Chevrolet unveils Bolt EV Concept; 200+ electric miles for ~$30,000

Green Car Congress

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Chevrolet introduced the Bolt EV concept crossover—a vision for an affordable, long-range all-electric vehicle designed to offer more than 200 miles of range starting around $30,000. The Bolt EV concept is designed to offer long-range performance in all 50 states and many global markets. The Bolt EV concept is also designed to support DC fast charging.

2015 257

Audi shows new A6 e-tron concept electric vehicle in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

Audi and its Chinese partner companies FAW and SAIC are showing four world premieres: the brand-new Audi A6 e-tron concept vehicle and the all-round updated Audi Q5L, in addition to the Audi A7L and an SUV study, still kept beneath a cover, named Audi concept Shanghai.

Audi 222

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Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile

Green Car Reports

hearse plug-in cars concepts fleetElectric powertrains have been applied to a wide variety of road vehicles to reduce emissions, from small city cars, to fairly large delivery trucks. But there's one category of vehicle where electrification hasn't really been considered. It's customarily the last vehicle most people will ever ride in. DON'T MISS: Plug-in Hearse Offers To Whisk.

2015 127

GM launches BrightDrop: first-to-last-mile electric ecosystem for goods & services

Green Car Congress

General Motors has launched a new business, BrightDrop , which will offer an ecosystem of electric first-to-last-mile products, software and services to empower delivery and logistics companies to move goods more efficiently. Future concepts.

Miles 222

BMW unveils battery-electric Concept iX3 in Beijing; Gen 5 eDrive system; 249 miles WLTP

Green Car Congress

The BMW Concept iX3— presented for the first time at the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing—offers a look ahead to the expansion of the model line-up in this area. Among the innovations showcased in the BMW Concept iX3 is the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which groups the electric motor, transmission and power electronics within a new, separate electric drive component.

2018 163

BMW unveils Concept i4 electric Gran Coupé; 600 km range

Green Car Congress

BMW unveiled the BMW Concept i4 EV using a livestream instead of the planned Geneva venue. The BMW Concept i4 represents a look ahead to the BMW i4, slated to enter production in 2021.

2020 311

Citroën unveils 19_19 EV concept

Green Car Congress

Following the reveal of the Ami One Concept as a vision for urban electric mobility, Citroën is presenting the 19_19 Concept, expressing Citroën’s vision of ultra-comfort and extended mobility to escape from the cities. The 19_19 Concept will be revealed as a World Premiere at VivaTech in Paris on 16 May 2019. The 19_19 Concept is powered by an all-electric drive train. 19_19 Concept features quick charging technology (with 600 km of range recovered in 20 minutes).

2019 170

Genesis reveals Mint Concept electric city car

Green Car Congress

Genesis revealed the Mint Concept ahead of the opening of the 2019 New York International Auto Show. The Mint Concept is a battery-electric luxury car for the city, with a new vehicle typology featuring organic design and an innovative interior user experience. The Mint powertrain is capable of an estimated 200 miles per full charge and 350-kW fast recharging. The Mint Concept is both highly maneuverable and exhilarating to drive.

2019 204

Airbus releases three hydrogen-powered concepts for zero-emission aircraft by 2035; ZEROe

Green Car Congress

Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035. The concepts we unveil today offer the world a glimpse of our ambition to drive a bold vision for the future of zero-emission flight.

2020 254

Renault introduces EZ-ULTIMO robo-vehicle concept

Green Car Congress

At the Paris Motor Show, Groupe Renault unveiled EZ-ULTIMO, its robo-vehicle concept, an autonomous, electric, connected, and shared mobility service solution offering a premium travel experience. EZ-ULTIMO concludes a concept-car trilogy illustrating Renault’s vision of the future of urban shared mobility, following on EZ-GO, with its vision of shared mobility, and EZ-PRO, a vehicle robot dedicated to last mile delivery.

2018 204

CUPRA Tavascan Electric Concept SUV to debut at IAA

Green Car Congress

Based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, the electric vehicle is equipped with a 77kWh battery pack for an all-electric range of up to 450km (280 miles). The CUPRA Concept is powered by two electric motors—one on the front axle and one on the rear axle—for a total output of 225kW (306PS). With the presentation of the all-electric CUPRA Tavascan concept, we are translating this vision into the streets and proving that performance can be electrified.

