The Net-Zero Neighborhood: Advanced Energy Storage and Highly Efficient Photovoltaics Take Transportation Off the Gasoline Grid and Residential Off the Electric Grid

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The Net-Zero Neighborhood. Net-Zero Neighborhoods. An Energy Plan Only A Scientist Could Love or Net-Zero Neighborhoods or ? Modeling and Simulation at the Exascale for Energy and the Environment (DOE, 2007).

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Holiday greetings from teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy California, where we’ve had a couple of unnerving earthquakes, a historic election and a disappointing Lakers’ home loss in the NBA Western Conference Finals since last I posted. Tags: environment

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Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

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Howard’s team is holding a conference on June 24th for city managers throughout the county that I’ll be attending. This Friday, June 12, I’ll be attending the EcoMotion Palm Desert AB 811 Conference specifically to cover it for this Creative Greenius blog.

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The Long View from SAE 2009 World Congress

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Cervero believes that VMT (vehicle miles traveled—the number of miles you drive in your car each year), needs to decrease to have a more sustainable environment and he believes Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a way to achieve this goal in a way that people can embrace. He calls Stockholm’s neighborhoods a “ string of pearls ” with a balanced use of land for work and housing—and yet Stockholm has relatively high level of car ownership (555 cars/ 1000 inhabitants).

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Wrightspeed unveils new turbine range extender for medium- and heavy-duty electric powertrains; 30% more efficient than current microturbine generators

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In addition, the Fulcrum will make for a smooth, comfortable ride for drivers and a quiet, clean experience for neighborhoods because of its ultra-low vibration. On the other hand, a big rig in an urban environment is just horrible at fuel efficiency, Wright said. Wrightspeed Inc.,

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Toyota to collaborate in research for the creation of H2-based society in the United Arab Emirates

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Utilizing a hydrogen station that is to be built in May 2017, Toyota will conduct a complete range of driving and refueling tests under extreme heat, dust, and other conditions unique to the local environment.

Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year

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The Business of Plugging In: Building the Full Ecosystem for a Successful Plug-in Vehicle Industry in the US

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The Business of Plugging In conference in Detroit this week marked a serious effort by utilities; automakers and suppliers; academia; government agencies; and financiers to instigate the necessary granular discussions required to lay an integrated foundation to develop a full ecosystem—products, services, policies, supply chain and consumer demand—for the successful deployment and growth of plug-in vehicles in the US.

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Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

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has constructed prototype PHEV trucks for electric utility companies which can deliver energy to power an entire neighborhood during maintenance or repair when there is a power outage [ 4 ]. by Professor Andrew Alfonso Frank. CTO Efficient Drivetrains Inc.

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