IEEE WIE Conference Will Explore the Future of Work

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The 2022 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference is scheduled for 6 and 7 June in a hybrid format, with both in-person and virtual networking events. The in-person events are to take place at the San Diego Convention Center.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk to speak at Code Conference 2021


Tesla CEO Elon Musk will speak at Code Conference 2021 in Beverly Hills, according to the event’s website. The Code Conference is set for September 27th through the 29th, 2021, and will be held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

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Tesla video conference developer launches service with Model 3 giveaway


The company is also responsible for Beacon 4 Tesla, the first platform to make video conference calls from Tesla vehicles possible. The post Tesla video conference developer launches service with Model 3 giveaway appeared first on TESLARATI.

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Ford developing a strategy to address urban personal mobility globally; a mobility company, not just an auto company

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Ford Motor Company is mapping out a strategy to address the requirements for personal mobility in the context of the megatrend of increasing global urbanization, both in mature economies as well as in emerging markets. If Ford thinks of itself as a mobility company, rather than just an auto company, said Ford Chairman Bill Ford at the recent, second annual “Go Further with Ford” trend conference, “ that really opens up possibilities.”. Rough map of Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility.

Bill Ford outlines “Blueprint for Mobility”, calls for automotive and telecommunications industries to collaborate to address coming personal mobility crisis

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Public and personal transportation will be fully integrated to save time, conserve resources and lower emissions. Bill Ford began talking about the future of personal mobility in the context of ever-increasing congestion last year at the TED2011 conference in Long Beach. We need a system that uses real-time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale, without trade-offs or compromises for individual travelers.

Ford and Intel demonstrate in-car personalization with perceptual computing; Project Mobii

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The joint research project, called Mobile Interior Imaging, or Project Mobii, explores how interior-facing cameras could be integrated with sensor technology and data already generated within and around the vehicle to create a more personalized and seamless interaction between driver and vehicle that transforms the driving experience. The in-car experience is then personalized to display information specific to that driver, such as calendar, music and contacts.

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Lux Research: “The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong”

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In a note following the 2014 Automated Vehicle Symposium, Lux Research said : “ The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong. ” Lux participated in two separate sessions at the conference: the first around regional planning implications, and the second on personal vehicle automation commercialization. The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong.

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Switzerland bans large events due to coronavirus; Geneva International Motor Show cancelled three days before opening

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All persons have been infected abroad. The public health authorities are contacting people who have been in close contact with the person infected. Conferences and other events Health Market Background

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Superstars of AB 811 Rock Palm Desert @ EcoMotion Conference

Creative Greenius

Part I – Burning Man’s Got Nothing On This “ World Changing Revolutionary Movement “ You know you’re at some kind of special conference when all the sessions seem to end way too soon and the eight hour agenda blasts by like the all star jam session at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame dinner. I hadn’t met Flanigan before this conference knowing him only through his EcoMotion work with Santa Monica Solar Santa Monica and Palm Deserts 30:30 program.

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Honda to Debut New One-Person EV Concept at Geneva Along with European Intro of EV-N

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The Honda 3R-C, a new one-person battery electric vehicle concept, will make its world debut in Geneva alongside the EV-N concept, previously shown at the Tokyo Motor Show ( earlier post ), which will be displayed for the first time in Europe. The 3R-C three-wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. Two of Honda’s U3-X, electric personal mobility devices are attached to the inside of each door.

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Los Angeles launches New Mobility Challenge 2018

Green Car Congress

Winners will also be eligible to receive mentorship, skills development, and market entry assessment from LACI’s Executives-in-Residence in the days leading up the conference. Conferences and other events Market Background

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Celebrating 25 Years of IEEE Women in Engineering

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Finalists receive a plaque and a ticket to attend this year’s IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference , which is scheduled for 6 and 7 June. The winner gets to present his or her idea at the hybrid conference.

IIT Madras offers 12 weeks free online course on ‘Electrical Autos & Renewable Vitality

Electric Vehicles India

But if you want to get a certificate you can register and write the proctored exam conducted by them in person at any of the designated exam centres. IIT Madras offers 12 weeks free online course on ‘Electrical Autos & Renewable Vitality.

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Schaeffler shows micro-mobility bio-hybrid concept; 4-wheel pedelec with roof

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Automotive supplier Schaeffler introduced a new micro-mobility concept during the “auto motor und sport” conference. Electric (Battery) Hybrids Mobility Personal Transit Urban mobilityThis study shows how the company envisages a solution for urban individual forms of mobility. The Schaeffler concept combines the advantages of stability and weather protection with the energy consumption and space utilization of a pedelec.

