DOE announces up to $6M to develop clean energy products from coal and coal wastes

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The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) has announced up to $6 million available ( DE-FOA-0002620 ) for research and development (R&D) projects that will repurpose domestic coal resources for products that can be employed in clean energy technologies such as batteries and advanced manufacturing. Batteries Coal Market Background Materials

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Florida Power & Light blows up its last coal plant, will replace with solar


Florida Power & Light (FPL) yesterday demolished its last coal-fired plant, the Indiantown Cogeneration Plant in Martin County, east of the Everglades. more… The post Florida Power & Light blows up its last coal plant, will replace with solar appeared first on Electrek.


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@LATimes Says Coal Miners Sacrificed Their Health To Keep Our Lights On. I Say That’s #B T. Let’s Help The Victims In The Sacrifice Zones Created By These Mercenary For-Profit Destroyers #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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DOE Coal FIRST Initiative invests $80M in net-zero carbon electricity and hydrogen plants

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The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has selected four projects for cost-shared research and development under the funding opportunity announcement (FOA), DE-FOA-0002180, Design Development and System Integration Design Studies for Coal FIRST Concepts. DOE’s early stage research for the Coal FIRST Initiative supports the development of electricity and hydrogen energy plants that have net-zero carbon emissions.

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DOE awarding $6.5M to 9 large-scale Phase I pilot coal projects

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This FOA, issued in August 2017, is a $50-million funding opportunity for projects supporting cost-shared research and development to design, construct, and operate two large-scale pilots to demonstrate transformational coal technologies. DOE has supported a range of potentially transformational coal technologies aimed at enabling step-change improvements in coal-powered systems. UKy-CAER Heat-integrated Transformative CO2 Capture Process for Pulverized Coal Power Plants.

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Proposed process for low-emissions coal-to-liquids

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The EMS (Earth and Mineral Science) Energy Institute at Penn State has developed a conceptual novel process configuration for producing clean middle-distillate fuels from coal with some algal input with minimal emissions. The Institute was involved for about 20 years in a project intended to develop a coal-derived jet fuel; a number of papers and reports have already been published on that work. Principal inputs are coal, water, non-carbon electricity, and make-up solvent.

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Rhodium Group estimates US GHG fell 2.1% in 2019, driven by coal decline

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This decline was due almost entirely to a drop in coal consumption. Coal-fired power generation fell by a record 18% year-on-year to its lowest level since 1975. Coal-driven decline. It also marks the end of a decade in which total US coal generation was cut in half.

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DICP team demonstrates direct synthesis of isoparaffin-rich gasoline from syngas

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This catalyst enabled the direct conversion of syngas to a variety of chemicals and fuels with high selectivity, such as light olefins, ethylene, gasoline, aromatics and oxygenates. China Coal Fuels Gasification High Octane Fuels Market BackgroundA research team led by Prof.

Wison-Shell hybrid coal gasification technology successfully enters demonstration phase

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announced that the Shell-Wison Hybrid Gasification Demonstration Plant has successfully started up in Nanjing, marking the commencement of the demonstration and application phase of the new Shell-Wison hybrid coal gasification technology. The “hybrid” technology, also called “dry-feed, bottom-water quench,” integrates various aspects of Shell’s novel coal gasification design with advanced bottom-water quench technology. China-based Wison Engineering Services Co.

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Honda CR-V Hybrid drive, Volkswagen ID.1, coal outmoded by renewables: Today’s Car News

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Coal isn’t making much economic sense. Honda’s first electrified light-truck model—the 2020 Honda. Volkswagen has some electric urban hatchbacks in the works—based on its platform for affordable, mass-produced EVs.

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Coal to ethanol project gets green light

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The coal to ethanol process has been boosted after New Zealand based LanzaTech reached a memorandum of understanding with one of the largest coal producers in China to build a demonstration plant to produce ethanol and chemicals. Tags: Green cars Green credentials Latest news Bio Energy Research Centre coal to ethanol ethanol Henan Coal and Chemical Industrial Corporation LanzaTech

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DOE selects 8 new advanced coal projects for funding by University Coal Research Program

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected eight new projects to further advanced coal research under the University Coal Research Program. The selected projects are intended to improve coal conversion and use and will help propel technologies for future advanced coal power systems. The selections mark the 32 nd round of the Department’s longest-running coal research program.

