Planning for and transforming future urban infrastructure for sustainable mobility

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Four scenarios from the Forum for the Future toolkit “Megacities on the move” Click to enlarge. Founded in 1952, Ferrovial is one of the world’s leading infrastructure groups, operating through its airports, toll roads, construction and services divisions.

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GFEI report suggests $2T savings from fuel economy improvements in ICE vehicles through 2025 can help fund long-term transition to plug-ins

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Fuel economy improvements from conventional internal combustion engine cars can save an estimated $2 trillion in fuel costs through 2025—and more in years after— according to a new working paper published by the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) prepared by Dr. Lew Fulton, Co-Director, NextSTEPS Program at the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Davis. per liter ($0.26/gallon US), according to the paper. this could be the answer.

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LowCVP Conference attracts 200 delegates and leading speakers

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Andrew Adonis, making his first public speech since his promotion to Secretary of State for Transport, told delegates at the LowCVP Conference that climate change is an issue which defines this age. He said that “for the automotive industry this is both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge, obviously, because it means change&#. Green Awards and the Revolve London to Brighton Eco-Rally. Feedback following the conference has been very positive.