Concept: AET Reaches Final Development Stage of OX2 Barrel Engine

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Advanced Engine Technologies was incorporated in 1996 to commercialize the OX2, with automotive racing pioneer Carroll Shelby on its Board of Directors and involved in the engine development. Tags: Concept Engines Exploded view. of the OX2 Engine. Click to enlarge. Advanced Engine Technologies.

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DOE announces $139M in funding for 55 projects to advance innovative vehicle technologies

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New Two-Cylinder Prototype Demonstration and Concept Design of a Next Generation Class 3-6 Opposed Piston Engine. AOI 13: Alternative Fuel Proof-of-Concept in New Communities and Fleets. Shelby County Government. Advancing Climate and Innovation Goals of Memphis and Shelby County: Electrification of key fleet vehicles to capture cost savings and climate benefits.

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Audi power-dense 2.5L TFSI engine with electric biturbo delivers 591 hp from 2,480 cc; 48V subsystem for the turbo

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At the Wörthersee festival, Audi is showcasing the Audi TT clubsport turbo technology concept equipped with a new 2.5 By comparison: The new Ford Shelby GT 350 will feature a naturally aspirated 5.2L The 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 is powered by an aluminum 5.8-liter supercharged V8 producing 494 kW (662 hp) and 856 N·m (631 lb-ft) of torque, or 85 kW/L and 148 N·m/L.

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Team from GM, Ford, FCA reviews how to calculate engine efficiency benefits of high octane fuels

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The concept of an “effective octane number” calculates overall knock resistance of fuel in modern engines, including the effects of charge cooling. Shelby, and William M. A team of engineers from GM Powertrain, Ford and FCA have published a detailed review of how to estimate the engine efficiency benefits of higher octane fuel—e.g., fuel with higher ethanol content—for part- and full-load operation for different engine types and fuel assumptions.

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Ford Announces 2.0L EcoBoost Engine; First Production EcoBoost with TI-VCT

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EcoBoost engine at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, Ford had also shown a Lincoln C (C-size) concept car powered by a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine mated to a dual-clutch Powershift Transmission. engine in the concept featured twin independent variable camshaft timing (TI-VCT)—a powertrain system also being used in the production 2.0L 2010 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 Ti-VCT. Click to enlarge.

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Ford announces second member of EcoBoost family

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EcoBoost engine made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January, it was shown with a Lincoln C concept car powered by a 1.6litre, four cylinder EcoBoost engine mated to a powershift transmission. 2010 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500. The green innovations continue to come thick and fast from the leading car manufacturers with Ford announcing the second member of its turbocharged, petrol direct-injection EcoBoost family.

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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Audi Volkswagen-owned company exploring PHEVs Metroproject Quattro Sub-compact PHEV Concept Car shown October 2007; PHEV of A1 Sportback under consideration Bright Automotive For-profit spin off from Rocky Mountain Institute designing lightweight PHEVs, successor to RMIs 1990s "Hypercar" concept. Showed BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS series PHEV concept in December 08. Has shown some concept fuel-cell PHEVs.

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