Group of 285 global investors with more than $20T in assets under management calls for urgent action on investment-grade climate change and energy policies; guidelines for governments

Green Car Congress

Saying that “ investment-grade climate change and clean energy policy is required to shift private sector investment from high-carbon to low-carbon assets ”, a group of 285 investors has urged governments and international policy makers to take new and meaningful steps in the fight against climate change. Climate change presents major long-term risks to the global economy and to the assets in which we invest. Climate Change Policy

Thomas Friedman Explains Climate Change Action For You

Creative Greenius

From Today’s, December 9, New York Times: Thomas Friedman, “If we prepare for climate change by building a clean-power economy, but climate change turns out to be a hoax, what would be the result? Well, during a transition period, we would have higher energy prices. But if we don’t prepare, and climate change turns out to be real, life on this planet could become a living hell.&#.


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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

Green Car Congress

Oceans, already expanding from warmth and melting glaciers, would rise, increasing coastal flooding; a chain reaction of climate changes is projected to lead to harsher, more widespread droughts and more powerful storms. US intelligence and defense agencies say such environmental changes can lead to energy insecurity, water and food shortages, and social instability. It’s about time we changed course. COP15 , United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009.

2009 207

Obama climate plan calls for new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018; cleaner fuels and investment in advanced fossil energy

Green Car Congress

Among the transportation-related elements of US President Barack Obama’s new climate action plan, which he is outlining today in a speech at Georgetown University, is the development of new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018. Preparing the US for the impacts of climate change. In terms of investment in innovation for cleaner energy, the plan calls for: Investment in advanced fossil energy projects. Providing a toolkit for climate resilience.

2013 207

Washington governor proposes slate of measures to curb GHG emissions & transition state to cleaner energy; cap-and-trade and EV incentives

Green Car Congress

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced a set of proposals to transition Washington to cleaner sources of energy and to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission limits adopted by the state Legislature in 2008. Cleaner transportation options for consumers. For electric vehicles, Inslee will request legislation to: Extend the existing tax incentives, exempting sales tax from the first $60,000 of the purchase price of electric, natural gas, propane and hydrogen vehicles.

2014 188

Our enemies are gasoline and the internal combustion engine

Green Energy Consumers

Electric vehicles/Transportation Climate changeFrom 1982 to 2016, Green Energy Consumers Alliance focused our attention on building energy fo r homes and businesses.

California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

Green Car Congress

The state’s latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory shows that California emitted 429 million metric tons of climate pollutants in 2016—a drop of 12 million metric tons, or three percent, from 2015. Due to the carbon price signal created by the Cap-and-Trade Program that makes fossil fuel generation more expensive, cleaner out-of-state electricity is increasingly taking the place of fuels such as coal. Climate Change Emissions Policy Regulations

2018 200

Study: IMO low-sulfur fuel standards will decrease childhood asthma cases, premature deaths; climate tradeoffs

Green Car Congress

Marine shipping fuels will get cleaner in 2020 when a regulation by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires a decrease in the allowable amount of sulfur in fuel oil from 3.5% Now, a new open-access study published in Nature Communications quantifies these health benefits and finds cleaner shipping fuels will result in a 3.6% Cleaner marine fuels will reduce ship-related premature mortality and morbidity by 34 and 54%, respectively, representing a ~?2.6%

2018 163

I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

Creative Greenius

And so it is that I resigned from my position as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs for CBS EcoMedia effective the first of this month and I will now be devoting my full time to working on climate change response with the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group, the South Bay Bicycle Coalition and It’s already figured into their companies value and stock price.

2013 289

Making Information Tech Greener Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

Cars That Think

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivered its starkest warning ever. The IPCC concluded that human influence has unequivocally warmed the planet and changed weather patterns. climate action drives and crowdsource help for climate science researchers.

SoCalGas reduces CNG price by $0.26 per gallon at its fueling stations by using LCFS credits

Green Car Congress

SoCalGas) will lower the price of compressed natural gas at all of its 13 public access natural gas vehicle fueling stations by $0.26 Through a California Public Utilities Commission approved program, the utility is able to offer a reduced price by returning revenue generated from the sale of Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits to customers. For example, the average pump price at utility compressed natural gas stations was $2.37 Southern California Gas Co.

