Rhodium Group estimates US GHG fell 2.1% in 2019, driven by coal decline

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This decline was due almost entirely to a drop in coal consumption. Coal-fired power generation fell by a record 18% year-on-year to its lowest level since 1975. Coal-driven decline. It also marks the end of a decade in which total US coal generation was cut in half.

2020 124

China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process to convert coal tar to gasoline and diesel

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Flow diagram of coal tar hydrogenation process. Researchers in China report the production of gasoline and diesel from coal tar via an optimized catalytic hydrogenation using two serial fixed beds, the first with a hydrofining catalyst of MoNi/?-Al Catalysts Coal Diesel Fuels

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Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

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BNEF predicts that lithium-ion battery prices, already down by nearly 80% per megawatt-hour since 2010, will continue to tumble as electric vehicle manufacturing builds up through the 2020s. The result will be renewables eating up more and more of the existing market for coal, gas and nuclear. Coal emerges as the biggest loser in the long run. However, coal consumption was also up, growing for the first time since 2013.

2018 78

Sinopec establishes coal-to-chemical unit

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Sinopec Group) formally established a coal-to-chemical unit in Beijing on September 28. will take charge of the investment and operation of coal-to-chemical business of the parent company, construction of the coal-to-chemical projects, as well as professional management of the coal-to-chemical business. Menafn. China Petroleum Corp. Sinopec Great Wall Energy Chemical Co.,

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Updated NETL study provides more detailed economic and environmental assessment of coal-to-liquids and CTL with modest biomass

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The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has released a follow-on study to its 2009 evaluation of the economic and environmental performance of Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) and CTL with modest amounts of biomass mixed in (15% by weight) for the production of zero-sulfure diesel fuel. Both bituminous and sub-bituminous coals were evaluated as these coal types represent 90% of the US reserve base (53% and 37%, respectively). This equates to diesel prices in the range of $2.70

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Headwaters Inc and Axens Form Direct Coal Liquefaction Alliance

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Headwaters direct coal liquefaction process. Headwaters Inc and Axens are forming a strategic alliance to provide a single-source solution for producing synthetic fuels by direct coal liquefaction (DCL) alone or in combination with refinery residues or biomass. Coal consumption.

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EIA: US electricity generation from coal and natural gas both increased with summer heat

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In August 2012, coal produced 39% of US electricity, up from a low of 32% in April 2012, when the natural gas share of generation equaled that of coal. The August coal share of generation is still notably lower than the 50% annual average over the 1990-2010 period.

2012 107

EIA: US rail traffic reflects increase in crude oil production, decrease in coal use; coal still dominant

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The record increase in US crude oil production during 2012 and the significant decline in coal use for domestic electricity generation were reflected in the movement of those two commodities by rail last year, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

2013 98

CMU study finds that coal retirement is needed for EVs to reduce air pollution

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Electric vehicles charged in coal-heavy regions can create more human health and environmental damages from life cycle air emissions than gasoline vehicles, according to a new consequential life cycle analysis by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University.

2016 98

Opinion: Have Natural Gas Prices Bottomed?

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It has by far contributed to the largest increases in output and has signal handily resulted in the crash in prices. Coal still represents the majority of fuel used to generate electricity despite this trend. by Leonard Brecken of Oilprice.com.

2015 97

MIT study concludes that absent climate policy, coal-to-liquids could account for around a third of global liquid fuels by 2050

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A new assessment of the viability of coal-to-liquids (CTL) technology by researchers from the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change (JPSPGC) found that without climate policy, CTL has the potential to account for around a third of global liquid fuels by 2050.

2011 111

Genscape reports January US coal-fired power generation up 8.9% above January 2012 levels; higher demand with cold-snap, higher gas prices, lower nuclear

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Genscape reported that January 2013 coal-fired power generation in the US surged 8.9% This increase to 140,080 GWH resulted from higher demand for electricity, higher gas prices, and lower levels of generation from nuclear plants and renewable technologies. Both coal and gas-fired generation supplied the additional power needed for this increased demand with gas increasing its output by 1.7% Coal and gas had equal power sector output levels in April of last year.

