IEA: global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly

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In March 2020, the IEA urged governments to put clean energy at the heart of their economic stimulus plans to ensure a sustainable recovery. Climate Change COVID-19 Emissions Market Background

ITF: worldwide transport activity to double by 2050, emissions to rise 16% compared to 2015

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Gearing stimulus packages towards decarbonization. The scenarios include detailed projections for transport CO 2 emissions under different conditions, allowing an assessment of the potential impacts of future transport activity on climate change.

2015 248

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IRENA, IEA study concludes meeting 2?C scenario possible with net positive economics

Green Car Congress

Perspectives for the Energy Transition: Investment Needs for a Low-Carbon Energy Transition —a joint study by IRENA and the IEA—launched on the occasion of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, presents the case that increased deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency in G20 countries and globally can achieve the emissions reductions needed to keep global temperature rise to no more than two-degrees Celsius, avoiding the most severe impacts of climate change.

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Why we’re launching our EV Climate Loan during the COVID recession

EV Life

We’ve learned a lot from talking with hundreds of customers during a pandemic: – “Electric cars are too expensive.” – “Gas prices are going to kill electric car sales.” – “Don’t expect a green stimulus as long as Trump is President.”.

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The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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And Leslie tells me the price includes a spectacular wine reception with fine wines from hosted by Sweeney Canyon Vineyard, of Santa Ynez. All the details after the jump- In the civilized world, unprecedented efforts are being made globally to deal with climate change – almost all of which is directly traceable to the use of “dirty&# technologies. Stimulus Package allocated for renewables?

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EIA Estimates 2.1% Growth in Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in US in 2010; Still Below 1999-2008 Levels

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EIA forecasts that regular-grade motor gasoline retail prices will average $2.92 The forecast has the annual average regular grade retail gasoline price increasing from $2.35 in 2011, primarily because of projected rising crude oil prices. Average US pump prices for regular gasoline are likely to exceed $3 per gallon at times during the driving season, according to EIA, and already exceed $3 per gallon in some areas such as California.

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California Goes To Hell In A Handbasket But Greenius Says AB 811 is Our Route To Green Heaven

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The treasure chest was cleverly disguised in the form of Federal stimulus money from the ARRA, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As the Greenius learned in early June, when I was at the EcoMotion Palm Desert AB 811 conference, programs like the Greenius’ favorite, AB 811, were tailor-made to score great big bagfuls of bucks from this stimulus. So is the $500 million in Green Jobs funding that’s also part of the ARRA stimulus package.

2009 163

The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

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And when it comes to a sense of urgency on climate change, well lets just say I saw no physical sign that Ted is out of his coma yet. is using federal stimulus money to kick-start their program and they’re going to be rolling out a large program countywide. I think the PUCs only valid argument is one over what price the utilities should have to pay solar owners for the excess energy they produce. What does AB 920 do about the price solar producers would be paid?

2009 174

Worldwatch Institute report finds global energy intensity increased in 2010 for second year in a row

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In addition to technological advances, price developments play a key role in determining overall energy usage, Worldwatch notes. World crude oil prices more than tripled between 2004 and 2008—the fastest rise since the oil crisis of the late 1970s—contributing to the sharp decline in energy intensity during that period. But after the second half of 2008, when international oil prices dropped 75%, global energy intensity started rising.

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Chipping away at the ICE

Electric Auto Association

Most folks don’t care about air quality, and roll their eyes if you even hint at climate change. In two of the counties, I am often asked if I’m part of “that climate group.” Climate groups focus on overall sustainability.

Auto 66

Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

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Biofuel projects are going to have trouble getting financing from Wall Street this year because all of them have questions about the long term pricing of petroleum; most of them have concerns about the pricing stability of their feedstocks; and many of the cellulosic projects have concerns about the conversion technologies. As another panelist pointed out, “ The New York Times is well-equipped to write the article about how Stimulus Funds have been wasted ”. Post-Stimulus.

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Moreover, with the massive drop in oil prices , gas-powered vehicles are more economical to operate, which makes it harder to argue that EVs will help drivers save money on fuel.

Renewable Energy Generation: Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy, a lesson exported from Detroit

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Fifty years later, the USA is faced with a similar challenge, energy independency and climatic change. The automotive industry is living proof that private companies will rarely change their behaviors without a significant stimulus to that change, and furthermore one that needs to be mandated. Without the CAFE standard and stimulus monies to promote green vehicle tech, the industry would not be headed toward a greener horizon. Perspective by The Townsend Company.

