SARI researchers propose novel method to enhance electrocatalytic conversion of CO2

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CHEN Wei and WEI Wei from the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported a novel method that enables efficient CO 2 electroreduction to CO by virtue of low-coordination chloride ion adsorption on a silver hollow fiber (Ag HF) electrode.

Report: SUV boom, VW diesel scandal, Chinese steel all relate to slipping CO2 progress

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In the aftermath of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal and all of its settlement terms, it might seem that a cleaner, more efficient future is assured. Electric possibilities will offer far lower carbon dioxide and local criteria emissions over the long term, but in the short term the aftermath of the diesel matters gets complicated. Over at. emissions

2019 62

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New phase of globalization could undermine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

Green Car Congress

A new study finds that the growth of carbon production from Chinese exports has slowed or reversed, reflecting a “new phase of globalization” between developing countries that could undermine international efforts to reduce emissions. In turn, the growth of CO 2 emissions embodied in Chinese exports has slowed or reversed, while the emissions embodied in exports, such as textiles, from less-developed regions like Vietnam and Bangladesh have surged.

2018 163

Study: countries seeking to cut CO2 emissions must get a handle on city-level emissions

Green Car Congress

Total CO 2 emissions of 182 Chinese cities. The data used in the study was gathered by a team of researchers working on the Chinese Emissions Accounts and Datasets program ( CEADS ). Over the past three years, experts from the UK, USA and China have worked with local researchers to build increasingly sophisticated datasets on Chinese emissions.

2018 190

Renewable-methanol fueled Geely cars in fleet testing in Iceland; 70% reduction in WTW CO2 compared to gasoline

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The average in-use emissions were calculated as 46 g CO2 per kilometer, accounting for the consumption of both fuels. CRI has joined 42 other stakeholders from across the EEA region to launch CO2 Value Europe, a new European association dedicated to promoting CO2 utilization. Geely developed the methanol version of the Emgrand for the Chinese market, where use of methanol is an automobile fuel has increased rapidly over the last few years.

2017 163

New efficient, low-temperature catalyst for converting water and CO to hydrogen and CO2

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Additional funders for the overall research project include: the National Basic Research Program of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China, and the US National Science Foundation.

2017 174

ITF: Freight transport will replace passenger traffic as main CO2 source from surface transportation by 2050

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transport oriented urban policies would reduce CO 2 emission growth by around 30% compared with the baseline scenario in Latin American and Chinese cities, and by almost 40% in Indian cities. In the face of shifting global trade patterns, international freight transport volumes will likely grow more than four-fold (factor 4.3) by 2050, according to the International Transport Forum at the OECD’s ITF Transport Outlook 2015. Average transport distance across all modes will increase 12%.

2015 234

Ford researchers: global light-duty CO2 regulatory targets broadly consistent with 450 ppm stabilization

Green Car Congress

Chinese regulations are less stringent than the glide path (153 g CO 2 /km) in 2015, but in 2020 the regulation overachieves the glide path target of 128 g CO 2 /km. Wallington, Heiko Maas, and Heinz Hass (2014) “Light-Duty Vehicle CO2 Targets Consistent with 450 ppm CO 2 Stabilization,” Environmental Science & Technology doi: 10.1021/es405651p.

2014 224

China team develops efficient multifunctional catalyst for conversion of CO2 to gasoline-range hydrocarbons

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This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Hundred-Talent Program of DICP, Chinese Academy of Sciences. A research team led by Dr. Jian Sun and Prof. Qingjie Ge at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China has developed an efficient, stable, and multifunctional Na-Fe 3 O 4 /HZSM-5 catalyst for the direct production of gasoline-range hydrocarbons from CO 2 hydrogenation.

2017 163

Nissan FY 2014 global corporate activities reduce CO2 emissions by 22.6% compared to FY 2005

Green Car Congress

In China, the Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, a division of Nissan’s joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Company, launched the Venucia e30 electric vehicle that offers Chinese consumers a fun-to-drive and reliable EV with very affordable operating costs. Nissan Motor Co., made progress in reducing CO 2 emissions and improving sustainability in its global corporate activities in fiscal year 2014 while simultaneously increasing vehicle production and plant energy efficiency.