2019 212

Mercedes-Benz unveils concept battery-electric van Concept EQV; production version later this year

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to release a series-production vehicle on the basis of the Concept EQV, to be presented to the public at this year’s Frankfurt Autoshow. Technical highlights of the vehicle include a range of up to 400 kilometers (249 miles) and rapid charging to enable a range of 100 kilometers within just 15 minutes. The Concept EQV is representative of the consistent development of the “EQ” technology brand.

2019 175

All-electric Buick Enspire crossover SUV concept bows in China

Green Car Reports

Buick unveiled Tuesday an electric crossover SUV concept bound for the 2018 Beijing auto show with promise. In addition to 370 miles of range, the Buick Enspire concept can charge up to 80 percent in 40 minutes through fast and wireless charging. Beijing Auto Show conceptsIts motors combine for 410 kilowatts (550 horsepower) of total output, and the SUV can sprint up to 60.

2018 94

Audi presents Coupé variant of Q4 e-tron as a concept car

Green Car Congress

Audi presented the Q4 e-tron concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show as a preview of the first compact electric SUV from Audi. miles). Audi Q4 e-tron concept / Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept.

2020 232

Mitsubishi Fuso to begin series production of fuel-cell trucks by late 2020s; concept eCanter F-CELL

Green Car Congress

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October, MFTBC unveiled the Vision F-CELL, a light-duty fuel-cell concept truck. The vehicle has been further elaborated into the concept eCanter F-CELL, a light-duty truck that was presented recently in Kawasaki.

2020 339

Panasonic, Tropos Motors reveal two concept electric commercial utility vehicles at CES

Green Car Congress

These fleet truck concepts are powered by Panasonic’s proprietary software and cloud services platform OneConnect and represent a more accessible and a more agile fleet approach conceived to keep business flowing in tight or last mile spaces.

2020 250

Tesla Cybertruck revealed: $39,900 starting price, up to 500 miles of range

Green Car Reports

The design, which looks like it might be labeled a concept car is indeed part steampunk, part sci-fi-influenced Is Tesla really serious about its radically different Cybertruck, revealed by CEO Elon Musk to a packed room of fans Thursday night?

2019 156

BMW targeting ~600 km (~373 mile) range for electric i4 in 2021; 390 kW/530 hp motor

Green Car Congress

With fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, which also includes the latest innovations in the field of battery cells, the BMW i4 will achieve a range of some 600 kilometers (~373 miles). This drive system is compatible with all vehicle concepts and will be available for different models in a range of output levels. BMW will introduce the electric i4 ( earlier post )—the Group’s first purely electrically powered model for the premium mid-range—in 2021.

2019 179

Concept: modular EV-hybrid features battery and engine swapping

Green Car Congress

A Romanian team—Dan Scarlat (automotive journalist), Marian Cilibeanu (designer) and Cristian Ionescu (engineer)—are proposing the SCI hyMod modular concept car. The battery-pack option includes a 17 kWh pack which enables a range of 140 km (87 miles); supplemented by the 5 kWh battery in the car, this brings total range to about 180 km (112 miles). Fuel consumption is less than 6 l/100 km (39 mpg US) and the range surpasses 600 km (373 miles).

2012 240

Kia Niro EV concept at CES: 238 miles of range from 64-kwh battery

Green Car Reports

It's well known that a battery-electric version of the Kia Niro will join the lineup soon, completing a range that now comprises the Niro Hybrid and the recently launched plug-in hybrid. Most observers had assumed the Niro EV would use the same underpinnings as its corporate sibling the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, just as the pair of hybrids does. CES plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Consumer Electronics Show

2018 104

PEUGEOT presenting 400 hp hybrid concept at Geneva show

Green Car Congress

PEUGEOT is presenting the 400 hp hybrid Concept 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED at the upcoming Geneva motor show. A derivative of the PEUGEOT 508 HYBRID sedan, the concept delivers high performance with low emissions. The 308 R HYbrid Concept (2015) laid claim to absolute performance levels: 500 bhp total power output, 730 N·m torque and 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. kWh battery deliver real fuel efficiency with an all-electric range of of up to 50 km (31 miles) (WLTP).

