit was testing out their motorcycle - the ETryst. In conventional ICE motorcycles you have the tank which goes down on both sides of a central frame element.

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DOT issues discussion document on principles for a connected vehicle environment; safety as top priority

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) has issued a discussion document expressing a set of working principles intended to guide DOT’s research, demonstration and implementation activities related to a connected vehicle environment. Vehicles include light, heavy and transit vehicles. Connected vehicles

Volkswagen introduces Over-the-Air Updates for all ID. models

Green Car Congress

The new updates are a central functionality of the digital, connected car. Light, a light strip at the bottom of the windshield. Image processing has also been improved for the multifunction camera, allowing it to recognize motorcycles and other road users even more swiftly. Connected vehicles Electric (Battery) Market BackgroundAll Volkswagen ID. models will now receive regular software updates via mobile data transfer.

Honda demonstrates smart intersection technology that enables vehicles to virtually see through and around buildings

Green Car Congress

Four cameras mounted above the traffic lights at each corner of the intersection capture bird’s-eye-view video of surrounding vehicles and pedestrian traffic out to a 300-foot range. Each connected vehicle’s on-board computer decodes the information and, when necessary, provides both visible and audible alerts to the driver, intelligently supporting them to take corrective action to avoid a potential collision. Connected vehicles V2X

NHTSA awards Virginia Tech Transportation Institute $1M for V2V framework project

Green Car Congress

Following a US Department of Transportation decision to move ahead with require vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology for all cars and light trucks on the nation’s highways ( earlier post ), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) a $1-million follow-on to a $3 million project managed by the transportation institute. The Virginia Tech institute has been building connected-vehicle technology since 2001.

BMW presents two concept electric two-wheelers at IAA Mobility: BMW i Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

Green Car Congress

BMW is presenting two concept electric two-wheelers at IAA Mobility: BMW i Vision AMBY , a high-speed pedelec and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY, combining the benefits of a motorcycle with those of a bicycle.

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Google’s technology campaign for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

It is interesting to note that in the interest of safety, and perhaps publicity, the pizza delivery vehicle was accompanied by an escort involving eight police cruisers and eight police motorcycles. “In From an energy standpoint, autonomous driving is more efficient since the vehicle is “ hypermiling the entire time … and imagine if your vehicle knows the stop light ahead is going to be red before you get there … ”. by Bill Cooke.

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euroFOT study demonstrates how driver assistance systems can increase safety and fuel efficiency

Green Car Congress

If it then approaches too close to another vehicle, then the driver is alerted via sound and light signals. Blind Spot Information System uses small cameras in each side mirror to detect when a car or motorcycle has entered the driver’s blind spot. A warning light then indicates that another vehicle is in that position. In addition to warning signals and active interventions, CSW may also assist the user during night driving by means of adaptive front lighting (AFL).

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Volkswagen launches Over-the-Air Updates for all ID. models


Over-the-Air Updates allow manufacturers to roll out vehicle improvements through software downloads that go to the car through an internet connection. Light – a light strip at the bottom of the windscreen that gives information that can prove intuitive support for energy-saving driving.

BMW Motorrad USA adds CE 04 electric scooter to lineup

Green Car Congress

10.25-inch TFT color screen with integrated navigation and extensive connectivity. Standard LED lighting units all round. This traction control system in the new BMW CE 04 is comparable to the Automatic Stability Control in BMW motorcycles with a combustion engine.

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Navigant Research forecasts new EV global sales of > 346,000 units in 2014; 10 predictions for the year

Green Car Congress

Electric motorcycles breakout. Sales of e-motorcycles have been increasing, but the market remains a tiny fraction of the e-bicycle and e-scooter market (5.2 million e-bicycles and e-scooters compared to about 30,000 e-motorcycles were estimated to have been sold in 2013 outside of China), Navigant says. Nonetheless, 2014 may be a breakout year for e-motorcycles. The result of all the factors is that 2014 could prove to be a significant year for the e-motorcycle.