2015 199

PBL/JRC: Global CO2 emissions increase to new all-time record in 2013, but growth is slowing down

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Global CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production reached a new all-time high in 2013, according to the annual report “Trends in global CO2 emissions”, released by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the European Joint Research Centre (JRC). In 2013, the Chinese per capita CO 2 level of 7.4

2014 210

US and China jointly announce GHG reduction targets; US to cut net GHG 26-28% by 2025, China to peak CO2 by ~2030

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This CCUS project with Enhanced Water Recovery will eventually inject about 1 million tons of CO2 and create approximately 1.4 In addition, USTDA will conduct three reverse trade missions to bring Chinese delegations to see environmental, smart grid, and CCUS technologies in the United States over the next year. The US and China jointly announced greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

2014 250

Study for European Parliament assesses options for turning CO2 into methanol for use in transport

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Such an approach would also imply embracing the idea of CO 2 as an important future prime material and setting up a powerful carbon capture and utilization (CCU) industry, similar to the Chinese approach, once CO 2 capture costs can be brought down to a competitive level (estimated at around 20€/t of CO 2 captured) and once the environmental and energy balance of methanol production from CO 2 has been considerably improved.

2014 212

PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

Green Car Congress

Frank (2012) Electrification of Taxi Cabs in Major Chinese Cities with Range Extended Electric Vehicles. by Professor Andrew Alfonso Frank, CTO Efficient Drivetrains Inc. and UC-Davis Emeritus and Bruce R. Thomas. Abstract. The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Long Electric Range (PHEVLER - pronounced “fevler”) is a new category emerging in the electric vehicle marketplace.

2016 163

Measurements of CO2 and CO in China’s Air Indicate Sharply Improved Combustion Efficiency

Green Car Congress

The findings, published in the 21 September issue of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , are generally consistent with official Chinese government statistics and could bolster their credibility as international negotiations proceed on commitments of China and other nations to combat climate change. The Harvard China Project is a research program focused on China’s atmospheric environment, collaborating across schools of Harvard University and with Chinese universities.

2010 183

Steep increase in global CO2 emissions despite reductions by industrialized countries; driven by power generation and road transport

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By comparison, Chinese per capita CO 2 emissions of 6.8 Global CO 2. emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production per region. Source: JRC. Click to enlarge. After a decline in global CO 2 emissions in 2009 of 1% (including a. correction for the leap year 2008), global emissions have. jumped by more than 5% in 2010, which is unprecedented.

2011 237

Planet-Warming Texas Oil Refineries Embrace Communist Chinese Stance on Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions. CO2-Belching Texas Polluters Pony Up Millions To Overturn California’s AB 32

Creative Greenius

And now they don’t want to have to pay the price for the carbon they burn or for the impacts their CO2 emissions cause. Your Greenius is sorry to report that there’s been nothing but more bad news on the climate action scene in the past couple of weeks.

2010 197

Study Finds Global CO2 Emissions Dropped 1.3% in 2009; Emissions in China and India Rose 9% and 6%

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However, Chinese emissions have increased more than the economic growth. Although the stimulus package from the Chinese government in 2008 was said to have a green focus, even construction of windmills is a relatively emission intensive activity, at least in the short run Peters said. Global CO 2 emissions decreased 1.3%

2010 190

ACS Meeting Symposium Focuses on Conversion and Utilization of CO2 for Fuels and Chemicals

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Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences are investigating the carbon dioxide reforming of methane over an Ni/CaO-ZrO 2 catalyst derived from co-precipitation method. Researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) led off a day-long symposium on advances in CO 2 conversion and utilization being held at the 238 th American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting, which began today in Washington, DC.

2009 204

FISITA World Automotive Summit: Integrated Approach Needed to Reduce CO2 from Road Transportation

Green Car Congress

Ouyang, a top advisor to the Chinese government on vehicle technology, went on to present China’s twin-track strategy to a) optimize existing vehicle powertrains while b) developing new energy vehicles and EVs in particular.

