Boom Motors launches its first Corbett-14 electric scooter 

Electric Vehicles India

Boom Motors launches its first Corbett-14 electric scooter . Boom Motors a Coimbatore-based electric vehicle manufacturer has launched its first electric vehicle Corbett 14 electric scooter. The Corbett 14 electric scooter is priced at Rs 86,999 for the standard variant and up to Rs 1.20

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Tata Motors has launched its all-new Tigor EV

Electric Vehicles India

Tata Motors has launched its all-new Tigor EV. After the great launch of electric two-wheelers in India now it is the turn of electric four-wheelers that is from the homegrown automobile manufacturer Tata Motors. Read further to know more about Tata Motors launched new Tigor EV. .

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MIT study finds carbon prices more cost-effective than fuel economy regs at reducing CO2 emissions; fuel economy regs more efficient at reducing fuel use

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change have compared the worldwide economic, environmental, and energy impacts of currently planned fuel economy standards (extended to the year 2050) with those of region-specific carbon prices designed to yield identical CO 2 emissions reductions. Many developed countries are choosing very expensive ways to reduce CO 2 emissions, but if that’s a top priority, they should go with a price on carbon.

2015 238

EIA: energy-related CO2 emissions in US to fall 11% this year

Green Car Congress

Stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, and work-from-home arrangements reduced demand for motor gasoline, distillate fuel oil (primarily consumed as diesel), and jet fuel.

2020 222

ICCT: decline in diesel sales will have negligible impact on attainment of European CO2 emission standards

Green Car Congress

The combustion of 1 liter of diesel fuel produces approximately 11% more energy than gasoline fuel, but the diesel fuel also releases approximately 11% more CO2 due to its higher carbon content. In addition, vehicle manufacturers increasingly use electric motors to complement conventional combustion engines in cars. VW Golf) market segments are, on average, similarly priced (±1%), but hybrid electric vehicles have approximately 20% lower CO 2 emissions.

2018 174

Electric bus market and trends 

Electric Vehicles India

Transport sector is responsible for 23% of CO2 emissions. The transport sector is responsible for approximately 23 % of total energy-related CO2 emissions in the world. Electric bus market and trends .

EIA: US energy-related CO2 emissions down 1.7% in 2016; carbon intensity of economy down 3.1%; transportation emissions up

Green Car Congress

decline in energy-related CO2, according to the latest report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Since the late 1990s, the transportation sector has produced the most CO2 emissions. The 2016 increase in energy‐related CO 2 emissions from the transportation sector was led by motor gasoline consumption, according to EIA. Motor gasoline accounted for 56.0%

2017 150

JATO: new car CO2 emissions rise for the first time in a decade in Europe; diesel down, gasoline up, SUVs up

Green Car Congress

This use of hybrid vehicles by Toyota, and the drivetrain mix of the brand, implies that full hybrids may be the best alternative to diesel vehicles in the short term, as average CO 2 emissions are lower, while the additional torque and power produced by electric motors when combined with internal combustion engines meet consumer demand at an acceptable consumer price point.

2018 212

UK new car CO2 emissions fell 3.5% in 2010 and more than 20% since 2000

Green Car Congress

g/km CO 2 in 2010 according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) 10 th annual CO 2 report. New technology has delivered impressive reductions in CO2 emissions but coordinated action, to support research and development, new infrastructure and consumer incentives, is critical to securing significant future advances. Emissions of new cars in the UK fell 3.5% to an average of 144.2

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Final EPA report shows total US GHG emissions up 3.2% in 2010, total CO2 up 3.5%, total transportation CO2 up 1%

Green Car Congress

The number of vehicle miles traveled by light-duty motor vehicles (passenger cars and. growth, economic growth, urban sprawl, and low fuel prices over much of this period. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the 17 th annual US greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. The final report shows overall emissions in 2010 increased by 3.2% from the previous year.

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Honda introduces new diesel CR-V at Geneva; CO2 emissions of 119 g/km

Green Car Congress

i-DTEC at the Geneva Motor Show. Further technical and specification details and prices for the CR-V 1.6 Honda introduced the diesel CR-V 1.6 The British built CR-V is the next model in the Honda line-up to receive the new Earth Dreams Technology 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine. earlier post ). The CR-V is available in two-wheel drive with manual transmission and will feature 300 N·m of torque and 120 PS with CO 2 emissions of 119 g/km.

