Liquid Wind to partner with Sundsvall Energi on second electrofuel facility; eMethanol for shipping

Green Car Congress

Sundsvall Energi will partner with Liquid Wind to be the host and provide carbon dioxide for the second commercial-scale—100,000 t—electrofuel facility in Sweden. Sundsvall Energi, biogenic CO2 supplier and host for FlagshipTWO.

Wind 227

Norsepower signs agreement with Dalian Shipbuilding to install Rotor Sails onboard two newbuild CO2 carrier vessels

Green Car Congress

Norsepower Oy, a global provider of auxiliary wind propulsion systems, announced a contract with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co. for delivery of single Rotor Sails onboard two newbuild liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered, wind-assisted CO? Market Background Ports and Marine Wind


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RWE and ArcelorMittal intend to build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities for low-emissions steelmaking

Green Car Congress

Energy company RWE and steel producer ArcelorMittal have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to develop, build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities that will supply the renewable energy and green hydrogen required to produce low-emissions steel in Germany.

Wind 195

Naturgy and Enagás studying production of green hydrogen from 350 MW of wind power in Asturias

Green Car Congress

Naturgy and Enagás are studying the production of green hydrogen from a 250MW floating offshore wind farm and another 100MW onshore wind farm in Asturias (Spain) for industrial consumption in this Autonomous Region. The project’s planned renewable power production is estimated to save more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year.

Wind 260

CEMEX, Sasol and ENERTRAG partner to turn CO2 from cement plant into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Green Car Congress

The consortium will source green hydrogen generated exclusively from wind and solar energy from ENERTRAG. ENERTRAG’s plants produce reliable electricity and green hydrogen exclusively from wind and sun.

CO2 329

Researchers demonstrate efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2 to C2+ alcohols

Green Car Congress

When powered by renewable solar or wind energy sources, the electrocatalytic CO 2 reduction reaction (CO 2 RR) is a promising approach to produce value-added chemicals/fuels and store renewable energy to achieve the goal of net-zero-emissions.

CO2 354

Honda secures auto industry’s largest renewable energy purchase; 60% reduction in CO2 from N.A. manufacturing operations

Green Car Congress

Seeking to slash CO 2 emissions from its North American manufacturing operations, Honda has entered into long-term virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) for renewable wind and solar power that will cover more than 60% of the electricity that Honda uses in North America. Starting in fall of 2020, Honda will purchase 530,000 MWh/year from 120 MW of wind power generated by the Boiling Springs Wind Farm in Oklahoma, a 150 MW development of the energy company E.ON.

2019 249

PCC SE and Landsvirkjun to convert silicon metal plant CO2 emissions to methanol

Green Car Congress

Landsvirkjun generates energy from renewable sources: hydro, geothermal and wind.

IEA: global CO2 emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021; largely driven by China

Green Car Congress

Output from wind and solar PV increased by 270 TWh and 170 TWh, respectively, while hydro generation declined due to the impacts of drought, notably in the United States and Brazil. Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose by 6% in 2021 to 36.3

CO2 311

Anaergia to supply CO2 to European Energy A/S for green e-methanol production as fuel for container ships

Green Car Congress

European Energy, a major multinational renewable wind and solar energy producer, will produce green e-methanol from this biogenic CO 2. European Energy develops, finances, constructs and operates wind and solar farms as well as large-scale hydrogen and e-methanol plants. Waste-to-biogas company Anaergia Inc. will supply European Energy A/S with up to 60,000 tonnes per year of liquefied biogenic CO 2 for a period of 10 years.

EIA: US energy-related CO2 fell by 2.8% in 2019, slightly below 2017 levels

Green Car Congress

in 2019, but power sector CO 2 emissions fell by even more (-8.2%), largely because of increases from renewable sources such as wind and solar. Because sources such as wind and solar have no fuel costs, when available, they are the first sources dispatched to meet electricity demand.

2020 247

Estonian startup UP Catalyst secures €2.09M; sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite from CO2

Green Car Congress

The pre-seed round was led by Sunly, a developer of wind and solar parks in the Baltics and Poland, and joined by Scottish Baltic Invest, an investment company linked to Interconnect Product Assembly (IPA), which specializes in the production of electro-mechanical solutions; and Little Green Fund that focuses on investments in cleantech innovation.

