Sandia team puts power into local grid with supercritical CO2 closed-loop Brayton-cycle turbine

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Sandia National Laboratories researchers recently delivered electricity produced by a new power-generating system to the Sandia-Kirtland Air Force Base electrical grid. It took us a long time to get the data needed to let us connect to the grid.

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The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is headed to the US


Italian startup Energy Dome , maker of the world’s first CO2 battery, is officially entering the US market. Energy Dome’s battery uses carbon dioxide to store energy from wind and solar on the grid.


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EIA: California drought will decrease hydropower, increase natural gas use and CO2 emissions

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California has a diverse electricity fuel mix and is highly interconnected with the regional electric grid, but our study shows that a significant decrease in hydropower generation this summer could lead to higher electricity prices, among other effects.

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Plug-in vehicles reduced CO2 emissions by 5.5 million metric tons in 2021

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Plug-in electric vehicles, including all-electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 5.5 The estimates used regional electric grid mixes and EV/PHEV registration locations.

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Audi e-gas plant qualified to participate in balancing market to stabilize grid

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The Audi e-gas plant in the city of Werlte in Lower Saxony ( earlier post ) produces CO 2 neutral-fuel (synthetic methane from water, renewable electricity and CO 2 ); it now also contributes toward stabilizing the public power grid. It is therefore important to have flexibly available consumers such as the Audi e-gas plant to buffer load peaks and thereby stabilize energy grids. This has resulted in the plant being accepted under the direction of grid operator Tennet TSO GmbH.

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The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is being commercialized [update]


Italian startup Energy Dome has now begun to commercialize the world’s first CO2 Battery, which was launched earlier this month in Sardinia, Italy. The post The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is being commercialized [update] appeared first on Electrek.

Supreme Court curbs EPA authority to regulate CO2 from power plants

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EPA decides, for instance, how much of a switch from coal to natural gas is practically feasible by 2020, 2025, and 2030 before the grid collapses, and how high energy prices can go as a result before they become unreasonably “exorbitant.”. The Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) has ruled in West Virginia v. EPA that the EPA lacks the authority to set emission standards for power plants so strict as to force a shift of power generation from fossil fuels.

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The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is ready for global launch


Italian startup Energy Dome today announced the launch of the world’s first CO2 battery in Sardinia, Italy. The battery uses carbon dioxide to store renewable energy on the grid, and Energy Dome says the technology can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world.

Roskill: CO2 emissions from lithium production set to triple by 2025

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The high emissions intensity of refining concentrate to lithium carbonate or hydroxide, in part driven by China’s power grid mix and reliance of coal.

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Ricardo, National Grid study explores market potential for grid-balancing services for plug-in vehicles

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A new study by Ricardo and National Grid examining the market potential for grid balancing services provided by a future fleet of plug-in vehicles (PIVs) found that demand-side management services provide only a modest financial benefit but at zero cost, while more robust vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services offer potentially attractive returns, but with likelihood of high investment and limited market. To achieve this, grid operators look to balancing services.

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Analysis: Electric pickups emit less CO2 than the average gasoline truck anywhere in the US

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While EVs have no "tailpipe" emissions, the grid electricity used to charge them can be a source of carbon emissions

New process uses localized surface plasmons for room-temperature conversion of CO2 to CO

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An array of light beams impinging upon the grid would activate the LSPs.

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Mercedes-Benz Cars aims to cut vehicle CO2 emissions by 50% over lifecycle by end of this decade

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Mercedes-Benz enables “green charging” at all of the around 300,000 public charging points in the Mercedes me Charge network throughout Europe and ensures that a sufficient amount of electricity from renewable sources is fed into the grid. Additional CO2 savings are expected to be achieved through further measures—i.e.,

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CESifo: EVs not the best option for reduction in on-road CO2 in Germany given power mix

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Unfortunately, due to our grid situation, electric cars are still too early for this strategic goal in the sense of German climate protection efforts. According to a new study published by the ifo Institue Center for Economic Studies (CESifo) in Germany, EVs will barely help cut CO 2 emissions in the country over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles does not necessarily lead to a reduction in CO 2 emissions from road traffic given the current power generation mix.

