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£50 million: the fuel sapping cost of van loads

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Businesses around the UK could save around £50 million each year-simply by taking the unnecessary weight out of the back of their vans. According to new research from the Energy Saving Trust, businesses that operate fleets of light goods vehicles (up to 3.5

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GTI quantifies opportunity to produce low-carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) from wood wastes

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GTI has released a site-specific engineering design titled “ Low-Carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Wood Wastes ”. The RNG product with very low carbon intensity could be used for carbon emission reductions in the transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential energy sectors.

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Novozymes launches commercial enzyme technology to convert waste oils into biodiesel

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Novozymes has launched Eversa Transform, the first commercially available enzymatic solution (a liquid lipase) to convert both glycerides and free fatty acids (FFA) into biodiesel. waste oils with high FFAs have not been a viable feedstock option.

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National Academies Report Examines Hidden Cost of Energy Production and Use in US; Estimates $120B in 2005

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Health and other non-climate damages by life-cycle component for different combinations of fuels and light-duty automobiles in 2005 (top) and 2030 (bottom). Source: “Hidden Costs of Energy”. The report estimates dollar values for several major components of these costs.

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A*STAR team combines fungal culture and acid hydrolyses for cost-effective production of fermentable sugars from palm oil waste

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Researchers from A*STAR in Singapore have developed a fungal culture for use in a cheap and efficient method to transform waste oil palm material into biofuels and environmentally friendly plastics. After the harvest of the fruit from oil palm trees, large amounts of leftover biomass known as empty fruit bunch remain. The palm oil waste contains cellulose and hemicellulose that can be broken down into sugars for use in fuel and plastic production. Higher amounts of ?-glucosidase

2015 74

ORNL advancing LDH sorbent to recover lithium from geothermal brine wastes

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Domestic production of lithium, the lightest of elemental metals, is considered a priority for the US. It is essential for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries commonly used for everything from electric vehicles to cell phones and laptops. The United States imported 4,000 metric tons of lithium in 2018, according to the US Geological Survey, a figure expected to grow exponentially. The work was described in a paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

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Ricardo forms company to commercialize cryogenic split-cycle engine: CryoPower

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Ricardo has created a company—Dolphin N2 Ltd—to commercialize its CryoPower cryogenic split-cycle engine technology ( earlier post , earlier post.) CryoPower is based on the use of a separate induction and compression cylinder from that used for combustion and exhaust.

2018 95

UK study finds Bio-SNG could offer 90% reduction in lifecycle CO2; lower cost of carbon abatement than electrical solutions for transport applications

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Cost of carbon abated for transport applications. Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) delivered via the gas grid offers CO 2 lifecycle savings of up to 90% compared with fossil fuel alternatives, and offer sa more cost-effective solution than electricity for carbon abatement in transport applications, according to a new feasibility study published by National Grid (UK), the North East Process Industry Cluster ( NEPIC ) and Centrica. Cost of carbon abated.

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Velocys receives FONSI from USDA for planned Mississippi biorefinery; wood waste to drop-in fuels

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Velocys plc announced that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) on the environmental assessment report for Velocys’ planned Bayou Fuels biorefinery in Natchez, Mississippi. Velocys is pursuing a USDA loan guarantee that could apply up to $200 million of debut as part of the total installed cost of the project.

Researchers Develop More Efficient Thermocells for Low-Grade Waste Heat Recovery

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Schematic of a thermocell with nanostructured electrodes showing concentration gradients of the ferri-ferrocyanide redox ions during power generation. The team showed efficiency of thermocells with MWNT electrodes to be as high as 1.4%

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DOE to award up to $51.5M for commercial truck, off-road vehicle, and gaseous fuels research

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The US Department of Energy announced up to $51.5 million for new and innovative research of technologies for trucks, off-road vehicles, and the fuels that power them ( DE-FOA-0002044 ). —Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes.

2019 73

UK plant given waste to ethanol grant

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The world’s third largest chemical company INEOS has received an offer of a £7.3million grant towards the construction costs of the first commercial plant that would use its waste-to-ethanol technology. After a feasibility study by the company, the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change has approved funding of £4.5million while the Regional Development Agency One [.].

