Youth Climate Strikes Have The $uperpower To Shut This Country Down & Force America To Take Emergency Climate Action

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My friend and mentor, Bill McKibben has an Op Ed about this Friday’s Student Climate Strikes in today’s on-line edition of the LA Times that will be news to LAT readers but not to Creative Greenius devotees. Click here to find out where there’s a climate strike near you !

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Latest climate study says it's already too late

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With all the dire warnings about climate-change coming from the most recent studies—from the Fourth National Climate Assessment released on Black Friday to an October report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which showed that catastrophic effects could hit by 2040—the latest news. climate change renewable energySit down before you read this.

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Climate change presents $1 trillion in risk, but more in reward: study

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The latest climate study, released Tuesday, doesn't look at sea level rise, carbon counts, or government policy—at least not directly. The study, by CDP, sent questionnaires to more than 200 of the largest global companies about their forecasts for how much money they're budgeting to lose to. global warming climate changeInstead, it takes a strictly capitalist approach.

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Study draws link between climate and weather—via jet stream

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Now a new study by a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University has done just that. By studying the pattern of the jet stream, Professor Michael Mann. For some, the evidence of global warming is hard to accept, especially when it has been difficult to draw the link between individual storms and an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gasses. Weather global warming carbon dioxide

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ICCT study finds noise and climate impacts of a new generation of supersonic aircraft could be significant

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Reintroducing commercial supersonic transport (SST) aircraft into the global aviation fleet could have significant noise and climate impacts by 2035, according to a new study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). degree Celsius climate trajectory.

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Urgent: Assemblymember Chris Holden Trying to Kill California’s 100% Renewable Climate Bill, #ChangeTheClimate, #SB100

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We need more aggressive cuts in emissions to get us anywhere near the pathways that limit the worst impacts of climate change. Low income and communities of color are and continue to be the most impacted by climate chaos.

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Greenius Will Meet With Al Gore To Talk Climate Reality

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Joe Galliani Selected As Climate Leader Just As Global Warming Reaches Tipping Points. I have no illusions that what I’m doing is so important or vital that it makes up for the climate damage my flights are responsible for.

Carnegie study finds climate impact of particulates varies greatly depending on where the pollution originated

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However, while greenhouse gases cause warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, some aerosols can have a cooling effect on the climate because the aerosol particles cause more of the sun’s light to be reflected away from the planet. Climate Change Emissions

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Study: IMO low-sulfur fuel standards will decrease childhood asthma cases, premature deaths; climate tradeoffs

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Now, a new open-access study published in Nature Communications quantifies these health benefits and finds cleaner shipping fuels will result in a 3.6% While the health benefits are clear, the research also quantifies tradeoffs in terms of climate.

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DLR: cleaner aircraft emissions reduce the climate impact of contrail cirrus

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Fewer soot particles in the exhaust stream of aircraft reduces the formation of ice crystals and therefore the climate impact of the resulting contrail cirrus. The results are published in an open-access paper in the Nature Partner Journal (npj) Climate and Atmospheric Science.

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Greenius Will Meet With Al Gore To Talk Climate Reality

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Joe Galliani Selected As Climate Leader Just As Global Warming Reaches Tipping Points. I have no illusions that what I’m doing is so important or vital that it makes up for the climate damage my flights are responsible for.

Carbon emissions from making electricity could vanish by 2060: study

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emissions Carbon climate change Study electric utilities renewable energy energyOne of the major sources of carbon emissions is electricity generation. It's an issue that is becoming increasingly important in the automotive sphere, due to the slow rise of plug-in electric cars. So what would it take to eliminate carbon emissions entirely from making electricity? DON'T MISS: Bipartisan governors' group urges Trump to back.

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Bizarre Swedish study claims electric cars are worse for the environment

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The benefits of electric vehicles over those with internal-combustion engines are vast, but a strange new study is making rounds that claims electric cars are worse for climate-change emissions. The study. Carbon Footprint Study plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Electric vehicles shouldn't be considered all-out carbon footprint saviors, but they can legitimately be viewed as the great minimizers.

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Study suggests economic stagnation no excuse for inaction on climate

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Results from a new study by researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge in the UK has suggest that the social cost of carbon dioxide is higher in a low economic growth world. In other words, the findings suggest that policymakers should be paying more, rather than less, attention to tackling climate change in economically tough times. A paper on the study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Nature Climate Change doi: 10.1038/nclimate1935.

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Georgia Tech study projects potential mixed impacts of climate change policies on air quality

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Results of a study by a team from Georgia Tech and their colleagues at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management show that national CO 2 emissions reductions strategies will play an important role in impacting air quality over the US. A paper on the study is published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. Climate Change Emissions Health Policy

Clean energy won't happen, climate change will be bad: a contrarian perspective

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The most recent detailed studies on the likely warming of Planet Earth are grim indeed, suggesting that we are collectively at "very high risk" for the most extreme effects of climate change. emissions global warming climate change carbon dioxide scienceTo stem that, mankind collectively will have to reduce its ongoing emissions of carbon dioxide radically and immediately. Now, one longtime advocate of.