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Honda secures auto industry’s largest renewable energy purchase; 60% reduction in CO2 from N.A. manufacturing operations

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These VPPAs will enable Honda to fully offset the remaining carbon-intensive grid-supplied electricity being used in its Ohio, Indiana, and Alabama automobile manufacturing operations, and will help the company meet its voluntary carbon reduction goal. will deliver to the grid by the end of 2020. However, Honda’s “virtual purchase” of renewable energy adds more clean energy into the nation’s electricity grid.

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Grid-eMotion Flash: Hitachi’s 20 second Flash Charging Solution

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Grid-eMotion Flash. By selecting the appropriate technologies and ensuring optimal energy management, the system can save as much as 1,000 tons of CO2 on a bus line covering approximately 600,000 kilometers per year. Ashok Leyland’s e-bus will run in IITM and use Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion Flash, the revolutionary flash-charging technology. Grid eMotion Flash was created for environment-friendly mass transit.

2019 Keeling Curve Prize winners include Opus 12; conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals

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Solar Sister (Great Falls, Virginia) invests in women’s enterprises in off-grid communities in Africa. The Keeling Curve Prize (KCP) has selected 10 winners for 2019, among them Opus 12 (Berkeley, California) which is developing a device that recycles CO? into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. Earlier post.). The Opus 12 process—based on the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 —combines CO?,

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U of I study: synthetic fuels via CO2 conversion and FT not currently economically & environmentally competitive

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The potential WTG CO 2 emission reduction with low carbon grid electricity indicates the potential role electrochemical CO conversion can play in low carbon liquid fuel when the electricity grid is highly renewable or decarbonized.

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NSF awards Saratoga Energy grant to advance production of carbon nanotubes from CO2 for batteries closer to market

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Saratoga Energy has won a National Science Foundation grant to scale up its breakthrough process for generating low-cost, top quality carbon nanotubes from carbon dioxide for use in making high-performance Li-ion batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles, grid storage, and military and aerospace applications.

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Evonik and Siemens launch phase 2 of Rheticus: butanol, hexanol from CO2 and water using renewable electricity and bacteria

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We are also contributing to the stability of the grid because production is so flexible that we can respond to fluctuations in power supply. Evonik and Siemens launched phase two of their joint research project Rheticus. The goal is to develop an efficient and powerful test plant that will use carbon dioxide and water as well as electricity from renewable sources and bacteria to produce specialty chemicals.

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IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year even as global economy grew in 2016

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Five new nuclear reactors were connected to the grid in China, increasing its nuclear generation by 25%. Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were flat for a third straight year in 2016 even as the global economy grew, according to the International Energy Agency. The data signal a continuing decoupling of emissions and economic activity.

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ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

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This could help to balance a grid supplied by intermittent renewable sources. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed an electrocatalyst which operates at room temperature and in water for the electroreduction of dissolved CO 2 with high selectivity for ethanol. Their finding was serendipitous. An open-access paper on their work appears in the journal ChemistrySelect.

2016 237

New LowCVP report highlights need to go “beyond the tailpipe” for CO2 metrics for vehicles

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Future grid mix intensities in this study were estimated using information from EU statistics, the EC Roadmap, the UK Carbon Plan and the UK 2012 Draft Energy Bill. Electricity grid mix carbon intensities are assumed to be at the point of consumption. These additional savings are from the additional reductions to fuel consumption, grid mix carbon intensity etc. Proportion of lifecycle CO 2 e emissions for future cars 2020-2030.