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Enerkem GreenField Alberta Biofuels Awarded Permit to Build Commercial Municipal Waste-to-Biofuels Facility

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Enerkem GreenField Alberta Biofuels (EGAB) has successfully completed the necessary environmental regulatory process and has been granted a permit to commence construction of a commercial facility to produce biofuels and green chemicals from sorted municipal solid waste in Edmonton, Alberta. The permit was granted by Alberta Environment under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act of the Province of Alberta. million gallons) of ethanol per year.

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NextFuels introduces hydrothermal process to produce biofuels from wet, unprocessed waste; solution for palm plantation residue

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Overview of the NextFuels’ GreenCrude process. Biofuels company NextFuels introduced its hydrothermal process for economically producing transportation and industrial fuels from wet, unprocessed agricultural waste. 65 to 70% of the energy put into the system becomes useable energy.

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NSF and DOE Issue Solicitation for Automotive Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery Projects; Up to $9M in Total Funding Over 3 Years

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Six key elements of a thermoelectric waste heat recovery module for vehicle applications. Solid state energy conversion concepts that involve thermoelectric devices offer the promise of converting waste exhaust heat to electricity.

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Solar Energy - A Way To Cut Down On High Energy Costs

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It was expensive to commercially exploit solar energy few decades ago. But over time due to rapid advancements in solar technology and the corresponding increase in conventional fuels solar energy cost has become comparable to other energy sources. With fuel prices going up it is inevitable that you are faced with high utility bills due to higher heating and cooling costs. Solar energy is available in great abundance from the sun in the form of light and heat.

2011 109

HyperSolar reaches 1.25 V for water-splitting with its self-contained low-cost photoelectrochemical nanosystem

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volts (V) of water-splitting voltage with its novel low-cost electrolysis technology. V or more is generally needed because of the low reaction kinetics. This lowers the system cost of what is essentially an electrolysis process. —Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

2014 109

Start-up commercializing NC State technology for drop-in biofuels; full commercial production targeted for 2016

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Diversified Energy’s license agreement was terminated, according to Dr. Terry Bray at NCSU’s Office of Technology Transfer. Red Wolf, formed in 2010, is in the process of raising $3 million through an equity offering to commercialize the thermal-chemical catalytic process.

2011 93

Progress toward commercializing the GTI IH2 thermochemical process for drop-in hydrocarbon fuels

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At the 244 th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Gas Technology Institute (GTI) scientist Dr. Martin Linck provided an update on the progress toward commercializing the GTI Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion (IH 2 ) process, with a presentation of new data on IH 2 developed from a continuous 50 kg/day pilot plant. IH 2 technology involves use of internally generated hydrogen and a series of proprietary catalysts.

2012 119

Novozymes and Fiberight Showcase Ethanol Produced from Waste Office Paper and Cardboard in Drive Demonstration in Washington

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At the Washington Auto Show, Novozymes, in partnership with US-based advanced biofuel manufacturer Fiberight , demonstrated two flex-fuel vehicles—a Chevy HHR and a Ford F150—running on E85, with the ethanol produced from government office waste paper and waste cardboard.

2010 93

Roland Berger study outlines integrated vehicle and fuels roadmap for further abating transport GHG emissions 2030+ at lowest societal cost

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A new study by consultancy Roland Berger defines an integrated roadmap for European road transport decarbonization to 2030 and beyond; the current regulatory framework for vehicle emissions, carbon intensity of fuels and use of renewable fuels covers only up to 2020/2021.

2016 85

Algae biodiesel company AFS BioOil tracking to produce biodiesel at $2/gallon at commercial scale

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AFS BioOil announced that initial tests conducted by the company since startup of the system confirm that production costs of biodiesel will be in the range of $2 per gallon when produced in a commercial system of 1 millon gallons/yr and greater. Both companies are planning an integrated project of 5 MWe of renewable electricity and 1-3 millon gallons/yr of biodiesel.

2012 81

Hydrexia and HyGear partner on low-cost hydrogen distribution in Europe; solid state storage and delivery

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Australia-based hydrogen solid state storage and distribution company Hydrexia has entered an agreement with Netherlands-based HyGear, supplier of industrial gases and on-site generation systems, to supply hydrogen in Europe. The agreement between the two companies allows for development and supply of a complete hydrogen generation, storage and distribution system with a lower cost product for customers.

