Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

Green Car Congress

Emission reductions produced by the project are verified by an approved third party and registered with the Climate Action Reserve (Project ID CAR102 ). Large family and industrial timber interests (including the Garcia River Forest) own 75% of the watershed; 15% is under agricultural use, and 10% is held in small private ownerships. Emissions reductions produced by the project are verified by an approved third party and registered with the Climate Action Reserve.

2015 268

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative to invest $1B over 10 years in low-emissions tech

Green Car Congress

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) will invest $1 billion over the next ten years to develop and to accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative low-emissions technologies. Led by the heads of ten oil and gas companies that aim to lead the industry response to climate change, OGCI member companies—BP, CNPC, Eni, Pemex, Reliance Industries, Repsol, Royal Dutch Shell, Saudi Aramco, Statoil and Total—together represent one fifth of the world’s oil and gas production.

2016 196

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Climate Change #Liar-Deniers Are The New Racists

Creative Greenius

And the way the Greenius sees it, it’s a nano-thin intellectual line between choosing to believe black people or brown people are inferior and not equal to you and yours and believing that 100+ years of burning fossil fuels is not the cause of global warming and that climate scientists are lying and part of a cabal perpetrating a vast left wing conspiracy.

Study: California will hit climate targets >100 years too late at current pace of reductions; transportation, wildfires & landfills

Green Car Congress

California will meet its 2030 climate targets more than three decades late, in 2061, and could be more than 100 years late in meeting its 2050 target if the average rate of emissions reductions from the past year hold steady, according to a new study tracking more than a decade of environmental and economic indicators in the state. Over the last 17 years, the industrial, residential and transportation sectors have cut their emissions by less than 5 percent. vehicles per 100 persons.

2019 230

Opinion: Consumer Reports’ Tesla Autopilot stunt crossed a line in an already-heated EV climate


The magazine’s team seemed to have buckled in the driver’s seatbelt without a person sitting in the seat. Simply put, if a person is intentionally putting themselves in danger by participating in illegal driving behaviors, no driver-monitoring system would be enough.

Suzuki 103

Final report of Garnaut Review Update recommends carbon pricing scheme for Australia to do its fair share on climate change

Green Car Congress

It will be much harder and more expensive for Australia to do its fair share on climate change without a carbon pricing scheme, according to the final report of the Garnaut Climate Change Review – Update 2011, Australia in the Global Response to Climate Change. In November 2010, the Australian Government commissioned Garnaut to provide an independent update to his 2008 Climate Change Review. Australia Climate Change Emissions Policy

Guest post: Honda Introduces the EV-Cub; two-wheel-drive electric motorcycle

Green Car Congress

But with so much attention being given to the issues of pollution and climate change, Honda knows the writing is on the wall for the internal combustion engine. The company just recently revealed a new iteration of the venerable design: the EV-Cub, an all-electric motorcycle that could revolutionize the motorcycle industry. Electric (Battery) Personal Transitby Alex Vanover. Honda isn’t a car company… it never really has been.

2015 305

Greenius Salutes Greenpeace for Pittsburgh Climate Action – Demand Dramatic Action NOW

Creative Greenius

It’s time – right now – to take dramatic action on climate change if you care about preserving a livable civilization for your children and their children. At this moment we are right on track for “disastrous climate changes that spiral dynamically out of humanity’s control,&# as Dr. James Hansen warmed us 15 months ago. The true patriots of our country will heed that call and are already prepared to fight for a better climate. .

2009 177

Latest GHG Inventory shows California remains below 2020 emissions target; much steeper rate of GHG reductions required

Green Car Congress

tons per person to 10.7 tons per person in 2018, a 24% decrease. These programs cover transportation fuels, industrial emissions, vehicle emissions and emissions from electricity generation. Climate Change Emissions Market Background Policy Regulations

2020 209

Study forecasts even with modest warming, global energy demand to increase by mid-century

Green Car Congress

A new study published in Nature Communications by researchers from IIASA, Boston University, and the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice found that by mid-century, climate change will increase the demand for energy globally, even with modest warming. Energy use is however also one of the human systems that is most directly influenced by changes in climate, which makes it crucial to gain insight into the impacts of climate change on energy demand. Climate Change Power Generatio

2019 269

Next 10 report finds California must increase GHG reductions to 4.9%/year through 2030 to meet target

Green Car Congress

California’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions has temporarily reversed, with pollution upticks signaling an increasingly difficult path ahead in achieving the state’s 2030 and 2050 climate targets, according to the 12 th annual California Green Innovation Index —released by the nonpartisan nonprofit Next 10 and prepared by Beacon Economics. MTCO 2 e per person in 2017—the third-lowest among the 50 states, behind New York and Maryland.

