Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

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Methanol-powered vehicles are one pillar of Geely Auto’s diversified new-energy strategy, which also encompasses ethanol, CNG, gasoline-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure-electric, and extended-range solutions. Vulcanol is CRI’s brand name for renewable methanol, produced from CO 2 and hydrogen from renewable sources of electricity (hydro, geothermal, wind and solar). Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group) will invest a total of US$45.5

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Mantra Venture Group and KC Cottrell Sign LOI for CO2 Electroreduction Reactor; CO2 to Products

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KC Cottrell is currently in the construction phase of a pilot project that captures and purifies 1/2 tonne of CO 2 per day from an industrial power plant. Powered by electricity, ERC combines captured carbon dioxide with water to produce high value materials that are conventionally obtained from the thermochemical processing of fossil fuels, including: formic acid, formate salts, oxalic acid, and methanol. Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

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PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

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12 ] Batteries are heavy, expensive and slow to recharge, so even with the expected gradual improvement in this technology, it will be a long time, if ever, before vehicles powered only by batteries (BEVs) can match the range and refueling convenience of a dual fuel PHEVLER. PHEVLERs make our electric grid more efficient. [ 15 ] Electric power grids are designed with capacity to serve the highest power peaks demanded (e.g.

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3 Oil Majors That Bet Big On Renewables

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Further, according to Rystad Energy, Big Oil is expected to pump in $166B into new oil and gas ventures over the next five years, thus dwarfing the currently specified outlay of just $18B (less than 10% of capex) for solar and wind energy projects. by Alex Kimani for

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Audi e-gas plant qualified to participate in balancing market to stabilize grid

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The Audi e-gas plant in the city of Werlte in Lower Saxony ( earlier post ) produces CO 2 neutral-fuel (synthetic methane from water, renewable electricity and CO 2 ); it now also contributes toward stabilizing the public power grid. However, regional expansion of wind and photovoltaic generation plants leads to increasingly larger load fluctuations. This has resulted in the plant being accepted under the direction of grid operator Tennet TSO GmbH.

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DOE announces more than $65M in public and private funding to commercialize promising energy technologies

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Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Direct Conversion Of CO2 To Chemicals, $250,000. High Efficiency Power-to-Gas in a Modular Hybrid Electrobioreactor, $1,000,000. Kairos Power (Alameda, California). Grid-Edge Intelligent Distribution Automation System for Self-Healing Distribution Grids, $550,000. Hydrogen Based Power Grid Support Using ElectrolyzeRs with Value Stacking (HYPER-V), $250,000. Urban Electric Power (Pearl River, New York).

Four Major Trends in the eMobility Industry in 2021


The European Commission has announced a package of policies intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that requires a 55% reduction in the average CO2 emissions of new cars by 2030 and 100% by 2035.

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

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The new ARPA-E selections focus on accelerating innovations in clean technology while increasing US competitiveness in rare earth alternatives and breakthroughs in biofuels, thermal storage, grid controls, and solar power electronics. Solar ADEPT: Solar Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology ($14.7 for High Power Wind Generators The University of Houston will develop a new, low-cost. has traditionally been too expensive to use in wind generators.

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Ford unveils first vehicle to grid communication system

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An intelligent vehicle-to-grid communications and control system for its plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that “talks” directly with the nation’s electric grid has been unveiled today courtesy of carmaker, Ford. Electric vehicles are an important element of our strategy for improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions,” said Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman. Tags: Ford communication grid hybrid plug-in

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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Electric cars and a smart electric grid have a bright future, according to panelists at a roundtable discussion on the subject that I attended last Friday in Boston. “I And in a true smart grid, electric cars will not only be able to draw on electricity to run their motors, they will also be able to do the reverse: send electricity stored in their batteries back into the grid when it is needed. In effect, cars would be acting like tiny power stations.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Creature comforts include air conditioning, power steering, sunroof, and electric windows and mirrors. There are at least a half dozen different technologies to power cars with electricity under construction. It is reminiscent of the early 1900’s, when steam, electric, diesel, biomass, and gasoline power options competed on a level playing field for consumers’ attention. The electricity for recharging has to come from somewhere, which means power plants.

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