2015 73

Coskata Unveils Semi-Commercial Feedstock-Flexible Ethanol Facility; Springboard for Full-Scale Commercial Rollout

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Coskata’s semi-commercial facility in Madison, Pa. a syngas to ethanol company, officially launched its semi-commercial “Flexethanol” facility located in Madison, PA. Actual production cost will vary, either below or above $1.00 Fast pyrolysis of forest wood residue consumes 2.3

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CleanTech Biofuels, Fiberight to Create Municipal Solid Waste to Cellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant

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an early stage provider of cellulosic biomass feedstock derived from municipal solid waste (MSW) for energy and bio-based chemical production, will install its demonstration vessel at Fiberight LLC’s cellulosic ethanol pilot plant in Lawrenceville, Va. This combination of CleanTech’s patented Biomass Recovery Process and Fiberight’s Targeted Fuel Extraction process will create a fully-integrated MSW to cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant. CleanTech Biofuels, Inc.,

2010 68

Shengquan and Novozymes in partnership to commercialize cellulosic ethanol for solvents

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Shengquan Group, a Shandong-based company specializing in furan resin and polymers, and Novozymes, a world leader in bioinnovation, have formed a partnership enabling Shengquan to start commercial-scale production of cellulosic ethanol for solvents in June 2012 using Novozymes’ technology. Shengquan is a leading producer of furfural using xylose in corncobs, a monomer for resin production in the foundry industry.

2012 74

New Novozymes Enzymes for Cellulosic Ethanol Enable Production Cost Below US$2 Per Gallon

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The decrease in enzyme cost brings the low end of cellulosic ethanol production cost below the high end of corn ethanol production cost. Novozymes has launched what it called the first commercially viable enzymes for production of biofuel from agricultural waste.

2010 102

OriginOil analysis suggests production cost as low as $2.28/gallon for algae-derived renewable gasoline or diesel using feedstock blending

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points to a potential production cost as low as $2.28/gallon ($0.60/Liter) for gasoline or diesel using a blend of algae and waste feedstocks, using the latest growth, harvesting and fuel conversion technologies from OriginOil and other innovators. The company cautions that this is a first look at the impact of these new technologies that is subject to large-scale revision. This cost roughly doubles to $5.44/gallon ($1.44/Liter) when using pure algae feedstocks.

2012 78

Sapporo Breweries and Petrobras to Partner on Biohydrogen Production from Waste

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unit is testing a technology in Japan that generates hydrogen from the fermentation of bakery waste. The plan is to build a pilot plant on the outskirts of Sao Paulo and begin production in October, with the aim of bringing down the manufacturing cost of the hydrogen to around 40 yen per cu. If the project gets on track, Petrobras plans to commercialize the business and Sapporo Breweries will sell production equipment based on the technology.

2009 60

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

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The Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has selected 60 research projects for up to a combined $156 million in funding from the Fiscal Year 2011 budget. The projects selected are located in 25 states, with 50% of projects led by universities, 23% by small businesses, 12% by large businesses, 13% by national labs, and 2% by non-profits. This most recent round of selections brings the total to 180 projects, 12 program areas and $521.7

2011 96

Researcher Says Biodiesel from Sewage Sludge Nearly Cost-Competitive with Petroleum Diesel

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Existing technology can produce biodiesel fuel from municipal sewage sludge that is within a few cents a gallon of being competitive with conventional diesel refined from petroleum, according to Dr. David Kargbo, with the US EPA’s Office of Innovation, Environmental Assessment & Innovation Division in Philadelphia, PA. Sludge is the solid material left behind from the treatment of sewage at wastewater treatment plants. of the yearly national petroleum diesel demand.