2019 191

Europe moves forward on the Energy Union; transport key element

Green Car Congress

The European Commission has adopted the European Energy Union package —a framework strategy for a resilient energy union with a forward-looking climate change policy. Today, we set in motion a fundamental transition towards a low-carbon and climate-friendly economy, towards an Energy Union that puts citizens first, by offering them more affordable, secure, and sustainable energy. The EU will provide an ambitious contribution to the international climate negotiations.

2015 198

CARB releases summary of results of first CO2 cap-and trade auction; CPUC proposes how to use the revenues

Green Car Congress

Of the 23,126,110 allowances offered for the Current Auction (2013 Vintage), 23,126,110 were sold with a settlement price of $10.09 (auction reserve price was $10.00). Of 39,450,000 allowances for the Advance Auction (2015 Vintage), 5,576,000 were sold with a settlement price of $10 (same reserve price). The settlement price is the lowest accepted bid price above reserve price or before allowances are sold out. Climate Change Policy

2012 207

Analysis concludes that current transportation policy in most US states will likely worsen GHG emission trends in US

Green Car Congress

In the 50-state assessment, no state received a higher grade than “B-,” and most states scored lower than “D,” demonstrating a lack of alignment between transportation and climate policies, according to the analysis. transportation policy with climate change and energy goals, and some put in place systems that effectively sabotage these goals. commuting provide a service in addition to information about smarter, cleaner travel choices.

2010 180

Calif. ARB releases GHG scoping plan update; more ZEVs, “LEV IV”, MD and HD regulations; ZEV for trucks; more LCFS

Green Car Congress

The update identifies eight key sectors for ongoing action: Energy; Transportation, fuels, land use and infrastructure; Agriculture; Water; Waste management; Natural lands; Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (such as methane and black carbon); and Green Buildings. Since its launch in 2011, the regulation has generated a multitude of unique approaches for cleaner fuels. Additional strategies are needed over the next five years to define the paths for longer-term change.

2014 224

IEA: carbon intensity of global energy supply has barely changed in last 20 years; “window of opportunity in transport”

Green Car Congress

The global energy supply became 6% cleaner from 1971 to 1990,in response to the oil shocks of the 1970s. Since 1990, however, the ESCII (2010 = 100) has remained essentially static, changing by less than 1%. The world must slow the growth of energy demand as well as make its energy supply cleaner, the IEA said. The world must slow the growth of energy demand while making the energy supply cleaner. The ESCII, along with projections for three scenarios.

2013 221

California Air Resources Board adopts GHG cap-and-trade program; first auctions slated for Aug/Nov 2012

Green Car Congress

The cap-and-trade joins a suite of other major climate program measures including standards for ultra-clean cars (Advanced Clean Cars, earlier post ), low-carbon fuels (Low Carbon Fuel Standard, earlier post ) and renewable electricity. The regulation sets a statewide limit on sources responsible for 85% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and establishes a price signal needed to drive long-term investment in cleaner fuels and more efficient use of energy.

2011 186

Perspective: The UN Approval Process for Carbon Offsets

Green Car Congress

One is to operate successfully as a market, with a steady supply of carbon offsets and varying prices to ensure that profits can be made. The other goal, of course, is the system’s ultimate purpose: to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by channeling funds into cleaner technologies. Verification of the emission reduction or carbon sequestration is critical in efforts to mitigate climate change. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change 2007: Mitigation.

2010 211

Economic Modelling Study Shows Canada Can Meet Global-Warming Reduction Targets While Growing Jobs and Economy

Green Car Congress

Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity” is the first Canadian study to show regional impacts on employment and gross domestic product, and the first to comprehensively examine how Canada can meet a greenhouse gas reduction target for 2020 that goes beyond the federal government’s target. The study indicates that Canada can implement much stronger climate policies than the US and still prosper economically. Matthew Bramley, director of climate change for the Pembina Institute.

