Study: annual climate impact of wild pigs could be greater than 1.1M cars

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The researchers used predictive population models coupled with advanced mapping techniques to estimate the climate damage wild pigs are causing across five continents. Price, M.R. Climate Change Emissions Market Background

Wayback Machine Trip To 2008 Reveals Greenius Prognostications On Harsh Climate Reality?

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I got the price of gas wrong, but nailed the rest of it. climate change Climate Emergency electric cars environment fossil fuels Green New Deal renewable energy solar power 350ppm Airtalk CBS EcoMedia Film Week Inconvenient Truth Joe Galliani KPCC Larry Mantle Redondo Beach Torrance

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Study: 25% EV adoption would save US $17B annually from avoided climate change & pollution damages

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A new study led by researchers from Northwestern University projects that if electric vehicles replaced 25% of combustion engine cars currently on the road, the United States would save approximately $17 billion annually by avoiding damages from climate change and air pollution. This highlights the potential of co-beneficial solutions to climate change that not only curb greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce the health burden of harmful air pollution.

ICCT study finds LH2-powered combustion aircraft can play an important role in meeting aviations 2050 climate goals

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A new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has found that although liquid-hydrogen- (LH 2 )-combustion aircraft do not perform as well as their jet fuel counterparts, they can still play an important role in meeting aviation’s 2050 climate goals.

Study finds limited evidence that carbon tax rebates have increased public support for carbon pricing

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In a study published in Nature Climate Change , an international research team reports finding limited evidence that individual or household rebates have increased public support for carbon taxes in Canada and Switzerland. In both countries, we find that perceptions of climate rebates are structured less by informed assessments of economic interest than by partisan identities. 2022) “Limited impacts of carbon tax rebate programmes on public support for carbon pricing.”

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ICCT life-cycle analysis finds no climate benefit in using LNG as marine fuel

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LNG will likely remain less expensive than VLSFO in the future and might be less expensive than HFO, depending on how the price of HFO responds to the IMO’s 2020 global sulfur limit (CE Delft et al.,

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IEF, IHS Markit: deepening underinvestment in hydrocarbons raises specter of continued price shocks and volatility

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Underinvestment in oil and gas development extended into a second year in 2021 even as global energy demand rebounded, raising the prospect of price shocks, scarcity and growing energy poverty, according to a new report by the International Energy Forum (IEF) and IHS Markit.

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BC government unveils climate plan

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The government of British Columbia recently unveiled its Climate Leadership Plan , targeting the reduction of net annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 million tonnes below current forecasts by 2050 and the creation of up to 66,000 jobs over the next ten years. The Climate Leadership Plan will be further updated over the coming year, in response to work underway between the federal government and the provinces and territories to develop a pan-Canadian approach to climate action.

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Climate XChange raffling off Tesla Model S or X to raise awareness of carbon pricing

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Climate XChange, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Massachusetts, is raffling off a Tesla Model S or X valued at $110,450 on 31 December with the intention of raising awareness of carbon pricing in a push for economy-wide carbon pricing in the Commonwealth. Climate XChange has joined a formal coalition of environmental, business, and civic organizations in the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, to establish carbon pricing in Massachusetts.

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Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative: >140 cities and counties have committed to purchasing >2,100 EVs by 2020

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At the second-annual Climate Mayors Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii, 127 cities and 15 counties from across 38 states joined the Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative, and committed to purchasing more than 2,100 electric vehicles by the end of 2020. Climate Mayors procurement partner, Sourcewell, will be releasing a new national solicitation for electric school buses by the end of the year.

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Is Taxing Carbon Really the Best Way to Decarbonize the Grid?

Energy Institute at HAAS

Uncategorized carbon pricing climate change featured renewable energyOur new research suggests clean electricity standards or subsidies might be more beneficial. Today’s blog post is co-authored with Ryan Kellogg.

Making Information Tech Greener Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivered its starkest warning ever. At the same time, it noted, there is still a window in which humans can alter Earth's climate path. Many people are not yet aware of how serious the climate crisis is and how it affects them and the world.

EIA: US retail diesel prices increase to >$6 per gallon in the Northeast; nearly equal to California

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On 16 May 2022, the average US on-highway retail diesel fuel price was $5.61 Although retail diesel prices have increased across the entire United States, prices in the Northeast have increased the most and are now among the highest in the country.

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Final report of Garnaut Review Update recommends carbon pricing scheme for Australia to do its fair share on climate change

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It will be much harder and more expensive for Australia to do its fair share on climate change without a carbon pricing scheme, according to the final report of the Garnaut Climate Change Review – Update 2011, Australia in the Global Response to Climate Change. The final report recommends that Australia’s initial carbon price be in the range of $20 to $30. An independent carbon bank to regulate the carbon pricing scheme.

Rivian Says Senate Climate Bill Favors Rivals Like Tesla, GM


EV startup claims the pending federal legislation's $80,000 price cap would leave nearly all of its vehicles ineligible for incentives

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EGEB: Jaguar Land Rover EVs will ferry world leaders at crucial UN climate summit


Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. more… The post EGEB: Jaguar Land Rover EVs will ferry world leaders at crucial UN climate summit appeared first on Electrek.