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The Long View from SAE 2009 World Congress

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He works for Systemica, who has been contracted to design the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system for the citadel of Masdar. PRT challenges include the reliance on a central computer, the inability to adapt the vehicle to your personality via ownership and losing the local color and insight provided by a cab driver. Another issue is being capacity constrained during rush hour if you only have one person per vehicle. by Bill Cooke.

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

Green Car Congress

Unfortunately, this conference focused primarily on setting a cap on carbon emissions and providing financial aid to developing countries to build capacities to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change. A joint venture is a legal organization that takes the form of a short term partnership in which the persons jointly undertake a transaction for mutual profit. Generally each person contributes assets and share risks. Perspective by Brian J.

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Mayor of London proposes $1.4B cycling plan for the city; “Crossrail for the bike”

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The first planning conference for the Central London Grid, with the seven central boroughs, the Royal Parks and the City, will take place next week. Cities Europe Personal Transit PolicyThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, will has outlined a vision for a £913-million (US$1.48-billion) investment in cycling infrastructure for the city.

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IBM’s Fall From World Dominance

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Census, the mainframe computer, legitimizing the person computer, and developing the software that beat the best in the world at chess and then Jeopardy. Joining me to talk about it—and IBM's other pivots, past and future—is a person uniquely qualified to do so.

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‘Open mic’ opportunities at LowCVP Conference - City Hall, 8 June

Green Cars News

The LowCVP is offering an ‘open mic’ opportunity for members and others to speak about issues of interest, concern or opportunity at the Partnership’s annual conference at City Hall, London on June 8th. ‘Open mic’ slots - available for 5 minutes per person - will take place in the restaurant area towards the end of the lunch interval.

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BMW previews future 7 Series, battery-electric i7

Green Car Congress

A few weeks before its world premiere and during the BMW Group Annual Conference, Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development, presented a few details about the coming new BMW 7 Series, including the new all-electric BMW i7.

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Low carbon vehicles 2012 returns to Millbrook

Green Cars News

The UK’s largest business-to-business low carbon vehicle event is to return this September with the promise of more than 50 of the industry’s leading personalities set to take to the stand. Green credentials conference green car LowCVPMinister for Industry, Mark Prisk and Professor Dame Julia King will be among the speakers at the LCV2012 event at Millbrook Proving Ground in [.].

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Ford aims to tackle urban mobility

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That was the message from Ford Chairman Bill Ford, speaking at the second annual “Go Further with Ford” conference. Ford Green cars Latest news green cars mobility personal mobility urban concept ZipCarIt may be one of the most famous automakers in the world – but Ford is much more than just a car manufacturer: it’s a mobility company too. He mapped out a strategy aimed at addressing [.].

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Tesla Hopes To Hire Hackers To Ensure Security Of Its Cars, Present And Future

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The term "hacker" conjures up images of shady individuals stealing your personal details through loop-holes in your internet security, but in the modern world a professional hacker can actually provide a valuable skill. Tesla Motors, for example, recently attended the Def Con security conference in Las Vegas in order to hire hackers to develop

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Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms increased investment, R&D efforts in China


Elon Musk briefly appeared during the opening ceremony of the 2021 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China recently. China passed a sweeping new data privacy law on August 20, called the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China ( PIPL ).

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Android Auto makes its debut with support from multiple automakers and tech companies

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Android Auto made its debut at the 2014 Google I/O annual technology conference in San Francisco as the first innovation resulting from the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA)—a coalition of tech companies and auto industry leaders launched in January by Google, NVIDIA, Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai committed to bringing the Android platform to cars.

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Unifrax introduces Battery Advisory Board to support SiFAB silicon fiber anode battery technology

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SiFAB, a scalable proprietary silicon anode battery technology demonstrated in a number of applications, including electric vehicles, power tools, smartphones, personal computers, medical devices and aviation, can deliver up to a 20% increase in gravimetric energy density in lithium-ion batteries versus cells using a graphite anode.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin: The facility’s story so far


Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is about to receive its final environmental approval, with Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke holding a press conference later today to discuss the milestone.

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Opinion: 4 Things You Should Think About Before Buying a Sports Car

Clean Fleet Report

If you spend most of the week huddled in a conference room or behind a computer, spend the rest of the day indoors, perhaps an expensive sports car is not your ideal possession. Personal tastes and preferences, such as transmission type and color, should also be considered.