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Researchers find Nissan LEAF creates less CO2 than Toyota Prius hybrid in west US and Texas, but more in N. Midwest

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Regionally specific lifecycle CO 2 emissions per mile traveled for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the US can vary widely based on grid emission factors (i.e., However, many of these studies rely on a single electricity production emission factor estimate or conduct sensitivity analyses on grid emission factors over a range of power plant types. Continue to reduce the emissions intensity of the electricity grid.

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PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

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PHEVLERs make our electric grid more efficient. [ 15 ] Electric power grids are designed with capacity to serve the highest power peaks demanded (e.g. The existing electric grid in the USA has sufficient energy capacity to recharge massive numbers of electric vehicles as long as they do most of their battery charging during those off-peak night and morning hours. PHEVLERs help support the electric grid. PHEVLERs are better than BEVs in support of the electric grid.

2016 163

EPA releases final Clean Power Plan; 32% reduction in CO2 from power plants by 2030

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Grid Reliability: In addition to giving states more time to develop implementation plans, starting compliance in 2022, and phasing in the targets over the decade, the rule requires states to address reliability in their state plans. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the final Clean Power Plan (CPP).

2015 216

Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

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Its first commercial-scale production plant obtains carbon dioxide from gas emissions from a geothermal power plant and hydrogen via electrolysis of water using renewable sources of energy from the Icelandic power grid (from hydro, geothermal and wind sources). Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group) will invest a total of US$45.5 million in Carbon Recycling International (CRI). The investment consists of an initial investment and additional purchases of CRI equity over a 3-year period.

2015 214

US and China jointly announce GHG reduction targets; US to cut net GHG 26-28% by 2025, China to peak CO2 by ~2030

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This CCUS project with Enhanced Water Recovery will eventually inject about 1 million tons of CO2 and create approximately 1.4 In addition, USTDA will conduct three reverse trade missions to bring Chinese delegations to see environmental, smart grid, and CCUS technologies in the United States over the next year. The US and China jointly announced greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

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Mantra Venture Group and KC Cottrell Sign LOI for CO2 Electroreduction Reactor; CO2 to Products

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While thermochemical reactions must be driven at relatively high temperatures that are normally obtained by burning fossil fuels, ERC operates at near ambient conditions and is driven by electric energy that could be taken from an electric power grid supplied by hydro, wind, solar or nuclear energy. Mantra Venture Group Ltd. signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with KC Cottrell Co., Ltd. (KC KC Cottrell), a global leader in air pollution control based out of Seoul, Korea.

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Study for European Parliament assesses options for turning CO2 into methanol for use in transport

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Further key elements for bringing down production cost for methanol from CO 2 include the use of electricity from wind farms that cannot be evacuated to the grid or employing solar electricity generated in isolated, but sun-rich regions for hydrogen and methanol production. Carbon dioxide recycling in the methanol economy Source: Olah et al. 2009, earlier post. Click to enlarge.

2014 212

States, Cities sue EPA over Clean Power Plan rollback

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The power grid that electric vehicles plug into will get cleaner over time. emissions global warming CO2 climate changeBut depending on where you are, the rate at which it cleans up could have a lot to do with something that’s headed to the courts. A lawsuit filed Tuesday by 22 states and seven cities, in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, aims to.

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EPA proposes CO2 emission standards for new fossil fuel-fired power plants

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those that burn biomass only); or low capacity factor EGUs that sell less than 1/3 of their power to the grid. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed Clean Air Act standards to reduce CO 2 emissions from fossil-fuel fired power plants (electric utility generating units, EGUs).

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Honda introduces SmartCharge beta program for Fit EV customers

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Electric vehicle customers typically plug in and charge their vehicles when they arrive home after work, but this early evening charge time is often when demand on the grid is highest and when electricity is the most expensive. We believe the program will be a game changer with its ability to create new value for our customers, reduce demand on the grid during peak load times, and help contribute to our company’s goal of reducing CO 2 emissions.