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DOE Selects 8 Projects to Advance Technologies for the Co-Production of Power and Hydrogen, Fuels or Chemicals from Coal-Biomass Feedstocks

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 8 research projects for funding that will focus on gasification of coal/biomass to produce synthetic gas (syngas) as a pathway to producing power, hydrogen, fuel or chemicals. Awards are in three areas: Reprocessing and Conditioning of Coal/Biomass Mixtures for Simultaneous Co-Feeding Systems; Reactive Properties of Coal/Biomass Mixed Fuels; and Design Concepts for Co-Production of Power, Fuels and Chemicals.

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West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd: Coal Must Embrace The Future

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Writing in last Thursday’s West Virginia Metro News that “ the time has come to have an open and honest dialogue about coal’s future in West Virginia ”, US Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) issued a stinging rebuke of the coal industry’s recent political tactics, challenging the industry to transition away from mountaintop mining, currently practiced in three US states, and towards low-carbon coal production processes.

National Research Council Report on Americas Energy Future Highlights Vehicle Efficiency Technologies, Conversion of Biomass and Coal-to-Liquids Fuels, and Electrifying the Light Duty Fleet with PHEVs, BEVs and FCVs

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Estimates of potential for gasoline consumption reduction in the US light duty fleet in 2020 and 2035 relative to 2007. For the transportation sector, these key technologies include a focus on improving vehicle efficiency; developing technologies for the conversion of biomass and coal-to-liquid fuels; and electrifying the light-duty vehicle fleet through expanded deployment of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs).

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EPA: US greenhouse gases up 2% in 2013; increased coal consumption, cool winter

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The increase from 2012 to 2013 was due to an increase in the carbon intensity of fuels consumed to generate electricity due to an increase in coal consumption, with decreased natural gas consumption, according to the report. Light duty vehicles represented 60% of CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in domestic transportation sources, while medium- and heavy-duty trucks accounted for 23%, commercial aircraft 7%, and other sources 11%. US GHG emissions by sector, 1990-2013.

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UCSD team sheds light on mechanism of sulfur embrittlement of nickel

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Engineers at the University of California San Diego have shed new light on the atomic-level mechanism of the sulfur embrittlement of nickel, a classic problem that has puzzled the scientific community for nearly a century. UC San Diego engineers have shed new light on these mechanisms by examining general grain boundaries in nickel polycrystals doped by sulfur.

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Reduction in diesel carbonyl emissions using F-T fuel from coal

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Researchers from Tianjin University and Xiangfan Da An Automobile Test Center report in a paper in the journal Fuel that while the profiles of total carbonyl compounds (CBCs) emitted by conventional diesel (DF) and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic diesel produced from coal (CFT) show no significant differences, the use of CFT resulted in significant reductions of total and individual CBCs.

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Accelergy and A2BE Carbon Capture Form Alliance to Commercialize Integrated-Carbon-to-Liquids (ICTL) Fuel Technologies; Coal and Algae to Fuels

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Accelergy’s Integrated Coal to Liquids platform is the basis for the Integrated Carbon to Liquids initiative. Accelergy Corporation, an advanced coal-to-liquids company, and A2BE Carbon Capture LLC, an algae photobioreactor company, have formed the Carbon Cycle Technology Alliance to commercialize a platform for Integrated Carbon to Liquids (ICTL) fuel production technologies that incorporates recycling of process CO 2 using algal biomass to produce additional fuel production feedstock.

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Liquid Light unveils cost-advantaged catalytic process to make chemicals from CO2

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Liquid Light unveiled its new process for the production of major chemicals from carbon dioxide, showcasing its demonstration-scale “reaction cell” and confirming the potential for cost-advantaged process economics. Liquid Light’s first process is for the production of ethylene glycol (MEG), with a $27-billion annual market, which is used to make a wide range of consumer products such as plastic bottles, antifreeze and polyester clothing.

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ExxonMobil predicts peak in light-duty vehicle liquid fuels ~2030, but ongoing role for oil in the mix

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At the same time, total miles traveled per year by cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks will increase about 60%, reaching about 14 trillion in 2040. As personal mobility increases, average new-car fuel economy (including SUVs and light trucks) will improve as well, rising from about 30 miles per gallon (7.83 increasing hybrids and electric vehicles) play a much smaller role in limiting energy demand for light-duty vehicles.

2018 163

Naval Research Lab applying pulsed electron beam technology to reduce NOx from coal power plants; fusion research spin-off

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The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is partnering with a power company to apply its pulsed electron beam technology to reduce NO x emissions from coal-fired power plants. NRL has a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Zerronox Corporation to pursue solutions for reducing NO x from coal-fired power plants and other combustion-based energy sources.