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SEAT introducing natural gas Mii Ecofuel with 79 g/km CO2

Green Car Congress

The first model with a CNG engine to wear a SEAT badge, and making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 this coming week, the Mii Ecofuel offers average consumption of 2.9 Given the fuel price in many countries, the running costs are approximately half those of a Mii with a gasoline engine. At an entry price of €12,050 (US$15,700) in Germany, the new SEAT Mii Ecofuel is also the most inexpensive CNG model on the market. The SEAT Mii Ecofuel. Click to enlarge.

2013 170

Golf GTD with emissions from 109g/km CO2

Green Cars News

seconds, yet will emit as little as 109g/km CO2. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last month, the new model is now available to order in the UK, with prices starting from £25,285 on the road. Volkswagen’s new performance Golf, the new Golf GTD, will achieve 0-62mph sprint in 7.5 Volkswagen’s latest model to join [.]. Volkswagen diesel Golf Volkswagen Golf

2013 41

Ford Europe leading project investigating DME and OME1 as low carbon, near zero particulate fuels; power-to-liquids pathways using CO2

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company is leading a €3.5-million (US$3.9-million) research project to investigate the use of alternative fuels that could offer customers the power and performance of modern internal combustion engines with environmental benefits comparable to an electric vehicle.

2015 212

EPA annual US GHG inventory shows 1.6% drop in 2011 from previous year; transportation CO2 down 1.1%

Green Car Congress

The number of vehicle miles traveled by light-duty motor vehicles (passenger cars and light-duty trucks) increased 34% from 1990 to 2011, as a result of a confluence of factors including population growth, economic growth, urban sprawl, and low fuel prices over much of this period. Total US greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector in 2011. Click to enlarge.

2013 191

New Audi A3 promises emissions from 99g/km CO2

Green Cars News

Audi has revealed its third-generation A3 model which will emit as little as 99g/km CO2. Priced from £19,000 OTR, order books for the new model are expected to open soon with the first UK deliveries planned for September. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the three-door A3 showcases Audi’s focus on improving quality, infotainment, driver [.]. Audi Audi A3 Geneva Motor Show hatchback Switzerland

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New Nissan Note to make world premiere at Geneva show; as low as 95 g/km CO2

Green Car Congress

The new Nissan Note will make its world debut in European specification at the Geneva Motor Show on 5 March. Additional connected services include Google Points of Interest (POI), nearest fuel prices, plus flight and weather information. Built on Nissan’s lightweight V platform, the new Note combines a long wheelbase and short overhangs to create a sporty, agile look. Click to enlarge.

2013 199

Tata Tigor EV launched in India at ? 11.99 lakh

Electric Vehicles India

Tata Motors has launched the most affordable electric car, the Tigor EV sedan in India with the ex-showroom prices starting at ? Price. lakh km on battery and motor. Tata Tigor EV launched in India at ?

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EIA Estimates 2.1% Growth in Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in US in 2010; Still Below 1999-2008 Levels

Green Car Congress

EIA forecasts that regular-grade motor gasoline retail prices will average $2.92 The forecast has the annual average regular grade retail gasoline price increasing from $2.35 in 2011, primarily because of projected rising crude oil prices. Average US pump prices for regular gasoline are likely to exceed $3 per gallon at times during the driving season, according to EIA, and already exceed $3 per gallon in some areas such as California.

2010 170

EIA Projects 5% Decrease in Fossil-Fuel-Based CO2 Emissions in 2009; Little Change in Emissions from Gasoline

Green Car Congress

Although little change in CO 2 emissions from motor gasoline is expected in 2009, CO 2 emissions from other transportation petroleum fuels, particularly jet fuel (a 9.8% The STEO is a monthly forecast of energy supply, consumption, and prices that looks forward from 12 to 24 months (every January the outlook is extended through December of the following year). US CO 2 emissions growth. Source: EIA STEO. Click to enlarge.

2009 192

US EIA Projects World Energy Use to Grow 44% Between 2006 and 2030, CO2 Emissions Up by 39%

Green Car Congress

World oil prices have fallen sharply from their July 2008 high mark. As the world’s economies recover, higher world oil prices are assumed to return and to persist through 2030. In the IEO2009 reference case, world oil prices rise to $110 per barrel in 2015 (in real 2007 dollars) and $130 per barrel in 2030. The EIA notes that experience demonstrates that world oil prices can be extremely volatile. Projected growth in world carbon dioxide emissions. Source: IEO2009.