EIA: CO2 emissions from US power sector have declined 28% since 2005

Green Car Congress

The power sector has become less carbon-intensive as natural gas-fired generation displaced coal-fired and petroleum-fired generation and as the noncarbon sources of electricity generation—especially renewables such as wind and solar—have grown. Almost all of this growth was in renewables, including wind and solar, as shares for other noncarbon sources such as nuclear and hydroelectricity remained relatively flat.

2018 326

Researchers develop wave-energy-driven CO2 reduction system for production of carbon-based liquid fuels

Green Car Congress

mol of formic acid per day at 18 knots wind speed.

2019 311

Mercedes-Benz Cars aims to cut vehicle CO2 emissions by 50% over lifecycle by end of this decade

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz plans to cover more than 70% of its energy needs through renewable energy by 2030 by rolling out solar and wind power at own sites as well as through further Power Purchase Agreements. Additional CO2 savings are expected to be achieved through further measures—i.e.,

CO2 174

CESifo: EVs not the best option for reduction in on-road CO2 in Germany given power mix

Green Car Congress

Over the long term, hydrogen-methane technology offers a further advantage: it allows surplus wind and solar power generated during peaks to be stored, and these surpluses will see a sharp increase as the share of this renewable energy grows. The idea of providing the necessary storage of wind and solar energy with batteries is utopian, as the Leopoldina, Acatech and the Union of Academies of Sciences have emphasized.

2019 320

ReactWell licenses ORNL catalyst for direct conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

Additionally, it can operate as a dispatchable load, which may match the intermittency of renewable sources such as wind and solar. ReactWell , LLC, has licensed a novel waste-to-fuel technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve energy conversion methods for cleaner, more efficient oil and gas, chemical and bioenergy production.

2019 257

Kopernikus Project P2X integrated container-scale test facility produces first fuels from air-captured CO2 and green power

Green Car Congress

Partners of the P2X Kopernikus project on the premises of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have demonstrated the production of fuel from air-captured CO2 using—for the first time—a container-based test facility integrating all four chemical process steps needed to implement a continuous process. Worldwide, wind and sun supply a sufficient amount of energy, but not always at the right time.

2019 243

Gasoline from solar and wind power: Zero-carbon doesn't assure clean or efficient

Green Car Reports

Prometheus Fuels is a California startup aiming to scale up a process that can sound remarkably simple that several have tried before: “We remove CO2 from the air and turn it into gasoline.” ” The process, which recently has been either a holy grail or a red herring for the oil and gas industry, isn't new. But it’s been waylaid. Carbon Footprint carbon dioxide renewable energy

2019 97

GWU team demonstrates highly scalable, low-cost process for making carbon nanotube wools directly from CO2

Green Car Congress

The team calculated that an area equal to only 4% of the Sahara Desert would be sufficient to bring atmospheric CO 2 concentrations back to pre-industrial levels in ten years, and that a wind speed of 1 km per hour would be sufficient to deliver that CO2 to those STEP (solar thermal electrochemical process (STEP) CNT plants ( earlier post ).

2017 250

2019 Keeling Curve Prize winners include Opus 12; conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals

Green Car Congress

CalCEF/Nexus (Oakland, California) is forming a Qualified Clean Energy Opportunity Zone Fund to deploy solar, wind, energy storage and other clean economy assets. The Keeling Curve Prize (KCP) has selected 10 winners for 2019, among them Opus 12 (Berkeley, California) which is developing a device that recycles CO? into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. Earlier post.). The Opus 12 process—based on the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 —combines CO?,

2019 188

Nissan cut CO2 emissions 22.4% over past decade

Green Car Congress

Nissan’s measures to reduce emissions include the following: Nissan UK has installed 19,000 solar panels to join 10 wind turbines at its Sunderland plant, generating enough power to build more than 31,000 cars every year. The power derived from the solar panels and wind turbines accounts for 7% of the plant’s total usage. Nissan Motor’s newly published annual Sustainability Report shows that the global automaker’s CO 2 emissions have fallen by 22.4% over the past decade.

2016 150

KIT spin-off producing synthetic natural gas from green hydrogen and CO2 from sewage sludge

Green Car Congress

In the past four years, Spain already produced 40% of its power from renewable energy sources, mostly wind energy. With a power-to-gas process, excessive or decentrally produced power from renewable sources, such as solar or wind power, is converted into methane. Gas storage capacity in Spain amounts to about 30 terawatt hours, which means that the power produced by wind power plants there can be stored for half a year.