2020 240

Give Me A #BreakFreeLA & Then Give Me 100% Renewables RIGHT NOW

Creative Greenius

” He always was so ahead of the curve… Like I say, I live in Torrance, home of the exploding Exxon Mobil refinery where our Air Quality Management District just gave the refinery operators exemptions to exceed pollution limits while they restart the aging climate wrecker back up. . The science tells us we need to stop burning all of it in the next 10 years or kill our climate. But the rogue and reckless fossil fuel industry keeps yelling, “Burn, baby, burn!”

2016 235

The Growing Used EV Car Market—and Why You Should Take a Look

EV Match

The exciting news is that the pre-owned market looks quite different than it used to—and used EVs are offering prospective buyers the chance to take a different, more climate-friendly approach to personal transportation.

Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

Green Car Congress

Experts predict that by the year 2060 global warming, if left unchecked, could result in a temperature rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than temperatures before the Industrial Revolution when man started widespread use of coal and other fossil fuels. Oceans, already expanding from warmth and melting glaciers, would rise, increasing coastal flooding; a chain reaction of climate changes is projected to lead to harsher, more widespread droughts and more powerful storms.

2009 210

Global Carbon Project: Global carbon emissions growth slows, but hits record high

Green Car Congress

The findings are outlined in three new papers published in Earth System Science Data , Environmental Research Letters , and Nature Climate Change. While annual emissions are decreasing slowly in many industrialized regions—including the U.S., Climate Change Emissions

2019 195

I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

Creative Greenius

And so it is that I resigned from my position as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs for CBS EcoMedia effective the first of this month and I will now be devoting my full time to working on climate change response with the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group, the South Bay Bicycle Coalition and 350.org. But our friends in the oil, coal and gas industry have 5,795 gigatons of carbon on the books.

2013 289

What Does Henry Waxman Know About Climate That Made Him Quit?

Creative Greenius

If he thought he had passed the carbon tax or climate bill torch to someone else he was confident would bring it across the finish line he would have said so. I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all that Waxman’s announcement came during the same week as the President’s decidedly weak on climate SOTU or the same week the State Department’s report on the XL pipeline’s impact on climate was released.

2014 237

Wendy Greuel Our Best Bet To Get To 100% Renewable Energy In Time

Creative Greenius

And you would think that would be especially true for anyone running to become our United States representative from the 33rd Congressional District – the person who will be following the great Henry Waxman in that position. But in fact, both Wendy Greuel and Marianne Williamson have each reached out to me and I have taken their asks seriously and with more thoughtfulness than usual given the crossroads we find ourselves at climate wise.

2014 269

California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

Green Car Congress

The state’s latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory shows that California emitted 429 million metric tons of climate pollutants in 2016—a drop of 12 million metric tons, or three percent, from 2015. They fell 23% from a peak of 14 metric tons per person (roughly equal to driving 34,000 miles) in 2001 to 10.8 metric tons per person in 2016 (roughly equal to driving 26,000 miles). Climate Change Emissions Policy Regulations

2018 200

Serving My Country – My Patriotic Duty

Creative Greenius

It’s not the men and women in uniform’s fault in any way and it does not diminish their personal service but it is not the same thing as putting your life on the line to protect and defend our American way of life. And the people who are MY heroes and the ones I consider our greatest patriots today are on the front lines fighting climate change. . October 24, 2009 South Bay Los Angeles Climate Action, Manhattan Beach.