2014 210

Coal Into Cars: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Plugs and Cars

The Ugly Coal sucks, there's really no two ways about it. But not all use of coal is alike. The Good About half our electricity comes from coal, and that will change, at best, slowly as we move to renewables. But we need to keep in mind that when we're talking about cars, even coal-generated electricity results in lower greenhouse gas emissions compared with petroleum. That includes the worst, most coal dependent areas.

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Honeywell UOP’s Methanol To Olefins technology selected for China coal chemical complex

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has selected Honeywell’s UOP technology to convert methanol into building blocks for chemical products at an existing coal chemical complex in China. The project will be the first commercial-scale installation of Honeywell UOP’s advanced MTO methanol-to-olefins solution, which allows petrochemical producers to use methanol from natural gas or coal, instead of petroleum, to produce high yields of high-value plastics and petrochemicals.

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Ninth annual Green Innovation Index finds California light-duty vehicle emissions spike; major challenge to 2030 climate goals

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However, although the state has made considerable progress decoupling economic growth from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the rate of emissions decline appears to be slowing, due in part to a spike in transportation emissions attributed to an increase from light-duty vehicles. According to the report, it appears that emissions from light-duty vehicles accounted for the entire increase in GHG emissions. million MTCO 2 e) actually outpaced that of light-duty trucks and SUVs.

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Tsinghua University provincial-level lifecycle study finds fuel-cycle criteria pollutants of EVs in China could be up to 5x those of natural gas vehicles due to China’s coal-dominant power mix

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A province-by-province life cycle analysis of natural gas and electric vehicles by a team from Tsinghua University concludes that while, from the perspective of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions, natural gas vehicles (CNGVs) are “ an option with no obvious merits or demerits ”, electric vehicles (EVs) are “ an option with significant merits and demerits in this regard ” due to China’s heavily coal-based electricity generation (national average of about 77%).

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EIA: light duty vehicle energy consumption to drop 25% by 2040; increased oil production, vehicle efficiency reduce US oil and liquid imports

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Energy consumption by light-duty vehicles in the United States, AEO2013 and AEO2014, 1995-2040 (quadrillion Btu). Reflecting slow growth in travel and accelerated vehicle efficiency improvements, US light-duty vehicle (LDV, cars and light trucks) energy use will decline sharply between 2012 and 2040, according to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) Annual Energy Outlook 2014 (AEO2014) Reference case released today.

2013 241

WVU opens new research facility to extract valuable rare earth elements from acid mine drainage

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West Virginia University (WVU) researchers are opening a new facility to capture rare earth elements (REEs) from acid mine drainage (AMD) from coal mining. Additional processing and refining separates the oxides from their tight bonds and further groups them into light rare earths and heavy rare earths. He found that acid mine drainage, a byproduct of coal mining, “naturally” concentrates rare earths. Coal Electric (Battery) Materials Motors Power Electronics Sustainability

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UCS analysis finds Hyundai-Kia with best sales-weighted new vehicle environmental performance in US in 2013

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To develop the ranking, UCS averaged the per-mile emissions for each light-duty vehicle sold by each automaker. Climate Change Coal Emissions Fuel Efficiency Click to enlarge. In its sixth sales-weighted analysis of emissions from 8 major automakers’ 2013 model year vehicles, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ (UCS) latest Automaker Rankings report found that Hyundai-Kia unseated Honda as the “Greenest Automaker.”

2014 246

Honda to show EV concept with AI emotion engine from joint project with Softbank

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For example, Pepper is at ease when around known people, happy when praised, scared when the lights go down. Autonomous driving Coal Driver Assistance Systems Electric (Battery At CES 2017, Honda will showcase what it calls a future technology path toward a redefined mobility experience.

2016 192

Muons and ADNA proposing using accelerator-driven subcritical reactor for heat for production of synthetic fuels and chemicals

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biomass or coal). Molten salt fuel can include natural uranium, depleted uranium, natural thorium, excess W-Pu, and SNF from conventional Light Water Reactors. Conceptual F-T production using process heat from GEM*STAR and coal as a feedstock, from a 2010 ADNA presentation. Biomass-to-Liquids (BTL) Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Fuels Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) NuclearFunctional elements of the GEM*STAR reactor. Source : Muons, Inc. Click to enlarge. Muons, Inc. ,

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New Comprehensive Lifecycle Energy and Emissions Inventory Includes Non-Operational Components; Large Aircraft Can Perform Better than Light Rail

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Ranges in passenger occupancy can easily change the relative performance of modes, with large aircraft performing better than light rail in some of the areas investigated. The researchers chose heavy rail electric metro, heavy rail diesel commuter transit, and light rail transit (LRT) to capture the gamut of physical size, fuel input, and service niche. Of the non-road modes (rail and air), light aircraft showed the worst performance per PKT.