2018 174

Technical brief: transportation overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO2 emissions

Green Car Congress

per year over 2007-2015 due to the displacement of coal by natural gas, wind and solar for power production as well as energy efficiency gains. A technical brief by Dr. John DeCicco at the University of Michigan Energy Institute shows that transportation is overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO 2.

2016 249

Global CO2 emissions up 3% in 2011; per capita CO2 emissions in China reach EU levels

Green Car Congress

The United States remain one of the largest emitters of CO2, with 17.3 One of the main CO 2 reduction options is the use of ‘new’ renewable energy sources (excluding hydropower), such as solar and wind energy and biofuels. CO 2 per capita emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production from the top 5 emitting regions. Click to enlarge.

2012 207

ETH Zürich, Total team develops new catalyst to convert CO2 and H2 directly to methanol efficiently

Green Car Congress

However, the scientists point out that if this electricity comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydropower energy, it can be used to make sustainable methanol and thus sustainable chemicals and fuels. Scientists at ETH Zürich and oil and gas company Total have developed a new catalyst that efficiently converts CO 2 and hydrogen directly into methanol. Offering realistic market potential, the technology paves the way for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals.

2019 174

EIA: US energy-related CO2 dropped 2.7% in 2015; of end-use sectors, only transportation increased

Green Car Congress

Transportation-related CO2 emissions increased by 38 million metric tons (MMmt) (2.1%) in 2015. Although nuclear power remains the dominant source of non-fossil electricity generation, growth in wind and solar generation since 2008 has also contributed to a decline in the carbon intensity of electricity generation. Wind and solar (combined) accounted for about 17% of non-fossil electricity generation in 2015 after rising from less than 1% in 2000 to 2% in 2005.

2017 174

Siemens aims to be climate neutral by 2030; 50% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020

Green Car Congress

It will move toward a clean power mix by increasingly tapping sources of energy—such as natural gas and wind power—that emit little or no CO 2. Siemens aims to be the world’s first major industrial company to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030. The company plans to cut its CO 2 emissions—which currently total about 2.2 million metric tons a year—in half by as early as 2020.

2015 258

Researchers show mixotrophic fermentation process improves carbon conversion, boosting yields and reducing CO2

Green Car Congress

To avoid CO 2 emissions associated with H2-production, electrolysis of water powered by solar, wind or hydroelectricity would be a preferred source and has achieved a level of maturity and success. Syngas-enhanced mixotrophy (case IV): hexose and CO:CO2:H 2 are fed to the microorganism.

2016 210

IEA: global energy demand rose by 2.3% in 2018, fastest pace in the last decade; CO2 emissions up 1.7%

Green Car Congress

Solar and wind generation grew at double-digit pace, with solar alone increasing by 31%. The Global Energy & CO 2 Status Report provides a high-level and up-to-date view of energy markets, including latest available data for oil, natural gas, coal, wind, solar, nuclear power, electricity, and energy efficiency. China remains the leader in renewables, both for wind and solar, followed by Europe and the United States. Energy demand worldwide grew by 2.3%

2019 188

German power-to-gas facility opens green methanation plant; €28M STORE&GO project

Green Car Congress

This stored energy is then available as backup whenever there is an insufficient supply of solar and wind power. The wind-to-gas pilot plant “WindGas Falkenhagen” was constructed in 2013 to store wind energy in the natural gas grid. Three different demonstration sites—Falkenhagen, Troia (Italy), and Solothurn (Switzerland) offer highly diverse testing grounds for PtG: Available energy sources (high wind power; PV and hydro; PV and wind power).

2018 222

Risø DTU Investigating Production of Synthetic Transportation Fuel from Renewable Electricity and CO2

Green Car Congress

This way, small, local electrolysis plants can be established, which can be connected directly to a local wind turbine and produce synthetic fuel for the local area. The vision is to be able to build small, modular plants, with one standing beside each wind turbine in the local area. Tags: Catalysts Emissions Fuels Methanol Solar Wind

2010 174

Nissan cuts CO2 emissions from global corporate activities by 2% in 2013; tracking to 20% by 2016 vs. 2005

Green Car Congress

reported reducing CO2 emissions from global corporate activities in fiscal year 2013 while increasing vehicle production by 5.1%. For example, in Mexico, Nissan is using wind turbines to help run its Aguascalientes plant. Nissan Motor Co., The 2.0% cut in CO 2 during the year puts the company on track to achieve its goal of a 20% reduction by fiscal year 2016, compared to 2005. Nissan set the target in its mid-term environmental action plan, the Nissan Green Program 2016 (NGP2016).