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Pike Research forecasts global biofuels market value to double to $185B by 2021

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between 2017 and 2021, as a combination of higher oil prices, emerging mandate. Motivated by growing concerns related to energy security, climate change, and economic stagnation, at least 38 national governments throughout the world have enacted blending mandates or targets to accelerate the expansion of biofuels production and consumption in the transportation sector. Ultimately, widespread commercialization will depend on whether these ventures can reach price.

2011 200

Coming Soon – The Electric City

Revenge of the Electric Car

The first wave of electric car buying is expected to begin around December, when Nissan introduces the Leaf, a five-passenger electric car that will have a range of 100 miles on a fully charged battery and be priced for middle-class families. Price and tax incentives need to be worked out. Photo by Jim Wilson, New York Times. The New York Times looks at how EVs are going to shake up our cities. Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car.

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Major study concludes achieving EU 2050 transport decarbonization goals will require portfolio of advanced powertrains; fuel cells, battery-electric and plug-in hybrids

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Non-governmental organizations : European Climate Foundation. BEVs and FCEVs are expected to have a higher purchase price than ICEs (battery and fuel cell related) and a lower fuel cost (due to greater efficiency and no use of oil) and a lower maintenance cost (fewer rotating parts). The economic gap prior to 2030 is almost completely determined by the higher purchase price, not by the cost of the hydrogen infrastructure.

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Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Revenge of the Electric Car

The sticker prices of all-electric and plug-in hybrids will be well beyond the reach of average consumers for several years, hardly dipping below $30,000, Kjaer said. The economic stimulus package currently before Congress could include incentives for both buyers of electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery manufacturers. Energy security, the politics and marketing of oil and concerns about climate change are creating an unprecedented global push toward electric vehicles.

2009 116

Congestion charge fund should be spent on public transport

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The UK government should abandon its much-hated local congestion charging and national road pricing policies and invest the money in public transport, an independent thinktank claims. A new report from independent urban policy research unit, Centre for Cities is calling for the government to abandon its local road pricing push for now, if no cities opt for congestion charging this year.

2009 34

Honda May Develop Plug-In as Obama Alters U.S. Policy (Update2) -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Tax Credits Instead, Obama backed tax credits of as much as $7,500 inthe stimulus package approved in February for buyers of plug-incars. I haven’t heard any discussion of hydrogen since the Bushadministration was getting ready to leave,” said Dan Becker ,director of the Safe Climate Campaign , a group in Washingtonthat works for environmentally “clean” cars. “It customers $600 a month to lease.Honda hasn’t revealed its production price. Oil prices are going to go up.

2009 44

Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog -

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is hoping to launch the Volt in late 2010 with a price tag of about $40,000. Bob Lutz’s Latest Volt Test Drive Sprinting for Green Stimulus Dollars New Subsidies for Electric Cars in Britain Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You G.M. I understand that with new technology the price is often hi but come on. With this price I can buy a nice used C200 class Mercedes and still have money to afford Gas……uuuuuugh.

2009 37

Rapid Charging Electric Cars: How Fast, How Soon?

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House Dems Unveil Climate Plan: Carbon Cuts, National RPS and More $$$ said on March 31st, 2009 at 1:16 pm Without accessories running, the Tesla Roadster consumes 275 Wh/mi of energy from a battery. While government data suggests the retail price of electricity is somewhere around 10 cents per KWH, the addition of taxes and fees puts the price somewhere aorund 16 cents per KWH on my electric bill. The price goes up with demand and usage.

2009 28

Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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The vision is fuelled by the fear of climate change and the need to find green alternatives to dirty coal, unpopular nuclear power and unreliable gas imports from Russia. “In 25 years from now, millions of buildings … will be constructed to serve as both ‘power plants’ and habitats,&# says writer and economist Jeremy Rifkin, who has advised governments and corporations on tackling climate change and energy security.

2009 41

Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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Cleantech Blog, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment. Ontological Shock An Open Letter to Fred Krupp Report from GridEcon Conference SGS Climate Change Head on the First Carbon Credit. The Three Prongs of the “Green&# Energy Stimulus Pa.

2009 28

Why Warren Buffett is investing in electric car company BYD - Apr. 13, 2009

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GE: The global stimulus bellwether FORTUNE 500 Current Issue Subscribe to Fortune (Fortune Magazine) -- Warren Buffett is famous for his rules of investing: When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is usually the reputation of the business that remains intact. His people at MidAmerican have studied clean technologies like batteries and wind power for years because of the threat of climate change.

2009 51