2013 240

Al Muratsuchi Votes To Kill Community Choice Then Finds Out He Was Duped & Calls Me To Apologize

Creative Greenius

But the IBEW union bosses have a self-centered, 19th century mindset and have been collaborating with the fossil fuel industry for so long that they don’t even know solar exists. They’re also climate change deniers and don’t have a single union executive smart enough to understand the climate science or know what science tells us is coming. This political primary season just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

2014 303

EGEB: British secret service is spying on countries’ polluting actions


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The head of the UK’s MI6 says it checks that industrial nations are “playing fair” on climate change promises.

GWU team demonstrates one-pot process for optimized synthesis of controlled CNTs from CO2; coupling cement and C2CNT

Green Car Congress

Humans consume more than 1 ton of concrete per person per year—10 12 kg of cement annually—and the cement industry releases 9kg of CO 2 for each 10kg of cement produced, emitting 36 Gt globally annually. A challenge to the economics of carbon capture at a cement plant is the relatively higher cost of capture compared to other industrial products. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Climate Change Emissions Sustainability

2017 183

Greenius Says No to Offshore Drilling. Mr. President, You Are Following A Failed Strategy & Wasting Time

Creative Greenius

It’s perfectly obvious that President Obama is attempting to reach out to the right and members of Congress who are owned by the oil industry with his move this week to make offshore drilling part of his energy mix. The Greenius understands full well this “ Let’s Keep Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman Aboard the Climate Bill Bandwagon &# approach, just as I can grok how ineffective and nonproductive that approach is.

2010 253

MITEI releases report on 3-year study of future mobility; technological innovation, policies, and behavioral changes all needed; “car pride” an issue

Green Car Congress

The report is the culmination of MITEI’s three-year Mobility of the Future study, which is part of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change. The report highlights the importance of near-term action to ensure the long-term sustainability of personal mobility.

2019 240

White House: OPEC+ oil production increases “simply not enough”

Green Car Congress

We’ll hold Biden accountable to his promises to lead on climate. There is no way to address the climate emergency without limiting oil production.

Oil 222

HyPoint, Piasecki Aircraft partner to deliver next-generation hydrogen fuel cell systems for eVTOLs

Green Car Congress

HyPoint‘s aviation applications—including eVTOL, UAS, personal air vehicles, and electric aircraft—were considered to be especially innovative.

The View From Here Today

Creative Greenius

I contributed the following to the World Wildlife Climate Witness site last week and it was published this morning. We’ve always planned on retiring and spending the rest of our lives right here, but these days we’re worried about what climate change is already doing – and about the far more serious consequences headed our way. I volunteer with Greenpeace and the Environmental Priorities Network educating the public on climate change news and facts.

2009 163

We Are ALL Tongan

Creative Greenius

But surprisingly, a subject Elizabeth didn’t know a lot about is Tonga’s frontline role as a victim of the climate change crisis. Today all 3000 inhabitants of the Carteret Islands have been relocated as they become the first climate change refugees. Here’s what I learned that you need to know too… Climate change is happening much faster and much more severely than expected just two years ago when the big UN IPCC report came out.

2009 220

Waxman/Markey Bill Accelerates Infrastructure and Build-out for Plug-Ins, Calls for Harmonization of Motor Vehicle GHG Standards; 3% of Emissions Allowances for Cap-and-Trade Go to Auto Industry

Green Car Congress

The major climate and energy bill introduced last week by House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming Chairman Henry Waxman and Subcommittee Chairman Edward Markey— H.R. The bill is structured into four primary titles: Title I: Clean Energy; Title II: Energy Efficiency; Title III: Reducing Global Warming Pollution (the cap-and-trade bill); and Title IV: Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy (which also includes a section on adapting to climate change).

2009 150

Lyft commits to 100% EVs by 2030

Green Car Congress

This includes cars in the Express Drive rental car partner program for rideshare drivers, its consumer rental car program for riders, the autonomous vehicle program, and drivers’ personal cars used on the Lyft platform.

2020 311

Report finds road transportation sector in Canada likely to fall far short of 2050 GHG emissions reduction target

Green Car Congress

Government and industry can do much more to understand consumer decision-making, examine combinations of vehicle technologies, and improve the impact of the investments they are making. The trucking industry has been a leading contributor to growing road transportation emissions. Individuals choose to act to reduce emissions knowing that their actions will benefit society, but may not bring sufficient personal benefit to justify the change based on self-interest alone.