2009 150

Tsinghua/Argonne Study Finds That Mass Use of EVs in China Could Result in Higher CO2 and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Than Conventional and Hybrid Gasoline Vehicles Due to Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity

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Currently, in the Chinese vehicle market, taking products of the BYD Company as an example, HEVs (20,000-25,000 US dollars) are much more expensive than conventional ICEVs (8000-10,000 US dollars) of equivalent size, but the price of EVs is even higher (>30,000 US dollars). Fuel-cycle SO 2 emissions of EVs compared to those of gasoline ICEVs and HEVs in China, current (left) and future (right). Credit: ACS, Huo et al. Click to enlarge.

2010 244

Teijin Automotive Technologies expanding composites footprint in China to meet growing demand for EVs

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Teijin Automotive Technologies selected the Changzhou and Shenyang areas for its new plants due to their close proximity to the production facilities of several major European, US and Chinese automakers. Concurrently, the company is developing applications for advanced composite materials and processes to support its automotive customers’ challenges of achieving ambitious weight and CO2 reduction targets,and lower EV production costs.

CO2 150

Integrated approach needed in the fight to reduce CO2 from road transportation

Green Cars News

Senior executives from global vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and energy companies joined with experts from academia, scientific bodies, government and NGOs to discuss the most effective ways to achieve significant CO2 reduction in road transportation, in advance of December’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15) in Copenhagen. There are very great air pollution problems whose solutions in many cases help solve the fuel and CO2 problem.

2009 39

CATL to build €7B battery plant in Hungary, its second in Europe


Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., We’re proud to see our Ambition 2039 supported by CATL’s commitment to CO2 neutral production in Hungary.”

Sapphire Energy pairs with Sinopec as one of 6 new US-China EcoPartnerships; algae-derived crude oil

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Together, we will demonstrate that crude oil from algae can be produced with favorable economics; that it can be integrated into existing fuels distribution networks; and that it will deliver substantial advantages for the reduction of CO2 emissions in both nations. Sapphire Energy and its partner Sinopec were selected as one of six new US-China partners into the flagship EcoPartnerships Program. Sapphire and Sinopec have been working on an algae-derived renewable crude oil project.

2014 214

thyssenkrupp opens new development center for powertrain technology in China

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The center in Dalian will focus on the development of innovative valve train products specifically for the Chinese market. The needs of OEMs in China are growing steadily – especially as regards CO2 and other emission standards. In recent years the Chinese market has become more important for the Group’s automotive activities. Orders from Chinese automakers are playing a key role as China continues to lead global growth in the auto industry.

2017 150

Ricardo to support Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle on natural gas engine development for heavy duty trucks

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DFCV) has selected Ricardo to support further development of heavy-duty engines fueled by natural gas for the Chinese market. DongFeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Under the agreement, Ricardo will leverage a global team to support DFCV to develop and implement improved technologies for natural gas heavy duty truck engines. DFCV is one of China’s biggest truck makers and holds a leading position for heavy and medium duty trucks, supplying the largest truck market in the world.

2015 183

Electric bus wins: BYD in Nottingham, Irizar in Bilbao

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The Chinese-built BYD eBuses will run on the CentreLink and EcoLink routes which have been designed to cut the amount of traffic entering the city centre. g CO2 eq./passenger-kilometer. Thirteen new electric buses have been added to Nottingham’s existing fleet of 45 electric vehicles, turning another two park and ride services into fully zero emission services.

2016 204

Tesla’s rumored sale of regulatory credits to VW to last ‘two to three years’


The sale was to help FCA reach the European Union’s CO2 requirement of 95g per kilometer in 2020. Chinese Q1 BEV volumes just 6,244 units compared to 42,421 in Europe.

Daimler-BYD JV introduces new DENZA 400 EV for China; up to 400 km on full charge

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With an upgraded range of up to 400 km (249 miles), most Chinese consumers, who generally drive 50 to 80 km per day, will only need to recharge their DENZA 400 once per week. Already offering safe, reliable and convenient electric vehicles from and for China, the DENZA 400 with upgraded range offers our Chinese customers a further improved driving experience,” said Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Greater China.

