Reusing electric-car batteries: great idea, lots of practical challenges

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In theory, it's a wonderful concept: once their tenure in an electric car is over, lithium-ion battery packs with as much as 70 percent of their energy capacity remaining can be sold and reused. In practice, however—especially at scale—the idea turns out to have some practical challenges that must be overcome.


Nissan Pivo3 Concept: New Ideas For A Production Electric Minicar

Green Car Reports

At first glance, Nissan’s Pivo3 concept from this week’s Tokyo Motor Show looks pretty wild: Seating is staggered, with the driver ahead of two passenger seats; wheel-hub motors provide power; and aggressively configured four-wheel steering that allows the nine-foot-long Pivo3 to U-turn on a seven-foot radius.


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Infiniti Qs Inspiration is the automaker's idea for an EV sport sedan

Green Car Reports

On Wednesday, ahead of the 2019 Shanghai auto show, the Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept sedan gave us a glimpse of what may be Infiniti is on the back foot for electrified powertrains today. The luxury automaker quietly shelved its hybrid powertrains in the past few years in the buildup toward an all-electric lineup sometime in the next few years.

2019 57

Daimler Trucks’ FUSO introduces eCanter SensorCollect concept refuse truck

Green Car Congress

Daimler Trucks’ Japan-based subsidiary FUSO recently introduced the eCanter SensorCollect concept truck with a demonstration run at its Kawasaki headquarters. The FUSO eCanter SensorCollect is a concept garbage collection truck based on the all-electric eCanter.

2020 117

Better Place Battery Swapping: The Technology Behind The Idea

Green Car Reports

Publicly, especially outside of Israel, Better Place’s concept of switching out depleted electric car battery packs for fully charged ones at its proprietary automated switch stations is what the firm is Last week, we shared with you our first-hand experience of driving an electric car through a Better Place battery swap station in Israel.


Getting To Work In Hermosa Beach – The Carbon Neutral ClueTrain Leaves the Station

Creative Greenius

The story actually began last week during Hermosa Beach Mayor’s State of the City address where Mayor Michael DiVirgilio spoke about the Carbon Neutral City concept: Mayor Di Virgilio was right back at it Monday night at the Hermosa Beach Green Task Force meeting, speaking enthusiastically on behalf of the idea: Join us after the jump to see your friendly neighborhood Greenius and my Fratelli Verde, Robert Fortunato, following the Mayor with our own remarks.

2010 165

Ohio workshop seeks ideas for National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Green Car Congress

NASA and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) are sponsoring the second in a series of regional public workshops to gather ideas and suggestions on the design of the proposed National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI). Workshop participants will learn about the principles and concepts behind the NNMI and participate in interactive sessions designed to solicit ideas on how best to structure the network and the institutes.

Ohio 71

Scania unveils modular battery-electric self-driving urban concept vehicle

Green Car Congress

Scania, a member of the Volkswagen Group, has developed a new modular battery-electric self-driving urban concept vehicle–NXT—designed with the flexibility to shift from ferrying commuters to and from work in mornings and evenings, delivering goods during the day and collecting refuse at night. The bus module of this innovative concept vehicle is on display at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, 10–12 June.

2019 117

Chrysler Portal concept: all-electric minivan for CES offers some self-driving

Green Car Reports

But the Chrysler Portal concept that will debut at CES won't be showing up at your local dealer any time soon. Far from it, in fact: the Portal is Fiat Chrysler's idea of a future in which we'll. concept Autonomous cars CES Consumer Electronics Show self-driving cars Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA It was widely rumored that Chrysler would reveal an all-electric minivan at this week's Consumer Electronics Show—and now we have the details.

2017 76

Electric scooter is a smart idea

Green Cars News

A electric scooter concept which first appeared at the 2010 Paris Motor Show is to go into production. Two years ago in Paris, smart revealed a portfolio of electrically-powered transport concepts, including smart forwo electric coupe and cabriolet cars, an [.]. Latest news concept ebike electric escooter smartThe escooter from city car maker, smart, will be available on the market from 2014.


Open-Source Electric Cars? Umm, No, NOT A Good Idea

Green Car Reports

Many are keen on the concept of open source electric cars--that is, electric cars where the built-in software can be In the world of software, open source is officially A Good Thing. It enables a far greater creative and technological base to tweak and change a piece of software than might be possible from within the company that created it.


