EEA: Air pollution in 10 EU countries still above legal limits; road transport and agriculture

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Air pollution from sources such as transport and agriculture is still being emitted above legal limits in 10 European Union (EU) Member States according to new data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

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The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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CALSEIA’s Executor Director Sue Kateley will be delivering her report on the newest renewable energy legal developments Sacramento. Early bird registration for this Sept 18 Clean Tech Law Summit is extended to Tuesday Sept 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

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Engine products group files legal challenge to EPAs partial waiver for E15

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The petition, filed with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, asks that EPA’s decision be remanded back to the Agency and requests judicial oversight and review over whether EPA’s partial waiver approval for E-15 fuels violates the federal Clean Air Act provisions, which expressly limit the circumstances under which EPA can approve applications for new fuels and fuel additives.

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New York to invest $127.7 million Volkswagen settlement in clean vehicles

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million received from the 2016 Volkswagen settlement to significantly increase the number of electric vehicles and other clean vehicles in the state. The state’s strategically leveraged investment of settlement funds is anticipated to result in at least $300 million of clean vehicles and infrastructure on New York’s roadways. million as part of this legal settlement. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York will utilize the $127.7

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California Air Resources Board unanimously adopts Advanced Clean Cars Package

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The Advanced Clean Cars package will help clean our air, help us fight climate change, and perhaps most important for average citizens, save thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicles. It also gives use the ability to brag that we are the clean car capital of the world.

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Continental showcases “Super Clean Electrified” connected, optimized 48V mild hybrid diesel; post-Eu6d

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The Continental engineers implemented the clean diesel in several stages. The Super Clean Electrified Diesel presented in Vienna uses a cEM Traffic Light Assist (TLA) function to achieve a further reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions as well as a reduction in fuel consumption.

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CALSTART brief highlights growth of and future opportunity for California’s clean transportation technology industry

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A new CALSTART brief indicates that California’s climate and energy policies are not only helping to protect the environment and improve air quality, but are also helping to accelerate growth of the clean transportation technology industry (CTTI) in the state. According to the report, the chief threat to the future growth of the clean transportation industry is the possibility of a change in policy or direction.

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Lead Counsel for PSC in the VW “Clean Diesel” litigation offers statement on impending settlement

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With news reports speculating about the final terms of a settlement deal in the Volkswagen clean diesel litigation in the US, Elizabeth Cabraser, Court-appointed Lead Counsel for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, released a statement regarding the settlement negotiations.

2016 60

3 Duke Energy subsidiaries plead guilty to 9 criminal violations of Clean Water Act; $102M settlement

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Three subsidiaries of North Carolina-based Duke Energy Corporation, the largest utility in the United States, pleaded guilty to nine criminal violations of the Clean Water Act at several of its North Carolina facilities and agreed to pay a $68-million criminal fine and spend $34-million on environmental projects and land conservation to benefit rivers and wetlands in North Carolina and Virginia.

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US files civil complaint against Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche for alleged Clean Air Act violations

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The complaint further alleges that Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by selling, introducing into commerce, or importing into the United States motor vehicles that are designed differently from what Volkswagen had stated in applications for certification to EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Clean Air Act requires vehicle manufacturers to certify to EPA that their products will meet applicable federal emission standards to control air pollution.

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Clean Tech - GigaOM -

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Digg Facebook StumbleUpon Reddit Print China’s Electric Cars & the Road to an Affordable EV Related Posts on the GigaOM Network » More GigaOM Network Headlines Cleantech content is provided by Earth2Tech , which covers cutting-edge clean technology startups and their innovations.

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Pacific states and BC agree to align GHG and clean energy policies; targeting 10% new vehicle ZEV purchases by 2016

Green Car Congress

The Governors of California, Oregon and Washington and the Premier of British Columbia signed a regional agreement strategically to align policies to reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy. The agreement has no legal effect and imposes no legally binding obligation. The pact seeks to enhance cooperation through a range of activities, including: Accounting for the costs of greenhouse gas emissions in each jurisdiction.

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More states follow California’s clean car standards

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The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to grant California’s request to carry out its own clean car standards not only clears the way for the Schwarzenegger-led state to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions, but it is likely to effect at least 13 additional states too. The state clean standards meanwhile, will apply from model years 2009-2011 allowing compliance across the 14 states to expand the averaging pool for determining compliance.

VW Dieselgate one year later: what have we learned about diesel cars?

Green Car Reports

It's now a year and eight days since the EPA broke the news that Volkswagen had admitted to including "defeat device" software in almost half a million so-called "clean diesel" vehicles sold in the U.S. That software detected when the cars were undergoing laboratory tests, and kept their emissions within legal limits during.