Don’t Look For Truth In @LATimes About Arson Fire Started By Phillips 66 Oil Company To Increase Prices & Pollution #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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carbon producers climate change Climate Emergency Collusion corruption environment environmental justice, environmental racism Evil fossil fuels Greed News Media renewable energy solar power Sustainability toxic chemicals Truth & Reality arson Carson El Segundo Phillips 66

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Study: IMO low-sulfur fuel standards will decrease childhood asthma cases, premature deaths; climate tradeoffs

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These costs will be borne by consumers in the prices of goods they buy. While the health benefits are clear, the research also quantifies tradeoffs in terms of climate. Therefore, stronger international shipping policies may need to achieve climate and health targets by jointly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. Climate Change Emissions Health Ports and Marine Regulations Standards

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Audi of America launches Internal Carbon Price program to support goal of lowering CO2 footprint 30% by 2025

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Audi of America is among the first in the automotive industry to implement an internal carbon price program as a key initiative in the brand’s pursuit of lower CO 2 emissions. The Audi Internal Carbon Price program is a self-imposed fee proportional to the amount of CO 2 and other greenhouse gas emissions that result from US operations, such as: Business travel. Climate Change Emissions Market Background Policy Vehicle Manufacturers

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Government of Canada announces national plan for carbon pricing

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The Government of Canada has proposed a pan-Canadian approach to pricing carbon emissions; under the new plan, all Canadian jurisdictions will have carbon pricing in place by 2018. To accomplish this, Canada will set a benchmark for pricing carbon emissions—set at a level that will help Canada meet its greenhouse gas emission targets. Provinces and territories will have flexibility in deciding how they implement carbon pricing. Canada Climate Change Emissions Policy

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France launches new climate plan; Euro 7 lead; targeting ending the sale of vehicles emitting GHGs by 2040

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Nicolas Hulot, France’s new minister responsible for environment and energy, presented the country’s new climate plan at a press conference at the Ministry. The government will also work on laws dealing with road pricing, access to mobility, alternative modes of transportation and city traffic. Climate Change Electric (Battery) Emissions Engines Europe Oil Policy

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EV Price Wars and the Path to an Electric Vehicle Future

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With gas prices at a record high and new electric vehicle (EV) models being introduced all the time, it is safe to say our electric vehicle future is approaching more rapidly than ever. EV Price War.

OECD: governments should make better use of energy taxation to address climate change; “meaningful” increases limited to road sector

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Tax rates were below the low-end estimate of climate costs (EUR 30/tCO 2 ) for 97% of emissions. The report found that the share of emissions taxed above climate costs increased from 46% in 2012 to 50% in 2015, and rates exceed €50 per tCO 2 for 47% of emissions in 2015, compared to 37% in 2012. Carbon tax coverage increased from 1% to 6% in 2015, but carbon taxes reflect climate costs for just 0.3% Climate Change Emissions Policy

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Study suggests economic stagnation no excuse for inaction on climate

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In other words, the findings suggest that policymakers should be paying more, rather than less, attention to tackling climate change in economically tough times. A paper on the study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Using data from integrated assessment model, PAGE09—designed to help policy makers understand the costs of climate change—the researchers calculated the cost of emitting an extra tonne of carbon dioxide today.

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Could California climate-change rules raise gas price enough to backfire?

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California has by far the most aggressive climate-change policies in the nation, and the state is a global leader in plans to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. emissions global warming California CO2 climate change carbon dioxide Zero Emission Vehicle state lawsIt's also the world's eighth-largest economy, with a growing population, soaring economic output, and a resolutely progressive legislature. While its zero-emission vehicle policies may get.

Jaguar Land Rover EVs will ferry world leaders at UN climate summit – even with a snag [Update]


Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. more… The post Jaguar Land Rover EVs will ferry world leaders at UN climate summit – even with a snag [Update] appeared first on Electrek.

Opinion: Political Climate Shifting Against The Oil And Gas Industry

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Oil and gas companies have had a tough time over the past year trying to weather the storm of falling oil prices. For companies that have seen their revenues vanish because of collapsing oil prices, access to credit is obviously critically important. Low oil prices are undermining the ability of some companies to pay back their debt. We unequivocally reject the allegations that Exxon Mobil has suppressed climate change research,” he said.

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IEA: steep decline in nuclear power would threaten energy security and climate goals

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An extended period of low wholesale electricity prices in most advanced economies has sharply reduced or eliminated profit margins for many technologies, putting nuclear plants at risk of shutting down early. Without additional lifetime extensions and new builds, achieving key sustainable energy goals, including international climate targets, would become more difficult and expensive.

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Analysis finds air-quality justification for CNG vehicle conversion in developing cities, despite negative climate impact

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Impact pathway approach for modeling policy interventions in (a) air quality and (b) climate impacts. However, CNG conversion was apparently detrimental from a climate change perspective, as CH 4 emissions increased. However, since emissions of CH 4 from all vehicles increase due to conversion, and CH 4 has a larger GWP than CO 2 , the combined impact of CO 2 and CH 4 is harmful for climate (i.e., Climate Change Conversions Emissions Health Natural Gas

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EGEB: 3 countries to watch for big decisions at the Leaders Summit on Climate


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The US-hosted Leaders Summit on Climate kicks off today. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. Keep an eye on these three countries.

