Researchers Sequence the Maize (Corn) Genome

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Resulting improved strains of maize may, for example, produce larger yields, show resistance to disease, offer efficiencies in nitrogen use that would enable farmers to reduce applications of costly, polluting fertilizers, and tolerate changes in rainfall or temperature accompanying climate change. The new maize sequence was produced by a consortium of researchers that was led by the Genome Sequencing Center (GSC) at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.,

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Labour's £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution | Environment | The Guardian

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The proposals are part of a £250m strategy, seen by the Guardian, spelling out a revolution in Britains road transport network based on ultra-low carbon vehicles. Part of this attempt to habitualise people to electric cars will be to offer various models to the public to try out. Car manufacturers are a key part of the strategy: £100m will be available for research to car makers. Its that part that could incentivise consumers to buy an electric vehicle."

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