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Fix for Audi, VW, Porsche V-6 diesels closer to approval: report

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Last November, the EPA announced that nearly 100,000 cars and SUVs fitted with VW Group's 3-liter V-6 diesel engines violated the Clean Air Act. The agency said at the time that their emissions were up to nine times the legal limit in some circumstances. While that's better than the figure of "up to 35 times" legal limits for some 2.0-liter.

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Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal; RFS2, BCAP, BIWG and Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force

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So today I’m announcing a Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force that will be charged with the goal of figuring out how we can deploy affordable clean coal technology on a widespread scale within 10 years. The DOE Clean Cities program has significant dissemination and outreach capabilities, so it could support infrastructure and end-use deployment.

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EV battery recycling, VW's next electric cars, CA carpool stickers, Teslas and rebates: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we dug up an interesting legal commitment by Volkswagen, added detail to our explanation of California's revised clean-car carpool-lane permits, consider the intersection of pricey Teslas and electric-car rebates in Canada, and offer some good news on battery recycling.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

DIY Electric Car

Its engine does not emit any harmful byproducts like smoke or other emissions that pollute the environment as it runs on clean energy. It''s clean, it''s compact, it''s quietly quite something! Lo and Behold! The future is here. Yes, we''re talking about the electric car.

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EU system for CO2 cuts is ‘fatally flawed’

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An EU legal system for carmakers which requires them to cut average fleet emissions below 130g/km by 2012, is ‘fatally flawed’, a leading green car analyst claims. According to Jay Nagley of Clean Green Cars, while many people are award of the legal target of 130g/km, what many don’t realise is that that target varies [.]. Tags: Green cars Green credentials 130g/km 2012 clean green cars CO2 emissions eu target

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Extra £5m goes to improving London’s air quality

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Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has committed the money to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson as part of a programme of localised measures designed to improve London’s air quality and help compliance with legally binding European targets. Latest news air quality Boris Johnson capital clean air fund london Transport Secretary Philip HammondAnd extra £5m funding has been confirmed to help improve air quality in London.

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EPA proposes repeal of Obama Clean Power Plan

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As anticipated, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), proposing to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt signed four Federal Register notices in response to the EO, including a formal announcement of review of the Clean Power Plan. After review, the Agency has proposed to determine that the Clean Power Plan (CPP) must be repealed.

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Blind Man Drives Prius, With A Little Help From Google (Video)

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Steve Mahan got into a Toyota Prius hybrid, drove to the dry cleaner's, picked up some clothes he'd left to be cleaned, and drove home. Steve Mahan is legally blind. The trip was about a mile and a half. He's lost 95 percent of his vision. He did it, though, with a little help from Google. The car he happened to be driving was one of several

Being a Pro Eco Recycler

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you don't ask you will not receive legally, I have received free things like: -73 used power packs (retail $200 ea. 11.Don't sort or separate there take it all home, don't be a pest and most important - clean up after yourself. Here are a few strict guide lines that I follow to ensure a happy and productive partnership of parts. Remember most companies have to pay to get rid of some surplus.

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EPA, NHTSA issue One National Program Rule; EPA withdraws CA waiver for GHG and fuel economy

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For its part, EPA is withdrawing the Clean Air Act preemption waiver it granted to the State of California in January 2013 as it relates to California’s GHG and ZEV programs. California’s ability to enforce its Low Emission Vehicle program and other clean air standards to address harmful smog-forming vehicle emissions—i.e.,

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E-scooter start-up VOI Technology raises $85M in Series B

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We are developing a long-term business that gives people a new way of moving around cities that’s clean, fast, convenient and also fun. Hansen Law acted as VOI’s legal advisor.

2019 88

UK unveils new plan to cut NO2; sale of new conventional gasoline and diesel cars to end by 2040; focus on local action

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The NO 2 plan is one element in the Government’s efforts to deliver clean air. In 2018, the Government will publish a comprehensive Clean Air Strategy which will address other sources of air pollution. 27M – Clean Bus Technology Fund and Clean Vehicle Technology Fund.

2017 78

Volkswagen, Mobileye and Champion Motors to commercialize mobility-as-a-service with self-driving EVs in Israel

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The government of Israel has committed to support the project in three main areas: furnishing legal and regulatory support; sharing the required infrastructure and traffic data; and providing access to infrastructure as needed.

2018 101

BREAKING NEWS: Exxon/Mobil Ordered Out of Torrance, Guilty of Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Creative Greenius

Consider this fair and legal warning, world’s largest and most polluting oil company - I’m giving you 10 years to pack up and hit the road. “Pack Up Your Toxic, Fossil Fuel Factory With Its Climate-Changing Products & Get Out of Town By 2020!&# Greenius Rules.

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Magna and BAIC to form two JVs to engineer and build premium EVs for customers in China; first production in 2020

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Over the coming months, Magna and BJEV will work with authorities to implement legally binding joint-venture agreements which will govern the operations of these two joint ventures. Magna intends to form two new joint ventures with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.