2018 150

Researchers convert atmospheric CO2 to carbon nanofibers and nanotubes for use as anodes in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries

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This presents a sustainable route to convert carbon dioxide into materials relevant to both grid-scale and portable storage systems. Researchers from George Washington University and Vanderbilt University have demonstrated the conversion of atmospheric CO 2 into carbon nanofibers (CNFs) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for use as high-performance anodes in both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

2016 190

Stanford faculty awarded $2.2 million for innovative energy research; fuel cells, hybrids, splitting CO2

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This novel study examines the “micro grids” that owners of these resources likely will form for negotiating with their local utilities. Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy, the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center and the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy have awarded 11 seed grants totaling $2.2 million to Stanford faculty for promising new research in clean technology and energy efficiency.

2013 190

Audi opens power-to-gas facility in Werlte/Emsland; e-gas from water, green electricity and CO2

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This enables them to take part in an accounting process that ensures that the amount of gas that they put in their vehicle at the natural gas filling station is supplied to the grid by the Audi e-gas plant. Audi’s e-gas plant. Click to enlarge. Audi has opened its e-gas plant in Werlte, making it the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy carriers. Earlier post.).

2013 247

Study suggests energy and GHG impacts of synthetic hydrocarbon fuels from CO2 are greater than impacts of existing hydrocarbon fuels

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Because renewable energy technologies produce difficult-to-store electricity and renewable electricity supply increasingly exceeds demand, research has begun in leveling supply and demand using concepts such as smart grids. Even in smart grid systems it can be expected that some sort of energy storage will still be needed. Synthetic fuel production from fuel-combustion-based energy and CO 2 (top) and from atmospheric CO 2 using solar electricity (bottom).

2014 207

Texas Clean Energy Project signs long-term CO2 offtake agreement with Whiting Petroleum for enhanced oil recovery; 90% CO2 capture from IGCC coal polygen plant

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Captured CO2 will be further cleaned and compressed, and then transported by pipeline to an existing regional CO 2 pipeline or, potentially, to a nearby EOR field. The combined power generation from the combustion turbine-generator and the steam turbine generator would be approximately 400 MW (gross) with 213 MW sent to the grid, on average, and. the regional electrical grid by a high voltage transmission line system.

2011 174

Are EVs Charged Mostly By Coal Power in the US?

EV Adoption

And oh BTW, according to the Energy Information Administration , California’s grid overall consumed 0% coal power. And the reality is that the grid in many parts of the country will get greener at a faster rate than the EV sales share.

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“Energiewende” in a tank; Audi e-fuels targeting carbon-neutral driving with synthetic fuels from renewables, H2O and CO2; Swiss policy test case

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The e-gas plant only operates when there is too much electricity from renewable sources in the grid. Like other major automakers, Audi (and its parent Volkswagen Group) is working on meeting its medium-term regulatory requirements (e.g.,

2015 228

We Need More Than Just Electric Vehicles

Cars That Think

Most automotive manufacturers say they plan to use renewable energy in the future, but for now, most battery production relies on electric grids largely powered by fossil fuels. And that much more vehicle charging would then put great pressure on our electricity grids.

Volvo plug-in hybrid bus with B?sbaar rapid charging to begin field testing in Gothenburg; 75-80% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2

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The plug-in hybrids have been further developed, and enable rapid recharging from electricity grids via the Opbrid B?sbaar 7900 Volvo Plugin Hybrid Charging at Redbergsplatsen in Gothenburg. Click to enlarge. Volvo Buses’ new plug-in hybrid buses will begin field tests in Gothenburg, Sweden this month.

2013 237

IEA working paper highlights potential role of natural gas in reducing global road transport CO2

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Natural gas can be competitive with gasoline where transmission and distribution grids are present; in countries where this is not the case, there is often an opportunity for simultaneous gas market development and increasing NGV market share. Investments in grids are likely to take place only where other sectors can also benefit from natural gas supply.

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