2009 191

California ARB greenlights states GHG cap-and-trade program

Green Car Congress

The regulation—which is a key measure to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction goals of AB 32, California’s climate change law signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006—sets a statewide limit on the emissions from sources responsible for 80% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and establishes a price signal to drive long-term investment in cleaner fuels and more efficient use of energy. Climate Change Emissions Policy

2010 186

Opinion: Uranium Prices Set To Double By 2018

Green Car Congress

With prices set to double by 2018, we’ve seen the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed this resource around despite strong fundamentals, is starting to change. Billionaire investors sense it, and they’re always the first to anticipate change and take advantage of the rally before it becomes a reality. Morningstar analyst David Wang predicts prices will double within the next two years. by James Stafford of

2016 150

Tsinghua/Argonne Study Finds That Mass Use of EVs in China Could Result in Higher CO2 and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Than Conventional and Hybrid Gasoline Vehicles Due to Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity

Green Car Congress

Currently, in the Chinese vehicle market, taking products of the BYD Company as an example, HEVs (20,000-25,000 US dollars) are much more expensive than conventional ICEVs (8000-10,000 US dollars) of equivalent size, but the price of EVs is even higher (>30,000 US dollars). Therefore, coordinated policies between these two sectors are needed to reinforce EVs’ progress toward a cleaner future.

2010 234

Perspective: Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs May be the Solution

Green Car Congress

Markey of Massachusetts, both Democrats, built their climate change bill last year in large measure around it. Cantwell said that cap-and-trade had been discredited by the Wall Street crisis, the Enron scandal and the rocky start to a carbon credits trading system in Europe that has been subject to dizzying price fluctuations and widespread fraud. Western Climate Initiative (WCI). Fuel-Substitution and Opportunities for Process Change. Price Discovery.

2010 207

Governors of 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States Agree to Work Together Toward Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fuels; Timeline for Developing a Potential Low Carbon Fuel Standard for Region

Green Car Congress

A regional LCFS has the potential to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, which represent approximately 30% of emissions in the region, reduce regional vulnerability to petroleum price volatility, and facilitate the long-term transition from petroleum-based fuels in the transportation sector. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Fuels Policy Governors of 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states signed a. Memorandum of Understanding.

2009 180

National Academies Report Examines Hidden Cost of Energy Production and Use in US; Estimates $120B in 2005

Green Car Congress

Health and other non-climate damages by life-cycle component for different combinations of fuels and light-duty automobiles in 2005 (top) and 2030 (bottom). A new report from the National Research Council examines and, when possible, estimates, “hidden” costs of energy production and use—such as the damage air pollution imposes on human health—that are not reflected in market prices of coal, oil, other energy sources, or the electricity and gasoline produced from them.

2009 205

ARB releases proposed cap-and-trade regulation for comment; transportation fuels impacted in 2015

Green Car Congress

During the public comment period, ARB staff will continue to meet with stakeholders to refine the regulation and develop proposed changes to present at the Board hearing. The design of the California cap-and-trade program allows linkage with programs established by partner jurisdictions in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) to create a regional market system. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Fuels Policy

2010 180

Refiners and Truckers Associations Challenge California LCFS in Federal Court

Green Car Congress

The regulation also levies the calculation of Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) effects against biofuels, against the opposition of the biofuels industry.( It will protect us from volatile oil prices and provide consumers with cleaner fuels and provide the nation with greater energy security. Instead of fighting us in court, they should be working with us to provide consumers in California and the rest of the nation with the next generation of cleaner fuels.

2010 174

Belfer Center Brief Urges Higher, Stable Energy Prices to Achieve Long-Term Energy Policy Objectives

Green Car Congress

Higher and stable energy prices would help achieve all US energy policy objectives in the longer term—improved oil security, lower greenhouse-gas emissions, more efficient operation of the electricity system, more incentives for private-sector innovation in energy technologies, and more incentives for consumers to purchase cleaner and more energy-efficient products— according to a recent policy brief from Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

2009 150

UK government launches first Hydrogen Strategy

Green Car Congress

With government analysis suggesting that 20-35% of the UK’s energy consumption by 2050 could be hydrogen-based, this new energy source could be critical to meet UK targets of net zero emissions by 2050 and cutting emissions by 78% by 2035, the government said—a view shared by the UK’s independent Climate Change Committee.

