BloombergNEF: clean energy investment in developing nations slumps as financing in China slows; coal burn surges to record high

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While the number of new clean power-generating plants completed stayed flat year-to-year, the volume of power derived from coal surged to a new high, according to Climatescope , an annual survey of 104 emerging markets conducted by research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF).

2019 222

Panda Power finances conversion of retired coal plant to natural gas; one of largest power conversion projects in US

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Panda Power Funds has financed the 1,124 megawatt Panda “Hummel Station” power plant—one of the largest coal-to-natural gas power conversion projects in the United States. The plant will be located at the site of the retired Sunbury coal-fired power plant near Shamokin Dam in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. While the new power station will supply 180% more power than the coal plant it replaces, SO 2 and NO x emissions will be reduced by more than 90%.

2015 184

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Ukraine state oil and gas company signs $3.656B credit agreement with China Development Bank to finance substituting natural gas with coal

Green Car Congress

The Ukraine state oil and gas company Naftogaz signed a US$3.656-billion credit agreement with the state-owned China Development Bank to finance the program of substituting natural gas with locally produced coal. The contract, guaranteed by the Ukrainian government, stipulates implementation of four separate investment projects, which are to transfer national thermal energy production facilities to using coal-water fuel, and build five coal gasification plants.

Big Coal Doomed: Not By Climate Rules But Fracking & Finance

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Coal is the worst fossil fuel, that much is clear. Its carbon footprint per kilowatt-hour of electricity when it's burned by electric utilities to make electricity is far, far higher than that of natural gas. And that's even before the slowly improving economics of renewable sources come into play, from home solar photovoltaic panels to huge. Carbon Footprint EPA natural gas climate change electric utilities regulation renewable energy energy

2015 110

NRG invests additional $35M in FuelCell Energy for 6% of company; establishes $40M financing facility

Green Car Congress

FuelCell Energy intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for project development, project finance, working capital support and general corporate purposes. In addition to the common stock investment, NRG Energy has extended a $40 million revolving construction and term financing facility for the purpose of accelerating project development by FuelCell Energy and its subsidiaries. per annum for construction-period financing and 8.0% FuelCell Energy, Inc.,

2014 210

LanzaTech in Coal to Ethanol Project in China; New Bio Energy Research Center

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MEK, Butadiene) from industrial waste gases, has signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the largest coal producers in China, Henan Coal and Chemical Industrial Corporation, to build a demonstration plant to produce ethanol and chemicals via LanzaTech’s fermentation process using syngas resulting from the gasification of coal. Tags: China Coal Ethanol Fuels Gasification

2010 185

Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress attended the Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Wall Street (REFF-Wall Street) conference (23-24 June) sponsored by Euromoney Energy Events and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Renewables account for approximately 10-15% of the global energy infrastructure investment and according to New Energy Finance renewables have been hit hard by the global recession with a 47% in Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008 ($13.3 by Bill Cooke.

Wanxiang and GreatPoint Energy close $1.25B deal for 1 Tcf/year coal-to-natural-gas plant in Xinjiang; Sinopec to purchase output, building pipeline to east

Green Car Congress

Overview of the Bluegas catalytic coal methanation process. billion from Wanxiang to finance and construct the first phase of a coal-to-natural gas facility that ultimately will have an annual production capacity of one trillion cubic feet (1 Tcf) (30 billion cubic meters) per year. The technology is especially well suited for arid regions and where low-quality, concentrated coal resources are available, such as in Xinjiang. China Coal Natural Gas

2012 196

US Fuels acquires coal-to-diesel IP for scalable plants near mine sites

Green Car Congress

Startup US Fuel Corporation (USF), which plans to design, build, own and operate scalable facilities near coal mine sites to convert coal into synthetic fuels, will acquire coal-to-diesel intellectual property (IP) that USF co-developed with an executive team consisting of Paul Adams and Steve Luck. The plant will be designed to process 148 tons of coal per day to produce approximately 8,500 gallons of high grade, low-sulfur diesel.

2012 196

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems introduces 63% efficient, 540MW JAC gas turbine; -70% CO2 compared to older coal-fired plants

Green Car Congress

Replacing older coal-fired power plants with the enhanced JAC can reduce CO 2 emissions nearly 70%. Following technical selection, a developer will proceed with securing financing, permitting and more. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has introduced the M501JAC, an enhanced air-cooled J-Series gas turbine offering an unmatched combination of record output, efficiency and a proven 99.5% reliability during 11,000 hours of commercial operation.