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Intel to invest more than $250M over next two years in autonomous driving; “Data is the new oil”

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In a keynote address at the AutoMobility LA conference, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that Intel Capital is targeting more than $250 million of additional new investments over the next two years to make fully autonomous driving a reality. This is the first time Intel is keynoting at an automotive conference, signifying how critical the automotive market has become for the company. By 2020, projections show that the average person will generate 1.5GB of data a day.

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Elon Musk says Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin under one condition


Musk made the statement during The B Word Conference on Wednesday, where he joined Moderator Steve Lee, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood for a conversation regarding Bitcoin and other cryptos, including Dogecoin and Ethereum.

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Study: strong interactions with voice-guided vehicles result in more crashes

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A recent study by researchers at Michigan State University, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Stanford University found that giving a car a more personal voice led to more car accidents. This suggests that having too strong a social/personal connection with the virtual driving instructor is distracting to the driver and thus hinders safe driving.

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SpaceX President explains termination of employees behind open letter criticizing Elon Musk’s tweets


Individuals and groups of employees at SpaceX have spent significant effort beyond their technical scope to make the company a more inclusive space via conference recruiting, open forums, feedback to leadership, outreach, and more.

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The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop ramps to 70 cars as CES 2022 kicks off


More than 2,200 exhibitors confirmed they would showcase some of their innovations in person at the Las Vegas Convention Center. .

Electrify Your Fleet Faster With Incentives and Rebates

EV Connect

You can find a full list of state incentives at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ website which has an interactive map that’s updated regularly.

Honda to debut EV concept, plug-in hybrid platform at LA Auto Show

Green Car Congress

President and CEO Takanobu Ito will attend the press conference, marking the first time Honda’s global Honda CEO has introduced a worldwide vehicle debut during the Los Angeles Auto Show press days. Honda said that both the electric vehicle concept and the plug-in hybrid platform along with the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle demonstrate its vision for the future of personal mobility and its continued commitment to developing advanced environmental technologies.

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Can Deepfake Tech Train Computer Vision AIs?

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In their paper presented at the 2022 International Conference on Learning Representations , the MIT researchers asked whether, “given access only to a trained generative model, and no access to the dataset that trained it, can we learn effective visual representations?”

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MyCityWay integrated with BMW’S DriveNow EV sharing fleet in San Francisco

Green Car Congress

At the Content and Apps for Automotive Conference hosted by Telematics Update in San Diego, MyCityWay CEO Puneet Mehta announced a partnership with BMW’s DriveNow car sharing program ( earlier post ) that will integrate MyCityWay’s location-based, situationally-aware mobile platform into BMW’s fleet of 70 DriveNow BMW ActiveE electric vehicles in San Francisco.

Ukrainian Volunteers Use 3D Printers to Save Lives

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Thanks to these communication systems and volunteer centers, it was possible to supply personal protective equipment (like face shields ) for physicians and social workers. Personal connections are one of my primary sources of information about what is happening in Ukraine.

Lucid Group will report first quarter earnings on May 5


Lucid said in its press release that it would issue a press release with a link to its live webcast of its Q1 2022 Earnings Conference Call on its Investor Website.

Tesla introduces financing product for Model S customers; lease-sale hybrid

Green Car Congress

Essentially, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a conference call describing the product, the new approach allows one to buy a new Model S for no money down net of the tax credit and as low as about $500 net out of pocket cost per month, depending upon the model, specific state incentives, and personal parameters (e.g., Tesla guaranteeing that resale value, and Musk is personally standing behind the guarantee to give customers assurance about the value of the asset they are purchasing.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk admits that FSD Beta should probably not have NDAs


Elon Musk’s recent comments at the 2021 Code Conference suggest that this is not necessarily the case. According to Musk, he personally does not really know why there is an NDA with the Full Self-Driving Beta program.

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Volvo Cars adds Microsoft’s Skype for Business to 90 Series; looking ahead to autonomous cars

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Sitting in the car trying to join a conference call. Volvo’s partnership with Microsoft also includes the exploration of using Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, with the express intention of adding seamless voice recognition and contextual insights to support peoples’ daily lives by actively predicting their needs. Volvo Cars will introduce Skype for Business, Microsoft’s collaborative productivity app, to its new 90 Series cars.

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Toyota to Unveil New Compact Car Concept for India at New Delhi Show

Green Car Congress

The concept for the new compact car is to be unveiled at a TKM press conference on 5 January. The TKM display will also present Toyota’s approach toward developing modes of transportation for the future by showing the i-REAL personal mobility vehicle, the Fine-S fuel-cell hybrid vehicle and other concept vehicles. Toyota Motor’s production and sales subsidiary in India, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private, Ltd.

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