BNEF: EV company fundings bright spot as clean energy investment slips in Q3 quarter; 3 China EV companies raise $1.9B

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billion in the third quarter of 2018, down 6% from the same period last year, according to the latest Clean Energy Investment Trends report from research company Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). But the market looks increasingly crowded and consolidation is likely.

2018 113

China EV company Nio files for $1.8B IPO; targeting China’s premium BEV SUV market

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The company is initially targeting China’s premium battery-electric SUV market. NIO Pilot, the company’s proprietary enhanced Level 2 ADAS system, is enabled by 23 sensors and equipped with the Mobileye EyeQ 4 ADAS processor, which is eight times more powerful than its predecessor.

2018 85

Navigant Research ranks EV charging network companies

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In a new Leaderboard Report , Navigant Research assesses the business strategy and execution of 12 companies offering public charging networks and EV charging services. Navigant Research estimates the global commercial charging market for plug-ins will be worth $2.7

2016 99

Volkswagen further strengthens activities in China with market entry of SEAT and Smart City Project; smaller EVs

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The Volkswagen Group is further expanding its business in its most important market, China, with the entry of SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, and the Smart City Project. Volkswagen Group China, SEAT and the Chinese auto manufacturer JAC, which together form the joint venture JAC Volkswagen, continue to drive SEAT’s market-entry strategy. The Spanish brand aims to enter the Chinese market in the coming two to three years.

2019 77

German automotive companies launch “clean-diesel” marketing campaign in US

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The new vehicle market share of light-duty diesels in the US is quite low (2.6%) compared with a diesel share of 55% in Western Europe. However, sales of diesel passenger cars by German manufacturers—representing 100% of the market in diesel passenger cars in the US—have more than doubled over the last three years. The German manufacturers pushed up their market share of the diesel light vehicle segment from 25% to 37%. Diesel Engines Market Background Sales

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Ford reorganizes Asia Pacific markets; establishes stand-alone China business

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Ford Motor Company is reorganizing its Asia Pacific operations. Fleet will also oversee the establishment of a new International Markets business unit, which will initially comprise Ford’s existing Asia Pacific businesses outside of China and other markets globally—the subject of a future announcement. The moves are designed to accelerate Ford’s return to profitable growth in China, the world’s largest vehicle market and a key pillar of Ford’s global strategy.

2018 73

Hydro fully acquires Sapa to create a global aluminum company fully integrated across value chain and markets

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Norsk Hydro will acquire Orkla’s 50% interest in Sapa—a 50/50 joint venture between Orkla and Hydro formed in 2013, and the world’s largest aluminum extrusion company. The combination will make Hydro the only global company in the aluminum industry that is fully integrated across the value chain and markets. Following the transaction, Hydro will become a global, integrated aluminum company with more than 35,000 employees, and activities in around 40 countries.

2017 60

Daimler invests in peer-to-peer carsharing market company Turo; combining Croove with Turo

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Daimler Mobility Services is investing in the US carsharing company Turo Inc., With more than four million customers and more than 170,000 vehicles, Turo is the market leader in the peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing sector in the US. The round was co-led by Daimler Mobility Services and one of South Korea’s leading companies, SK Holdings. The expertise and experience of Croove will serve as the basis for Turo to enter the German market within the next year.

2017 71

Ballard unveils 8th generation fuel cell module for heavy duty motive market: FCmove-HD

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With a 35% reduction in lifecycle cost, the FCmove-HD module represents a major advancement in the cost competitiveness of fuel cell solutions for this market. Today’s product unveiling positions Ballard as the market leader in zero-emission PEM fuel cell power solutions for the Heavy Duty Motive market.

2019 96

GlobalData: Global battery energy storage market to grow by 7% to reach $13.13B by 2023

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The global battery energy storage market will to grow to $13.13 Asia-Pacific (APAC) and EMEA will be the dominant markets for battery energy storage systems over the forecast period 2019-2023. APAC will continue to be the largest market, reaching $6.05

2019 101

Toyota and Daihatsu to establish emerging-market compact car company on 1 January

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Toyota Motor Corporation and its fully owned subsidiary Daihatsu Motor intend to officially establish their internal company responsible for compact vehicles for emerging markets (announced on 4 October 2016) on 1 January 2017. The new internal company is to be called the “Emerging-market Compact Car Company”. TDEM) and become an entity under the new internal company.

2016 68

Toyota and Daihatsu plan internal company for emerging-market compact vehicles; new DGNA vehicle architecture

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Toyota Motor Corporation and its fully owned subsidiary Daihatsu Motor plan to establish an internal company that will be responsible for compact vehicles for emerging markets, from product planning to production preparation. This is the result of both companies having agreed on each company’s role in strengthening their compact vehicle operations in emerging markets to help them attain their joint goal of achieving sustainable growth.