2006 150

MQB-based 7th gen VW Golf up to 100 kg lighter and 23% more fuel efficient than predecessor; Golf BlueMotion delivers 3.2 l/100km (73.5 mpg US) and 85g/km CO2

Green Car Congress

The Golf Mk7 is extremely fuel efficient, equipped as standard with the Stop/Start system and brake energy recovery mode and yet—to take Germany as an example—at a base price of €16,975 not a cent more than its predecessor’s entry level model. Technically, progressive steering differs from the basic steering system by the rack and pinion’s variable tooth spacing and a more powerful electric motor. World premiere of the new Golf in the New National Gallery in Berlin.

2012 214

BYD launches e6 electric MPV in India

Electric Vehicles India

BYD has launched the new e6 an electric MPV in India which is priced at t Rs 29.15 It is equipped with a powerful 71.7kWh lithium iron phosphate battery that provides 95hp, 180Nm to a single electric motor. BYD to increase prices of lithium battery cells .

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National Research Council Study: More Compact Development Could Reduce VMT, Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions Anywhere from Less than 1% to 11%

Green Car Congress

Requested by Congress and funded by the US Department of Energy, Special Report 298: Driving and the Built Environment: The Effects of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO 2 Emissions examines the relationship between land development patterns, often referred to as the built environment, and motor vehicle travel in the United States.

2009 185

Tesla CEO: Gas prices should be $10 a gallon

Green Cars News

Describing himself as anti-tax but pro-carbon tax, Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk risked the backlash of US motorists by declaring that petrol should probably cost $10 a gallon. He said that we are not paying for the true cost of petrol at the pump since nobody is explicitly paying for the carbon dioxide (CO2) capacity of the oceans and atmospheres but added that “we will pay for it down the road, but we are sort of ignoring it now&#.

2009 37

Frankfurt Motor Show goes green. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

Steeped in history, the International Motor Show, or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), held biennially in Frankfurt, Germany, is already regarded as the world’s largest motor show – and this year it may be more important than ever. With several of the world’s top motor shows having been cancelled due to the global economic crisis, Frankfurt has become the showcase for the hottest new concept vehicles from the world’s leading car manufacturers. The Green Piece.

2009 34

Order books open for new SEAT Ibiza

Green Cars News

SEAT’s new Ibiza model, fresh from its debut at the recent Geneva Motor Show, launch in the UK from next month with emissions as low as 92g/km CO2. The great news of buyers of the new model is that for most derivatives, SEAT has actually lowered prices compared to outgoing versions, beating the usual price [.]. SEAT Geneva Motor Show Seat Ibiza UK

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Alabama will be ‘first to mass produce green cars’ says HK Motors

Green Cars News

Los Angeles-based start-up, Hybrid Kinetic Motors (HK Motors) has announced plans to construct a new green-vehicle manufacturing plant in Baldwin County, Alabama in the US. HK Motors Chairman, Yung Benjamin Yeung cited the strength of Alabama’s economy and the quality of its workforce as the main reasons for the board’s decision to locate its primary manufacturing operations in Alabama. Tags: Green credentials Alabama green hybrid kinetic motors

Electric vehicles trends in India

Electric Vehicles India

Electric vehicles have attracted the attention of India’s policy makers as clean technology alternatives due to their multiple advantages like higher efficiency and lower air pollution in short to medium term and reduced CO2 emissions. Fuel prices boosted sales of electric two-wheelers.

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Proposed Changes to the Federal EV Tax Credit Passed by the House of Representatives

EV Adoption

To date, two manufacturers — Tesla and General Motors — saw the tax credit phaseout completely. The credit is not available for Tesla vehicles acquired after December 31, 2019 and General Motors EV purchased after March 31, 2020. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) Caps.

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

contains no rare earths, in a prototype electric motor. Research, TECO Westinghouse Motor. Motors Research and. Advanced Electric Vehicle Motors with Low or No Rare Earth. motor with the potential to efficiently power future. electric vehicle motors use expensive, imported rare earth. project, QM Power and its team will develop a motor that uses. delivers more power than many vehicle motors with greater. magnet in a prototype electric motor.

