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Global Carbon Budget 2022: Global fossil CO2 emissions expected to grow 1.0% in 2022

Green Car Congress

During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008/9, the COVID19 pandemic, and now the Ukrainian War, economic stimulus packages were meant to put the world on a cleaner and greener path, but this is not at all evident in the CO 2 emissions data.

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The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Creative Greenius

They’re the same people who had no problem flushing a trillion dollars down the Iraq weapons of mass destruction stimulus for the evil and wealthy. Each day, the oceans absorb 30 million tons of CO2, increasing their acidity. EU, and Japan combined, but it now has a policy to close an old coal plant for each new cleaner burning plant that turns coal into a gas before burning it.

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This is How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Global EV Market

Get Electric Vehicle

Many municipal and federal governments, for example, have expanded consumer benefits for EV sales, mostly as part of stimulus efforts aimed at mitigating the pandemic’s economic effect. The Pandemic COVID-19 is still pretty strong and fatal in certain regions of the world.

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Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Europe – The European Union has shown no signs of delaying its 2020/2021 95g CO2 target for passenger vehicles and plans to stay on course to become a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The Three Prongs of the “Green&# Energy Stimulus Pa. EPA declares CO2 a “threat to public health&# Alternative Energy Stocks The Time is Right for Gas-guzzler to Dual-mode EV Conversions Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward The Seven Sins of Greenwashing: Is Everybody Lying? Cleantech Blog, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment.

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