2019 185

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride fuel-cell concept targets 600 miles of range

Green Car Reports

Toyota continues to experiment with and develop various types of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles despite not yet offering a single production battery-electric car. The Japanese automaker now sells the Mirai, has announced it will begin studies of the Project Portal fuel-cell semi truck, and reportedly plans a fuel-cell luxury sedan for its Lexus brand. Tokyo Motor Show Future Cars hydrogen fuel cell

2017 95

Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback concept revealed

Discover EV

Audi is rapidly expanding its e-tron range of EVs and joining the Q4 e-tron concept, the brand has now shown off a Sportback version of its forthcoming compact SUV. Promising up to 310 miles, it will be the brand's seventh EV when it finally goes on sale next year

2020 67

Prius Plug-in Concept to Support All-Electric Driving Up To About 12 Miles at Speeds Up To 62MPH

Green Car Congress

The new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept. Toyota has provided some initial details on the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept to be unveiled next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. miles) miles at speeds up to 62 mph. Europe’s population is increasingly urban-centered, and Toyota research into commuting patterns shows that in the UK and France, more than 80% of car journeys cover a distance of less than 25 km (16 miles); in the UK around 80% are less than 10 km (6 miles) long.

2009 228

ŠKODA unveiling plug-in hybrid RS concept at Paris

Green Car Congress

ŠKODA, a member of the Volkswagen Group, is unveiling the VISION RS plug-in hybrid concept at the Paris Motor Show. They unite to deliver a system output of 180 kW (245 hp), which accelerates the concept study from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 On battery power alone, the model can cover distances of up to 70 km (43 miles), ensuring zero-emission local driving.

2018 195

Lucid Air to features 113 kWh pack, class-leading interior space; Lucid Space Concept

Green Car Congress

This achievement reflects an innovative approach to automotive layout and engineering packaging called the Lucid Space Concept, which capitalizes upon the miniaturization of Lucid’s in-house developed EV drivetrain and battery pack to optimize interior cabin space within Lucid Air’s relatively compact exterior footprint.

2020 170

Study: fully self-driving cars could result in fewer cars, but more miles driven per car

Green Car Congress

Autonomous vehicles (completely self-driving, level 4) may reduce the number of vehicles a family needs, but may lead to an increase in total miles driven per vehicle, according to a new analysis by researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. To illustrate the self-driving vehicle sharing concept, consider the following example.

2015 246

Jeep Yuntu PHEV concept debuts at Shanghai

Green Car Congress

At the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, Jeep unveiled the new plug-in hybrid Yuntu SUV Concept (without giving much detail about the powertrain itself). SUVs are the fastest-growing segment in China; Jeep said that the Yuntu Concept showcases the potential for the Jeep brand to keep expanding in the country. miles) and can be charged wirelessly, according to Jeep; an accompanying drone can scan the road ahead.

Jeep 150

Bentley unveils plug-in hybrid concept

Green Car Congress

The Bentley Hybrid Concept will be on display at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition later this month. Bentley Hybrid Concept. Bentley hybrids will also be capable of an all-electric range of at least 50 km (31 miles). The Bentley Hybrid Concept is based on the flagship model in the Bentley family, the Mulsanne.

Kia to present SEED Car concept for smart electric urban mobility at CES 2019

Green Car Congress

Kia will present a potential solution for smart-city mobility at CES 2019 with its SEED Car concept. The SEED Car is a four-wheel electric cycle with a range of 100 km (62 miles) based on a pedal-electric hybrid system, requiring pedal input from the driver but with a high degree of electric power assistance to make it effortless.

2019 225

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo concept fuel cell hybrid leverages F 015 Luxury in Motion concept

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz introduced a new advanced design concept at the Tokyo Motor Show: the Vision Tokyo. The concept is powered by a fuel cell electric drive system based on the F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID of the self-driving F 015 Luxury in Motion concept introduced at CES in January. Pressure tanks made from CFRP store the hydrogen in the concept car.

2015 192

Lexus LF-Z is Watts New

The Truth About Cars

Today, Lexus dropped the LF-Z concept car, stepping on the electric-vehicle (EV) accelerator. 670,616,629 miles per hour, the speed of light, is how fast energy travels as electromagnetic waves.

Lexus 69

Harley-Davidson 2020 LiveWire electric motorcycle available for pre-order at $29,799; 2 new electric concepts

Green Car Congress

The company also displayed two new concept electric two-wheelers: one designed for the city, the other with off-roading in mind. Harley concepts for city (top) and off-roading (bottom). Harley-Davidson also debuted two additional, electrified future concepts that further explore the potential of urban mobility. In keeping with LiveWire, both concepts bring Harley-Davidson’s expertise in expressive two-wheeled experiences and push boundaries in design and technology.

