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8 Reasons Government Grants Should Include Funding for Level 1 Charging Infrastructure

EV Adoption

As we wait for Congress to fully return from their recess and vote on various legislation, I continue to be extremely concerned about how as much as $10 billion in federal government grants will be be spent on EV charging infrastructure.

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President Obama Outlines Vision and Plan for US High-Speed Passenger Rail System; $13B to Start

Green Car Congress

The plan identifies $8 billion provided in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ARRA and $1 billion a year for five years requested in the federal budget as the components of an initial %13 billion investment. By late summer, the Federal Railroad Administration will begin awarding the first round of grants. Additional funding for long-term planning and development is expected from legislation authorizing federal surface transportation programs.

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Tesla + Toyota

Revenge of the Electric Car

But the future looks a lot brighter now than it did two months ago.&#. Tesla’s announcement Thursday that it was teaming up with Toyota to start making its $50,000 electric Model S at NUMMI, hiring 1,000 workers and possibly creating 10 times that number of jobs down the road, has brought hope back to Fremont, a 92-square-mile piece of Silicon Valley that had seemed shrouded of late with gloom.

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