SpaceX’s next-gen Starlink plans questioned by a company with zero satellites


In the latest instance of an Amazon-related venture attempting to use regulations and legal routes to suppress competition , Amazon’s Project Kuiper satellite internet venture wants the FCC to dismiss SpaceX’s application for the next generation of Starlink satellites.

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin: The facility’s story so far


Other key personalities in Giga Berlin’s development such as Environment Minister Axel Vogel and Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) will also be present at the event. . Legal action has been taken about the issue.

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UK government launches new clean air strategy; ending sales of conventional diesel and gasoline LDVs by 2040

Green Car Congress

To provide a personal air quality messaging system to inform the public, particularly those who are vulnerable to air pollution, about the air quality forecast, providing clearer information on air pollution episodes and accessible health advice. in their emissions control system, and make tampering with an emissions control system a legal offense. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a new Clean Air Strategy to cut air pollution backed up through new primary legislation.

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Mumbai - Kalaburagi - Mumbai : 1200 km trip in the MG ZS EV

Plug In India

This time, the MG’s MapMyIndia inbuilt maps could alert me whenever there was an upcoming speed camera in a 1km range, giving me enough time to have ‘barely legal’* speeds. I was personally ok with the warm weather, but my phone sadly wasn’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Exxon/Mobil Ordered Out of Torrance, Guilty of Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Creative Greenius

Consider this fair and legal warning, world’s largest and most polluting oil company - I’m giving you 10 years to pack up and hit the road. It’s the 2nd biggest product Exxon/Mobil and their pals in the oil, coal and gas industries pump out. The Global Warming Deniers Movement was created to use FUD to stop people from doing things that would cause them to burn less oil, coal and gas. And yes every single person in that movement is a hapless dupe.

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Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the Sun

Creative Greenius

In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview with your Creative Greenius, the outspoken Bradley Bartz of ABC Solar shares the inside story of not only his legal suit against Torrance, but his broader plans to force cities to live up to the state’s California Solar Rights Act, his unique views on the California’s solar rebate program and his red tape experiences in dealing with Southern California Edison. . And at sub $3 you’re cheaper than coal.

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

Green Car Congress

Experts predict that by the year 2060 global warming, if left unchecked, could result in a temperature rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than temperatures before the Industrial Revolution when man started widespread use of coal and other fossil fuels. Financial Aid—agreeing how much wealthy nations should pay poor nations to help them protect themselves from climate change and to shift away from burning coal and other fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change.

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GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle | Green Tech - CNET News

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The prototype vehicle, called Project PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), is designed to ease congestion and pollution problems in cities. It is based on the Segway Personal Transporter but holds two people, instead of one, and lets them sit, instead of stand. The Segway Personal Transporter , a two-wheel vehicle that allows people to stand and move around at slow speeds, was released with great fanfare several years ago, but it remains a niche form of transportation.

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Clean Tech - GigaOM -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

For those of you ready to hit the comment button and point out that China gets most of its energy from coal, which means electric cars would be plugging right into dirty energy, some food for thought: Taking a gas-powered car off the road in China and replacing it with an electric one would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 19 percent, according to a MicKinsey report noted recently in the New York Times.

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