2013 76

BP Statistical Review finds global oil share down for 12th year in a row, coal share up to highest level since 1969; renewables at 2%

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Coal’s market share of 30.3% Oil demand grew by less than 1%—the slowest rate amongst fossil fuels—while gas grew by 2.2%, and coal was the only fossil fuel with above average annual consumption growth at 5.4% These shocks pushed energy prices higher in much of the world, with oil prices reaching a record annual average of more than $100 per barrel (bbl) for the first time. OECD coal consumption declined by 1.1%, although the EU used 3.6%

2012 89

Study finds co-producing FT fuels and electricity from coal and biomass with CCS delivers low GHG synfuels at lower cost and with less biomass than cellulosic ethanol

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Furthermore, coproduction systems that utilize a co-feed of biomass and coal (CBTL) and incorporate CO 2 capture and storage (CCS) in the design offer attractive opportunities for decarbonizing both liquid fuels and power generation simultaneously.

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EIA: US energy-related CO2 emissions in 2012 lowest since 1994; reflects drop in coal use

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The largest drop in emissions in 2012 came from coal, which is used almost exclusively for electricity generation. During 2012, particularly in the spring and early summer, low natural gas prices led to competition between natural gas- and coal-fired electric power generators. To conduct the study, Pratson and his team assessed the cost of electricity generation at plants producing 95% of the nation’s coal-fired electricity and 70% of its natural gas-powered electricity.

2013 90

EIA: Monthly coal- and natural gas-fired generation in US equal for first time in April 2012

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Preliminary electric power data show that, for the first time since the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) began collecting the data, electricity generation from natural gas-fired plants is virtually equal to generation from coal-fired plants, with each fuel providing 32% of total generation.

2012 116

Researchers Say Mix of Policies and Current or Near-Term Technologies Could Phase Out US CO2 Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2030

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CO 2 emissions from US coal-fired power plant could be phased out entirely by 2030 using existing technologies or ones that could be commercially competitive with coal within about a decade, according to a paper published online 30 April in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

2010 108

Ohio bill would grant permanent subsidies to coal-fired power plants

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has vastly increased its oil and gas production, driving down prices of fossil fuels globally. It's now widely acknowledged that the energy and electricity-generation landscape is changing rapidly. The U.S. At the same time, ever-cheaper renewable energy—not only solar, but surprisingly fast-growing wind generation—is now. Ohio electric utilities electricity costs state laws fossil fuels

Ohio 73

Wood Mackenzie: China thermal coal demand to double to nearly 7btpa by 2030

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In a new report, energy, mining and minerals consultancy Wood Mackenzie projects that despite efforts to limit coal consumption and seek alternative fuel options, China’s strong appetite for thermal coal will lead to a doubling of demand by 2030. China’s demand will grow to approximately seven billion tonnes per annum (btpa) of thermal coal which is contrary to speculation that its thermal coal demand may peak in the next decade.

2013 78

I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

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But our friends in the oil, coal and gas industry have 5,795 gigatons of carbon on the books. It’s already figured into their companies value and stock price.

2013 250

Syngas Engages Rentech and GE for Clinton Coal and Biomass to Liquids Project in Australia

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Australia’s Syngas Limited has engaged Rentech to provide Fischer-Tropsch fuels production preliminary engineering services for Syngas’ proposed commercial scale coal and biomass to liquids (CBTL) fuels facility in Southern Australia, known as the Clinton Project. The Clinton Project is a large-scale coal-to-liquid (CTL) project with non-food carbon neutral biomass providing supplementary feed (CBTL) as part of the Company’s carbon management plan. Overview of CBTL process.

2009 78

EPA: US greenhouse gases up 2% in 2013; increased coal consumption, cool winter

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The increase from 2012 to 2013 was due to an increase in the carbon intensity of fuels consumed to generate electricity due to an increase in coal consumption, with decreased natural gas consumption, according to the report. US GHG emissions by sector, 1990-2013. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge.