2016 192

Company that biochemically converts coal to methane raises Series B funding

Green Car Congress

an emerging natural gas production company which uses proprietary technology to convert both underground and mined low-rank coal to pipeline-quality methane biochemically at large scale and low cost, has raised equity in its second round of financing, led by new investor Khosla Ventures. Ciris Energy, Inc.,

2011 179

Texas Clean Energy Project signs long-term CO2 offtake agreement with Whiting Petroleum for enhanced oil recovery; 90% CO2 capture from IGCC coal polygen plant

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The TCEP would integrate coal gasification, combined-cycle power generation, CO 2 capture, and. Summit Power Group, LLC and Blue Strategies, LLC have signed a 15-year CO 2 offtake agreement with Whiting Petroleum Corporation for some of the CO 2 that will be captured by Summit’s Texas Clean Energy Project ( TCEP ), a coal gasification with carbon capture polygen project being developed in Penwell, Texas, outside Odessa. Coal gasification, syngas processing and CO 2 capture.

2011 170

DKRW Advanced Fuels signs major off-take contract for 100% of coal-derived gasoline from Medicine Bow project

Green Car Congress

The contract is one of the first major commercial agreements in the US for the sale of liquid transport fuels made from coal. The Medicine Bow project will use Carbon Basin coal optioned from DKRW partner (and coal mine operator) Arch Coal to produce refined hydrocarbon liquid products. The coal to liquids (CTL) facility will utilize GE coal gasification technology to produce syngas, which will be cleaned to remove substantially all of the sulfur and carbon dioxide.

2011 196

Accelergy Receives Grant from Pennsylvania for Feasibility Study on Coal-Biomass-to-Liquids

Green Car Congress

Accelergy Corporation recently was awarded an alternative and clean energy program grant from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority to fund a feasibility study to evaluate the viability of the company’s integrated Coal-Biomass-to-Liquids (CBTL) process with the assistance of Raytheon Company and Carbon Cycle Technology Alliance partner A2BE CarbonCapture, LLC.

Report finds Coal-to-Liquids and Oil Shale pose significant financial and environmental risks to investors

Green Car Congress

Ceres recently released a new report concluding that coal-to-liquid (CTL) and oil shale technologies face significant environmental and financial obstacles—from water constraints, to technological uncertainties to regulatory and market risks—that pose substantial financial risks for investors involved in such projects. Investor risks from Development of Oil Shale and Coal-to-Liquids.

2010 185

Siemens Energy to Supply Advanced Coal Gasification Technology to Taylorville Energy Center; 50% CO2 Capture

Green Car Congress

has been chosen to provide the coal gasification technology for the Taylorville Energy Center (TEC), a 730-megawatt (gross) advanced coal generating plant being developed near Taylorville, Ill. TEC will be one of the first commercial-scale, coal gasification plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) capability in the US. . Siemens Energy, Inc.

2009 170

Accelergy awarded $1.3M grant for pilot Coal-Biomass-to-Liquids plant in Pennsylvania; algae-based carbon capture

Green Car Congress

Accelergy Corporation has received a $1.3-million grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to move forward on the construction of a facility to demonstrate its integrated coal-biomass-to-liquids (CBTL) technology platform ( earlier post ) at Intertek PARC, located at the U-PARC facility in Pittsburgh. The grant was approved with a unanimous vote from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority.

Senators Sanders, Boxer propose legislation to institute GHG price on large stationary sources and remove support for fossil fuel industries

Green Car Congress

The legislation also proposes numerous actions against financing and support for fossil fuel industries. The proposal was drafted as two measures, the Climate Protection Act —which sets the carbon price and finance programs for sustainable technologies—and the Sustainable Energy Act —which ends federal support for fossil fuel companies and research and extends tax incentives for renewables. Among the financing provisions of the legislation are: Price on carbon.

2013 219

Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal; RFS2, BCAP, BIWG and Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force

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Second, the US Department of Agriculture proposed a rule on the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) that would provide financing to increase the conversion of biomass to bioenergy. In addition, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum creating an Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage to develop a comprehensive and coordinated federal strategy to speed the development and deployment of advanced lower-emission coal technologies.