2016 150

Electric bus market and trends 

Electric Vehicles India

Transport sector is responsible for 23% of CO2 emissions. The transport sector is responsible for approximately 23 % of total energy-related CO2 emissions in the world. For the Chinese bus manufacturer, this electric bus order is the largest from to date Israel.

Audi will phase out gas engines by 2033, reversing past stance of CEO


Audi, a German company, owned by Volkswagen Auto Group, has sold the e-tron and the Q2L SUV for the powerful Chinese EV market. Audi will now phase out gas engines by the year 2033, CEO Markus Duesmann announced at the Berlin Climate Conference earlier today.

Audi 111

Study suggests China urban passenger transport emissions could peak in 2030

Green Car Congress

Considering that residents from different size cities always perform different travel patterns such as travel frequency, travel mode, and travel distance, hence, the Chinese cities are first classified according to the population size, and then the passenger traffic volume of each travel mode is predicted by city. (2) At the same time, a policy database is established with the quantitative parameters of policies or plans that have been promulgated by the Chinese government (e.g.,

2019 260

Climate impact of lithium-ion batteries & how to measure it 

Electric Vehicles India

The batteries for electric vehicles and for other appliances cells are assembled in modules and packs which depends on what materials these are made of and how they are manufactured, also affect the battery’s CO2 footprint and climate impact. Potential to decrease the CO2 impact.

France December 2020

EV Sales

that scored a surprising 2,550 registrations, now, how much of them were self registrations in order to comply with the CO2 rules is anyone's guess, but looking through that angle, the same can be said about a lot of last month record performances.

charging stations business in India.

Electric Vehicles India

Businesses are increasingly going digital to break the cycle of escalating pollution and limit the usage of natural resources, which raises CO2 emissions in our environment. Where CCS comes from a European background, the CHAdeMO comes from Japan while GB/T is a Chinese protocol.

India 79

Study finds 1.4 Gt discrepancy between national and provincial data sets for greenhouse gas emissions in China

Green Car Congress

A study lead by researchers from the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has found a 1.4-gigatonne gap between CO 2 emissions calculated on the basis of the two publicly available official energy data sets from China: one national, the other provincial. The dashed line represents the aggregated CO2 emissions calculated from the provincial energy statistics 1997–2010.

2012 195

Global Top 20 - December 2020

EV Sales

The Wuling Mini EV secured the Silver medal, beating BAIC's EU-Series yearly score (111k) and becoming the Chinese EV with highest score in one year, while also winning the Rookie of the Year title, ahead of heavyweights like the Tesla Model Y or VW ID.3.

Sale 83

Netherlands December 2020

EV Sales

VW ID.3 shines in record month (72% Share!) December had an amazing 30,860 plugin registrations, a 34% increase over the previous all-time record, set at the same month of last year, which itself was beating a 4 year old record.

Germany December 2020

EV Sales

Now, how much of these events are related to last minute compliance of the EU's CO2 emission rules, it's anyone's guess, but regardless of this, it is proof that regulations do work and when pushed, Legacy OEMs are indeed able to comply. 27% share! Open the Plugin Gates!

Lessons from a year with solar power

EV Info

With two Electric cars, at the time a Nissan Lean and Mitsubishi Outlander, we use a considerable amount of electricity but not much petrol, so already we were a reasonable way down the less CO2 road. Tons of CO2. . JA are a Chinese company that has grown at a huge rate and now one of the largest producers of panels. Lux is another Chinese firm growing like crazy as the world moves to solar. . Another Chinese company producing huge volumes of batteries.

Solar 67

UC Davis, ITDP study suggests global shift to public transport, NMT and away from cars could save $100T through 2050 and cut GHGs

Green Car Congress

Given the assumptions made and scenarios compared, the main finding is that a high- transit, high-non-motorized-vehicle scenario that (at least in the developing world) provides similar total mobility (in passenger kilometers) as a baseline, more car-dominated scenario, is likely to be more equitable, less expensive to construct and operate over the next 40 years, and to sharply reduce CO2 emissions.

2014 232

Electric vehicles trends in India

Electric Vehicles India

Electric vehicles have attracted the attention of India’s policy makers as clean technology alternatives due to their multiple advantages like higher efficiency and lower air pollution in short to medium term and reduced CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles trends in India.

India 77