2015 104

Senators Sanders, Boxer propose legislation to institute GHG price on large stationary sources and remove support for fossil fuel industries

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introduced legislation that would set an escalating fee on greenhouse gas emissions from large stationary sources to fund investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies and also provide rebates to consumers to offset increases in energy prices. Among the financing provisions of the legislation are: Price on carbon. Climate Change Coal Emissions Natural Gas Oil PolicyBernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

2013 89

Used Tesla prices, Pacifica Hybrid recall, electric mail vans, solar energy jobs: Today's Car News

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Today, electric postal vans, jobs in renewable energy, better used Tesla prices, and a plug-in hybrid minivan recall. Coal has been in the news quite a lot lately, but jobs in solar energy. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Fully electric Ford Transit vans will be delivering mail within months under a deal announced by Deutsche Post and Ford. Today in Car News

2017 67

Underground Coal Gasification Company In Partnership to Test Alkaline Fuel Cells for Power Generation

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Australia-based underground coal gasification (UCG) company Linc Energy ( earlier post ) has signed an exclusive agreement with the UK-based alkaline fuel cell technology company AFC Energy Plc and its related company, B9 Coal ( earlier post ). The agreement gives Linc Energy the exclusive right to test the AFC Fuel Cell Technology on hydrogen produced from Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). Tags: Coal Gasification Hydrogen Production Power Generation

2009 73

Alberta to Award C$285M to Underground Coal Gasification with Carbon Capture Project for Power Generation; 75% Lower GHG Intensity Than Existing Coal-Fired Generators

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The Province of Alberta (Canada) has executed a letter of intent with Swan Hills Synfuels to provide a C$285 million (US$273 million) grant in support of a underground coal gasification (UCG) project that will reduce emissions by capturing and sequestering more than 1.3

2009 98

New Zealand LM Energy Applies for Underground Coal Gasification Prospecting Permit

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As part of its long term strategy to secure substantial energy resources in New Zealand L&M Energy Limited (LME) has lodged an application for an underground coal gasification (UCG) prospecting permit over a 2.112 sq km area containing in excess of 2 billion tonnes of Waikato coal measures.

Surprise Natural Gas Drawdown Signals Higher Prices Ahead

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Natural gas spot prices shot up following the data release on August 4, although they fell back again shortly after. The US is and has been in the midst of an epochal transition from coal-fired electricity to natural gas and renewables, a switch that will take many more years to play out.

2016 78

Lifecycle analysis finds Fischer-Tropsch diesel from coal and biomass with CCS can use less fossil energy than petroleum diesel, with GHG close to or below zero

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A new study by Michael Wang and Jeongwoo Han at Argonne National Laboratory and Xiaomin Xie at Shanghai Jiao Tong University assesses the effects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology and cellulosic biomass and coal co-feeding in Fischer-Tropsch (FT) plants on energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of FT diesel (FTD). FTD from coal alone, without CCS, increases life-cycle GHG emissions by more 200%; with CCS, that drops to 5% or 29% depending on plant design.

2011 84

Panda Power finances conversion of retired coal plant to natural gas; one of largest power conversion projects in US

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Panda Power Funds has financed the 1,124 megawatt Panda “Hummel Station” power plant—one of the largest coal-to-natural gas power conversion projects in the United States. The plant will be located at the site of the retired Sunbury coal-fired power plant near Shamokin Dam in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. While the new power station will supply 180% more power than the coal plant it replaces, SO 2 and NO x emissions will be reduced by more than 90%.

2015 75

Opinion: Why Lithium Will See Another Price Spike This Fall

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Although the price trajectory of the metal has been subdued in recent months, the fundamentals behind the long-term trajectory suggest strong potential for long-term growth. Grid storage is designed on a variety of scales, each with a different price point.

2016 78

Feasibility study concludes Arckaringa coal-to-methanol project could be viable addition to CTL

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A Technical Feasibility Study (TFS) for a coal-to-methanol (CTM) plant based on the Arckaringa coal resources in Australia has concluded that CTM could be a viable project capable of augmenting the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for Altona Energy’s Arckaringa Clean Energy CTL (coal-to-liquids) and Power Project in South Australia. Methanol prices have been averaging more than US$400/tonne in recent years.

2013 69

Hyperbaric Centrifuge Technology Successfully Dewaters Coal Fines

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A dewatering technology developed at Virginia Tech has succeeded in reducing the moisture content of ultrafine coal to less than 20%, transforming it to a salable product. Camicia Professor of Mining and Mineral Engineering in Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering, and his colleagues developed a hyperbaric centrifuge that can efficiently dewater coal as fine as talcum powder. During recent prototype tests at Arch Coal Company’s Cardinal plant in Logan County, W.Va.,

2009 60

Roskill: graphite prices could push higher on tightening markets for batteries & electrodes

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Synthetic graphite electrode prices rose nine-fold through the first three quarters of 2017, increasing from US$1,748/t in January 2017 to a high of US$16,309/t in September, according to Roskill Information Services. Despite some fallback during the winter months, prices remained above US$15,600/t through February and March 2018. Spot prices were reported at up to US$35,000/t through late 2017, although most material is typically sold on a contract basis.