2016 71

Occidental Petroleum and Chevron invest in direct air carbon capture and synthetic fuels company Carbon Engineering

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CE) has received equity investment from two global energy companies: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation; and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), the venture capital arm of Chevron Corporation. Canada-based Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE)

2019 145

Japan government, companies pushing ITS in emerging markets

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The Nikkei reports that the Japanese government, major automakers and highway infrastructure companies are now working together to package technologies and services for sale in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia to address the growing problem of traffic congestion. Traffic congestion has become a serious issue in big cities in emerging markets,” said Yasuhiro Okumura, a Transport Ministry official. “We

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Tenneco acquires Federal-Mogul for $5.4B; to create two independent, public companies

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Tenneco, one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of Ride Performance and Clean Air products and technology solutions for diversified markets, signed a definitive agreement to acquire Federal-Mogul, a leading global supplier to OEMs and the aftermarket.

2018 88

Mercom: battery storage, smart grid, and efficiency companies raise $210M in VC funding in Q1 2019, down 55.5% YoY

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A combined $210 million was raised by battery storage, smart grid, and energy efficiency companies in Q1 2019—a 55.5% Total corporate funding (including VC, debt, and public market financing) in battery storage came to $130 million in nine deals compared to $110 million in 14 deals in Q4 2018. Thirteen investors participated in battery storage funding this quarter with energy storage downstream companies raising the most. Batteries Market Background

2019 64

Daimler takes 3.93% stake in Beijing Electric Vehicle Company

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We are fully dedicated to bringing this strategy forward globally and especially in China, the world’s largest NEV market already today. China Electric (Battery) Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2018 78

Electric motor company YASA enters innovation agreement with global automotive manufacturer for hybrids and EVs

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In addition to automotive, YASA is also addressing the burgeoning electric aerospace market. Last month, the company announced partnering with Rolls-Royce to provide the electric motors to power the world’s fastest electric airplane, scheduled for launch in 2020.

2019 131

Navigant Research tags Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Company as leader in e-scooter market

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Navigant ranks Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Company as the top e-scooter company. According to a new Leaderboard report from Navigant Research, Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Company is the best positioned company in the global e-scooter market in terms of strategy and execution.

2013 96

Volkswagen Group sets up new group company for energy and charging: Elli

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The Volkswagen Group is establishing a Group company for energy offerings and charging solutions, underlining its strategic goal of becoming a leading provider of sustainable mobility. The new company will play its part with energy offerings from renewable sources and smart charging solutions.

2019 131

Small-scale GTL company Velocys targeting biomass to diesel and jet for US market

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Velocys plc, a provider of technology for smaller scale gas-to-liquids (GTL), is planning a new strategy under which it will focus on building plants that convert woody biomass to high-specification renewable diesel and jet fuel for the US market. All of this contributes to our differentiated value proposition to the market.

2017 60

Opinion: Oil Market ShowdownCan Russia Outlast The Saudis?

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November 27, oil consuming countries will celebrate the first anniversary of the Saudi decision to let market forces determine prices. Subsequently, to defend market share, the Saudis increased production, which exacerbated market oversupply and further pressured prices.

Russia 112

Mercom Capital report: VC funding up for battery storage, down for smart grid, efficiency companies in 1H 2018 YoY

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Total corporate funding (including venture capital funding, public market, and debt financing) in 1H 2018 was down with $2.4 In Q2 2018, VC funding for Battery Storage, Smart Grid, and Efficiency companies decreased to $367 million in 27 deals compared to $472 million in 23 deals in Q1 2018.

2018 85

Ford Smart Mobility shifts from research to implementation; company announces new programs, next areas of focus

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In the opening keynote at Ford’s annual trends conference, 2015 Further With Ford, CEO Mark Fields announced the next phase of the company’s Smart Mobility plan, originally announced in January this year at CES ( earlier post ). Linking us both as an automotive and a mobility company.

2015 144

Fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden cooperates with Swiss Hydrogen SA to market fuel cell systems

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Fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swiss Hydrogen SA, a Switzerland-based company that develops hydrogen fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications. The two companies will cooperate to market and sell high performance fuel cell systems based on PowerCell’s stacks. Both companies will also join forces on sales and marketing activities worldwide.

2016 60

EDF launches subsidiary Hynamics to produce and to market low-carbon hydrogen

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In 2018, EDF consolidated its interest in the emerging low-carbon hydrogen market by acquiring a 21.7% stake in McPhy, a manufacturer and marketer of electrolysers and a player committed to low-carbon hydrogen since its creation in 2008.

2019 100

Faurecia gaining market momentum with hemp-based biomaterial NAFILean

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As Faurecia’s NAFILean (natural fiber for injection) lightweight hemp-based biomaterials are increasingly adopted by OEMs, the company has developed new figures showing the significant energy and environmental benefits of the biomaterials.

2018 110

Mercedes-Benz Vans shows pickup truck concepts; market launch in late 2017; diesel V6

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Daimler AG will make investments in the high nine figures (euro) in the new model series by the time of the market launch. The key markets will be Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia with New Zealand, and Europe. The key markets are Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa.

2016 106

Anjie Wireless licenses WiTricity technology for China EV market

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Under the terms of the agreement, Anjie Wireless will license WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology and industry-leading designs to develop and commercialize highly efficient wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for sale to leading carmaker brands in the China market. WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 system , based on the company’s patented magnetic resonance technology, operates at 11 kW of power and at an efficiency that matches or exceeds most conventional plug-in chargers.

