Chinese steel group Tsingshan investing $375M to build lithium plant in Argentina with Eramet

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Fresh water is then used to release the stored lithium. China’s Tsingshan , the world’s largest producer of stainless steel, will invest $375 million to build a lithium plant in Argentina with French multinational mining and metallurgy company Eramet.

Chinese researchers develop new alloy for on-board hydrogen production for fuel cells

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Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have used a gallium, indium, tin and bismuth alloy to generate hydrogen, when placed in contact with an aluminum plate immersed in water.

2020 382

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Study finds association between air pollution, coronary atherosclerosis in Chinese population

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The study was conducted on 8,867 Chinese adults aged 25 to 92. Dr. Wang is assistant professor of epidemiology and environmental health in UB’s School of Public Health and Health Professions and is also a faculty member in the UB RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water) Institute. In 2015, more than 95% of the Chinese population was exposed to concentrations of PM 2.5

2019 263

Report suggests low-speed electric vehicles could affect Chinese demand for gasoline and disrupt oil prices worldwide

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At the current estimated low-speed electric vehicle fleet size, the potential fuel demand displacement could exceed 60,000 barrels per day—2% of current total Chinese gasoline demand. Collins conducts a range of globally focused commodity market, energy, water and environmental research.

2019 270

SpaceX’s packed 2022 launch manifest ready to blow 2021 out of the water


In 2021, having completed 31 orbital launches, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 was the single most launched rocket in the world – beating out several Russian and Chinese rockets operated by each country’s national space agency.

Water 102

Ecoclean cuts BMW engine plant robot cell power and water consumption by ~30%

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The system’s electric power and water consumption were each cut by. Water consumption in particular was too. focus on factors such as the water consumption, cleaning agent input, electricity demand, and the consumption of. were extracted from the cleaning cell, causing the machine’s elevated water. One measure taken to reduce the water consumption involved changes on the. same magnitude were achieved at the level of the water consumption, and are.

2017 163

New efficient, low-temperature catalyst for converting water and CO to hydrogen and CO2

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Scientists in the US and China have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO) via the water-gas shift (WGS) reaction. In order to achieve high WGS activity at low temperature, we searched for catalysts that could dissociate water efficiently and reform the generated oxygen-containing species (reaction of surface oxygen or hydroxyl with CO*) at low temperature.

2017 174

US-China Clean Energy Research Center issues $12.5M solicitation to address the energy-water nexus; $50M effort in all

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million Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) ( DE-FOA-0001285 ) for a new technical track under the US-China Clean Energy Research Center ( CERC ) that addresses water-related aspects of energy production and use. The solicitation calls for the formation of a US-based consortium to work with Chinese counterparts to bolster collaborative efforts to help ensure energy, water, and environmental security and combat climate change. The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a $12.5

2015 190

Rice University lab develops dual-surface graphene electrode to split water into hydrogen and oxygen

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Researchers in the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour have produced dual-surface laser-induced graphene (LIG) electrodes on opposing faces of a plastic sheet that split water into hydrogen on one side and oxygen on the other side. A two-sided electrocatalyst developed at Rice University splits water into hydrogen on one side and oxygen on the other. Illustration of the integration of catalytic LIG electrodes as a full water electrolyzer. (a)

2017 150

Chinese scientists unveil liquid-phase 3D printing method using low-melting-point metal alloy ink

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Now, scientists at the Beijing Key Laboratory of CryoBiomedical Engineering, part of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have developed a new conceptual method of liquid-phase 3D printing for quickly making conductive metal objects. In this way, 3D metal objects are printed on the bottom of a trough holding the cooling fluid, formed of water, ethanol or other substance.

2014 204

Volkswagen Group inaugurates vehicle plant in Southern Chinese city of Changsha; 300,000 units per year; “carbon-neutral production”

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This new facility will bring us nearer to our Chinese customers and also improve the quality of our supply chain. Due to a dry painting system (“E-scrub”), water and energy consumption will be reduced by more than 20%. In addition, fresh water consumption in production has been reduced by 20% compared with conventional processes by using rainwater and recycled production water.