Nacero selects Topsoe’s TIGAS technology for gas-to-gasoline unit; reducing lifecycle carbon footprint up to 50%

Green Car Congress

The plant will produce cleaner gasoline from low-cost natural gas, captured bio-methane from farms and landfills, and mitigated flared gas from the Permian basin. As a result, we will be able to profitably sell our environmentally superior fuel at competitive prices.

MITEI releases report on 3-year study of future mobility; technological innovation, policies, and behavioral changes all needed; “car pride” an issue

Green Car Congress

The report is the culmination of MITEI’s three-year Mobility of the Future study, which is part of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change. areas of inquiry: The potential impact of climate change policies on global fleet composition, fuel consumption, fuel prices, and economic output.

2019 235

UNEP: export of used cars to developing world creating significant environmental problems

Green Car Congress

Millions of used cars, vans and minibuses exported from Europe, the United States and Japan to the developing world are of poor quality, contributing significantly to air pollution and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Cleaning up the global vehicle fleet is a priority to meet global and local air quality and climate targets.

2020 167

Tesla nickel partner Talon Metals expands exploration at Tamarack mine


Climate change is accelerating, and the United States is dependent on foreign countries for the key ingredients required for clean power and battery storage,” CEO of Talon Metals Henri van Rooyen said.

Northeast States, DC release proposal for regional plan to cut emissions and invest in clean transportation

Green Car Congress

The transportation sector is currently responsible for more than 40% of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions in the region, and soot and smog from cars and trucks are major contributors to lung disease and other health problems region-wide, particularly in low income communities.

2019 195

EEA report finds more action needed to protect Europe’s most vulnerable citizens from air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures

Green Car Congress

In parts of Europe a large number of people are unable to keep their homes adequately warm because of poor-quality housing and the price of energy. The European Union (EU) as a whole has made significant progress over past decades in reducing air pollution and Member States have implemented various EU policies to improve climate change adaptation. However, it needs to be combined with subsidies for switching to cleaner heating options for low-income households.

2019 221

California Governor calls for 50% reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks from today’s levels by 2030

Green Car Congress

In his inaugural address delivered today in Sacramento, re-elected California Governor Jerry Brown set out three major environmental goals for the next 15 years, to 2030: reducing today’s petroleum use in cars and trucks by up to 50%; increasing renewable electricity levels from one-third to 50%; and doubling the efficiency of existing buildings and making heating fuels cleaner. We lead the nation in energy efficiency, cleaner cars and energy storage.

2015 200

T&E study: EVs can be cheaper for Uber drivers to run than latest diesels in many European capitals

Green Car Congress

This is because of cheaper electricity, lower EV retail prices and higher purchase incentives in France. If Uber wants to lead the change and be part of the solution for our cities, then the company should commit to 100% electric rides by 2025 in key European capitals.

2020 217

Congestion charge and electric vehicles: Everything you need to know

Drive Electric

Faced with the rising threat of climate change, one of the government’s first major steps to combat dangerous levels of carbon dioxide emissions in the country was introduce the Congestion Charge.

London City Commuting: Why an EV makes sense

Drive Electric

The planet has finally awoken to the global climate crisis we’re facing. Climate change is being driven by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. It almost seems as though London is against us mere motorists.

How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

Electric Auto Association

It’s getting cleaner and prospects are improving BY TIM BENFORD: PRESIDENT OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON, PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. Is it becoming cleaner? This 2017 study has been used by anti-EV commentators to discredit the climate performance of EVs.

Auto 72

How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

Electric Auto Association

It’s getting cleaner and prospects are improving BY TIM BENFORD: PRESIDENT OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON, PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. Is it becoming cleaner? This 2017 study has been used by anti-EV commentators to discredit the climate performance of EVs.

Auto 52

California Energy Commission adopts $100M investment plan for 2013-2014 for green vehicles and fuels

Green Car Congress

Funding priorities through the ARFVT Program support fuel and vehicle development to help attain the state’s climate change policies. In a separate action, the California Energy Commission approved $4,979,070 through the current ARFVT program to projects that will support increased numbers of cleaner, alternative fuel vehicles on California roadways.

2013 244

The Future of Charging: Bidirectional V2G


With the world shifting towards renewable energy resources, it is crucial to know how they are affected by climate change. Similarly, you can sell the same power to the grid at a higher price during peak hours of the day.

2020 52