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OLA Electric Scooter Ownership Blog - Dark Knight

Plug In India

Current premium 2w EV's, give a tough fight to 125-150 Cc Petrol motorcycles. Long press the light switch it for 2 seconds to turn on / off Press the light switch (once) to be in low and high beam (2nd touch) Avoid trying to accelerate while pressing the brake levers.

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Three Wheels United partners Piaggio Vehicles to promote electric 3-wheelers in India

Electric Vehicles India

The Three Wheels United (TWU) a Bengaluru based tech-enabled financier of light electric vehicles has partnered with Piaggio Vehicles to accelerate the adoption of electric three-wheelers in India. Three Wheels United partners Piaggio Vehicles to promote electric 3-wheelers in India.

FEV and Neander Motors AG showcasing double-crankshaft turbo-diesel outboard marine engine at SAE World Congress

Green Car Congress

The central aspect of Neander technology is a counter-rotating double crankshaft; the pistons act on the two opposing crankshafts via two connecting rods. I.e., each piston pin is designed as a “space ball” connected to a pair of side-by-side connecting rods that drive a pair of offset counter-rotating crankshafts. This distinctive layout results in an efficient, light, compact and powerful engine with exemplary smoothness and refinement. FEV North America, Inc.

Honda Announces New Dual Clutch Transmission for Large-displacement Sport Bikes and CV-Matic Automatic Transmission for Cub-style Scooters

Green Car Congress

Honda Dual Clutch Transmission for motorcycles. Honda has developed two new transmissions for its motorcycle product lines. The new Dual Clutch Transmission is the first fully automatic motorcycle dual clutch transmission for large-displacement sport bikes. This first motorcycle dual clutch transmission features a light, compact design that allows it to be combined with existing engines without substantial layout modification.

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Remy and MotoCzysz Partner to Produce New Integrated Electric Drive System

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MotoCzysz, an internationally recognized design and engineering firm and a leading innovator in the American motorcycle industry, now focuses primarily on electric drive systems and electric vehicles. Remy, a leading global manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of light duty starters and alternators and Delco Remy brand heavy-duty systems, also manufactures electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles. Remy International, Inc.

Consortium successfully runs silicon carbide multiport DC-DC converter in EV

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It has four ports: two connect to the traction motor and high voltage battery; a third connects to a secondary energy source, which in this test car is a super capacitor bank; and the fourth powers the vehicle’s 12V systems. For this project we have developed a rolling test bed based on a light commercial vehicle chassis, which has a 75 kW traction motor. Silicon Carbide multiport DC-DC converter fitted to the Tata Vista EV. Click to enlarge.

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Micromobility: Shared Scooter Leader Bird Offers E-Bikes

Clean Fleet Report

As a 2021 electronic device, the Bird Bike offers a backlit LCD dash display on the handlebars and Bluetooth and app connectivity. You stop with mechanical disc brakes, and integrated LED lights show you the way. It’s cheaper than a car—or a motorcycle—and very inexpensive to run.

Clean 79

Updated Gen7 BMW 5 Series sedan introduces new 48V MHEV system, more powerful PHEV

Green Car Congress

The recuperated energy accumulating in the 48V battery is supplied to the 12V electrical system and powers the lights, steering, power windows, ventilation, audio system and seat heating. BMW announced the updated, 2021 7 th generation 5 Series Sedan.

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New Elon Musk essay: Tesla CEO’s current thoughts on technology and humanity


Today’s cars are increasingly like smart, web-connected robots on wheels. In light of this, brain-machine interface technology will be focused on curing or alleviating brain injury and other related disorders in the years to come.

Charley Boorman: myenergi HQ

My Energi

The best electric motorcycles in the UK to buy now. Like all things Zero Motorcycles, form follows function. – Use myenergi zappi charger and Harley Davidson power cord to connect get a full charge overnight.

OLA S1 Electric Scooter Ownership Blog

Plug In India

Quality light weight normal cycles are the way to go. They will drag their feet for next few years trying to shove their garbage pollution scooters and motorcycles down our throats, while selling compliance EV's in a limited fashion. My charge point connected to my meter.