2014 195

ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

Green Car Congress

For instance, the process could be used to store excess electricity generated from variable power sources such as wind and solar. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed an electrocatalyst which operates at room temperature and in water for the electroreduction of dissolved CO 2 with high selectivity for ethanol. Their finding was serendipitous. An open-access paper on their work appears in the journal ChemistrySelect.

2016 237

GWU team demonstrates one-pot process for optimized synthesis of controlled CNTs from CO2; coupling cement and C2CNT

Green Car Congress

Researchers at George Washington University led by Dr. Stuart Licht ( earlier post ) have developed a new process that transforms CO 2 into a controlled selection of nanotubes (CNTs) via molten electrolysis; they call the process C2CNT (CO2 into carbon nanotubes). Lower panel: The CNTs and CNFs provide high conductivity and superior carbon composite lightweight structural materials for jets, bridges, wind turbines, and electric vehicle bodies and batteries.

2017 183

Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

Green Car Congress

Vulcanol is CRI’s brand name for renewable methanol, produced from CO 2 and hydrogen from renewable sources of electricity (hydro, geothermal, wind and solar). Its first commercial-scale production plant obtains carbon dioxide from gas emissions from a geothermal power plant and hydrogen via electrolysis of water using renewable sources of energy from the Icelandic power grid (from hydro, geothermal and wind sources).

2015 214

Nissan FY 2014 global corporate activities reduce CO2 emissions by 22.6% compared to FY 2005

Green Car Congress

Through the use of renewable energy, Nissan Mexicana has prevented 152,800 tons of CO 2 from entering the atmosphere, and has so far assembled 460,000 vehicles with wind power and 57,400 vehicles with biogas power from the city’s landfills. Nissan Motor Co., made progress in reducing CO 2 emissions and improving sustainability in its global corporate activities in fiscal year 2014 while simultaneously increasing vehicle production and plant energy efficiency. The company achieved a 22.6%

2015 199

Hydrogen Council study: hydrogen could contribute to 20% of CO2 emissions reduction targets by 2050

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen is an indispensable resource to achieve this transition because it can be used to store and transport wind, solar and other renewable electricity to power transportation and many other things. In Bonn, as global leaders gathered at COP 23, the Hydrogen Council coalition ( earlier post ) released a report developed with support from McKinsey quantifying the potential for hydrogen in the energy transition.

2017 150

Liquid Light unveils cost-advantaged catalytic process to make chemicals from CO2

Green Car Congress

Further, Liquid Light’s process can sequester carbon when using energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind or nuclear power. To further demonstrate this potential benefit, the company also showed the process can be powered by intermittently-available renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

2014 203

Stanford team develops copper catalyst for increased selectivity of production of ethanol via electroreduction of CO2

Green Car Congress

The electrochemical reduction of CO 2 (CO 2 R) is a process that could couple to renewable energy from wind and solar to directly produce fuels and chemicals in a sustainable manner. Researchers at Standford University have designed large-format, thin-film copper catalysts for the electroreduction of CO 2 to ethanol. The results are published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

2017 150

Trestle Energy and Larksen partner to reduce CO2 from ethanol and coal power

Green Car Congress

Trestle and Larksen’s integrated approach furthers ethanol producers’ ability to scale up production of low carbon biofuels and allows existing power plants to generate electricity with the cost and reliability of coal and with carbon emissions similar to wind.

2016 150

EIA: world energy consumption to grow 56% 2010-2040, CO2 up 46%; use of liquid fuels in transportation up 38%

Green Car Congress

Almost 80% of the projected increase in renewable electricity generation is fueled by hydropower and wind power. The contribution of wind energy, in particular, has grown rapidly over the past decade and this trend continues into the future. trillion kilowatthours of new renewable generation added over the projection period, 52% is attributed to hydroelectric power and 28% to wind. World energy consumption by fuel type, 2010-2040. Source: IEO2013. Click to enlarge.

2013 261

Mantra Venture Group and KC Cottrell Sign LOI for CO2 Electroreduction Reactor; CO2 to Products

Green Car Congress

While thermochemical reactions must be driven at relatively high temperatures that are normally obtained by burning fossil fuels, ERC operates at near ambient conditions and is driven by electric energy that could be taken from an electric power grid supplied by hydro, wind, solar or nuclear energy. Mantra Venture Group Ltd. signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with KC Cottrell Co., Ltd. (KC KC Cottrell), a global leader in air pollution control based out of Seoul, Korea.

2009 183