2018 104

Nine states and DC to design regional approach to cap greenhouse gas emissions from transportation

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All the participating jurisdictions are members of the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a regional collaboration of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia that seeks to improve transportation, develop the clean energy economy, and reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

2018 88

Kenworth T680 fuel cell tractor on display at CES

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With a dual-rotor traction motor output of 565 horsepower, the truck is capable of carrying the legal gross combination weight of a Class 8 vehicle. The market is being driven by states such as California where clean air is the mandate.

Greenius Weekend Update

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It’s because all the buses and generators involved in the Fiesta will be fueled with clean-burning biodiesel, made from used vegetable oil donated by local restaurants Patrick Molloy’s, Sangria, and Café Boogaloo.

2009 142

German Federal Administrative Court rules diesel bans in cities possible

Green Car Congress

Previously, the Administrative Court in Dusseldorf and the court in Stuttgart had ruled that diesel bans are legally permissible and necessary to achieve NO 2 limit values as soon as possible in the two cities. The state was directed to consider further measures to limit the emissions of diesel vehicles by amending the Clean Air Plan. The Bundesverwaltungsgericht ruled that limited driving restrictions for certain diesel vehicles are legal and not excluded.

2018 73

SEC charges Volkswagen AG, former CEO Winterkorn with defrauding bond investors during emissions fraud

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Volkswagen AG, two of its subsidiaries, and its former CEO, Martin Winterkorn, for defrauding US investors, raising billions of dollars through the corporate bond and fixed income markets while making a series of deceptive claims about the environmental impact of the company’s “clean diesel” fleet.

2019 70

Provisional agreement reached on European CO2 standards for heavy-duty trucks; 30% lower by 2030

Green Car Congress

With the first-ever EU emission standards for trucks agreed, we are completing the legal framework to reach the European target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030.

2019 121

Volkswagen and Qatar to put autonomous electric vehicles on Doha roads in 2022

Green Car Congress

The landmark project will create a holistic ecosystem for autonomous driving, including the creation of an appropriate legal framework, smart city infrastructure and transfer of knowledge, which can be used as a blueprint to transform urban mobility, both in Qatar and beyond. In this way we are transporting an entire society, with all its requirements for clean, intelligent and sustainable mobility.

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Poor air quality to remain a problem in India despite pollution control policies

Green Car Congress

In January 2019, the Indian government launched the National Clean Air Program (NCAP), a five-year action plan to curb air pollution; build a pan-India air quality monitoring network; and improve citizen awareness. The analysis conducted by researchers from IIASA and CEEW however suggests that NCAP needs to be backed by a legal mandate to ensure successful ground-level implementation of emission control measures.

2019 90

EPA and California ARB charge Volkswagen with using software defeat device to circumvent NOx testing in 4-cylinder 2.0L diesels

Green Car Congress

EPA has issued a notice of violation (NOV) of the Clean Air Act (CAA) to Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, and Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. The alleged violations do not present a safety hazard; the cars remain legal to drive and resell. The software produced by Volkswagen is a “defeat device,” as defined by the Clean Air Act. collectively referred to here as Volkswagen).

2015 114

Successful run across the US on 37.6 gallons of 100% NEXBTL renewable diesel; 66.7 mpg w/ average speed 67.7 mph

Green Car Congress

The result was a car that maintains all of its power and handling of a racecar, yet is still street legal. Neste’s NEXBTL renewable diesel is a low-carbon, clean burning diesel fuel that meets the requirements of ASTM D-975 (the US fuel standard) as well as the CARB diesel requirements (The Californian fuel standard).

2015 93

Bus manufacturer NFI Group acquires Alexander Dennis Limited for US$405M

Green Car Congress

NFI’s electric vehicle (EV) experience will enhance ADL’s international EV offering and ensure both companies drive the future of clean transportation. North America-based bus manufacturer NFI Group Inc.

2019 96

ICCT study finds real-world NOx emissions from Euro 6 diesels ~7x higher than Euro 6 regulatory levels

Green Car Congress

On-road NO x emission levels of Euro 6 diesel cars in Europe are on average about seven times higher than the NO x limit set by the Euro 6 emission standard, according to a new report published in Berlin by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

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ARB: California not tracking to meet required GHG reductions due to transportation; significant changes in communities and systems required

Green Car Congress

Improve incentives and legal certainty for projects that provide affordable housing choices near jobs, transit, and other high-opportunity locations. Pilot test innovative ideas to speed the adoption of clean, efficient transportation solutions across the state.

2018 106

Member of Swiss National Councils fills up with sunfire solar diesel to call attention to need for regulatory reform

Green Car Congress

Böhni emphasized that the production of climate-neutral fuel is key to climate protection and therefore needs to be given a fair chance; he established the Clean Fuel Now initiative at the Federal Parliament in Bern in late 2014.

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