2019 244

Volkswagen unveils electric, Level 5 autonomous I.D. VIZZION concept sedan

Green Car Congress

models have already been presented as concept cars: the compact I.D.; The concept car drives, steers and navigates autonomously in traffic, enabling passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride. VIZZION concept has an anticipated range of up to 650 km (404 miles) on the European cycle. VIZZION concept car has the potential of artificial intelligence incorporated into its concept. These controls can also fully stop the concept car.

2018 200

SEAT creates a business unit to promote urban mobility and presents e-Scooter concept

Green Car Congress

At the 9 th edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, SEAT announced the creation of a new strategic business unit focused on urban mobility and presented its new e-Kickscooter concept and its first electric e-Scooter concept. The new e-Kickscooter concept will also be included in this unit and complement the portfolio that began with the SEAT EXS in 2018. The e-Scooter concept is equipped with a 7 kW motor with a peak rate of 11 kW (14.8

2019 179

Audi unveils MEB-based Q4 e-tron concept EV; production version in 2020

Green Car Congress

Audi unveiled the Q4 e-tron concept compact electric SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. The Audi Q4 e-tron concept gives an advance look at what will be the fifth series production electric vehicle that the manufacturer will introduce by the end of 2020. The Q4 e-tron concept is based on the modular electrification platform (MEB) that will be integrated in numerous electric vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group in the future, from the compact class to the superior medium-size class.

2019 210

Volkswagen teases new Beijiing concept PHEV SUV

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen released a few teaser images for the Beijing Concept luxury SUV to be revealed at the Beijing auto show next week. The plug-in-hybrid powertrain delivers 376 hp total output and 516 lb-ft (700 N·m) of torque, with an all-electric range of up to 50 km (31 miles). Predicted NEDC combined fuel consumption is 78 mpg (3 l/100 km), and the concept accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 6.0

2016 150

GM and Nikola, Lucid Air debut, Gravity Concept, VW ID.3 reviews: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which automaker sees 50 miles as the ideal electric range for plug-in hybrids? How can the EV battery system become more sustainable? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending September 11, 2020.

2020 146

Nissan introduces series-hybrid Gripz Concept leveraging LEAF platform

Green Car Congress

Nissan unveiled a new compact crossover concept, the Nissan Gripz Concept, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Gripz Concept is a series-hybrid system in which a small efficient gasoline engine is used to power the electric motor found in the Nissan LEAF. The Crossover concept incorporates four key design elements first seen in Europe on the Nissan Sway, one of the highlights of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

2015 199

Honda FCV Concept makes world debut in Japan; Power Exporter concept

Green Car Congress

The Honda FCV Concept, Honda’s latest fuel-cell vehicle concept, made its world debut today in Japan. The Honda FCV Concept showcases the styling evolution of Honda’s fuel-cell vehicle anticipated to launch in Japan by March of 2016, followed by the US and Europe. Honda also unveiled the Honda Power Exporter Concept, a concept model for an external power feeding device that enables AC power output from the FCV with maximum output of 9 kW. Honda FCV Concept.

2014 216

Volkswagen showcasing electric I.D. BUZZ CARGO, Cargo e-Bike concepts at LA Auto Show

Green Car Congress

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen is showcasing two electric concepts. BUZZ CARGO,in its auto show debut, is an electric panel van concept based on the MEB toolkit that offers up to 340 miles of range on the WLTP cycle. The electric Cargo e-Bike concept, in its North American debut, carries a 463 lb payload. Both concepts were unveiled at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Germany in September. miles a day, fully autonomous driving with “I.D.

2018 212

Chevrolet electric Camaro concept drag racer: eCOPO with 800V battery pack; electric crate motors

Green Car Congress

Fifty years after the original COPO Camaro special order performance models were introduced, Chevrolet’s eCOPO Camaro Concept is demonstrating an electrified vision for drag racing. Chevrolet estimates quarter-mile times in the 9-second range. The eCOPO Concept is all about where we go in the future with electrification in the high performance space.

2018 231

Nissan unveils IMs electric, autonomous sports sedan concept at NAIAS 2019

Green Car Congress

Nissan unveiled its Nissan IMs electric all-wheel drive concept vehicle with full autonomous drive capability at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The IMs concept features new proportions and stretched interior space—including a unique “Premier Seat” 2 + 1 + 2 seating architecture—designed to create a new vehicle segment: the elevated sports sedan.

2019 184