2015 188

Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

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Geely’s CRI investment and work with renewable methanol is similar to the approach Audi is taking with its own e-fuels projects—producing very low carbon liquid or gaseous fuels using only renewable energy, water and CO 2. In late April 2015, Geely Auto deployed a first-of-its-kind fleet of 150 methanol-fueled taxis in the southern Chinese city of Guiyang in cooperation with the municipal government. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group) will invest a total of US$45.5

2015 214

Wärtsilä to provide dual-fuel engines and propulsion systems for two Chinese LNG carriers

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Wärtsilä will supply its 50DF dual-fuel engines and propulsion systems for two liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier vessels under construction in two Chinese shipyards. The ships are being built for two different Chinese owners, the Zhejiang Yuanhe Ocean Shipping Company and Dalian Inteh Group Co., They will operate mainly in Chinese waters, and will transport LNG between terminals and to other ships.

2013 183

Saft wins major primary lithium battery orders for smart gas and water meter projects in China

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In its first smart gas meter contract in China, Saft will supply around 500,000 Li-SOCl 2 cells over the next four years to one of the country’s top five smart gas meter OEMs and around 500,000 Li-SOCl 2 cells to the leading water meter OEM in China over the next six months. The two orders represent an important breakthrough for Saft in the Chinese market, which is the world’s largest metering market. The water meters will be fitted with AA-size Li-SOCl 2 cells.

2013 207

New efficient electrolysis process for direct hydrogen production from biomass; 16.7% of energy required for water electrolysis

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Researchers at Georgia Tech, with colleagues at Hunan University and the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have devised a novel, efficient electrolysis approach for hydrogen evolution directly from native biomasses—cellulose, lignin and even wood and grass powders—to hydrogen at low temperature. of the energy consumed for the reported water electrolysis.

2016 150

Aquatech awarded a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) contract for a major Chinese coal-to-chemicals project

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Water purification technology company Aquatech has been awarded a contract for a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant for a coal-to-chemicals facility in Hailer in Inner Mongolia. of it, producing 2000 m 3 /day (528,000 gallons US/day) of process water and 220 m 3 /day (58,000 gallons US/day) of distilled water for various end-user applications. The HERO system is used to concentrate the feed water to a solids level of approximately 8.5%

2010 190

University of Leeds and Chinese Academy of Sciences create joint institute to develop next-generation thermal and mechanical energy storage systems

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The University of Leeds (UK) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have partnered to create a joint research institute to develop next generation energy storage systems, with a focus on thermal- and mechanical-based energy storage systems. Pumped storage plants pump water uphill into a reservoir or lake. They later release the water downhill to drive turbines when electricity demand is high.

2012 204

Chinese company to convert coke oven waste gas into power for region with three GE aeroderivative gas turbines

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Through this endeavor, GE and Tianue are responding to the Chinese government’s call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy and making contributions to a cleaner economy in the country. —Darryl Wilson, vice president—aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water. Jiangsu Tianue Energy & Chemical Group Co.

2011 163

Researchers propose testing standards for particulate photocatalysts in solar fuel production

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In this regard, photocatalytic water splitting has attracted significant interest as a cost-effective means to convert sustainable solar energy into valuable chemicals.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies starts series production of DIAvent pressure equalization element for batteries for BJEV EV

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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is starting high-volume production of its DIAvent pressure compensation component for the first time for use in a Chinese passenger car: the new ARCFOX ?-T T electric car from the Chinese manufacturer Beijing Electric Vehicles (BJEV).

2020 212

SANY developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles

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According to the R&D engineer of this project, hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles have five important advantages: The realization of zero pollution with only water and heat being discharged.

China-based study concludes using political incentives to fight pollution is costly and inefficient

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The study looked at water quality regulations and found that local officials more heavily enforced regulations on polluting firms that were monitored and tracked by the central government, while not enforcing regulations on firms not tracked. Taken together, China’s efforts to reduce water pollution led to a total loss in industrial output of more than 800 billion Chinese yuan (US$121 billion) over the eight years studied (2000-2007).