2009 150

BP and Davy select 3 leading EPC contractors for BP/Davy Fischer-Tropsch commercial deployment

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The BP/Davy fixed-bed FT process produces diesel, jet fuel (JP8) and naphtha from natural gas, biomass- or coal-derived syngas. The BP FT technology produces a synthetic crude that is a mixture of light hydrocarbons and wax (mostly linear paraffins). We believe the time is ripe for the conversion of stranded natural gas or coal reserves into liquid fuels especially with demand for liquid fuels at an all time high and the price of crude oil again rising on the international market.

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MIT/RAND Study Concludes Three Types of Alternative Jet Fuel May Be Available in Commercial Quantities Over the Next Decade

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A joint MIT/RAND study of the near-term commercial feasibility of alternative jet fuels has concluded that three types of alternative jet fuels may be available in commercial quantities over the next decade: Jet A derived from Canadian oil sands and Venezuelan Very Heavy Oils (VHO); Fischer-Tropsch (FT) jet fuel produced from coal, a combination of coal and biomass, or natural gas; and hydrotreated renewable jet fuel (HRJ) produced by hydroprocessing renewable oils.

2009 215

Why We’re Taking It To The Streets on Friday, December 11 – Shining Our Light On Copenhagen

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The people who argue against us making these emission cuts – the oil, gas and coal industries – are the people whose products are the mortal enemy of our climate. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal Sustainability Yes We Can! The Copenhagen Climate Treaty talks start next week on Monday, the 7th of December, a day that already lives in infamy but now awaits a new nom de plume.

2009 197

That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

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LED lighting, sustainable building materials, making sure that we’re doing all that we can to be as efficient in the way that we use energy no matter what it’s form. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal News Media Saving Energy Sustainability Yes We Can! If you’re like me you would have found Tuesday’s gathering in Santa Monica a very sexy day at the beach.

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EIA projects US energy-related CO2 emissions to remain near current level through 2050; increased natural gas consumption

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The AEO2019 Reference case, which reflects no changes to current laws and regulations and extends current trends in technology, projects that US energy-related CO 2 emissions will be 5,019 million metric tons in 2050—4% below their 2018 value—as emissions associated with coal and petroleum consumption fall and emissions from natural gas consumption rise. Natural gas surpassed coal to become the most prevalent fuel used to generate electricity in the United States in 2016.

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ETA Warns That Switching to EVs Will Increase Emissions in Coal Dependent World

All Cars Electric

According to their studies conducted back in 2008, CO2 emissions could drop by as much as 450 million tons annually if only 60 % of light Plug-in vehicles are a savior for the environment, at least according to research conducted by groups such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC).


The Solangelist’s Vision Shines Brighter

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And just like Woody, I’d like to sing you a song about a better way… My friends, with greenhouse gas emissions already in the danger zone, we needed to stop burning Killer Coal yesterday. If I was in the actual city of Los Angeles, a lot more of my electricity would be made from Killer Coal and a lot less from clean, renewables. The Greenius Plan To Spread Rooftop Solar Faster Then The Common Cold.

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EPA GHG Inventory shows US GHG down 1.7% y-o-y in 2019, down 13% from 2005

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This decrease was driven largely by a decrease in emissions from fossil fuel combustion resulting from a decrease in total energy use in 2019 compared to 2018 and a continued shift from coal to natural gas and renewables in the electric power sector.

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The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

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The dots that other folks were failing to even see, already looked pre-connected to me - like those incredibly real artificial Christmas trees with the lights already set in place and ready to plug-in. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal Saving Energy Yes We Can! AB 920 + AB 811 = Solar Powered Electric Cars & PV Powered Charging Stations. I used to get frustrated with people when they couldn’t grok what was so blatantly obvious to me.

2009 174

Sasol and UCT researchers collaborate on the use of commercial iron catalysts to convert hydrogen and CO2 into green jet fuel and chemicals

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For decades, Sasol has been using its Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology to convert low-grade coal and gas into synthetic fuels and chemicals. The largest scale example of the commercial application of this technology is its Secunda plant in Mpumalanga, which converts synthesis gas—a mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H 2 )—derived from coal gasification and supplemented by reformed natural gas into 160,000 bbl of products per day.

Hydrogen embrittlement in ferritic steels creates complications for clean energy storage, transportation

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As the global energy market shifts from coal, petroleum fuel, and natural gas to more environmentally friendly primary energy sources, hydrogen is becoming a crucial pillar in the clean energy movement.

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