VW to benefit from a Bright IDEA

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The company, which unveiled its IDEA concept series plug-in hybrid light commercial van in May, will now convert VW Transporter vans using the series hybrid Bright powertrain. This will provide a bridge between the concept and the production version of the IDEA. According to Lyle Shuey, Bright’s vice president of marketing and sales, the converted Transporters are not as efficient as the purpose-built IDEA and the conversions are expensive.


Bright Automotives Plug-in IDEA Debuts on Tuesday

Green Car Congress

Bright Automotive will unveil its IDEA plug-in hybrid concept on Tuesday in Washington, DC. Bright will then take the IDEA will to Norway in May 2009 for the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS24). The IDEA is designed to operate in all-electric mode for the first 30 miles before switching to hybrid mode for a full range of 400 miles.

Hyundai gets thinking for Future Mobility IDEA fest

Green Cars News

The Korean carmaker has revealed a series of single-person mobility concepts designed by its engineers as part of its company IDEA festival. We all love a light-hearted story on a Friday and thankfully Hyundai has delivered the goods today. For the last three years, Hyundai has been organising this company contest to enhance and expand [.]. Latest news


BMW i Future Interaction Concept At CES Hints At i8 Spyder (Again)

Green Car Reports

Way back in 2012, BMW unveiled a convertible i8 Spyder as a followup to the original i8 plug-in hybrid coupe concept. But while the coupe went into production as a 2014 model, the i8 Spyder never went beyond the concept stage. But BMW isn't quite done with the idea of a convertible i8, apparently. CES plug-in cars Consumer Electronics Show BMW i8 Concept Spyder

2016 64

Mitsubishi Evo rally sedan morphs into electric crossover concept

Green Car Reports

At least that's Mitsubishi's idea with its new e-Evolution concept that debuted Wednesday at the LA Auto Show. Electric power has come to drag racers, hill-climb cars, and Formula E racers. Why not rally cars? Unlike the winged sedan that took the off-road rally racing world by storm 15 years ago, the new model is an electric SUV. READ MORE: 2018. Los Angeles Auto Show

2018 76

Fiat Concept Centoventi electric car opens Mopar toolbox, looks beyond 500e

Green Car Reports

Fiat is 120 years old, and for the Geneva Motor Show the Italian automaker is presenting an electric concept car that celebrates the brand’s “democratic mobility” charge while providing a glimpse of what that idea could mean in the future.

2019 83

BREAKING NEWS: Hermosa Beach To Become Carbon Neutral City! Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

Creative Greenius

We began sharing our ideas with the Mayor in early January and it was obvious he was not just open to listening, but wanted to actively engage with us. He encouraged us to develop our ideas into steps the City could take action on. Energized by the idea of a local elected leader who gets it and wants to actually do something, we took our inspiration from Robert’s Green Idea House and developed a broad proposal to apply that same thinking on a citywide level.

2010 182

Audi AI:Trail concept teased: Are off-road and autonomous mutually exclusive?

Green Car Reports

Audi has provided an early tease of a completely new electric concept vehicle it plans to reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show next month. Called AI:Trail, it appears to be a nod to the idea that technology-advanced autonomous vehicles may not entirely be bound to the normal maze of streets and highways. The concept, Audi says, shows

2019 62

Rumor: Sixth production-bound VW ID electric car to be previewed with LA show concept

Green Car Reports

That requires quite the ramp-up of company resources, and it’s likely the brand has many more new ideas and designs to test as concept cars. The Volkswagen Group plans to build 27 different electric-vehicle models, across its brands, by 2022—on its way to building 10 million EVs on its upcoming MEB architecture by later in the decade.

2019 71

Nissan unveils Ariya Concept electric crossover at Tokyo Motor Show

Green Car Congress

Nissan unveiled the Ariya Concept, a crossover EV with twin electric motors, powerful acceleration, award-winning driver assistance technology and a look that signals a complete reinvention of the brand’s design. The new Nissan Ariya Concept, introduced at the 46 th Tokyo Motor Show, signals a new era for Nissan as the company redefines its brand philosophy for the next evolutionary phase of the automobile.

2019 65

New concept with anthraquinone-based organic cathode advances aluminum battery technology

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia, have developed a new concept for an aluminum battery delivering twice the energy density as previous versions, made of abundant materials, and with the potential to reduce production costs and environmental impact. The idea, reported in a paper in the journal Energy Storage Materials has potential for large scale applications, including storage of solar and wind energy.