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GOGORO Smart Scooters (TESLA of Scooters) to Launch Battery Swapping Stations in India

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Gogoro is a Taiwanese company that developed a battery swapping refueling platform for urban electric two-wheel scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles. App Connected. The smart scooters are connected to a mobile app that helps you out to have comfort and convenience.

India 52

Replacing and Saving the Aux Battery

Open Source Civic EV Kit

I replaced the 12V auxiliary battery (a group 30 motorcycle battery) and got a 2 year warranty on it just in case. The tachometer is gone, so I can tap into the fuse block where the tach light input was connected. The second testpoint from the right goes to 12V when you turn on the parking lights or headlights. That gets connected to the positive buzzer wire through the diode. Well, the car's back on the road again.

2015 VW Jetta TDI: a more refined, powerful and efficient diesel within a nicely redesigned model line

Green Car Congress

In order to counteract engine vibration and maintain smooth operation, the EA288’s crankshaft is connected to two gear-driven counter-rotating balance shafts that spin at twice engine speed. The 2015 model brings a redesigned radiator grille with three cross fins, a new bumper, and optional Bi-Xenon headlights with Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS). Each daytime running light is formed by 15 LEDs arranged in an L-shaped string alongside and beneath the xenon modules.

Power Electric Scooter Buyers Guide | Mid 2021

Plug In India

The annual subscription for connectivity and updates is optional. Different packages related to servicing and connectivity available from Rs 1500 to Rs 3600 per annum. The Ather 450X and 450 Plus are true connected scooters - with remote monitoring, over the air we software updates etc.

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Electric Car Watch #7: Honda's Poor Electric Car Vision = Doom

Plug In India

Ford held a presentation called ‘Delivering Ford+,’ during which they highlighted a new strategy centered around electric vehicles, a new dedicated commercial business, and connected services.

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Ford unveils next-gen F-150; up to 700 lbs lighter, new 2.7L EcoBoost with stop-start

Green Car Congress

We wanted to go further with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost and design an engine with compact structure and high strength and light weight. Piston connecting rods use an offset I-beam that provides strength to manage peak engine power levels while reducing weight for better responsiveness. Integrated loading ramps, which enable easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles and mowers. 2015 F-150. Click to enlarge.

F-150 260

Electric Vehicle Project Ideas | Ph.D., MTech, MSc | Electrical, Management, Mechanical & More…

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The idea here is that you can connect your EV to the power grid and flow power from your EV to the Grid. Simulation of the vehicle to a grid-connected system at a private charging station and finding how to flatten the load curve. Connected vehicles 2.


2014 Sprinter van for US standard with new 2.1L diesel; new driver assistance features

Green Car Congress

The reduced slip on the lockup clutch gives a more direct connection to the accelerator pedal and therefore provides greater agility, the company says. When the sensors identify a car or motorcycle in the blind spot while the vehicle is on the move, a red warning signal appears in the exterior mirror on the respective side. When the camera detects vehicles or motorcycles travelling towards or ahead of the Sprinter, the high beam is automatically dipped to low beam.

We visited the OLA Future Factory: Electric Scooter Manufacturing

Plug In India

He ended up buying the Revolt motorcycle. There is an aluminium bus bar for connecting the cells in series. There is a green light that lights up on a panel placed in front of the operator then the correct torque has been achieved.

India 56

Ford showcasing vehicle-to-vehicle communication for crash avoidance; potential for leveraging WiFi and smartphones to extend quickly the number of participating vehicles

Green Car Congress

A 2010 NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) analysis concluded that V2V systems potentially could address 79% of all vehicle target crashes, 81% of all light-vehicle target crashes, and 71% of all heavy-truck target crashes annually. Intelligible Safety Systems ) also found that vehicle-to-infrastructure systems potentially address about 26% of all-vehicle target crashes, 27% of all light-vehicle target crashes, and 15% of all heavy-truck target crashes annually.

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