Tesla charging, grim climate studies, Mercedes diesels, Outlander PHEV updates: Today's Car News

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Today, Tesla expands its destination charging to workplaces, some grim climate studies appear, the Outlander PHEV gets a more sophisticated powertrain next year, and Mercedes may have cheated on its diesels too. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Some Tesla drivers will be able to charge at work, if their employers are "qualified." A leaked. Today in Car News

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Study concludes that NG leakage higher than reflected in inventories; transportation fuel climate benefits questioned

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The study, which is authored by researchers from seven universities, several national laboratories and federal government bodies and other organizations, is published in the journal Science. Atmospheric studies that estimate emissions after atmospheric mixing occurs.

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Most-accurate climate-change models suggest worst effects on global weather

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The denial of accepted climate science by the Trump Administration has now put the U.S. A recent analysis of studies and models of those effects seems to indicate. emissions global warming research climate change carbon dioxide scienceat odds with essentially every other nation in the world. Meanwhile, the news on the effects of higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is, if anything, getting worse.

UCLA/LLNL study concludes most climate models overestimate increase in global precipitation due to climate change

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UCLA and Lawrence Livermore researchers have found that most climate models overestimate the increase in global precipitation due to climate change. The intensification of the hydrologic cycle is an important dimension of climate change that can have significant impacts on human and natural systems, perhaps more so than rising temperatures alone, according to Zelinka.

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Ozone pollution will worsen climate change impact, study suggest

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Air pollution and ground-level ozone may worsen the impact that climate change is having on food crop production around the world, according to new research.

Study projects net cooling of climate from ship emissions through 2050

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A recent study by an international team calculated that shipping causes a net cooling of climate across all parametrizations of the indirect aerosol effect (IAE) and scenarios throughout the period 1900?2050. A recent study commissioned by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimated total emissions of 1046 Tg CO 2 yr ?1 Climate Change Climate models Emissions Ports and Marine

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ICCT: IMO committee agrees to establish first climate framework for international shipping

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This strategy, which represents the first global climate framework for shipping, includes quantitative GHG reduction targets through 2050 and a list of candidate short-, mid-, and long-term policy measures to help achieve these targets.

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Field study suggests climate models should include ocean waves

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A new study by researchers from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) suggests that the effect of wave activity on oceans should be incorporated in long-term climate and weather prediction models. Mixing of the upper ocean directly affects the air-sea exchange of heat, momentum and gases, but currently wave physics exists only as a remote factor in most climate models. The study analysed oceanographic data supplied by Woodside Energy Ltd.

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Study finds climate impact of long distance trip can vary by factor of 10 depending upon mode, efficiency and occupancy

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GWP100 weighted specific climate impact (g CO 2 -eq per pkm) as a function of vehicle occupancy. 25% occupancy, the climate impact is at the level of an average air trip, whereas a car with three or more passengers, 60% occupancy or more, it is at the low level of average trains or coaches.

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Study using paleoclimate data suggests climate sensitivity to CO2 doubling may be less severe than projected

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A new study, funded by the National Science Foundation’s Paleoclimate Program and published online this week in the journal Science , suggests that the rate of global warming from doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide from pre-industrial times may be less than the most extreme estimates of some previous studies and may be less severe than that projected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report in 2007. Climate Change Climate models

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USDA study finds GHG from corn-based ethanol ~39% to 43% lower than from gasoline; reduction of >70% possible by 2022

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A new study released by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds greenhouse gas emissions from corn-based ethanol are about 39% lower than gasoline. Most of the studies the team used have publication dates between 2013 and 2015. Climate Change Emissions Ethanol Lifecycle analysis

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Study concludes a shift from gasoline to diesel engines is consistent with long-term climate mitigation efforts

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Passenger transport affects climate through various mechanisms involving both long-lived—i.e. black carbon, BC—climate forcers. However, previous studies have shown more prolonged warming due to diesel cars under various conditions.

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Study Finds Stratospheric Water Vapor Is An Important Driver of Decadal Global Surface Climate Change

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These findings show that stratospheric water vapor represents an important driver of decadal global surface climate change. Previous studies suggested that stratospheric water vapor might contribute significantly to climate change.

New study on Holocene conundrum suggests need for reexamination of both proxy data and climate models

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In an open access paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , researchers from the US, China and Europe re-examine the “Holocene conundrum”—a contradiction between the results of reconstructed data records and model-based climate simulations. However, current climate models suggest a robust warming trend in the period—the opposite from the cooling in the reconstruction. It’s a limitation the authors of last year’s study recognize.