2011 242

Electric company car tax explained

Drive Electric

The amount of company car tax due is also based on what type of fuel the vehicle uses and its CO2 emissions. This year 2021/22, the electric vehicle company car tax rate has risen to 1% of an EV’s taxable list price.

Tax 81

Audi introduces Q5 55 TFSI e quattro plug-in hybrid; first of new PHEVs

Green Car Congress

l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 53 – 46 g/km) is the first of the new plug-in models from Audi. lb-ft) of torque, and an electric motor (combined fuel consumption: 2.4 – 2.1 The permanently excited synchronous motor (PSM) has a peak output of 105 kW and peak torque of 350 N·m (258.1 US mpg), corresponding to 53 – 46 grams CO2 per kilometer (85.3 – 74.0 The driver is free to choose whether and how to intervene in the interplay between engine and motor.

2019 203

Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric car review

Drive Electric

Price: From £36,995. The all-wheel drive flagship IONIQ 5 has two electric motors integrated with the front and rear axles, providing 305 PS (224 kW). CO2 emissions (WLTP): 0g/km. Price: £48,145.

BMW introduces the X3 30e PHEV with 18 miles of electric range

Current EV

For 2021, the Bavarian automaker has introduced an X3 hybrid version with numerous technology updates, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. The car is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an 80kW (107hp) e-motor which combines for 288hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

2020 52

Audi E-Tron 55 Quattro review

Drive Electric

Price: From £62,025. The powertrain is comprised of a 95 kWh lithium-ion battery and two electric motors – one at the front and one at the rear – which deliver 306 PS (408 PS with boost) and 561 Nm of torque (664 Nm with boost). CO2 emissions (WLTP): 0 g/km.

Audi 52

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan makes N. American debut at LA Auto Show; available in California late 2016; PHEV in 2018

Green Car Congress

Honda said the Clarity Fuel Cell will be priced competitively with others in the segment; Honda expects its new generation of environmental vehicles, which includes the Clarity Fuel Cell, to serve as a new volume pillar for Honda. —John Mendel, executive vice president, American Honda Motor Co., Honda sees hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as one of the most promising pathways to address climate change by reducing CO2 emissions of transportation.

2015 199

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Moreover, with the massive drop in oil prices , gas-powered vehicles are more economical to operate, which makes it harder to argue that EVs will help drivers save money on fuel.

Honda introduces SmartCharge beta program for Fit EV customers

Green Car Congress

Using the vehicle telematics system and Enel X subsidiary eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet software platform, Honda SmartCharge computes the best time to charge a vehicle from the electric grid, dynamically taking into account the driver’s daily schedule, the amount of renewable energy being generated, and the amount of CO2 emitted from power plants on the grid. —Steve Center, vice president, Connected and Environmental Business Development for American Honda Motor Co.,

2018 150

The EV100 Initiative: Climate Group’s Ambitious Venture

EV Match

Some benefits include cumulatively cutting 3 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions (equivalent to the annual emissions of India), growing the used EV market by 40%, and avoiding 120,000 premature deaths a year from transportation-related air pollution.

Center for Automotive Research calls long-run economic risk to auto industry of mandating permanent fuel economy standards very serious; recommends periodic reviews

Green Car Congress

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has released a new study estimating the parameters of the US motor vehicle market and industry in 2025, given the “ most likely dramatic changes ” likely to be soon mandated by the federal government for the purpose of improving the fuel economy performance of vehicles not determined by market forces, as well as additional safety and environmental mandates and regulations. real world fuel economy”); 3% Decrease in CO2 : The.

2011 179

UC Davis, ITDP study suggests global shift to public transport, NMT and away from cars could save $100T through 2050 and cut GHGs

Green Car Congress

Doubling motor vehicle fuel economy requirements could also reduce CO 2 emissions by an additional 700 megatons in 2050. Africa experiences a large increase in total mobility in High Shift because a similar increase in transit and NMT (non-motorized transport) as occurs in other regions along with a 50% reduction in LDV travel results in much higher total travel levels than in the baseline.

2014 229

2020 Electric Vehicle Industry Report Card and trends for the new year

Plug In India

The year started with lot of optimism with the launch of the Tata Nexon EV from Tata Motors and Chetak electric scooter from Bajaj. Mumbai's BEST has ordered 300+ buses from Tata Motors. Tata Motors has supplied 215 electric buses in 5 cities across India.

2020 56