Global Carbon Budget 2022: Global fossil CO2 emissions expected to grow 1.0% in 2022

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During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008/9, the COVID19 pandemic, and now the Ukrainian War, economic stimulus packages were meant to put the world on a cleaner and greener path, but this is not at all evident in the CO 2 emissions data.

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New report showcases innovative finance tools to electrify truck, bus fleets; TCE Toolkit

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To date, traditional government grant programs have helped fleet owners replace diesel trucks with cleaner ones.

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South Bay Bicycle Coalition Scores $240,000 Grant! Huge Grassroots Victory for Brand New Bike Group

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But it’s even better news for the health of our South Bay communities – not just for the obesity-fighting exercise that people on bicycles are going to be getting, but just as importantly, for the cleaner air we’re going to get to breathe thanks to people using pollution-free bicycle transportation instead of driving their cars.

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Next 10 report finds California must increase GHG reductions to 4.9%/year through 2030 to meet target

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This is the result of policies promoting cleaner vehicle fuels and advanced clean vehicle standards. This is plausibly due to bus fleets becoming cleaner or electrified. Private sector investment can also drive green stimulus.

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Odyne Systems delivers 7 plug-in hybrid work trucks through the Wisconsin Clean Transportation Program

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The plug-in hybrid system uses energy from its battery pack to improve efficiency and power during driving, operate quietly in an all-electric mode at the job site, and is recharged using cleaner domestically produced electricity from the grid. The hybrid digger derrick was funded in part by a $4-million award ComEd received in federal economic stimulus funding to expand its alternative-fuel fleet.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

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They’re the same people who had no problem flushing a trillion dollars down the Iraq weapons of mass destruction stimulus for the evil and wealthy. EU, and Japan combined, but it now has a policy to close an old coal plant for each new cleaner burning plant that turns coal into a gas before burning it.

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This is How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Global EV Market

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Many municipal and federal governments, for example, have expanded consumer benefits for EV sales, mostly as part of stimulus efforts aimed at mitigating the pandemic’s economic effect. The Pandemic COVID-19 is still pretty strong and fatal in certain regions of the world.

ADB Study Finds Annual Economic Losses in Southeast Asia from Climate Change Could be More Than Twice the Global Average

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The report argues that Southeast Asian nations should address the dual threats of climate change and the global financial crisis by introducing green stimulus programs—as part of larger stimulus packages—that can simultaneously strengthen economies, create jobs, reduce poverty, protect vulnerable communities and lower emissions.

ITF study finds limited environmental and safety impacts of car fleet renewal schemes in US, France and Germany

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The report does not address the employment or stimulus-related impacts of fleet renewal schemes which are arguably their primary objectives. should ensure that larger and older “dirty” vehicles are traded in for lighter, cleaner. Cost-effectiveness of the fleet renewal schemes analysed from the perspective of CO 2 and. NO x reduction and increased safety. Click to enlarge.

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The Solangelist’s Vision Shines Brighter

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Seems like a perfect use for some stimulus money, don’t it? That’s because my pals at SCE are burning a cleaner energy mix than the state is overall - and by leaps and bounds better than DWP of Los Angeles City. The Greenius Plan To Spread Rooftop Solar Faster Then The Common Cold. If you’ve followed The Adventures of the Solagnelist thus far you know that I am seriously jonesing to generate all my electricity from my own rooftop solar power.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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