2020 197

Continental introduces new e-axle at Shanghai; to begin production of 48V mHEV system in China this year

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Continental says that this product is a key component allowing Chinese vehicle manufacturers to expand the range of electric vehicles especially in the mid-size class. This year will also see Continental launch production of its 48-volt “people’s hybrid” system in the Chinese market. Continental also introduced a new generation of advanced driver assistance cameras featuring an integrated high-pressure water pump for cleaning the lenses in the event of soiling.

2017 150

SoCalGas to test technology that separates hydrogen from natural gas when the two are blended in pipelines

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In this way, hydrogen can be extracted to fuel cell purity from mixes containing nitrogen, methane, argon, water (vapor), etc. Pros and cons,” Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Volume 41, Issue 5, Pages 756-769 doi: 10.1016/S1872-2067(19)63404-2.

2020 376

BNEF: EV company fundings bright spot as clean energy investment slips in Q3 quarter; 3 China EV companies raise $1.9B

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The largest six VC/PE new equity deals of 2018 so far have all involved Chinese electric vehicle firms, including the two mentioned above during 3Q. The three biggest renewable energy asset financings in the quarter were the 860MW Triton Knoll project in UK waters at an investment cost of $2.6 billion for 706MW, and the Guohua Dongtai offshore wind farm phase four in Chinese waters, at an estimated $1.2 In 3Q, Chinese solar investment was $14.2

2018 223

Hyundai Motor Group opens Hyundai Hydrogen World in Shanghai

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Hyundai Motor Group will actively respond to the Chinese government’s new energy development policy, and plans to provide information related to the fuel-cell electric vehicle to a wider Chinese audience. The 2019 NEXO—Hyundai’s second-generation FCEV with a 609-kilometer range on a single charge (under Korean certification standards)—emits only clean water vapor and purifies the air while driving.

2019 296

Ukraine state oil and gas company signs $3.656B credit agreement with China Development Bank to finance substituting natural gas with coal

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The contract, guaranteed by the Ukrainian government, stipulates implementation of four separate investment projects, which are to transfer national thermal energy production facilities to using coal-water fuel, and build five coal gasification plants. Previously, Ukraine expressed its interest in the Chinese technology of coal gasification and coal-water fuel production.

BMW investing €400M in new vehicle assembly at Munich plant as part of shift to electromobility; engine production being concentrated at Steyr and Hams Hall

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The Chinese plant in Dadong also began producing the BMW iX3 this year. In addition to using renewable energies, water, solvent, gas and electricity consumption will be further reduced in parallel.

2020 329

Duke study finds China’s synthetic natural gas plants will have heavy environmental toll; 2x vehicle GHG if used for fuel

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Coal-powered synthetic natural gas (SNG) plants being planned in China would produce seven times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional natural gas plants, and use up to 100 times the water as shale gas production, according to a new study by Duke University researchers published in the journal Nature Climate Change. They] will lock in high greenhouse gas emissions, water use and mercury pollution for decades.

2013 197

U-Michigan, China enter two new automated and connected vehicle partnerships

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The University of Michigan is entering two separate agreements with Chinese institutions targeting automated and connected vehicles. Together with a third new agreement focused on clean water, the three agreements add up to more than $54 million to advance research in these key areas. Clean water technology. Funding for the $25-million, five-year partnership would be provided by the Beijing Institute, an innovation-focused organization founded by 14 Chinese universities.

2016 183

Meet the Joylong E6 Electric Minibus

My Electric Car

The E6 is powered by a 60kW water cooled electric motor coupled to a 73.87kW battery that provides plenty of range. So is this the beginning of a trickle of vehicles from China making their way down-under before the onslaught of high quality low cost Chinese EVs in 2 to 5 years.

E6 82

Roskill: Green magnesium moving to commercial reality; China’s dominance under threat?

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Producers in Canada had conceded defeat by 2008 and the US industry was reduced to just one player that would probably not still be around were it not for punitive anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of Chinese magnesium. A major distinction to be made is that non-Chinese plants typically rely on electrolytic processing in which liquid magnesium is produced from magnesium chloride. The source of magnesium can be from sea water, brine, dolomite, magnesite, and carnallite.