2010 71

AFC and University of Witwatersrand Sign Exclusive Agreement to Commercialize Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Chemical Feedstocks in the Americas

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Alternative Fuels Corporation (AFC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of G4G Resources Ltd. and the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa (Wits) signed an exclusive representation agreement to commercialize the Fischer-Tropsch-based fuel and chemical production process developed by the Centre of Materials and Process Synthesis (COMPS) located at The University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Physiomics, Green Biologics Limited and North Energy Associates to develop advanced fermentation process for biobutanol to make it cost competitive with 1st gen biofuels

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Example feedstock includes sugar beet pulp, distillers dried grains & solubles (DDGS) and municipal solid waste. The advanced butanol fermentation process should reduce production costs below $500/tonne making it cost competitive with first generation biofuels. In addition, the use of renewable and sustainable feedstock supports significant savings in net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK, which could total 1,230,000 t eq.

2010 74

DOE EERE awarding $43.6M for Phase II SBIR projects

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is awarding $43.6 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II Release 2 grants to projects that demonstrate commercial feasibility for innovations during the second phase of their research. Phase II awards range from $975,000 to $1,150,000, with a duration of two years.

2019 77

Study Finds Integrated Biorefinery Processes Could Be Highly Competitive With Petroleum Fuels on Efficiency and Costs, While Offering Substantial Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Processing efficiencies for biorefinery scenarios (energy out as percent of feedstock lower heating value). The RBAEF project, which was launched in 2003, is the most comprehensive study of the performance and cost of mature technologies for producing energy from biomass to date.

2009 85

Study finds renewable natural gas could meet ~85% of current natural gas use in transport in California by 2020s; much higher volumes possible with right policies

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A study by a team from UC Davis for the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has found that the state could produce 14 bcf (billion cubic feet) per year of renewable natural gas (RNG) (biomethane) by the 2020s, meeting roughly 85% of current natural gas use in transport California at LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) credits of $120 per metric ton of CO 2. —“Final Draft Report on The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute”.

2016 88

DOE launches its first Li-ion battery recycling R&D center: ReCell; driving toward closed-loop recycling

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched its first lithium-ion battery recycling center, called the ReCell Center. The ReCell Center is supported by DOE with $15 million over three years and its work will include development of test beds and a process scaleup facility at Argonne.

2019 137

ULEMCo delivers first hydrogen dual fuel road sweeper to Aberdeen City Council

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UK-based ULEMCo—a spin-out from Revolve Technologies focused on conversions of diesel vehicles to hydrogen dual fuel operation—has collaborated with Aberdeen City Council (ACC) to deliver the first hydrogen dual fuel road sweeper. —Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo.

2018 101

DOE announces $79M for bioenergy research and development

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced more than $79 million in funding for bioenergy research and development including biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower ( DE-FOA-00002029 ). The FOA topics will advance DOE’s Bioenergy Technology Office’s (BETO) objectives to reduce the price of drop-in biofuels, lower the cost of biopower, and enable high-value products from biomass or waste resources. to show achievability of ‘drop-in’ requirements.

2019 73

CARB approves $423M plan to mitigate harm from Volkswagen defeat devices; significant investments in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment sectors

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a plan to mitigate statewide harm from more than 10,000 tons of smog-causing pollutants released in the state due to Volkswagen’s (VW) use of illegal “defeat devices” in diesel passenger cars.

2018 118

Fulcrum Bioenergy breaks ground on Phase 2 of Sierra Biofuels plant; 1st garbage-to-fuels project

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has started site construction for Phase 2 of its first waste-to-fuels project, the Sierra BioFuels Plant (Sierra). Sierra will be the nation’s first commercial-scale plant converting a municipal solid waste (MSW) feedstock—i.e., million gallons of fuel each year.

2018 85

IACMI, DuPont and Purdue partner on automotive carbon-fiber composites

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and Purdue University, has launched the first project selected with a dual focus on decreasing the cost of manufacture and increasing design flexibility for automotive composites. Advancements in both areas can open up new opportunities and become an enabler for large-scale deployment of composite parts. Multiple factors, including cost and design constraints, present barriers to the adoption of composites in high volume automotive applications.

Muradel testing green crude production in South Australia

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Green2Black is an efficient closed-loop process that recycles its waste products. Using microalgae produced on site, plant biomass and organic waste, Muradel’s energy-efficient subcritical water reactor converts them in minutes to a crude oil that is functionally equivalent to fossil crude.

2014 96