2015 184

Yergin: overwhelming number of new car sales will be EVs in coming decades, but 2/3 of global fleet to remain gasoline-powered in 2050

Green Car Congress

Electric vehicles will make up as many as 8 out of 10 new cars sold in 2050, but it will still be a long road before they dislodge gasoline as the predominant fuel in transportation, IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin writes in his new book, The New Map: Energy, Climate and the Clash of Nations. This would give rise instead to a new trillion-dollar industry, what he dubs “Auto-Tech.”. It is no longer just about selling cars to consumers for personal use.

2020 161

Failed Local Paper Put Out Of Its Misery - By Creative Greenius!

Creative Greenius

They never worked very hard and they spent way too much time making personal phone calls and just goofing off. The Greenius says those advertisers are funding a misleading manipulation of the news, one that covers up the deadly actions of the carbon-based industry interests the paper supports - at the expense of the health and well being of the citizens of the South Bay. Maybe you missed their headline yesterday that read: Scientists: Pace of Climate Change Exceeds Estimates.

2009 150

Valeo acquires a 50% stake in CloudMade

Green Car Congress

The purpose is to improve and to personalize vehicle comfort and safety for motorists and their passengers. CloudMade is a pioneering start-up in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with a focus on designing applications for the car industry. Valeo has acquired a 50% stake in CloudMade , a developer of smart and innovative big data-driven automotive solutions such as a machine-learning platform.

2016 185

BREAKING NEWS: Exxon/Mobil Ordered Out of Torrance, Guilty of Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Creative Greenius

“Pack Up Your Toxic, Fossil Fuel Factory With Its Climate-Changing Products & Get Out of Town By 2020!&# is also the very same company that has paid tens of millions of dollars, year after year to spread FUD about their role in climate change. It’s the 2nd biggest product Exxon/Mobil and their pals in the oil, coal and gas industries pump out. And yes every single person in that movement is a hapless dupe.

2009 245

Volvo extends S60 range with plug-in hybrid powertrain and new trim levels

Green Car Congress

This system allows you to select the firmness of the suspension to tailor the car’s dynamics to the road surface or your personal preference. Known as Active Four-C Chassis, the adaptive dampers are optional on T5 R-Design Plus and Inscription Plus versions and are controlled via the S60’s standard Drive Mode settings, which also alter the responses of the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes and climate control system.

2019 236

New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

Green Car Congress

The funding is from California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2018 190

Government of Québec launches $6.7B 2030 Green Economy Plan; emphasis on transportation electrification

Green Car Congress

The Premier of Québec François Legault, and the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change and Minister responsible for the Laval region, Benoit Charette, unveiled the 2030 Green Economy Plan (PEV 2030) and its first 2021-2026 implementation plan, with an envelope of $6.7 The government estimates that this electrification and climate change project should add $2.2

2020 266

Heidi On The Hot Seat

Creative Greenius

The Exxon/Mobil refinery in Torrance and the Chevron refinery in El Segundo are both located in the South Bay and are each a big part of the carbon-based economy that causes the majority of climate change - although you’ll never get either of these corporations to admit this truth or take responsibility for it. Once these emissions inventories are completed, Heidi then helps the South Bay cities develop their specific Climate Action Plan based on their carbon footprint.

2009 183

Eco real estate

Electric Auto Association

EAA member leads an industry toward sustainability. When Christopher Matos-Rogers launched a new career as an Atlanta-area real estate agent a decade ago, he had just spent five years as a marine biologist and he knew what was up with climate change.

Volvo Trucks deploys first pilot all-electric VNR Truck at TEC Equipment in Southern California

Green Car Congress

In addition to being outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with high voltage, the technicians have been trained on the proper procedure to isolate the high voltage for diagnosis and service repairs. million from CARB as part of California Climate Investments (CCI).

2020 344

IHS Markit: US gasoline demand could be cut almost in half due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Further, according to the latest IHS Markit forecasts, the global auto industry will exerience an unprecedented and almost instant stalling of demand in 2020, with global auto sales forecast to plummet more than 12% from 2019 to 78.8

2020 240