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Audi power-dense 2.5L TFSI engine with electric biturbo delivers 591 hp from 2,480 cc; 48V subsystem for the turbo

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At the Wörthersee festival, Audi is showcasing the Audi TT clubsport turbo technology concept equipped with a new 2.5 TFSI gasoline engine with an electric biturbo ( earlier post ) that delivers 441 kW (591 hp) and 650 N·m (479.4 By comparison: The new Ford Shelby GT 350 will feature a naturally aspirated 5.2L starting from very low revs, the rise in boost pressure and therefore torque becomes gradually greater only as the exhaust energy increases.

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Team from GM, Ford, FCA reviews how to calculate engine efficiency benefits of high octane fuels

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Alcohol and gasoline-alcohol blends also offer efficiency benefits independent of their octane value. Most regular-grade gasoline in the US is sold with a minimum octane rating of 87 AKI, corresponding to approximately 91−92 RON. Practically, however, the range of regular-grade gasoline in the US is 89 to 96 RON; vehicles need to be designed to accommodate fuel with the lowest expected octane rating. Shelby, and William M.

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Ford Announces 2.0L EcoBoost Engine; First Production EcoBoost with TI-VCT

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Ford has officially announced the second member of its turbocharged, gasoline direct-injection EcoBoost family, a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder version that will go on sale next year. EcoBoost engine at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, Ford had also shown a Lincoln C (C-size) concept car powered by a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine mated to a dual-clutch Powershift Transmission. 2010 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500.

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