2019 101

Hyundai EV concept for Frankfurt show to highlight new design language

Green Car Reports

Hyundai will show a concept car “envisioning its future EV design direction” at next month’s Frankfurt auto show. According to an announcement from the company last week, the EV concept will follow a “Style Set Free” theme that extends an array of customization possibilities. Hyundai first presented ideas with the new

2019 49

New split-cycle concept to control diesel HCCI combustion

Green Car Congress

Ettore Musu from the University of Pisa presented a CFD study of concept at the SAE 2010 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting in San Diego. The HCPC concept consists of forming a precompressed homogeneous mixture outside the cylinder and then gradually admitting the charge into the cylinder during the combustion process. Pollutant emission behavior vs. engine speed.confirms the validity of the HCPC combustion concept. Turbocharged HCPC engine scheme. Click to enlarge.

2010 103

Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV concept: hydrogen crossover coming next year

Green Car Reports

Hyundai arrived first to market with the world's first production hydrogen fuel-cell crossover utility in 2013 with the Tucson Fuel Cell, and we have a good idea of what to expect from the brand's follow-up act. The Korean brand unveiled a lightly-disguised concept this week that previews its next fuel-cell SUV to come in 2018, which remains.

2017 63

Audi reveals PB18 e-tron concept in Monterey–with moveable cockpit and solid-state batteries

Green Car Reports

Although it's a concept car, intended to combine the ideas from last year's self-driving Audi Aicon concept with the company's LeMans-winning R-18. With the annual classic car weekend going on in California, automakers are all working to outdo each other—and this year that means with electric cars. On Friday, Audi revealed its PB18 e-tron.

2018 62

Orcelle Fund Soliciting Projects for Alternative Maritime Energy Sources and Energy-Efficient Technology Ideas

Green Car Congress

The Fund seeks to bring innovative ideas for maritime renewable energy sources to the global forefront and to develop the energy-efficient technologies that hold the promise of future commercial viability. The Fund builds upon the vision and values of the E/S Orcelle, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ concept car carrier with a zero emissions capability, which carries no ballast water on board. What is the Orcelle Fund?


Audi unmasks Q8 concept in Detroit

Green Cars News

Audi has taken the covers off its eagerly awaited Q8 SUV Coupe concept at the Detroit Motor Show. The show car gives us an idea of what we can expect. Audi Q8


80-Foot Long Electric Bus Concept From Poland: Uses Fuel Cells Too

Green Car Reports

Aggressive promotion by carmakers is slowly getting the public used to the idea of electric vehicles, but probably not ones like this. This massive plug-in electric bus concept comes from Polish bus-maker Solaris--and it uses fuel cells too. DON''T MISS: Portland Tests BYD K9 All-Electric Passenger Bus: Quick Ride The 24-meter (78.7

Nissan introduces series-hybrid Gripz Concept leveraging LEAF platform

Green Car Congress

Nissan unveiled a new compact crossover concept, the Nissan Gripz Concept, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Gripz Concept is a series-hybrid system in which a small efficient gasoline engine is used to power the electric motor found in the Nissan LEAF. The Crossover concept incorporates four key design elements first seen in Europe on the Nissan Sway, one of the highlights of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

2015 79

Volkswagen Group introduces first Group autonomous driving concept: Sedric

Green Car Congress

At the Geneva Motor Show, the Volkswagen Group is introducing Sedric (self-driving car)—an SAE Level 5 autonomous battery-electric vehicle concept. Sedric is the first concept car from the Volkswagen Group (as opposed to being a concept car developed by one of the Group brands). But our concept car stands for a new self-image and a new form of collaboration and know-how transfer in the Group.

2017 80

Ford electric SUV image, Volvo 360c concept, and electric cars steal hybrid sales: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Volvo introduces its idea for self-driving electric cars with the 360c concept. Ford teases its forthcoming Mustang-inspired electric crossover SUV once expected to be called the Mach 1. Electric cars steal sales from hybrid vehicles. And Ford requests an exception to electric-car noise rules. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

2018 49

Tesla-Targeting Audi e-tron quattro Electric SUV Concept Teased Ahead Of Frankfurt

Green Car Reports

We now know the concept will be called the Audi e-tron quattro, and--thanks to teaser images released by the carmaker--we have a rough idea of what it will look like. Audi will build an all-electric version of its upcoming Q6 SUV "coupe," which will be previewed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Matching previous descriptions, the. Frankfurt Motor Show plug-in cars Audi Q6

2015 85

MIT researchers use neural networks to speed materials design; 5 weeks vs 50 years for flow battery proof-of-concept

Green Car Congress

The challenge they chose for the proof-of-concept trial was materials for use in redox flow batteries, a type of battery that holds promise for large, grid-scale batteries that could play a significant role in enabling clean, renewable energy. And these leads that are coming out of our work, these are not necessarily at all ideas that were already known from the literature or that an expert would have been able to point you to.