BP: world on unsustainable path; growing divergence between demands for climate change action and pace of progress

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This year’s edition highlights the growing divergence between demands for action on climate change and the actual pace of progress on reducing carbon emissions. Cobalt prices rose 30% to their highest levels since 2008, while Lithium carbonate prices increased by 21% to new highs. There is a growing mismatch between societal demands for action on climate change and the actual pace of progress, with energy demand and carbon emissions growing at their fastest rate for years.

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MIT report finds China’s actions on climate change crucial; argues for global economy-wide greenhouse gas tax

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The report—titled “The Role of China in Mitigating Climate Change” and published in the journal Energy Economics , compares the impact of a stringent emissions reduction policy with and without China’s participation. We explore short- and long-term implications of several energy scenarios of China’s role in efforts to mitigate global climate risk. Even in this best-case scenario, reducing emissions comes with a steep price tag. China Climate Change Policy

Prometheus CEO outlines tech advances that could make CO2-to-fuels renewable gasoline and jet price-competitive with fossil fuels

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This is an important development because there is little time available to reduce CO 2 emissions sufficiently to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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US rejects Keystone XL pipeline, citing combatting climate change as critical factor; Kerry: arguments pro and con “overstated”

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The proposed project would not lead to lower gasoline prices for American consumers. The critical factor in my determination was this: moving forward with this project would significantly undermine our ability to continue leading the world in combatting climate change. Clean energy is not just the solution to climate change; it’s also one of the greatest economic opportunities the world has ever seen. Climate Change Infrastructure Oil sands

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US rejects Keystone XL pipeline, citing combatting climate change as critical factor; Kerry: arguments pro and con “overstated”

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The proposed project would not lead to lower gasoline prices for American consumers. The critical factor in my determination was this: moving forward with this project would significantly undermine our ability to continue leading the world in combatting climate change. Clean energy is not just the solution to climate change; it’s also one of the greatest economic opportunities the world has ever seen. Climate Change Infrastructure Oil sands

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Volvo EX90 is finally unveiled, US pre-orders are open with a starting price under US$80,000

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By 2030, it aims to sell only BEVs and by 2040 it will be a climate-neutral company. A true seven-seater, all-electric SUV that further raises our standards in safety and a more sustainable lifestyle: the new Volvo EX90 represents the start of a new era for Volvo.

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US National Research Council reiterates need for action in US to limit magnitude of climate change; final volume in Americas Climate Choices

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Illustration of the steps in an iterative risk management approach for addressing climate change. From: America’s Climate Choices. Warning that the risk of dangerous climate change impacts is growing with every ton of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, a US National Research Council committee reiterated the pressing need for substantial action to limit the magnitude of climate change and to prepare to adapt to its impacts.

Tesla Model S Plaid goes up for grabs in fight for climate change policies


There is no doubt that Tesla Model S Plaid is one fantastic vehicle, and with its starting price of $129,990, it’s definitely a steal for the performance, tech, and features that it offers. At its price of $130,000, the Model S Plaid is pretty much a class of one. .

The Climate Change Caravan

Revenge of the Electric Car

Say Hello to Guest Blogger Alexis Ringwald - with this first dispatch from the Climate Change Caravan in India. On January 3, 2009, a group of passionate individuals launched the Climate Solutions Road Tour : an epic month-long 3,500 km journey from Chennai to New Delhi, India to demonstrate that clean transportation solutions do exist and call upon automakers globally to build them. More soon … Follow our Climate Solutions Road Tour at: [link].

Group of 285 global investors with more than $20T in assets under management calls for urgent action on investment-grade climate change and energy policies; guidelines for governments

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Saying that “ investment-grade climate change and clean energy policy is required to shift private sector investment from high-carbon to low-carbon assets ”, a group of 285 investors has urged governments and international policy makers to take new and meaningful steps in the fight against climate change. Climate change presents major long-term risks to the global economy and to the assets in which we invest. Investment Grade Climate Change Policy.

The EV100 Initiative: Climate Group’s Ambitious Venture

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In this article, we look at the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative that is focused on driving an accelerated transition to zero-emission vehicles globally. . The industry is surging and rightly so, because we have a limited amount of time to address climate change.

Opinion: Consumer Reports’ Tesla Autopilot stunt crossed a line in an already-heated EV climate


A look at the current political climate in countries such as the United States and the Philippines would show this. Consumer Reports also urged Suzuki to refund the vehicles’ purchase price to their owners since, as per statements from then-Consumers Union assistant director David C.

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State Department issues Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Keystone XL Pipeline: climate change impacts

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The document is a detailed draft technical review of potential environmental impacts associated with the segment of the pipeline in the US, including: impacts from construction, impacts from potential spills, impacts related to climate change, and economic impacts. Aside from the potential construction and spill impacts of the pipeline, the scope of the climate change impacts have become the most contentious and politicized issue surrounding the pipeline.