2018 81

Hyundai Motor, BTIRDI to establish $100M hydrogen energy fund in China; foundation for fuel cell vehicle market

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More specifically, the fund will seek for innovative companies that possess various hydrogen-related infrastructures and leadership in core hydrogen technologies. In particular, the Sino-Korean cooperation will lay a strong foundation for Hyundai Motor to make foray into the Chinese fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market in the future. China Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background

2018 74

Alcoa splitting into two companies; expecting 2.4x increase in automotive revenues to $1.8B in 2018

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The Board of Directors of Alcoa has unanimously approved a plan to split the lightweight metals leader into two independent, publicly-traded companies. The Value-Add Company will include Global Rolled Products, Engineered Products and Solutions, and Transportation and Construction Solutions.

2015 109

IHS: Renesas maintains dominance in $26.7B automotive semiconductor market

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Renesas remained the leader in the automotive semiconductor market in 2013, with the company’s dominance in microcomponents and logic integrated circuits (IC) helping it to hold a half-billion-dollar gap over the second-place competitor, according to analysis by IHS Technology.

2014 109

Toyota and Suzuki to start discussing joint projects for technological development, vehicle production, and market development; India and Africa

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Toyota Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) agreed to start discussing new joint projects in the fields of technological development, vehicle production, and market development. After having concluded a memorandum of understanding toward business partnership on 6 February 2017 ( earlier post ), Toyota and Suzuki have been pursuing concrete forms of cooperation and have announced the mutual supply of vehicles for the Indian market ( earlier post ) and other joint efforts.

Market launch of Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell fuel cell plug-in hybrid

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Mercedes-Benz has handed over the first GLC F-CELL ( earlier post ) vehicles to selected customers in the German market. Further handovers will also be made this year, including to the companies Air Liquide, Shell, Linde AG and also the cities of Stuttgart and Hamburg.

2018 117

Toyota develops “Total-care Service” for ride-hailing companies; rollout with Grab in Singapore

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Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is introducing “total-care service,” a pioneering set of mobility services specially designed for ride-hailing companies. In addition, both companies will work to increase the share of Toyota vehicles in Grab’s fleet in the region by 25% by 2020.

2018 101

Ballard introduces next-generation fuel cell stack for heavy duty motive market: FCgen-LCS

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With today’s unveiling of the FCgen-LCS stack and next year’s planned launch of LCS-based power modules, Ballard will remain the market leader in zero-emission PEM fuel cell power solutions for the Heavy Duty Motive market.

2018 125

Navigant: Daimler, Audi, BMW, and General Motors currently leading development of autonomous vehicle market

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In a new Leaderboard Report, Navigant Research ranks Daimler, Audi, BMW, and General Motors (GM) as leading the autonomous vehicle OEM market in terms of strategy and execution. Autonomous driving Forecasts Market Background

Renewable oils company Solazyme enters oil & gas drilling market with Encapso lubricant

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a renewable oil and bioproducts company, is entering into the oil and gas drilling fluids additive market. No other product on the market does that. Philip Johnson, a senior drilling engineer who worked with Encapso on behalf of a major exploration and production company. Initially, Solazyme is focused on commercializing its products into three target markets: (1) fuels and chemicals, (2) nutrition and (3) skin and personal care. Solazyme, Inc.,

2014 74

Antenna company Airgain joins 5G Automotive Association

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Antenna technology company Airgain, Inc. The company joins leading telecommunications and automotive companies with the aim of accelerating the penetration of the connected and autonomous car and intelligent fleet management. Airgain believes it can play an important role in the connected vehicle market by providing antenna technology in support of advanced wireless connectivity solutions for in-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure applications.

Infinitum Electric closes $1.8M Series A to bring new electric motor technology to market; increasing R&D for EV applications

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Infinitum will also use the new funding to increase research and development efforts for applications in the Electric Vehicle and Oil and Gas markets. In the absence of mechanical interference, this insulation method and stator design is almost indestructible, the company says.

2019 115

Energy Impact Partners invests €5M in EV fleet efficiency company ViriCiti

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million (€5 million) in ViriCiti, a Europe-based EV fleet efficiency technology company ( earlier post ), in a Series A round. The company currently serves more than 50% of the e-bus market in Europe and North America, with its solution integrated into some of the largest urban transit networks, including New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Another EIP portfolio company, smart home security technology firm Ring, was acquired by Amazon in March 2018.

2019 82

Adamas Intelligence: share prices of China’s REE materials companies skyrocketing in 2019

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China’s NdFeB permanent magnet production increased by 5% in 2018 while domestic NdFeB consumption increased by approximately 6%, keeping the market tightly balanced, as evidenced by a rise in prices for 31 NdFeB grades in 2018 versus the year prior.

2019 78

GlobalData: growing global electric vehicle market will more than double lithium demand over the next 5 years

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Data and analytics company GlobalData forecasts that the demand for lithium needed for the production of lithium-ion batteries for use in EVs will more than double from 26.7kt in 2018 to 58.3kt in 2022.

2018 123