2020 96

Electric Volkswagen Bus Teased Again: Will It Be Real This Time?

Green Car Reports

The idea is as cool as it is durable: An all-electric reincarnation of the classic Volkswagen Bus, beloved people carrier of the Sixties and Seventies. It was first mentioned fully five years ago, when Volkswagen showed an all-electric taxi concept based on an updated minivan with all the design cues of the VW Bus. A further concept followed the. Future Cars taxi plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Volkswagen Bulli Concept Nissan e-NV200

2015 87

MIT proof-of-concept demo of ionic wind propulsion for aircraft

Green Car Congress

The researchers describe their proof of concept for electroaerodynamic (EAD) airplane propulsion in a paper in the journal Nature. This was the simplest possible plane we could design that could prove the concept that an ion plane could fly. In part, that was because their idea was just one of several being explored to achieve flight—with others betting on the success of gliders, airships and even kites.

2018 99

Volkswagen to put MEB-based electric I.D. BUZZ microbus concept into production; Cargo variant too

Green Car Congress

BUZZ microbus concept into production. Volkswagen presented the concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Just like the concept car that was shown in Detroit, the production model will also have its batteries mounted in the vehicle floor. With Level 3 autonomous capability, this is an ideal concept for an electric van, particularly for delivering packages and goods to the inner cities. Volkswagen announced it will put the battery-electric I.D.

2017 80

INFINITI developing all-new electric vehicle platform influenced by Q Inspiration concept

Green Car Congress

In Beijing, INFINITI Motor Company announced it is developing an all-new electrified vehicle platform influenced by the Q Inspiration concept car. When INFINITI unveiled the Q Inspiration at NAIAS this January, the concept was powered by a VC-Turbo variable compression ratio engine powertrain. INFINITI is developing a new platform for electrified vehicles inspired by the Q Inspiration concept car, which shows the new design language for the age of autonomy and electrification.

2018 60

Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept at Geneva highlights electric-car performance (live photos)

Green Car Reports

But the maker of Europe's best-selling electric car seeks to underscore the idea that "electric cars can be fun and fast," perhaps hoping that some of Tesla's high-velocity image will rub off. The Renault Zoe, a subcompact hatchback, has little in common with the Tesla Model S besides a battery-electric powertrain and five doors.

2017 70

Honda unveils Urban EV Concept, production version in 2019; electrified technology for every new model launched in Europe

Green Car Congress

President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo unveiled Honda’s new electric vehicle, the Urban EV Concept, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Urban EV Concept is built on a completely new platform, and sets the direction for the technology and design that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production model. Honda’s Urban EV Concept showcases advanced technology within a simple and sophisticated design. Honda also unveiled the Power Manager Concept. Honda Motor Co.

2017 81

Toyota showing two new fuel cell concepts at Tokyo Motor Show: bus and car

Green Car Congress

Toyota has launched two new fuel cell vehicle concepts: the Sora fuel cell bus and the Fine Comfort Ride fuel cell car. Toyota plans to launch sales of a commercial model based on the Sora (an acronym for Sky, Ocean, River, Air, representing the earth‘s water cycle) concept vehicle in 2018 and expects to introduce more than 100 Sora, mainly within the Tokyo metropolitan area, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2017 76

Subaru to introduce updated VIZIV plug-in hybrid concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Green Car Congress

At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will debut the Subaru VIZIV Evolution Concept plug-in hybrid—an advanced form of the future-generation crossover concept VIZIV CONCEPT exhibited at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. The VIZIV Evolution Concept features a power unit which represents one of the ideas Subaru has for the future of its powertrains.

2013 77

California ARB releases concept paper for public review on reducing short-lived climate pollutants

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has released , for public review, a concept paper to initiate discussion on the development of a Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. The Concept Paper presents initial ideas that will be considered and evaluated in the coming months by ARB staff, in coordination with other agencies, as it develops a SLCP Strategy pursuant to SB 605. The Concept Paper will be discussed at a 27 May public workshop.

2015 71