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EEA TERM Report Finds Efficiency Gains of Clean Vehicle Technology Being Offset By Ongoing Increases in Travel

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Transport, including international aviation and maritime transport, accounts for around a quarter of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, implementing such changes will require a paradigm shift in planning approaches. Among the trends and findings of the report: In EEA countries, greenhouse gas emissions from transport (excluding international aviation and maritime transport) grew by 28% between 1990 and 2007, and now account for around 19% of total emissions.

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EEA Report: Trends in European Transport Are Heading in the Wrong Direction

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Emissions of GHG have increased by 26% (EU-15) or 180 million tonnes between 1990 and 2006, excluding international aviation and marine transport—an amount larger than the entire annual national emissions for 2006 from Belgium (132 million tonnes) or Romania (157 million tonnes). Tags: Climate Change Emissions Europe Market Background Policy Indexed European transport sector greenhouse gas emissions, 1990-2006. Source: EEA. Click to enlarge.

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