2010 191

Environmental groups: JPMorgan Chase emissions targets are ‘fig leaf for fossil expansion’


Coal 99

Joint IEA-NEA report details plunge in costs of renewable electricity; nuclear competitive with other baseload power sources

Green Car Congress

The report, Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2015 Edition , also shows that new nuclear power plants generate electricity more cheaply than other established “baseload” sources—mainly coal- and gas-fired power plants—over the full lifetime of facilities when financing costs are relatively low. Overnight costs for coal plants in OECD countries range from a low of US$1 218/kWe in Korea to a high of US$3 067/kWe in Portugal.

2015 184

Germany and Australia to establish alliance on green hydrogen supply chain

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Another great advantage of the partnership: a country like Australia, which has previously exported coal on a large scale, is building up a new, climate-friendly perspective as an energy exporter, true to the motto ‘shipping the sunshine’—practically packaged sunshine from Australia. Co-financing of an AUS-DEU H 2 incubator for applied research. Co-financing of “HydrogenHubs”.

President’s Jobs Council recommends an “All-in” energy strategy; from fossil fuels and pipelines, to efficiency, renewables and vehicle electrification

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The council recommended: Allowing more access to oil, natural gas and coal opportunities on federal lands. In addition, the Council said, policies that encourage rapid lease development while emphasizing the highest safety standards will ensure companies responsibly drill for natural gas or oil and mine for coal or other our minerals in federal areas in a timely manner. Coal Electric (Battery) Fuel Efficiency Hybrids Natural Gas Oil Plug-ins Policy

2012 204

EGEB: World’s 60 largest banks pumped $3.8 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): A climate group report shows fossil-fuel financing continues to rise despite Paris Agreement pledges. The world’s largest coal mining company sets its sights on solar.

Solar 83

GSI/UNEP conference report finds fossil-fuel subsidy reform complex and challenges sobering; ~1% of global GDP spent on fossil-fuel subsidies

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In 2008, a report by UNEP called for the elimination of fossil-fuel subsidies, concluding that such subsidies often lead to increased levels of consumption and waste; place a heavy burden on government finances; can undermine private and public investment in the energy sector; and do not always end up helping the people who need them most. Coal Natural Gas Oil Policy

2011 207

Australian Government establishes A$300M fund to support hydrogen projects

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The A$300 million (US$193 million) Advancing Hydrogen Fund will be administered by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). CEFC finance remains central to filling market gaps, whether driven by technology, development or commercial challenges.

2020 250

The Cat Is Still On The Roof – And The Roof! The Roof! The Roof Is On Fire!

Creative Greenius

Worried about your finances and the crash of the economy? And start speaking up and speaking out against patently stupid and dangerous ideas like drilling for more oil domestically or using our abundant coal resources. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal News Media Saving Energy Sustainability Yes We Can! I originally wrote and published this piece in June of 2008 under the title “The Cat Is On The Roof – This Joke is at YOUR Expense…&#.

2009 174

Greenius Goes All AB 811 Over Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

Creative Greenius talks AB 811 Financing to the Green Task Force / photo (c) Debra Bushweit Galliani. Larry Sutton, the Account Executive from Southern California Edison, did the perfect job teeing up my solar financing presentation by sharing with all of us just how much SCE’s electric rates will be going up this year. The County is taking the local lead in AB 811 financing and putting together a countywide program and their new solar map on line will be a huge asset.

2009 163

IEA: COVID-19 crisis causing the biggest fall in global energy investment in history

Green Car Congress

This could be particularly detrimental to the outlook in some developing countries, where financing options and the range of investors can be more limited.

2020 292

IEA: global energy investment stabilized above $1.8T in 2018; security and sustainability concerns growing

Green Car Congress

Global energy investment stabilized in 2018, ending three consecutive years of decline, as capital spending on oil, gas and coal supply bounced back while investment stalled for energy efficiency and renewables, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest annual review. Without carbon capture technology or incentives for earlier retirements, coal power and the high CO 2 emissions it produces would remain part of the global energy system for many years to come.

2019 175

BNEF: wind and solar boost cost-competitiveness versus fossil fuels

Green Car Congress

This year has brought a significant shift in the generating cost comparison between renewable energy and fossil fuels, according to detailed analysis by technology and region, published this week by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The levelized cost of electricity analysis for H2 2015 shows onshore wind to be fully competitive against gas and coal in some parts of the world, while solar is closing the gap.