2018 75

RAND reports suggest US DoD use less petroleum fuel to deal with high prices, not count on alternatives

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Bartis and RAND colleague Lawrence van Bibbe were the authors of a 2011 RAND report concluding that if the US military increased its use of alternative jet and naval fuels that can be produced from coal or various renewable resources, including seed oils, waste oils and algae, there would be no direct benefit to the nation’s armed forces. While DoD and the services will have access to the wholesale fuel supplies they require, the purchase price may be uncomfortably high.

2012 80

Stanford Energy Modeling Forum project confirms carbon pricing can be effective way to curb GHG emissions

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In addition to the standard emphasis on the effects of such policies on emissions, energy prices and macroeconomic performance, the EMF 32 researchers are particularly interested in how fiscal decisions on revenue distribution might also affect these outcomes. The results of this part of the EMF 32 study are consistent with much of the existing modeling literature on carbon pricing in the United States, the researchers said.

2018 75

DKRW Advanced Fuels secures EPC contract with Sinopec Engineering for Medicine Bow coal-to-liquids project in Wyoming

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DKRW Advanced Fuels LLC (DKRW) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Medicine Bow Fuel & Power LLC (MBFP), has entered into a fixed price Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK) Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with the Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG). Using bituminous coal from southern Wyoming, the Medicine Bow facility will produce 11,600 barrels per day of very low sulfur gasoline using GE gasification technology and methanol?to?gasoline

BNEF: Oil price plunge to have only moderate impact on low-carbon electricity development, but likely to slow EV growth

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The collapse in world oil prices in the second half of 2014 will have only a moderate impact on the fast-developing low-carbon transition in the world electricity system, according to research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance. However, the slump in the Brent crude price per barrel from $112.36 For example, if lower oil prices last, they are likely to slow the growth of the electric vehicle market, to some extent.

2014 91

Next Fuel signs definitive agreement to field-test in-situ microbial coal-to-gas technology in Indonesia

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a development stage company, has signed a definitive agreement with PT Enviro Energy to field-test Next Fuel’s microbial Coal-to-Gas technology (CTG) to determine the commercial viability of utilizing it to produce natural gas at PT Enviro Energy’s coal deposits in Indonesia. The company believes that this is the first ever field test utilizing CTG technology in situ on virgin lignite coal seams. Next Fuel, Inc.,

Study finds that dry-feed gasification for coal-to-liquids is more efficient, lower-emitting and cheaper than slurry-feed; CCS cost-effective for reduction of CO2

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Comparison of coal consumption and CO 2 emissions for co-production and separate production of liquids and power. Conventional CTL plant gasifies coal to produce a syngas which is then converted in a Fischer-Tropsch reactor to products. Tags: Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Emissions

2010 106

Argonne study finds shale gas GHG lifecycle emissions 6% lower than natural gas, 23% lower than gasoline and 33% lower than coal; upstream methane leakage a key contributor

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The base results from a study by a team at the Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory indicate that shale gas life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are 6% lower than conventional natural gas, 23% lower than gasoline, and 33% lower than coal.

2011 124

Syntec Biofuel Changing Name to Synthenol to Reflect Use of Natural Gas and Coal Feedstocks

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Syntec Biofuel’s technology is based on the catalytic conversion of syngas, generated from biomass, natural gas or coal, to produce not only ethanol but methanol and other high value alcohols such as propanol and butanol. While the company’s original model was based solely on the utilization of biomass or biogas, its ability to produce mixed alcohols from natural gas and coal has allowed Syntec to increase the potential its catalyst offers. Syntec Biofuel Inc.

2009 78

Synthesis Energy Systems receives $5M equity investment from Zuari Industries Limited of India; collaboration on coal gasification

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SES and Zuari have been investigating business development opportunities where SES’ U-GAS technology for coal gasification can be integrated into industrial projects in India, including the potential for application of the U-GAS technology in Zuari’s own industrial plants and potential plant expansions. Coal is an abundant natural resource that is becoming even more critical in helping India achieve its ambitious growth objectives over the coming years.

2011 73