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Study finds that unregulated VSLS efficient at influencing climate through depletion of stratospheric ozone

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Now, a study led by a team at the University of Leeds in the UK reports that while the amount of ozone depletion arising from VSLS in the atmosphere today is small compared to that caused by longer-lived gases, such as CFCs, VSLS-driven ozone depletion is almost four times more efficient at influencing climate. In the study, the researchers used a 3D computer model of the atmosphere to determine the impact of VSLS on ozone and climate.

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Study finds shifts to renewable energy can drive up energy poverty

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Efforts to shift away from fossil fuels and replace oil and coal with renewable energy sources can help reduce carbon emissions but do so at the expense of increased inequality, according to a new study by researchers at Portland State University (PSU) and Vanderbilt University. The study recommends that policymakers consider implementing policy tools that are aimed at both reducing inequality and reducing emissions.

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NASA-led study finds 50 vol% biofuel blend reduces soot particle emissions during aircraft cruising; reduced climatic impact of contrails

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A 50:50 by volume blend of conventional Jet A aviation fuel and an aviation biofuel made from Camelina reduces soot particle number and mass emissions from the aircraft by 50 to 70% compared to conventional fuel, YYYY according to a new study published in the scientific journal Nature. Contrail cirrus clouds have a similar impact on the climate than all aviation carbon dioxide emissions that have accumulated over more than 100 years in the atmosphere.

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BREAKING NEWS: US Science Report Proves All Out Effort To Fight Climate Change Needed Right Now Or Everyone Is Screwed. Get It?

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Here’s the way the rest of the legacy media reported this story yesterday with links to their none-too-urgent coverage – courtesy of my FaceBook friends: White House Report Warns of Climate Change Effects – CNN. Global Warming Study Released – Boston Globe website.

Study findings suggest that switching from coal to natural gas would do little for global climate

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Although the burning of natural gas emits far less carbon dioxide than coal, a new study by Tom Wigley, a senior research associate at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and an adjunct professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia, concludes that a greater reliance on natural gas would fail to significantly slow down climate change. The study will appear next month in the peer-reviewed journal Climatic Change Letters.

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Report finds says “negative emissions technologies” need to play a large role in mitigating climate change

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To achieve goals for climate and economic growth, “negative emissions technologies” (NETs) that remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the air will need to play a significant role in mitigating climate change, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Most climate mitigation efforts are intended to decrease the rate at which people add carbon from fossil fuel reservoirs to the atmosphere.

2018 90

Excel PHEV Study

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A new study shows that Plug-ins can both reduce driving expenses and vehicle emissions. The study found that PHEVs may result in a reduction of the overall expense of owning a vehicle and, with the help of smart-grid technologies, eliminate harmful vehicle emissions by up to 50 percent.

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Cambridge study of near-term alternative London bus technologies finds lean-burn CNG most costly with greater climate impact than diesel

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The study considered emissions of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), CO, NO x , PM 2.5 , sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ), and ammonia (NH 3 ), as well as the lifecycle climate impact of CO 2 and non-CO 2 greenhouse gases (GHG) on a CO 2 -equivalent basis. Climate.

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Study suggests operational optimization can maximize the health and climate benefits of public transit investments in new bus technologies

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A study by a team from the University of British Columbia and Metro Vancouver suggests that optimized operational control strategies for transit bus fleets ultimately offer transit agencies a way to maximize the benefits of their capital investments in new, cleaner technologies. While a large number of studies have evaluated the potential of technological and capital control strategies (e.g., A number of studies have shown that regional scale analyses (i.e.,

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UK study provides observational evidence linking ocean circulation to weather and decadal-scale climate change

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A new study by scientists from the University of Southampton and the UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) suggests that the global climate is on the verge of broad-scale change that could last for a number of decades. Since this new climatic phase could be half a degree cooler, it may well offer a brief reprise from the rise of global temperatures, as well as resulting in fewer hurricanes hitting the United States, the researchers suggested.

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Study reorders significance of fungal and bacterial decomposition of organic matter; impact on climate models

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This means that climate models that include microorganisms to estimate future climate change must be reconsidered, they said. This has consequences for climate models, since more loss of carbon dioxide and mineral nitrogen would have a direct bearing on the soil’s contribution to greenhouse gases and eutrophication. The results could have consequences not only for future climate models, but may also impact current policies on land use intended to promote fungi.

2015 73

Study finds air pollution caused by corn production increases mortality rate in US

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A new study finds that environmental damage caused by corn production results in 4,300 premature deaths annually in the United States, representing a monetized cost of $39 billion.

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Study Provides Evidence That Low-Level Clouds Act as Positive Feedback to Climate Change

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Time series of annual mean values of cloud and climate quantities averaged over the NE Pacific. (A) a positive feedback), according to a new study of the NE Pacific by researchers from the University of Miami and UC San Diego. Tags: Climate Change Climate models