2015 184

BNEF: Oil price plunge to have only moderate impact on low-carbon electricity development, but likely to slow EV growth

Green Car Congress

The collapse in world oil prices in the second half of 2014 will have only a moderate impact on the fast-developing low-carbon transition in the world electricity system, according to research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Earlier Bloomberg New Energy Finance analysis showed that, with gasoline at $2.09 Oil at $60/barrel could mean a natural gas price as much as $0.90/MMBtu higher than if oil was at $100/barrel, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance research.

2014 225

Elon Musk: Tesla is suspending Bitcoin payment options until it’s more sustainable


Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla would be suspending the option to pay for vehicles using Bitcoin, as “We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel.”

Coal 102

ADB approves $499M loan to establish facility for improved air quality in greater Beijing area; includes hydrogen transport

Green Car Congress

Cities in the greater BTH region have consistently been reported to have the highest concentration of particulate matter and other air pollutants, following decades of emissions from pollution-intensive industries in the area, as well as the region’s heavy reliance on coal for energy generation. million), approved in 2016, aimed at improving small and medium-sized enterprises’ access to finance and helped them scale up investments in pollution-reduction projects in the region.

2017 161

EC presents action plan for critical raw materials

Green Car Congress

A special focus will be on coal-mining regions and other regions in transition, with special attention to expertise and skills relevant for mining, extraction and processing of raw materials.

2020 303

DOE funding to boost carbon capture

Green Cars News

The money is to be split between a number of initiatives: - $800million will go towards the Clean Coal Power Initiative which provides government co-financing for new coal technologies that can help utilities cut sulphur, nitrogen and mercury pollutants from power plants. - $1.52billion will be used for a two-part competitive solicitation for large scale industrial carbon capture. Tags: Latest news clean coal power initiative Green cars US Department of Energy

2009 40

China Energy invests $83.8M in Synthesis Energy Systems; 43.5% ownership

Green Car Congress

ZJX will assist SES in the development of new joint venture businesses to deliver energy based on lower cost/lower grade coals such as lignite. Through these joint ventures, ZJX will assist in the development of new project investments, provide opportunities to acquire low cost coal resources, work to secure additional partnerships and financing, obtain government approvals, as well as support SES’ efforts with its current partners and projects.

2011 191

SGH2 building largest green hydrogen production facility in California; gasification of waste into H2

Green Car Congress

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports that clean hydrogen could cut up to 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and industry. Producers of so-called blue, gray and brown hydrogen use either fossil fuels (natural gas or coal) or low-temperature gasification (.

2020 358

The $32-Trillion Push To Disrupt The Entire Oil Industry

Green Car Congress

Increased shareholder activism, combined with global warming policies of institutional investors and NGOs, are pushing IOCs in a corner, constricting financing options for oil companies. And it has become clear that not only oil and gas giants are being targeted, after one of the world’s largest mining and commodity trading companies, Glencore, decided to put a limit on its thermal coal investment. by Cyril Widdershoven for

2019 200

DOE releases draft of $8B loan guarantee solicitation for advanced fossil energy projects

Green Car Congress

Projects deploying these technologies are typically unable to obtain commercial financing due to high technology risks. Carbon capture: CO 2 capture from synthesis gases in fuel reforming or gasification processes; CO 2 capture from flue gases in traditional coal or natural gas electricity generation; CO 2 capture from effluent streams of industrial processing facilities.

2013 179

Tesla Virtual Power Plant is providing energy security to Australian homes


Tesla's Virtual Power Plant rescues grid after coal peaker fails, and it's only 2% finished. He believes Tesla’s revenues from the VPP will generate enough revenue for the company to pay back the $30 million loan provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for Phase 3A.

IRENA report finds renewable power costs at parity or below fossil fuels in many parts of world

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The report, “ Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014 ”, concludes that biomass, hydropower, geothermal and onshore wind are all competitive with or cheaper than coal, oil and gas-fired power stations, even without financial support and despite falling oil prices. However, the report notes, renewable energy price improvements are not universal, and costs range widely according to resources and the availability of financing.

2015 303

A Few Words on Eco Terrorists, Cowards and Courage

Creative Greenius

Even when we reach the limit of our carbon budget, when burning any more oil, coal or gas will push global temperatures beyond 2 degrees celsius, the E&B business model is to harvest more oil so that it can be burned as fuel. There are no bigger cowards then the people who work for the oil, coal and gas industries. They are so cowardly that they lie about the impacts of their business practices and they help finance the climate change denier movement.

2014 265