2020 174

Volkswagen Group China building first factory specifically for MEB production; 300K unit capacity; 1st model a new VW e-SUV in 2020

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< Through Volkswagen’s MEB platform, we will be able to easily produce state-of-the-art electric vehicles for our Chinese customers on a high scale. The Volkswagen Group, its brands and their Chinese joint venture partners focus consistently on sustainable mobility and push the transformation of the automotive industry in China and worldwide. In this way, we emphasize the importance of the Chinese market for the Volkswagen Group.

2018 188

China Says It's Closing in on Thorium Nuclear Reactor

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Live Science , the Chinese government plans to build several large MSRs. MSRs are attractive for arid regions because instead of the water used by conventional uranium reactors, MSRs use molten fluoride salts to cool their cores.

Daimler and BYD introduce Denza brand for battery-electric vehicles

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BDNT), the 50:50 joint venture between Daimler and BYD ( earlier post ) formally revealed in Shenzhen at the “EV – The Future” event its new Denza brand of electric vehicles developed in China, for the Chinese market. Primarily created with a focus on Chinese consumers, the name Denza is derived from the Chinese characters ?? The logo is designed around the flowing form of a central water-drop, supported by two hands. Denza logo. Click to enlarge.

2012 200

CATL to build new $280M, 80 tpy LFP cathode materials plant in China

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The use of LFP in other applications, such as stationary ESS and water transportation, is forecast to increase as well. In 2020, around 70MWh of LFP batteries were installed in Chinese electric vessels, equivalent to more than 1,270 Tesla Model 3 vehicles with LFP batteries.

China 221

China Aims for a Permanent Moon Base in the 2030s

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On 3 January 2019 , the Chinese spacecraft Chang'e-4 descended toward the moon. The landing also prefigured grander Chinese lunar ambitions. Countless craters came into view as the lander approached the surface, the fractal nature of the footage providing no sense of altitude.

Russia 113

Electric Car Watch #11: Hyundai's Electric Car Plans for India

Plug In India

The Kona’s launch was about testing the waters in India. Throw in Chinese electric car companies like BYD, MG Motors, Great Wall and others, and Hyundai India has some serious competition.

India 52

SGL Carbon receives substantial contract for composite battery enclosures from N American automaker

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In addition, the material has to protect the underbody against impact, enable an optimized thermal management and offer excellent fire protection as well as complete water and gas impermeability.

2020 195

Volkswagen building new plant in south-central China with 300K unit annual capacity

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The new plant in Changsha, being built in cooperation with the Chinese joint venture Shanghai-Volkswagen (SVW), is scheduled for completion end of 2015 and will manufacture approximately 300,000 vehicles per year. Priority is being given to reducing energy and water consumption as well as CO 2 and solvent emissions, and to cutting back waste volumes in line with the “Think Blue. Volkswagen broke ground on a new vehicle plant in Changsha in the province of Hunan, south-central China.

2013 174

Volkswagen begins production of latest-gen DSG at new plant in China; 1.2M unit capacity by 2016

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The dual-clutch gearboxes produced especially for the Chinese market will be used in several Group models in China in the future. An advanced water treatment facility that reduces process wastewater by up to 95% and also recycles the water has been installed at Tianjin. This will represent a further step in know-how development by Volkswagen in China, with a view to ensuring the sustainable development of the Chinese automotive industry with uniform global quality standards.

2014 183

Tigor EV Highway Drive: Bengaluru - Coimbatore - Ooty - Mysuru

Plug In India

And he assured me that Oben is not taking the Chinese assembler route to market. From the Oben office, went out to one of the closeby watering holes with my friends Uddipan and Prashant. We had a small stop for some coconut water - and found our coconut seller also selling castor seeds.

BYD 83

US and China jointly announce GHG reduction targets; US to cut net GHG 26-28% by 2025, China to peak CO2 by ~2030

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launching a new track on the interaction of energy and water (the energy/water ‘nexus’). In addition, both sides will work to manage climate change by demonstrating a new frontier for CO 2 use through a carbon capture, use, and sequestration (CCUS) project that will capture and store CO 2 while producing fresh water, thus demonstrating power generation as a net producer of water instead of a water consumer.

2014 250